Call on AGC to Abolish the Section 298 and Sedition Act Laws and #FreeAmosYee

Amos Yee AsiaOne

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Chief Legislative Counsel
Legislation Division
Attorney-General’s Chambers
1 Upper Pickering Street
Singapore 058288
Fax: 6908 9000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I note on your website that you welcome “all views on any area of possible law reform“. I also understand that the Attorney-General is responsible for drafting Singapore’s laws.

As such, I am writing in to you to suggest an area of law reform. Recently, Amos Yee, a 16-year-old boy, was charged under Section 298 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

Section 298 states that, “Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, or causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years, or with fine, or with both.”

I understand that it was in 2007 that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) decided to expand section 298 to “cover offences committed via electronic medium”.

It was also said that, “Arising from the case of the racist bloggers who were charged under the Sedition Act, we propose amending the Penal Code to provide another option to the Sedition Act, to charge such offenders in future cases.”

As such, it seems that Section 298 is a duplication of the Sedition Act.

According to Professor Cherian George, “What the Sedition Act contains that Sections 298/298A of the Penal Code does not is a prohibition against actions or expression that have the tendency “to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government”.

Of note, the amendments in 2007 were also targetted at bloggers.

Now, this brings me to my main point.

Amos was charged under Section 298 apparently for a YouTube video that he had created which was said to have “contained remarks against Christianity, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians in general”.

This fulfills the requirements of the law.

However, the law does not seem to have been equally applied.

First, as many Singaporeans have also highlighted, there was a similar incident in 2011 where a certain Jason Neo “had posted a religiously and racially offensive caption to a photograph which he uploaded on his Facebook page,” the Channel NewsAsia had reported.

He had written in the caption of his photo: “Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?”

Mr Neo later issued an apology and was forgotten.

He had said: “I hereby offer those within our Muslim community and anyone else offended my most sincere and unreserved apology.”

It was later discovered that at least three police reports were made against Mr Neo but it has since been 4 years but no action has been taken both by the police and by the AGC.

Mr Neo was also known to be from the Young People’s Action Party (YP) and had volunteered at the Meet-the-People sessions in Sembawang but has since resigned.

I would also like to bring out another case of Member of Parliament (MP) Seng Han Thong.

Mr Seng had said in an interview with Blog TV in 2011: “I notice that the PR mention that some of the staff, because they are Malay, they are Indian, they can’t converse in English good, well enough…”

Mr Seng was roundly criticised for his remark, as Mr Neo was.

However, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam then spoke up for Mr Seng and said, “The mistake… was that he misquoted the MRT officer and said that the officer had referred to Indian and Malay drivers having poor English language skills, when in fact the officer had referred to all three races.”

Mr Shanmugam defended Mr Seng and said that he “is not a racist”.

Later, Mr Seng also apologised and said, “In my interview with, I made a regrettable mistake in my language, which may be misconstrued as me saying that people speak bad English because of their ethnicity. I sincerely apologise to all Singaporeans, who have been offended by this error.

He was also given a chance to explain himself: “The point I was trying to make is that this should not prevent people from trying to communicate, especially in times of emergency.”

Mr Seng is also a People’s Action Party (PAP) politician. He is still a Member of Parliament.

From the examples of Mr Neo and Mr Seng, it is clear that they should have been charged under Section 298 as Amos has been.

However, they were not. In fact, the police has been investigating Mr Neo’s case for 4 years now and there has still been no updates on the investigations.

It is thus perplexing why the police and/or AGC has still not taken action against Mr Neo and Mr Seng but in Amos’s case, he was arrested and charged within 2 days of uploading his YouTube video.

The actions by the police and AGC would thus seem disproportionate and uneven.

First, Amos is only 16 years old. This is as compared to Mr Neo who was 30 years old and Mr Seng who was 61 years old at the time of their incidents. Amos should have been protected under the Children and Young Persons Act. Instead, he was arrested and charged as an adult.

Second, both Mr Neo and Mr Seng were given the opportunities to make an apology and were let off. However, Amos was not. Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which Singapore is a signatory of, instead of “judicial proceedings”, other measures “such as care, guidance and supervision orders; counselling; probation; foster care; education and vocational training programmes and other alternatives to institutional care” should be considered first instead.

However, these alternatives were not taken. The AGC decided to charge Amos immediately.

It is shocking that first, Amos was charged as an adult and second, that the state did not explore other alternatives before taking the harshest step towards a child, no less.

