CAN’s statement on the assault on Amos Yee


The Community Action Network is deeply alarmed at the recent attack on Amos Yee.

Yee was assaulted, in broad daylight, outside the State Court yesterday. It appears no one attempted to stop or pursue the assailant. Photographs of Yee shortly after the attack show that he suffered some bruising to his eye. It is unclear if he was sent for a physical examination or offered medical support following the incident.

In addition to the physical attack, Yee has been subject to weeks of verbal abuse on the Internet. The language used is often aggressive and emotional. One commenter – allegedly, a grassroots leader – said Yee’s penis should be severed and stuffed into his own mouth. Others hoped he would be raped in prison. Still others have suggested that he deserves a beating. No government official has spoken up or condemned the violent language. It would not be a stretch to say that their refusal to do so might have contributed to yesterday’s assault.

Given the rhetoric against Yee, and the numerous threats to his safety, he should have been “committed to a place of safety or a place of temporary care and protection” under the Children and Young Persons Act. Instead, he is now back in remand, over his failure to abide by his bail conditions.

CAN believes that the conditions imposed on Yee are unnecessarily onerous. Apart from having to report to his Investigating Officer every day, he is also barred from posting anything online. This curtailment of Yee’s right to express himself doesn’t just infringe on his constitutional rights as a citizen, it is also disproportionate to the charges he is currently facing.

We would also like to respectfully remind authorities that under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Singapore is required to explore measures other than judicial proceedings, when dealing with juveniles who might have breached the law.

We humbly suggest that the State might have overreached in its eagerness to prosecute Yee. We understand that the charge relating to harrassment has been stood down. We urge the State to withdraw it completely, and to do so with the other two charges as well.

Shelley Thio, Rachel Zeng, Jennifer Teo, Woon Tien Wei, Terry Xu, Roy Ngerng, Martyn See, Jolovan Wham, Lynn Lee, Kirsten Han, Vincent Law


  1. rizkhaos

    Out of this incident, Amos Yee has shown real strength in his character, in his face book post where he addresses Cookie Tan’s threat to maim his genitals.

    Here is a 16 yr old boy who has shown more maturity and level-headedness and an understanding for human rights and civil liberties than most of Singaporeans ever could.

    @ Roy and CAN
    If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know.

    • SmellySocks

      And who said he needs counselling by grown adults like his useless pro bono lawyers who would ditch him because he has the spine to stand by his beliefs and convictions?

  2. LilyTomson

    The State is deaf, dumb and blind. You are talking to a piece of cow manure. Please return to your productive wasteland and sweat for your bricks and mortars and crumbs of thye hong biscuit.

  3. to LHL

    why newspaper did not have news on today’s Hong Lim Park ? Only LHL ?

    1) 李总理:政府与工人站在同一阵线
    2015年05月01日 1023(联合早报网讯)劳资政协作模式是我国拥有的非凡体制,李显龙总理重申,政府将与工人站在同一阵线,继续维护他们的利益。

    ------------ ----------- 政府完全不理工人利益 ,还要加上“非凡”两个字, 吹牛皮 !

    2) 李总理今天早上在五一劳动节集会上,呼吁4000多名受邀出席的劳资政三方代表捍卫劳资政制度这个“宝贵的遗产”。

    ----------- ------ ----- 劳资政是你要老婆管钱,你管权并用就是黑社会向国人下毒手, 真可耻 !

    3) 他指出,从一开始,政府与工会就建立起密切的联系,这关系也维持许久,这是特殊于其他国家的模式,不只让执政政府在一两届大选中交出好成绩,而是伴随大家走过50多年岁月。

    --------------- ---李显龙要报复解雇国人,工会绝不帮工人讲话, 这就是“密切的联系”, 太卑鄙 !

    4) 李总理提到他的父亲、已故建国总理李光耀当年如何捍卫工人利益时说,55年前,政府就已发出同样信息,向工友承诺政府与工人站在一起。

    ------------- ----- 又提那个把10, 000个他人的父亲都干掉了的家伙, 很肮脏 !

    5) 他说:“所以我有时候听到有反对党政治人说劳资政制度已是过去式,工会和政府与雇主应该是对立的时,我吓呆了。若不是不了解没有劳资政模式,我们就不会走到今天,就是他们明白却在尝试煽动并制造麻烦,为达到自己的政治目标而利用工人。”(联合早报记者黄伟曼)

    ----------- 胡说八道 !一派胡言 !有种的话还媒体和报纸给人民, 与反对党面对面对证。连和Roy在法庭对证都做不到,都不敢与国民对话,除了吃饭不要喂,什么都要别人代劳, 缩头乌龟 !

  4. jeffpeter03

    Should be askung sharmie why the assault happened right under their noses in a judicial controlled. And secured facility yet apprehension took a day; are they on their lynchbreak or something else?!?

  5. to LHL

    过去10年,你什么都没有做,你要打人的那只手是用别人的手替你打,你的演讲稿是别人替你写,你只负责一年念2遍而已。其他时间专门负责拍照,亮相, 微笑, 挥手,旅游,每天接受单身女粉丝和愚昧奴才的崇拜,他们不去拜祖先拜父母,他们为拜金而来, 因为你手里掌管分配钱财的权利。为什么新传媒的艺人在接受采访时都讲Amos的坏话,因为每月发生活费给他们的公司股东是李显龙夫妻掌控的淡马锡。 为了保证饭碗,她们见鬼讲鬼话罢了。 这是非常危险的国家变为家族所拥有的体制,这样的不正之风局面不能再延长下去啦。

    一个不懂得家庭困境的人,不配再做总理, 因为你有一个凶狠霸道的父亲,怎么蹩脚也帮你做了10年, 新加坡帮你们一家捞足了。每年平均超过380人自杀,这就是功绩。受够啦 !

