Appeal to International Children Agencies to Denounce Political Persecution of Amos Yee


Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Roy Ngerng. I am from Singapore. I would like to report on a case on child abuse in my country which deserves international attention.

On 29 March 2015, a 16-year-old boy Amos Yee was arrested and charged on 31 March 2015, just two days later, after he made a video which criticised the late first prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. Amos also spoke about the high income inequality in Singapore and attributed it to the first prime minister as well.

Amos was charged with three charges. For one of them, the first prime minister’s supporters said that the video “contained remarks about Mr Lee Kuan Yew which was intended to be heard and seen by persons likely to be distressed”.

More importantly, Amos was also charged as an adult in the State Court. He was not charged in the Juvenile Court for children.

After Amos was charged, he was put on bail for $20,000. The terms of his bail are excessive. He is not allowed to post, upload, distribute or by an other means cause to be made visible or available any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website.

In addition, he is now being held in remand, and has been in prison for four days now.

I would like to highlight that Singapore is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Under the convention, Singapore is required to look for other measures “without resorting to judicial proceedings,… such as care, guidance and supervision orders; counselling; probation; foster care; education and vocational training programmes and other alternatives to institutional care shall be available to ensure that children are dealt with in a manner appropriate to their well-being and proportionate both to their circumstances and the offence.”

However, after Amos was arrested, he was immediately charged. He was not given any other recourse.

On top of that, under the convention, Amos should have been “treated in a manner consistent with the promotion of the child’s sense of dignity and worth, which reinforces the child’s respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others and which takes into account the child’s age and the desirability of promoting the child’s reintegration and the child’s assuming a constructive role in society.”

However, a blanket restriction was imposed on Amos’s freedom of speech and expression and he has been imprisoned for four days in jail now.

Additionally, I have been speaking up about Amos’s situation on my Facebook and he has received numerous support. However, I have also seen a coordinated series of criticism against Amos and when I traced their accounts, I realised that all of them are supporters of the first prime minister and the current ruling party, the People’s Action Party (PAP).

They also said that because Amos spoke about religious issues, it is justifiable that he should be criminalised and jailed, even as a 16-year-old child.

However, I would also like to bring to attention other cases such as when there was an activist from the PAP, Jason Tan, who had said that he wanted to “cut off Amos’s dick and put (it) in his mouth” and where another, ex-PAP member, Jason Neo, said religious sensitive remarks but they have not been arrested in spite of a police report that was made against Neo four years ago.

I would like to bring Amos’s situation to your attention. We need international attention to help bring light upon this case. Amos is currently in prison. His case has not yet been heard.

Also, Amos is only 16-years-old but he will be tried as an adult. This is worrying.

As a child, Amos should have access to certain rights but these do not currently seem to be respected and he has been robbed of them. It is clear that Amos is currently being abused as a child and as a person.

I appeal to the international community to assist to speak up against the mistreatment of Amos and to help in bringing justice to Amos.

At the same time, I am currently also facing persecution, having been sued by the Singapore prime minister, for defamation.

I am personally worried about the welfare of Amos and the situation in Singapore does not look favourable for him.

I believe that any form of action or support for Amos would be welcomed and an added assistance to Amos. It would be highly useful if a statement of support could be released from the international organisations, and also if other forms of assistance could be rendered as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information on this. I will be glad to assist further.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Ngerng


This letter was sent to the following agencies:

Catherine Barnett, CPWG
Sabine Rakotomalala, CPWG Deputy

Children Rights Manifesto:

Child Rights Information Network:

Save the Children:

Defence for Children:
Vice-president of the International Executive Council: Mr Juan Pedro Fumeiro
Vice-president of the International Executive Council: Mr Aloys van Rest



International Institute for Child Rights and Development:

Child Helpline International:

Free The Children:

Tricia O’Rourke:
Charlotte Armstrong:

Global Child Protection Services


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  3. BigSchlong

    why did you intentionally leave out the fact that he bundled christianity together with the late LKY, and insulted both at the same time? also, his bail terms are not considered excessive considering his offence was posting lewd animations and VERY controversial topics that are evidently sensitive to the society, his terms were just to stop posting such stuff, not held under intense probation whatsoever. i am not siding anyone but it seems that most of the facts that you’ve produced does sound a fair bit biased

    • Hardeep Saini

      Dear BigSchlong

      Besides having a stupid name, you are also without brains.
      We are talking about a minor here and not an adult.

      There are international conventions that dictate how a minor should be treated in cases like this.
      You may not admit it but you do sound like many of those pro P.A.P. idiots that keep rearing their ugly heads around such forums.

      Grow up.

      We are living in the 21st century.Such responses by authorities in Singapore is obsolete in this day and age.
      Why don’t you use your actual name so that we know who the P.A.P. collaborators are when the new government takes over power.