It is also disproportionate that where Mr Neo and Mr Seng, both adults, were allowed to apologise and be let off that Amos was not given the same opportunity but was immediately persecuted, especially since he is also a child.

Such disjointed actions has put doubt among Singaporeans about the double-standards of the Public Prosecutor and the relevance of this particular law.

If Mr Neo and Mr Seng can apologise to allow the matter to be closed, surely Amos could do the same as well. If Mr Neo and Mr Seng need not be criminalised under Section 298 but Amos would be subjected to it, and if the law cannot be evenly applied, then first, the application of the law is problematic if it is not being applied consistently and second, the law is clearly irrelevant if it can be so easily forgone and brushed aside.

As such, Section 298 is clearly irrelevant and redundant and should be abolished. Otherwise, where its application can be so haphazard and ad-hoc, this would create the idea that this particular law was intended for purposes other than the stated intentions.

Perhaps if I may, may I enlighten you with Amos’s own words.

Amos had said: “Now I know that a police report was filed to the Grassroots leader who wanted to chop off my dick and put it my mouth (emmmm..). I’m making the assumption that the person who made the police report was a fan of my Lee Kuan Yew video, and I’m going to predict that like Jason Neo, he will not be charged because being a grassroots leader, he is closely affiliated with the Government.”

“Of course, that’s completely unfair,” he also said.

But Amos also said: “But you see if it were me, I wouldn’t want him to be punished because of his words. Not only do I want to be acquitted from those charges against me, I want those laws to be completely abolished because quite evidently, they are absolutely horrible.

Even though Amos is a child, he exhibits wisdom well beyond his years. He does not want unjust laws to continue to exist. Similarly, we should not allow the unjust application of laws to exist as well.

I note that the AGC’s vision is to be the “Guardian of the Public Interest; Steward of the Rule of Law”.

Also, the AGC says that its mission is of “Serving Singapore’s interests and upholding the rule of law through sound advice, effective representation, fair and independent prosecution and accessible legislation.”

As such, I hope that the AGC will have the professionalism and integrity to reform any area of the law that is seemingly unjust and inconsistent, so as to improve the law and continue to ensure reliability for Singaporeans, as your values also propound.

In addition, since 2002, the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCCs) was set up with the aim to “deepen people’s understanding of the various faiths, beliefs and practices”.

Also, the IRCCs’ mission is to “Build familiarity and strengthen relationships among and between ethnic, religious and community leaders” and to “Promote mutual understanding and appreciation of the different religions, cultures and practices among Singaporeans”.

Moreover, Singapore Management University law lecturer and ex-Norminated Member of Parliament Eugene Tan had said on Thursday, when he shared the findings of the study, “Keeping the Faith: A Study of Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion in ASEAN”: “You can’t legislate tolerance, accommodation, and understanding that is sustainable because people comply for fear of being punished … The soft-law approach is better able to mould behavioural norms and right-size attitudes.”

He also said that, “We certainly need to get away from the view that we shouldn’t talk about religion … but we need that graduated pace.”

As such, both Section 298 and the Sedition Act clearly has no place in Singapore’s social landscape, not least because the latter is archaic but also because they cannot be consistently applied or understood.

And where the government clearly has other forms of recourse, such as by way of apologies and deepening the understanding of individuals, such methods should be rightfully taken for more productive results, as the examples of Mr Neo and Mr Seng have shown. Clearly, if the government can adopt these more effective and less punitive methods with the PAP members, it can do so with non-PAP members as well.

As such, to keep Section 298 and the Sedition Act is weak in its basis and these pieces of legislation should be abolished. It also goes without saying that this charge against Amos should be dropped as well, for the above-mentioned reasons.

Finally, may I also point you to the United Kingdom (UK) which has in 2009 abolished its seditious laws.

Jo Glanville, left, Editor of Index on Censorship, had then said: “We are well rid of these insidious laws. Every month, we receive reports from around the world of governments using sedition and defamation laws to suppress legitimate criticism.  In many cases, just the threat of prosecution is enough to scare journalists and campaigners into silence. I hope that the removal of these laws in the UK will inspire other countries to follow suit.”

Jonathan Heawood, Director of English PEN, had also said: “Time and again, we have found that sedition laws in the UK provide a convenient excuse for regimes around the world to retain their own oppressive laws. Abolition in the UK removes that excuse, and is a great symbolic victory for our shared human right to freedom of expression.”