    要么两位副总理接手,要么,工人党的刘程强或民主党的徐顺全做国家总理候选人。你做得越久,受害者就越多, 国家损失越大,人民性命越短。希望你早日安度晚年。你父亲根本看不起普通新加坡人, 既然这样,就不要再利用新加坡, 如果你们相信新加坡, 就不会把两个儿子都送到美国去,可见, 留下来在有生之年捞足钱财而已。死了以后还有被骂, 作孽。

  6. to LHL

    作坏事的领袖死了以后,当然被骂,然后他的儿子再继承抓人的本性,儿子做不动了, 在他的孙子接手, 继续抓人, 这种恶性循环难道没有截止日期 ?


    在李光耀出生以前,英国人就建好了机场和国会大厦, 新加坡不是李光耀一个人的功劳, 包括全部的前辈, 不过他们死的太早, 什么都没捞到。 全被李光耀霸占了, 这一次Amos没有犯法,犯法的是李显龙。 他必须赔偿导致Roy失业后的一切损失费, 包括工资和身心健康受损,计算从精神损失费每分钟算起, 可以根据李总理的天价薪水比例额和他的报纸发行量做出赔偿 一亿星币。 因为在国际上政治人物欺负小民实为罕见。


  7. StPeter

    No details about the man who assaulted Amos by MSM? If the man had hit the face of Shan’s dog, you can be certain he gets several pages of coverage on national papers of his life from the time he suckled his mother teat teat to how he secretly filmed women with fat butts in short skirts going up an escalator.

  8. Xmen

    Why is the Church still silent on the Amos case? Amos is charged with insulting Christianity and has been imprisoned and assaulted. Does the Church take “vicarious pleasure”, in the words of Ms Bertha Henson, in seeing Amos getting hurt for making the video? The Church MUST take a public stand on criminal charges or violence against Amos in its name. With its silence, it is condoning both actions indirectly, just like Ms Henson.

  9. Truth

    There is no more room for logical and sensible discussions and compromises with the authorities. Things are spiralling downwards, and soon it will hit rock bottom. They are corrupt beyond corruption, lies to cover greater lies, promises that are empty and have no credibility anymore.

  10. Head of state

    Both son n daughter in law too busy counting the wealth left behind by dictator time for anything.maybe digging the backyard for buried treasure.

  11. Temasek Boy.

    This kind of State Terrorism, Barbarism & Judiciary In-dependence will come back to bite them.

  12. Yahoo

    We all know Amos has a righteous streak and acerbic intelligence. We will be observing for any signs of drug induced changes to his personality during his remand.

  13. Pot

    None of his supporters even bother to bail him out. Roy said, he had to go jb. Lol. This is the type of liar Roy is.

  14. R

    Roy is more than a supporter, Amos is a brother that he never had and a son that he would not have had.

  15. Rotten PAPayas

    To PM LHL (PAP IB, pls forward to this message to the Pinky),

    PM Lee, you cannot stand up to sound statistics from a young man in his 20s, when he confronted you in your shady ways.

    Thus now you target a 16 year-old boy, and even get one of your PAP followers to beat him up outside your infamous Kangaroo Courts.

    How low can you stoop? Since your heart and mind are impermeable to reason and beyond the reach of civil justice (you controlled the Kangaroo Courts), the only way for God to speak to you is divine retribution. Your firstborn–an albino. Your murdered first wife–Mdm Ming Yang. Your lymphoma. Your LKY father. Your testicles. Your PAP. The ways YOUR OWN CHILDREN are thinking of you in their own hearts now.

    PAP IB, pls forward to this message to the Pinky who’s cowering behind media, SPF, Kangaroo Courts, and other Stat Boards who have to let LHL cower under their skirts to protect him from time to time

  16. Lester Kok

    Roy, on this day prior to Amos’s verdict, I felt constrained to pass along my two cents’ worth. To say I am disappointed in your tendentious presentation of Amos’s situation would be an understatement. Your disingenuous treatment in advice and support for him is doing him a disservice.

    In your various commentary, you have repeatedly used the words ‘child’ and ‘boy’ to invoke sympathy for his juvenile status. Yet in the same breath, you characterize him as being ‘wise beyond his years’, someone you look up to and lionize.

    Now, you can’t have it both ways. Either he is mature and responsible in his conduct or he is acting puerile. At every turn, instead of calling him out for what it is — foolhardiness and recalcitrance — you pander to his whims and fancies. Don’t you suppose you are adding insult to his injury.

    If you are the caring ‘big-brother’ you wish to be, then give it to him straight about common-sense dos and don’ts rather than just beat around the bush with your feel-good bromides. It behooves you in your new-found brotherly role if that’s what you purport, to at least not contribute to his becoming a bigger enfant gâté by needlessly coddling his faults.

  17. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

    Random Number Generator: 6524896245856684412200685748963201

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