      You guys are all the same.
      LKY was a Japanese collaborator during WW2 while the Japanese were killing thousands of Chinese in Singapore.
      The likes of you are now blindly following LKY/ P.A.P over the cliff.

      Best of luck to you in the future, mate.

      • BigSchlong

        Dear Hardeep Saini,

        I do believe hurling insults at someone and calling them names to brings you down to a same level or even lower than them right? In any case, i stated facts, i DID not mention any insults to anyone. it was just a debatable point that i felt could be brought up and you could have done so in a more respectable, civilized manner.

        Well done, your society has given you much hope for your future. I am indeed glad for you. Cheers!

        PS: Having an online name does not depict any single thin.

    • E!

      He too has shown that he can play the game of conveniently leaving out info in order to suit his agenda, just like the PAP he himself derides for doing.

      So it’s okay to leave out the bits of him calling a large majority of Singaporeans necrophiliacs and their parents delusional, ignorant, and stupid? That he also brought Christianity into the picture when he could have easily made his points without having needed to, but did so anyway? That he defiantly broke his bail terms despite being told not to the first time? Sounds to me like PROPAGANDA.

      tl;dr: Amos is a blameless “victim” and only his feelings and well-being matters, and not those he insulted without provocation.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Obvious responses from pro P.A.P. lakkies.
        And those were not insults.
        Just the truth about you guys who only use one side of your brains.
        There were people you guys who made Hitler, Mao, Gaddafi great men.
        These men are nothing without the mindless followers.
        If you are pro P.A.P. you are now as much responsible for what is happening in Singapore as LKY/P.A.P.
        I can understand why you do not write your actual names.
        Feeling guilty but don’t want to admit ( like LKY)?

      • Sexiespider

        Yup. Everyone with an online persona is afraid to post their own names. You are so brave. You should run for president.

    • LYK is dead

      So what if he said something not agreeable by the ruling party about a dead past-leader? Not all Singaporean held the same respects for this dead leader.

  4. Hardeep Saini

    Good afternoon, Roy.

    It is with deep regret that I now find that the Singapore authorities have imprisoned Master Amos Yee.
    I wholly support your efforts in finding a solution to this blatant encroachment upon the human rights of this child.
    They have gone too far this time.

    It is time for Singaporeans to vote the P.A.P. out of parliament.

    The people of Singapore now know that the opposition parties are ready to take over the government.
    Best of luck with your endeavours in this regard.
    You have support from Melbourne, Australia.

    Hardeep Saini

    • singaporecsorecard

      You can see that the PAP has all the resources to create any machinery they want – even one that camouflaged itself as an authentic citizenry’s grouping. Of course they hope to influence other weak-minded Singaporeans. But the obvious is really obvious. I have no doubt that the majority of educated and matured Singaporeans can see this (as evident all over the internet and among friends) and will share with their children their thoughts. I also have faith that the majority of their children can see the PAP fabrication – like Amos. The only fear is that when it comes to election time, the massive number of new citizens (what happened to the debate about the 7ml new immigrants? Is the PAP quietly still going ahead and still converting Tom, Dick and Harry into citizens?) will be put under duress to vote for the abhorred party because they have been unwittingly “inducted” into the PAP camp as a condition for being a PR or citizen. This party must serve those who vote them and not vice versa. Those who think otherwise are nothing more than worms – whether they are scholars or otherwise. If they are scholars and are “sold” by so-called PAP “policies and philosophies”, then they are not real scholars but another fabrication of the PAP. If you are branded as a “scholar” under the PAP “scholarships”, then you should quickly come to realise that you have been made a tool – nothing but a pawn in their scheme.

  5. Born SGporean

    Dear Roy,
    Brilliant! Keep Up e good job:)
    What happen to our Law Society, Legal Fraternity, NGOs and 1st World Politicians & Oppositions???

  6. Born SGporean

    April 18, 2015 at 9:56 am  (Quote)
    1) Is he going to go down in history as our youngest political detainee & victim?
    2) Why is WP & opposition lawyers not providing legal aid & pro-bono?
    3) What happen to out 1st World Parliament & Silent Parliamentarian?
    4) Since when an underage juvenile is prosecuted, handcuffed, lock up like an adult common criminal.
    5) What happen to our Family Court and law to deal with 1st time suspected juvenile delinquent/offender?
    6) Is it not unlawful to arrest and underage juvenile, charge him in Court and “denied” him the rights to raise funds to defend himself in open court n test the independence of our 1st World judiciary n judges?
    7) Why victimized n make use of an underage boy to build a climate of fear & divide a nation?
    Why need to overkill a small fly with s sledge hammer?
    9) What happen to our Law that Amos is presume innocent until proven guilty in Court?
    10) Does making video deemed offensive, slanderous n inappropriate by underage juvenile warrant similar Court persecution like what we’ve seen to political detainees & candidates?
    11) Has crowd funding become illegal after the outpouring of financial support to Roy?
    12) Do we have to stoop so low to silence n punish an underage suspect?
    13) Does not Amos n his parents have rights too as Citizens
    14) Is tis a dangerous precedent of applying our Law selectively; making Amos a matyr?