Indeed, The Library of Congress also explained that, “The sedition laws date back centuries and were originally designed to protect the Crown and government from any potential uprising.” The Sedition Act (and similarly its offshoot Section 298) is thus an intended law designed to protect the government.

On why UK finally decided to abolish its seditious laws, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, Claire Ward, said: “Sedition and seditious and defamatory libel are arcane offences – from a bygone era when freedom of expression wasn’t seen as the right it is today… The existence of these obsolete offences in this country had been used by other countries as justification for the retention of similar laws which have been actively used to suppress political dissent and restrict press freedom…

“Abolishing these offences will allow the UK to take a lead in challenging similar laws in other countries, where they are used to suppress free speech,” she added.

It is thus clear that Section 298 and the Sedition Act has no place in the modern society, especially not in a First World society such as Singapore.

As such, I appeal to the good senses of the AGC to revise the legislation and redraft the law.

Where the Attorney-General is independent in his role as a Public Prosecutor, and is not subject to the control of the Government, this should give greater confidence among Singaporeans that unjust laws will be abolished, and fairness and justice, and the rule of law, will regain their rightful position in Singapore once more.

As Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon had said, “Clean and honest dealing is one of our key competitive advantages and corruption compromises the predictability and openness which Singapore offers and investors have come to expect. This is a hard-won prize achieved through our collective efforts as a society and we must not allow these to be undone.”

I look forward to your favourable consideration of the abolishment of Section 298 and the Sedition Act.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Ngerng


  1. TheStupid

    The state cannot lead the argument because in so doing, it leads the motive behind the law that crucified Amos.
    Old man killed your conscience. Don’t you know how to restore it?

  2. lea xian loon

    PAP People are wondering how the Old Man is burning amidst his billions of CPF hell notes now. Is he waiting eagerly for his Pinky son and daughter-in-law to join him soon?

  3. Rotten PAPayas

    To PM LHL (PAP IB, pls forward to this message to the Pinky),

    PM Lee, you cannot stand up to sound statistics from a young man in his 20s, when he confronted you in your shady ways.

    Thus now you target a 16 year-old boy, and even get one of your PAP followers to beat him up outside your infamous Kangaroo Courts.

    How low can you stoop? Since your heart and mind are impermeable to reason and beyond the reach of civil justice (you controlled the Kangaroo Courts), the only way for God to speak to you is divine retribution. Your firstborn–an albino. Your murdered first wife–Mdm Ming Yang. Your lymphoma. Your LKY father. Your testicles. Your PAP. The ways YOUR OWN CHILDREN are thinking of you in their own hearts now.

    PAP IB, pls forward to this message to the Pinky who’s cowering behind media, SPF, Kangaroo Courts, and other Stat Boards who have to let LHL cower under their skirts to protect him from time to time

  4. David

    As far as the fight between LHL and Amos( this is the crux of the matter), we know who is the bigger man, don’t we?

    • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

      This man Lee Hsien Loong selectively treats the people, he is the gangs leader , look at how he treats Roy and Hanhuihui, Amos Yee, hope Singaporeans wake up, don’t elect him be the gangs leader again.

  5. WhatDoYouThink

    When the Charlie Hebdo tragedy occurred, I was struck by the similarity of the mode of thought between the murderers and their victims. Both held some belief so absolutely that they thought it justified anything. The fact that the terrorists had a completely mistaken interpretation of Islam is beside the point. The point is that they believed in it, believed in it as fervently as the cartoonists believed in their right to freedom of expression.

    Both were equally wrong. I am not arguing that there is a moral equivalency between the terrorists and the cartoonists; clearly, there is none. Nothing justifies murder. But is it right to constantly lampoon a religion? I do not often agree with (former Malaysian Prime Minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but he got it absolutely right when he said that killing is wrong and so is insulting someone else’s religion.

    (Mr Bilahari Kausikan, Ambassador at Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

    Read between the line.

    • rizkhaos

      I beg to differ, insult and lampoon those are weasel words based on emotions.
      The discussion and criticism of religion is a necessity in human progression

      We’re no longer living in the dark ages, we’re living in the age of reason and logic and it is time to scrutinize religion.
      Making excuses like yours puts the lives of secular muslims and muslim apostates like myself at risk.

      Because you’re sheltering the religious zealots and sending them a message that, their religion is immune to criticism.
      Not all discussions and not all debates need to be done formally on stage at a prestigious venue by scholarly individuals.

