On the PAP’s Propaganda of the Opposition in Singapore

Singapore Opposition Parties

Someone asked me about the strength of the opposition in Singapore on my Facebook and I thought to share my response here:

The question is, who of us who are unhappy with the PAP would stand up and join the opposition and fight in the elections? Who among us who have seen the opposition been sued, bankrupted, made to lose their jobs or threatened with their jobs have stood up and fought back for them? And who among us who keep lamenting about the lack of opposition would do our part and fight with them?

The fact of the matter is that we know that under the PAP, Singapore is going downhill and yet we hold on to the perceived stability and lament the weakness of the opposition, not realising that it is the PAP that is weak itself and will be the one that will bring demise to Singapore.

While we harp on the lack of capability among the opposition, might we remind ourselves that it is us ourselves that have chosen to remain in fear and thus not support or join them in numbers.

May we also remind ourselves that it is us who have chosen to appeal ourselves to the propaganda that the opposition is weak and thus that there is no strong opposition to vote for. Maybe it is us who should acknowledge that it is our fear that prevents us from joining the opposition, and supporting and believing in them.

It would be hypocritical if we continue to lament about the opposition but not take a look at ourselves and realise the fear that inhibit ourselves from recognising our duty to our country, and not just wait for the opposition to do so.

For far too long, Singaporeans wait for the opposition to save us, too weak in our own power and too meek to rise up to the challenge, to unite and show solidarity with the opposition and Singaporeans.

What then is our right if we choose to forgo it and yet at the very next instance, blame the opposition for being weak when their very weakness lie in our own in not having fought for them?

And is it not that the government is not the be all and end all, and that there is also the civil service, think tanks, academics, civil society, media, etc, which have been proposing solutions after solutions for Singapore for the past 10, 20 years but which have all fallen on deaf ears, because the PAP refuse to listen to them nor implement these policies?

Is it not that once we have a new government that these solutions would finally see the light of day, and that will finally be enacted to protect Singaporeans?

The PAP’s propaganda is that only they are strong enough, only they know what needs to be done in Singapore. But as it is, the PAP is the one which has been refusing to implement the solutions for Singapore, when the whole of Singapore has been proposing viable and effective solutions which could have been done, if not for the PAP’s complacency and unwillingness.

So, no, it is not that the opposition is weak. It is that the PAP is weak. And if we continue to allow ourselves to be held beholden to the PAP’s propaganda, then we are allowing ourselves and our country to fail.

The opposition have been proposing solutions for Singapore, and even the Singapore Democratic Party have come out with white papers and SingFirst has discussed how they would apportion the budget to achieve that.

So, we do have a strong opposition, an opposition that has the solutions, an opposition that is only waiting to become the government, so that it can work with the civil service, thank tanks, academics, civil society, media etc, to start implementing these policies to protect Singaporeans. For the government is only 90 people or so but the country is run by individuals like you and I in all sectors of government.

So let’s stop being mired within the propaganda that the PAP has created for the opposition and let us have a fresh new look at ourselves – will we stand, will we join the opposition and will we fight? Let’s look and let’s really research and find out, how the opposition have consolidated and have credible policies to protect Singaporeans.

As John F. Kennedy had said, ask not what our country can do for you, ask not what the opposition can do for us, but ask what we can do for your country and to help strengthen the opposition (I paraphrase).

It is time we not wait for the someone else to change things for us, it is time we stop giving up on our rights and to start believing in ourselves so that if we so believe that unity should be sought, we should seek it by participating in it and bringing unity to Singapore by our very own involvement.

How can we take part in our country’s development?

For a start, we can read and find out more for ourselves, know the truth about what is going on, speak to our friends and people around us, discuss the issues, write about them, write to the government about them, join protests to speak up on these issues, and vote for change by joining the opposition, supporting them etc. There are many things we can do, once we realise what’s going on and then decide that it is in our interests to protect ourselves and our fellow Singaporeans, to then fight so that things can change for the better.

Let’s step up, for the sake of our country and the future of our lives.


  1. oldbread

    Actually… For the first time since independence, the only political to actually not make going against pap their political agenda has managed to wrest control over a grc
    If shouting half-truths , making protests means opposition, its no wonder they’re in such a state of ridicule

    If that’s what you think is needed, then you want to be an activist, not a politician

  2. gute

    Relatively ugly faces here apart from Mr. Chiam while he was younger. I see butch like and balds.
    Same goes with some of the PAP members. All don’t deserve it! UGly faces should disappear!