  7. WellDone

    Sad days for singaporeans….especially child bearing women who kept silent or supported gross misjudgment/abuse of power of those in high office.

    “In addition, he is now being held in remand, and has been in prison for four days now.

    I would like to highlight that Singapore is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

    Under the convention, Singapore is required to look for other measures “without resorting to judicial proceedings,… such as care, guidance and supervision orders; counselling; probation; foster care; education and vocational training programmes and other alternatives to institutional care shall be available to ensure that children are dealt with in a manner appropriate to their well-being and proportionate both to their circumstances and the offence.”

    However, after Amos was arrested, he was immediately charged. He was not given any other recourse.”

  8. PAPer Tiger

    “Indeed it is a major embarassment to LKY and pappies that the international news so full of news about the death of LKY is being followed by reports of arrest of 16 year-old Amos”

  9. lospolloshermanos

    Petition to charge amos as adult does not mean 100% will charge amos as adult. Amos must not be charged as an adult. He obviously has emotional issues.

    • Hardeep Saini

      Yes. He might have emotional issues.
      Most teenagers have emotional issues.
      Their hormones are playing up.
      They rebel, they go against the establishment, they become creative and fight for free speech and freedom.
      All of these things have happened previously in history.
      Remember the Hare Rama, Hare Krishna era.
      Or the beetles era.
      The Women’s Liberation movement.
      This is what is “normal” amongst teenagers.
      This is what is happening to Amos Yee.
      People like him is the reason why we have what we have in the developed countries (except Singapore, sad to say ).
      He will pave the way for the next generation on this planet.

      • Darren

        If he insulted ur religion, you wouldn’t be singing this tune now. Not even worthy to go against PAP, you are in serious need of IQ my boy.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi Darren
        Thanks for bringing religion into this discussion.
        I am of the Sikh faith.
        We do not get insulted by what others say about our religion.
        My religion teaches me that.
        Try some other angle.

      • Amos yee

        Hi hardeep sani,
        Since you know the exact amount of the bail, why don’t you donate ? If you really support me, i should be free now. If you just write some useless comments that support me, i can only call you a fake supporter of me. STOP POST YOUR “SUPPORT”, GIVE ME SOME REAL MONEY

      • Hardeep Saini

        So now these pro P.A.P. spineless idiots have resorted to signing off as “Amos Yee”.
        Guys, I wasn’t born yesterday.
        When I was voting in Singapore many of you guys were still in diapers..

  10. Sexiespider

    Anyone 16 and above is tried as an adult in Singapore. Only below 16 cases are referred to the Juvenile Court.

    But of course they will not necessarily throw everyone in prison with the adults as there are RTC for between 16 to 21. Also there are even more lenient punishments like probation or fine.

    Get your facts right before trying to challenge the law. This is not something new but does not mean I condone it.

    We can all guess what will happen, no one from the international community will care. Unless you might wanna do up a YouTube video like Dr. Chee to address Obama. Lol.

    • Hardeep Saini

      Dear Sexiespider

      Just a little bit of education for you.

      “In October 1995, Singapore became a signatory to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child ( UNCRC ), Pledging it’s commitment to help children when they are in an environment of abuse and neglect.
      The UNCRC defines a “child” as someone below the age of 18″.

      Since Amos Yee is below the age of 18 he should not have been charged as an adult as it seems that the treatment he has received thus far from the authorities is as if he is an adult.
      I am not challenging the law but it does seem that you may want to revisit this area yourself as you knowledge seems “rusty” to say the least.

      • Someone

        Dear Hardeep Saini

        We dun need you foreigner to come n spread shit in Singapore. Do you think the govt or the police does not know their law n need you this smart Alex to tell them what to do? It’s best for you to keep ur bloody mouth shut n stay in Australia n dun step into Singapore. We dun need you to tell us what to do. Idiot !!!

      • Sexiespider

        My knowledge is not rusty, maybe minimal but they are facts. What you say doesn’t change a thing about out law. Work on it first before thinking about applying this UN law logic into the picture.