      And press companies like Charlie Hebdo, help to spark those thought provoking subject, even more so now.

  6. Kenneth

    The Protection from Harassment Act is plainly intended to cover those on the receiving end of threatening, abusive or insulting communications and not random bystanders or onlookers. This is made clear by the phrase “any person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.” It is difficult to see how the eleven complainants could reasonably claim to have been caused harassment, alarm or distress(worshippers can be offended). The only people who could conceivably claim that are Lee Kuan Yew himself or his children(bullseye). The PM, as a public figure, would be expected to have a higher threshold for offence.

  7. Aiyoyo

    Big man shouldn’t step on a boy? You mean taking millions dollars in salaries plus plus plus plus… and your finest education did not teach you that?

      • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

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        but you are not only a old guest here, you are one of so called meritocracy work as LHL office woman’s assistant , you worked here from the first day of this blog, your ” Haha hahahaha!” here everyday , just show how bad PAP’s team , how nasty woman worked inside the LHL’s office.

        you and your leader doing nothing good thing, shame of this team ! even don’t help Singapore teens , don’t blame the people hater, your gangs consistently create large of haters.

  8. to LHL

    Over the past 10 years, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has do nothing, he not happy with the 16 years old child, he used his gangs hands to slap the child’s face. his speech paper is someone wrote for him, he is only in charge to read it for two time a year, besides this , he is special in charge of taking pictures, show off in summit, sightseeing, waving his hands in front of camera lens. spent national money to other hands and buy himself and his wife many of rewards, sent the Teens into jail, sue the jobless for extort millions money, et cetera.

    we would see this Ignorant shameless Prime Minister has a plenty of single woman and ignorant minions worship him every day, because 95% Singapore female no husband . they do not worship God, just worship Lee Hsien Loong, why ?

    because they worship money, multi-billion state money in Lee Hsien Loong ‘s hands . this money originally belong to the country, but after Lee Kuna Yew 50 years time washing, every cents of state’s money now were in Lee’s hands, if you want a good life, you must worship him, please him, but conversely, if you have bone , you may be the fate of live in his jail, or die in the early age . that was the law of Singapore which Lee Kuan Yew set it .

    So today, each of judge, police, PAP members are the Lee family’s running dog.

    Why in an TV interview Singapore media artist, they everybody accused Amos Yee ?
    because their monthly salary were given by the shareholder of Lee couples controlled Temasek. In order to guarantee their jobs, they talk to ghost with nonsense.

    This is an very dangerous country which become into a family owned institutions, such unhealthy situation can no longer continue to extend it.

    in last 10 years , average yearly more than 380 people commit suicide, that’s achievements. That is enough!

    The longer LHL in charge, the more victims, the greater the national loss, the shorter life of the people. LKY simply despise ordinary Singaporeans, LHL’s two sons have been sent to the United States , Lee family stay in power just for extort and sucking the last drop blood from Singaporeans.

      • Hahahahaha to PM's gang

        “… (Lee) has also alienated many because of what is seen as his arrogance and the autonomy he demonstrates in his relationships with other cabinet ministers: characteristics which, seven years after he joined the cabinet under Goh’s sponsorship, he had not curbed. One significant example of this was consistently reported by several respondents.

        In 1990, an incident occurred in a pre-cabinet meeting which was the beginning of entrenching further among the many in the core executive, resistance to Lee Hsien Loong’s long term ambitions for prime ministership. Prior to this meeting Lee Hsien Loong had gone to the office of Richard Hu, the Minister of Finance, and removed a number of files without Hu’s permission. At that time Lee’s office was on the 48th floor of what is now Temasek Tower and Hu’s was on the 50th floor.

        At the pre-cabinet meeting Hu took Lee to task for doing this and was supported by Tony Tan. Lee’s response was aggressive and insulting, he directly insulted Tan and Hu, a man of his father’s age. This was a double insult to Hu, who was Lee’s superior in cabinet and a person of an age who should of itself deserve respect in Chinese society. Suppiah Dhanabalan intervened and chastised Lee for his behaviour, demanding that he apologise to Hu, withdraw his remarks and not interfere in other minister’s portfolios. A heated exchange occurred into which a number of other issues intruded and eventually Lee lost his temper, and reportedly reached across the table and slapped Dhanabalan across the face.