  3. PAPer Tiger

    Election results in s’pore shall be more accurate, if PAP stops manipulating the voting processes or engage in gerrymandering

    • joe

      I hate all these Americans who think they can dictate what Spore should be…… Go and solve ur country massive problem…

  4. Sin City

    Norshahril Saat is Research Officer with Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). He is currently completing his PhD at the Department of Political and Social Change, Australian National University (ANU). He researches on Indonesian and Malaysian politics.

    This guy thinks he can outsmart the book with his…third force.
    Brains of Sai lah

  5. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

  6. Xmen

    Roy, thank you for monitoring and updates on Amos situation. This is getting RIDICULOUS. The PAP government is losing its legitimacy. I will do what I can to help Amos…

    • Pieco

      Singapore is not a country ruled by law, the police arrested people every day, courts ‘ manifestation like a killing fields, Is a typical gangster country. If you elect PAP, means you want to be friends with the gangs. If you want less gangs in Singapore, you should give the oppsition party a vote.

  7. 孔子说

    60年风水轮流转, 李显龙夫妇他们现在不给查, 将终将有一天, 如同声称代表台湾的陈水扁一样暗地里转移国库, 被查处并不准保释。

  8. Democracy

    今日没有民主你们给他捉,给他拿, 没有资格分享喜乐 。
    明日有了民主你们去捉他,关押他, 体验苦辣人人有份 。

  9. tallstory

    China officially permits the three self church, a State run, State monitored religious institution which conforms and subjects itself to the State, including sermons, ideas, beliefs and so on. In China, the State run church impacts the Chinese Christians in such a way that those who attend these State run churches subject themselves to not only a controlled gospel, but a watered down version of the Bible.

    Within many of the travels I took across southern China, near Hong Kong, Thailand, and near Tibet, over 3,000 miles in 30 days, the one thing I noticed within many of the churches, house churches, three self churches and countless home bible studies is the control some are having over the people, very similar to the control the Government has currently over the people of China. There is a great element of influence by not just the Communist ideology within the Chinese church upon the people by men who seek to control the spiritual well being of the people, but there is a segment among the pastors and Seminaries at large who are adopting the western influence of spiritual authority (the Shepherding Movement) in such a way that the people are limited in their scriptural instruction and instead, the gospel is regulated to a “as needed” format. This is the sad aspect of the modern church in China, and while there are other segments within Christianity within China, especially the growing Pentecostal movement within China, the religious reformers are becoming worse than the Communist leaders of the past in that believers are spoon fed the word of God and then spiritually starved until they conform to leaderships demands.

  10. Democracy


    警方是什么 ?


    那个小男孩做错什么 ?

    因为记录是真实的,被害者英年早逝, 家破人亡,游离他乡,被灭了一生。


    如果死者曾经利用掌控生杀大权,欺人太甚,夺走他人家园的人数多达上千个 。

    • JiaoLang


      • Democracy


        如果你要那些没吃饱的人,不要惊动老鼠, 就要像当初李光耀在国会里为自己张口开价一样,国会应该与这批国人达成 “ 老鼠过街,不要喊打 ” 的默契, 即拿钱出来给他们工作和吃饭。 当他们受到恩惠,哪里会再跑出去抓老鼠。

        这里讲的恩惠,指李光耀给自己开价格一样,生长在这块土地上的每个老人小孩也都有一个价, 只是现在被拿走了 。

        还必须赔偿受害者, 比如邓亮洪,萧天寿,徐顺全,惹耶勒兰等1000多位家属, 向他们做道歉, 把之前拿他们的钱退给他们。

        现在, 你们抓未成年少年,如果明天上苍赋予婴儿开口,你们是不是要抓婴儿 ? 捉人是野蛮的行为, 每增加一笔孽债, 你们怎能睡得心安理得呢 ?

  11. Democracy

    法官一定要拿到钱才肯放人 ? 岂不是把小孩子当成绑票,法官变成绑匪了吗 ?
    高层每个称自己是超人, 每天拿超人的天价,现在连一个小孩子都肯不放过,关押数日。超人变成小人,你们下台是必然的趋势.

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