        You should run for office since you believe so much in the UN. And of course, we should consider UN as humanitarian efforts, not politics. Lol.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi Sexiespider
        You are still either unable to admit that your knowledge in such matters is shit or are just too stupid to know otherwise.
        This is no longer UN logic. When Singapore becomes a signatory to the UNCRC it becomes a law that Singapore is bound to.
        The UNCRC thus overrides any Singapore law that is not in compliance with this convention.
        If Singapore signs this convention it needs to abide and respect this convention-period.
        The P.A.P. is not above the UN.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi Someone
        You must be the minority then ( or one of the 60.1% ).
        I know that many Singaporeans who study in Australia don’t want to go back.
        A recent survey by an international organisation found that more than 50% of Singaporean workers would leave Singapore IF THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY.
        I am concerned about the high number of Singaporeans seeking to migrate to my country.
        I embarked my self on a journey to find out the truth behind the reasons for this.
        That is how I became embroiled in “Singapore Politics”.
        I must admit that I was not prepared to face some of the harsh truths about LKY and his brand of politics.
        It was shocking reading, to tell it mildly.
        So many lives destroyed. So many imprisoned without trial. So many people had their characters crucified either because they did not agree with LKY or were brave enough to do something about it.
        No wonder Singaporeans, after 50 years of P.A.P. rule, are the unhappiest people on this planet.

      • I pardon you

        Hi Hardeep saini
        I love your writing, full of narrow views and smart Alex actions by demonstrating your nonsense remarks.
        Without your inputs, this blog will die soon as Roy has lost his attraction to the Netizens.
        I would suggest you take over Roy’s blog so that we can continue shit you out.

        Why am I said so? You have many baseless inputs ready for us to bombard.
        For example,
        1. >50% Singaporean workers would leave Singapore …. Specifically where is such report? And what kind of sample and sample size? Are you quoting some wordings while hiding something else? If you are, you already meet Roy’s standard.
        2. Singaporean are ” the most unhappiest people on this planet”. Well, I don’t you think you can prove that … Anywhere I pardon you

        Please contribute more so that you can amused me.
        Btw, are you a native in Australia? I am glad you stay in a wonderful country that you dream of and without racial discrimination, I suppose.

        Lastly, you can also follow Roy to develop a blog to attack your on govt, I believe you can perform better than Roy.

    • lea xian loon

      You can’t even get a bit of info on legal adult age correct! Pls stop embarrassing and shaming the PAP, can?

  11. Pilfi

    Fact. Roy has no reputation and credibility left. Go read any forum in Singapore. This latest piece of letter, is a good example of why nobody respect him at all. As usual, pieces of statements place together and leave out some facts, to create a false conclusion. He has ZERO credibility. Roy, pls write to united nation also, or whatever association and body which many never hear before, and ask them to take action against Singapore government. Btw, as any international body done anything upon your tainting of the country ? Answer, nothing. Because they all knows you are nonsense and rubbish. Lol. You are the champion.

  12. Due Respect

    I never support Roy and never make any good comment on his articles. Take this article for example, did Roy seek Amos’s consent before make such appeal? Even if Amos had given such consent, shouldn’t Amos’s parents the legal persons to approve such action?

    In addition to disregards ones privacy, what Roy despised me most is stirring issue to attract public attention in the expense of the entire life of a young boy. Can anyone imagine what is the feeling of this boy now? Do you think he still want to be a discussion topic? And what kind of social pressure Amos’s whole family are facing now?

    If I am Amos’s parent I would consider to sue Roy. However if Amos and his family had given Roy permission to make such appeal so openly, by all means.

    Amos’s case is very sensitive, it is can very serious matter or a trivial one, depend how it is handled. What Roy had done will have little impact to legal decision but have huge impact to Amos and his family. If I am Roy, I will make serious consider before do anything so as not to ruin the life of a very talented young boy. This is a loss to the country.

    From the above, I see Roy as a very irresponsible blogger

    • Singaporeans

      So true. His parents didn’t even want to bail, what’s this Roy getting to do with it? Does he know Amos better than his parents? Amos is just a political tool.

  13. yen

    1. Child abuse? Are you sure? He was eating banana happily walking into the court and waving at reporters..
    2. Jailed for 4 days, yes. Why so? You know very well that nobody came forward to bail him out. You have conveniently leave for malaysia for a few days (quoted), yet not able to bail him out after 3 days by now? The truth is nobody will do so (as a bailor) because nobody can guarantee he will not post anything on the internet. You have clearly stated so, that he cannot accede to this.
    3. You are only right on one point – he criticized the late prime minister. The other facts are deliberately left out, twisted n misled!
    NOPE, i am not supporter of PAP, but i am speaking out on a bias letter of yours!

    • Teo

      Same here, I am not a pap supporter, but this Roy is many times worse than any pap member. His cause for cpf is good but he is making up stories and playing tricks to gain support. Making up stories and totally has no logic in his ‘facts’, is he thinking that Singaporeans are brainless ? He should be proud that he is the biggest shame in Singapore’s history.

  14. Kee Siow Leh

    Hi Roy, my opinion is that it’s not a good idea to appeal Amos’s case to the international organization or community. This will make the international people to laugh & made a mockery to ourselves & our national pride will be in jeopardy. This is our own country internal affairs & don’t get any international organization or community involved in this case. As the Chinese saying:” 家丑不会外扬” 。Please don’t try to politicize the matter & try to “大事化小,小事化无”。Hope u can understand.