        This caused an uproar in the cabinet and Lee was severely chastised by Goh Chok Tong. Dhanabalan stormed out of the room and did not return for some time. Lee, in response to a demand from Goh, subsequently apologised to Dhanabalan, Hu and Tan. Hu, Dhanabalan and Tan all initially stated that they would leave the cabinet as a result of this incident. Goh later took up the matter with Lee Kuan Yew who reportedly verbally thrashed his son over the matter.

        This was apparently followed by a more sober, educational but equally critical assessment from Lee Hsien Loong’s mother, a talented though background political adviser. Lee Kuan Yew reportedly met later that day with Hu, Tan and Dhanabalan, apologised for his son’s behaviour and requested that they not resign, supported by a similar request from Goh Chok Tong.

        All held out for some time, eventually Hu agreed to stay, but Dhanabalan and Tan both resolved to leave. This they did the following August 1991 elections, all without a public word against Lee Hsien Loong, continuing to subscribe to the tenet of all secrets staying within the PAP family.”

      • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

        if one person said LHL’s gangs team is wrong , may not correct, but if more than thousands of people said the same that LHL is a bad leader , I think, that is not a question of hatred , instead, a symbol for called on the evil must wipe out, that is emergency appeal to save the nation of Singapore.

  9. to Roy and whom may concern it

    Pope Francis does not have a direct mailing address but you can contact the Vatican’s press office at . Alternately you can mail the pope via usual mail at this address:

    His Holiness, Pope Francis PP.

    00120 Via del Pellegrino

    Citta del Vaticano

    in the first , you may address, Dear Holy Father.

    I try to help you & sent just now , persecuting child’s behavior must cause international scope’s concern

  10. to Roy and whom may concern it

    Dear Roy and all,

    if email could not send you can try to see his facebook : PopeFranciscus

    or European Union – EU | Facebook:

    or US Parliament: Facebook :

    or U.S. Senate Democrats | Facebook, USSenateDemocrats

    or National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC)

    or UK Parliament facebook

    or United Nations Human Rights facebook

    or United Nations Foundation facebook

  11. Funny

    SIN people is really quite a funny lot…if you think about it…what the power did is….flash a cheebye….and flash a cross….they are hynotized….diam diam….never wonder why or the real reason behind the FLASHER…HAHAHAHA

    If SIN people don’t wake up,…then pay the price for your stupidity lor….HAHAHAHA

  12. R

    Title should be “AGC is not fair”

    Actually you did not ask for a review of the law. The charge against Amos is correct.
    You said “Amos was charged under Section 298 apparently for a YouTube video that he had created which was said to have “contained remarks against Christianity, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians in general.
    This fulfills the requirements of the law.”

    You are complaining that the AGC is not fair or did not applied the law fairly and independently and the AGC has lost the authority to charge Amos.
    “However, the law does not seem to have been equally applied. If the law cannot be evenly applied, then first, the application of the law is problematic if it is not being applied consistently and second, the law is clearly irrelevant if it can be so easily forgone and brushed aside.

    Also you fear that maybe some misgiving among Singaporeans that there is dishonest dealing — are you saying corruption?

    “Where the Attorney-General is independent in his role as a Public Prosecutor, and is not subject to the control of the Government, this should give greater confidence among Singaporeans that unjust laws will be abolished, and fairness and justice, and the rule of law, will regain their rightful position in Singapore once more.

    As Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon had said, “Clean and honest dealing is one of our key competitive advantages and corruption compromises the predictability and openness which Singapore offers and investors have come to expect. This is a hard-won prize achieved through our collective efforts as a society and we must not allow these to be undone.”

    Are you seriously claiming the AGC is corrupted? I hope not.

    • WhatDoYouThink?

      Corrupt because the reasons given were not the true reasons why Amos was imprisoned? If the people failed to see this, then Singapore deserves to go to hell?

    • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

      ” Are you seriously claiming the AGC is corrupted? ”

      — of course ! as long as the whole Court, police, judge are under the Lee family’s control , they are all corrupt gang team, inclued you — LHL’s office woman !!!! get out of the office ! ! ! ! !

      • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

        jackfruit = Viper = Pot = lonely single woman + LHL’s woman’s assistant, from the same nest, but no mathematics skill, a bit low IQ , so only in charge Hahahahaha haha!

      • R

        You agreed that Roy is saying the whole court, police are corrupted. But what does Roy said?

      • R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

        everybody witness your gangs urged LHL to extort money for the jobless guy, you are the gangs one of finger.

      • to R = Jim = LHL's office woman

        first of all, u gona simi lanjiao?