    • Chan Wei Han

      It is not for us Singaporeans to decide how the international community thinks of us. It will be up to the international community to mock us and jeopardise our national pride. Please do not forget that the international community knows well that the government is never the people – they are 2 completely seperate entities. Like the famous saying goes “proud of my country, ashamed of my government” I love Singapore but I do not support the current state of the government.
      We will deserve whatever opinions the international community has about us and the government, because do not forget, Singapore is only 5.3 million strong while the world is the world, and the outside world has more exposure to a diverse multitude of information so their opinion will be the most valid in the international standpoint.

      We have already made ourselves a laughing stock in the international community and it will only get worse had Roy not proven that there are international minded people around.

    • Teo

      Anyone can write a letter, the thing is, no one is bothering about Roy’s appeal. Just read once and you can tell he simply miss out many facts to create a false picture. Such despicable means can only make the already angry more angry, and won’t convert anyone. Frankly, Roy ‘s reputation is dead , and I foresee he will quit Singapore and leave for another country in the near future. And he can conveniently attack Singapore from wherever he will be.

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  16. True Justice

    LHL and his team of PAP members are made of a similar substance as that of Najib. To get a better tomorrow, we need to remove Najib and alikes.

    • Hurray

      After removing your so call “Najib and alikes” who can we replace immediately? Or are we inviting another group of so call “Najib and alikes”? I wonder how sensible your sensing is?

    • Teo

      People like you, even if remove the government, after sometime you will again say remove the next person. because people like you only think negatively and blames everyone for your own failures in life. Successful people won’t, they make their own success. This is the difference. Just tell me, which country’s leader is good ?

  17. Jyt

    Roy, I supported you against PAP because I didn’t like their bullying. But I feel you are getting too radicalized and extreme in your thinking. You should not be supporting Amos and should stay out of it. He is an asshole who disrespects his own parents (I am not talking LKY but his own parents) and has showed his middle finger to them in 2 videos – the LKY one and the dropping out of school one. He also offended many Christians.

  18. Roy

    im on neutral side. I think what Amos did on internet is wrong, grossly wrong. He deserved to be punished, I think everyone who saw that video will agree. But Roy Nerng’s position is that Amos should be tried as a child and not as an adult. So I think the debate is whether a 16 year old who committed such crime should be tried as an adult. If he is tried as a child then he will get what a child will deserve and likewise for adult. I think nobody should let such vicious action go unaccounted for. Thanks Roy Nerng for fighting, but we need to ascertain if he should be tried as a child or as an adult.

  19. Han

    Roy is leveraging on Amos case to attack the government, as usual nothing new. He is taking revenge because he knows he is going to be bankrupted. Everyone knows this. All it takes is just a signature to bail Amos out, but Roy says he needs to go jb. What a friend.

  20. Xmen

    When the PAP IB gang shows up in force, you know Roy is onto something here.

    Regardless of what you think of Amos, here is the inconvenient FACT –

    “In October 1995, Singapore became a signatory to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child ( UNCRC ), Pledging it’s commitment to help children when they are in an environment of abuse and neglect.
    The UNCRC defines a “child” as someone below the age of 18″.

    The PAP government is PERSECUTING a 16 year old child against the UN convention. There will be repercussions.

  21. HoHoHo

    What an irony. Just only, Roy was accused by the PAP for what appeared to be “heckling” of children. Now, karma returns the favor to the accuser. The accuser not only employ large scale heckling of a child, involving the civil and legal service, but also persecute and imrpison a child for speaking his mind.

    Well done PAP

  22. BigSchlong

    Finding it interesting how a certain someone is preaching how good his religion is and how his beliefs in them are, yet his actions totally contradict and put shame to it. You’re a disgrace to your own kind.

  23. Bernard

    In the context of Singapore, the Children and Young Person Act 2001 applies to a person aged 16 and below. Amos (correct me if I am wrong) was 16 Years and 4 months old at the time of offence. So the CYPA does not apply to him.

    Some may feel that 16 is not “adult” while others may disagree. But a line has to be drawn, and in the context of Singapore, it is 16. I reckon people who disagree, either suck it up or endeavor to become the next Law Minister and change this age.

    Amos is currently in remand because no one wants to bail him out. At this very moment, he is not yet found guilty or convicted. Lets cut and baloney and not prematurely call the system “harsh” towards a “young” person. For all we know, he may get a special presidents pardon in view of his age because that is the politically correct thing to do.

  24. Mateen

    HI Roy
    Please also write to all Press agencies, Embassies of so called FREE AND DEMOCRATIC countries of the west.
    The only thing we can do is to raise the profile of AMOS’ case and put pressure on the state.

  25. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

  26. Hardeep Saini

    Hi Ipardonyou.

    For your question in item 1, please see this report.

    For your question in item 2, please see this report.

    There are many similar articles online. You just need to look for it.

    Thanks. I am very happy in Australia.
    I am a third generation Singaporean who immigrated to this wonderful land about 26 years ago.
    No regrets there.
    Every Singaporean I meet here wants to live here because they don’t like Singapore anymore.
    And you know the reasons why.

  27. Mick

    Amos Yee should be punished !!
    There is no political agenda here.
    He has committed a super silly offence that needs to be taught by law.
    If not he could be stoned to death in some countries.
    Or even shot in some.
    If the parents can’t teach him well, that is where the state to exercise its law over him.

    I do not represent any parties.
    I represent the FREEDOM that existed in Singapore.
    The FREEDOM to walk on the streets of Singapore everyday, anytime throughout the day without having to fear for my or any of my own family’s safety. This is how we preserve the FREEDOM. We take down anyone who wanted to stir racial and religious sentiments in the name of freedom of speech. Even the use of any figures in the country – this is personal attack with no brains.

    Amos should be punished with the fullest and maximal weight of the law to serve as a reminder to anyone. Especially to u Roy Ngerng too.

    • turkeydrake

      So strange, so so strange. Amos is in jail, but remains a free spirit. But there you go, outwardly a free man but carrying all those invisible chains of a slave in your mind. Oh, what have they done to you! So sad, so so sad.

      • I pardon you

        Hi Hardeep
        So you represent the Freedom that existed in Singapore? That means you no more exist?
        Are you saying you are a past tense? Please check whether you are still relevant to this world.
        You are really Roy no. 2, try to demonstrate your talent by demonstrating shallow mindset.

    • lea xian loon

      @ Mick

      Is there FREEDOM to ask how is our CPF invested and lost via TheMasak Holdings, without being sued and jailed?

  28. Hardeep Saini

    Hi I Pardon You

    Please look at the email from Mick.
    I was responding to his statement where he wrote “I represent the FREEDOM that existed in Singapore”, April 21 2015-8.44PM.

    And I responded as such”You are so right here. “FREEDOM that existed” in past tense”.

    Please read, comprehend and make intelligent statements and do not “jump the gun” when you do not have the intellectual capacity to do so.

    It is such a simple thing that I wrote in response to Mick.
    Is even that beyond your intellectual capabilities?
    I have to explain to you this simple conversation between Mick and I?
    Your intelligence is comparable to that of a primary 4 student.

    • I pardon you

      Exactly, you are saying Mick no more exist. That’s why I say you are very intelligent! I only primary 4 student cannot understand how can you communicate to someone no more exist.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi I pardon you.

        I pardon you. Why, oh why, do I get such stupid people.
        I did not say that “Mick no more exist”.
        Mick stated that “the freedom that existed”.
        He was, and I am, talking about freedom, not that “Mick no more exist”.

        Notice that I am trying to show you respect by not slamming you on your very bad grammar and sentence construction.
        I pardon you for that ( excuse the punt ).
        But what I cannot tolerate is your inability to comprehend simple statements.
        Maybe I was wrong about you.
        You do not have the intelligence of a primary four student.
        You have now degraded yourself to a primary 3 student.
        One more stupid response and you will go down even further.
        Continue on this path and you may well disappear into nothingness.

      • I pardon you

        Please down grade me more. Please educate me,
        You quoted “I represent the FREEDOM existed …”, than you indicated “”FREEDOM that existed” in past tense”. How would you interpret here? Does the “I = FREEDOM”? Stupid me if I am wrong.

        Why you can’t tolerate? I had pointed out your error? It is fine to have bad grammar, but it is not acceptable to have a bad heart and ill intention.

  29. lea xian loon

    See celebs comments on Amos:

    Foreigner Quan yifeng was self-declared and was certified as someone suffering from severe mental disorders, so as to escape jail from beating up singaporean cab driver and her past public misdemeanors.

    By allowing someone with such severe mental disorders, to continue working for the state-controlled media, says tons about people employed in pap and ida.

  30. Hardeep Saini

    Hi I pardon you

    You quoted “I represent the FREEDOM existed …”,
    This is not my quote but Micks.

    “”FREEDOM that existed” in past tense.
    That’s what Mick wrote and I am here pointing out to him that he has mentioned that “FREEDOM that existed” is past tense.
    Meaning that Mick ( not me ) means that freedom that existed but does not exist now.
    Do you comprehend now?
    Maybe Mick can throw some light on this.
    I suspect that he is going to state that that statement was in error.
    You are now a primary 2 student…congratulations.

    • I pardon you

      Ah, now I understand. You interpret meaning sentence by sentence and ignore the full message as a whole. And the best part your are good in blaming people. Now you are saying Mick may not construct the statement correctly, but you are guessing what he is writing.

      Should you not to read what Mick had written again and explain what is the message he is trying to send to us?

      I feel quite upset that my primary 2 grade can read better than your Super intellectual being. Should I continue receiving my education from a retarded?

      • I pardon you

        I understand how you feel, it is not easy to accept your mistakes, this needs to take great courage. Your are forgiven for this. Just remember not to make the same mistake again.



      Think you are getting old. Parkinson disease creeping on you is it? or you lost your memory and is slowly going away. OLD MAN! Can’t help commenting on behalf of all Singaporean.

      • Hardeep Saini

        I may have left Singapore but my heart is still there.
        I was born there.
        My dad was born there.
        I have every right to be concerned and to comment on the country of my birth.
        If I had Parkinson disease I would have forgotten about Singapore.
        Since I have not forgotten I once again prove you wrong on your analysis of my wisdom.

      • I pardon you

        Everyone has his own choice of life where we must respect to. If your heart is with Singapore, you will not try to stir issues here. You are a very arrogant person who is overwhelmend by your egoism by showing off that you stay in a White country, thinking that people will envy you. Tough luck! 2 years back, a friend of mine who almost bankrupt also made his way to Australia and migrated there subsequently. Therefore, there is nothing to show off.

        I had been in UK and USA, but never like the culture and food there. More importantly my root is in Singapore where my heart can only feel peace when I stand on this little red dot. Where is your root?

        You have the right to comment Singapore, and I have the right to comment on you too, this is called freedom. However such freedom is attached with constraints – respect and responsiblity. I believe when your loss Singapore and you loss your virtue too, but you still cannot change your colour.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi I pardon you.
        You should know by now that it is not the amount that one earns, rather the amount of disposal income left after all outgoings.
        No point earning a high income if all your money is going to pay bills and you are left with nothing.
        Guess who is better off if two persons are earning the same amount but one lives in a country with half the cost of living.
        It’s simple mathematics.
        Again, there are numerous articles that one can peruse to show that my statements are not incorrect.
        If you prefer to remain ignorant than that is your prerogative.

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi I pardon you
        You know a PAP goon when one makes a negative statement about LKY/PAP and they attack you on a personal level.
        They come here with their half baked ideas that have been brainwashed by years of PAP bullshit.
        Most seem to have a low IQ, unfortunately.

      • I pardon you

        I am ignorance because I travel around the world. Most importantly I know where is my root and have the courage to fight for my rights given whatever constraints I have in Sinapore. I will not runaway of this country, losing my fighting that given by my ancestor, and still try to show off to people I lousy am I.

        To fight for what you want is not writing negative feedback about someone, this is an act of a weak person who trying to defence by hitting people. Create your own value to serve others so that people will buy your ideas. The world is build by love not hate. I am a builder not a destroyer of your style.

        It is not many low IQ people around, the remark you trying to put forward is very unwise and showed that you like to argue for the sake of aruging and have no intention to contribute real value. A country can be strong when people are wise not low IQ (look at SG GDP growth rate compare to Australia), there are other elements like hardworking, farsighted, courageous, etc.

        All your arguments so far are raw, don’t even half baked. BTW, ideas remain as ideas, you need to implement in order to realise them.

        What are those articles you are referring to? So you are using a 3rd party opinion and not yours? Than you should give them the credit.

        What I had most is not money but how to be a human being, what about you?

      • Hardeep Saini

        Hi I pardon you.
        You started it.
        I just love to continue when anyone hits me on a personal level.
        Your recent email at 10:45am is somewhat all over the place.
        Coupled with your poor grammar, spelling and very bad sentence construction, I am finding it difficult to comprehend what you are actually trying to write here.
        Do you always have this problem with conveying you message eloquently?

      • I pardon you

        If you have breathing problem do you still breathing?
        If you have difficulty to eat, will do stop eating?

        You give good excuse By saying you cannot understand what people is writing so that you no need reply thing that you cannot comprehend due to poor knowledge or feel shame to reply due to poor conduct. This is a real good skill I must learn from you to build thicker skin.

        Wise guy answer what I asked and not find lousy excuses.

        Actually what had I started?

  31. lea xian loon

    PM Lee and Family

    Some of us know that they are supposed to feel sad at the passing of MM Lee.

    In any event, now that MM Lee is dead, can you return our parents’ CPF monies to them, that your father has coerced them to “contribute” over the years when your father was alive?

    We know it’s a fact that a significant portion of our CPF monies have been lost in wasted investment through you and Ho Ching via Temasek Holdings. But we will be thankful if you still can return whatever is left back to us.

    We promise not to apply for summary judgement against your family in the abovementioned extortion, as well as other atrocities your family has enacted upon your fellow Singaporeans, including acts through Internal Security Department. It is now common knowledge that you jailed a lady from our pioneer generation, before she has an opportunity to step into her election-won Havelock zone then, without trial for 6 years. Is that how you intend to celebrate SG50 too?

    We’ll leave your family’s reputation and judgement to the international civilized community, who is not under any vested interest to or threat under your shriveling political reach, which has now decomposed further with Mm Lee’s death.

    Return CPF to our pioneer generations in this year of SG50. Save all your rhetorical Machiavellian policies propagated through your state-controlled media, to spare further local and international squirming embarassment to Singaporeans, if not for yourself, please.

    Afterall, it is the living who needs and can spend money, not the dead.

    If you are willing to return all our CPF money back to us who have reached 65 (don’t push back the age again), we’ll burn your father some hell money. Deal?

      • lea xian loon

        Thx Hardeep.

        We tried to post this on LHL’s facebook, but he / his PR has blocked many of us from commenting there as he apparently don’t know / cannot respond to the comments and questions.

        State-media and stat boards are now taking turns babysitting Pinky, by allowing him to hide and shriek underneath their skirts. Like an overprotective fat mamma over a rottenly spoilt brat…

        How about we offer you some nuts to stop your crying, Pinky?

  32. bah chor mee

    Trials between protesters and PAP should be at International Court, where there is absence of s’pore kangaroo judges 🙂

  33. CK

    I’m not a Govt supporter by any means, and I voted opposition the last round. But I think that the opposition don’t need asshats like you on their side.

    You, Roy, are simply using him to further your own agenda and predicament.

    Excerpts from your “letter”:
    – “Amos also spoke about the high income inequality in Singapore and attributed it to the first prime minister as well.”
    – “At the same time, I am currently also facing persecution, having been sued by the Singapore prime minister, for defamation.”

    It’s all about you isn’t it? Why don’t you offer up the bail money to his parents if you’re so concerned about it, rather than crow about it in the media, whilst referencing your quotes which he used?

    “Activists” like you are exactly why the ruling party always win in the end. You’re just another fucking looney tune who’s seeking attention via staged hysterics. Something that they will always work against you.


  34. Hardeep Saini

    What ever you may say.
    You are a PAP goon.
    This is a new tactic by you idiots.
    Trying to show that you are not pro PAP ( when actually you are ) and then hitting out at those who are trying to help Amos.
    Keep this kind of attitude up, mate, and the PAP will sink faster than a sampan with 100 holes.

    • I pardon you

      Despite educating you how to respect people, you got worsen. What you need is not comment but condemn.
      You only know how to anti PAP, but never provide any constructive suggestion to us, Roy no. 2.
      I mean “constructive” don’t like what Roy and your previous posts, put up some baseless statisticial data.
      Btw, how you define idiot?

      • Hardeep Saini

        How do I define idiot?
        1.An idiot is a person by the pseudonym “I pardon you”, or
        2.A person who doesn’t have the guts to use his real name and hides behind a false name, or
        3.One who still hasn’t learnt the proper grammar and wants to debate in the English language, or
        4.One who doesn’t know how to spell some words of the English language, or
        5.One who doesn’t know how to use the spell check on his computer.

        Hope you are satisfied with this definition.


      Guess you are the real idiot. If you really care about Singapore. You wun migrate to Australia. You are just trying to stir politics in Singapore. Think you are HAPPY to see Singapore fall. YOU are just a piece of shit which CANNOT make it in Singapore and FLEE to other country. NOt sure why Australia willing to take in a piece of SHIT like YOU! And please dun comment on our country. STINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hardeep Saini

        Migrating to Australia and caring for Singapore are two completely different things.
        How you managed to put two statements into one sentence is beyond me.
        I am not happy to see Singapore fall.
        If it is not obvious to you by now that because I am concerned about Singapore that I am on this forum than I BELIEVE THAT YOU DID NOT DO WELL IN YOUR SCHOOLING.
        I did very well in Singapore, thank you, but could not tolerate the PAP bullshit any longer.
        There are a lot of Singaporeans who wish that they too could migrate to Australia but because of any number of reasons, they are unable to.
        Australia does not accept anyone. One has to be very well qualified in an occupation that is required in Australia before one can even succeed in the application.
        I must have been suitably qualified to be accepted by them and my leaving would have been a “brain drain” on the manpower requirements of Singapore.
        Singapore’s loss was Australia’s gain.

      • I pardon you

        Hardeep, now I understand why Austraila GDP growth rate is 0.5 and SIngapore Growth rate is 1.10. Australia accept failure like you who cannot compete in Singapore, while those who remain competitive stay in Singapore to enjoy higher growth rate.

        Again, you still proivde baseless claim such as ” a lot of Singaporeans who wish …. because of any number of reasons, they are unable to”. Substantiate your claim with valid facts. Australia accept people like you is a loss to them but a gain to Sinagpore. The “brain drain” is draining the retarded brain, wise Singapore indeed.

        I don’t think it is difficult to migrate to Australia, my subordinate just migrated to Australia last year, he earns half of my pay, I suppose you probably the same.

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