        Your posts thus far contain nothing but groundless accusations of people who disagree with you being part of LHL’s gang. Seriously? Any1 that disagrees with the author of this blog is straightaway deemed as part of PAP?

        Grammar aside, your posts have so far been full of shit, just like your cartoon superwhores roy and amos.

      • LHL's office secretary is here

        first of shit u gonna simi lanjiao? reward coming don’t shy secretary bitch !

      • R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

        the blog master did not ask so much grammar, you bitch greedy too much. go and open your own Grammar blog, don’t always left shit at your victim’s blog, why PM did not look out your problem comes from your mother’s placenta ?

    • R = Jim = LHL's office woman

      working at PM’s office, concentrated on persecuting Singaporeans, you thought LHL is the king, so you are the king’s someone ? you are nothing because he is not the king, Singapore is not a kingdom !

      without you these gangs, LHL will not so obviously notorious ! Like an rat crossing the street, everyone shouting at him..

      no ability, no integrity, no leader’s moral ,no inclusive, no dialogue, no good heart, no solution, no responsible…..what did he have ? he sued people but don’t turn up in the Court ! Obviously it was his fault, he chosen to extort again ? anyway I heard that woman said to him : Sir,you just go ahead , here we will solve for you…..

      A disgusting PM office relations !

  13. SoFunny

    The priest said for society to decide…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….blame the society…blame stupid Sinkies them millions to say things like that…HAHAHAHA?..Wah like that…anyone can get a PhD in divinity…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …

    • HarmonyMyFoot

      “By society shall decide” when he actually meant….religion shall decide on your fate. If you don’t believe…HELL TO YOU

  14. Fair

    Amos is just one of the 40%. What he said or did is nothing more or less than the 40%. If you are going to throw this boy into prison or beat him up in court, you have to do the same to the other 40% who rebelled against you.

  15. R = Jim = LHL's office woman

    this 63 years old LHL, wisdom and creativity have entered a recession period in life, he is absolutely not suitable to be the PM for next 4 years.

    the second, look at those who work for him, his office used all of female , very active here and used the logo as ” Pot “. ” jackfruit, “, ” R”, ” Jim ” , ” Roy Loser” and so on, look at what they performance in previously here : threats, Intimidate, mischief, harm, gloat, political Ignorance and so on.

    they want to control Singapore ? but heart like Lau Pa Sat hawker, but the hawker will no threats, Intimidate, mischief, harm, gloat.

    from above, we think Singapore don’t need to spend the sky high money to feed PM office woman, spent national money just carry the series of damage task.

    We have no fear to them, we would die but never fear those uniformed criminal ! expose them for lower the pains for those poor Singaporeans , included ourselves .

  16. R = Jim = LHL's office woman

    From our observations, Singapore all ministers may don’t know the Ins and outs.

    that plotted slapping teens Amos Yee and Cut off Han Hui hui’s throat, is the same person of the same team.

    only one person knows. he is Singapore current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ! black hands is under his control ,therefore we call he’s the gang leader !

    who cares Amos Yee video ? everybody knows that LKY is dictator and successful shifted Singaporeans pension into his family’s bonus even Ho Ching lost 68 billions, it’s no lastest news , nothing special.

    but only one person care, he is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong !

    So, when we saw many people accused the teens online, we thought wow …so many people angry the boy —- that was the first reactions .

    But, after observations, we are sure that plotted slapping teens Amos Yee and Cut off Han Hui hui’s throat, schemed the the special need kids into Hong Lim Park protest scene with , is the same person of the same team of start armed .

    yesterday LHL speech again in the first of May, however, this scoundrel person has lied so much that people turn a deaf ear to whatever he says , this PM regarded as contemptible.

    we urgently called on LHL step down !

    PAP ‘s vice Prime Minister can take over the leadership , or any of others, as long as Lee sinister gangs get out !

  17. R = Jim = LHL's office woman

    Singapore people fighting with Singapore people ?

    No ! without the leader, they don’t fight for no rice !

    Thus, Amos’s case, Roy’s case, Han Huihui and 5 other’s case,

    Is well planned, well premeditated, well organized persecution.

    the persecution leader is LHL, the member include LHL office and Grassroots leaders !

    The 49-year-old thugs,is the murderer they bought !

    at moment the gangs did not acknowledge their sin, soon, after a democracy Singapore , they may pay the price later .

    voting is a way for achieve a new life for those poor Singaporeans !

    go back to tell your school teacher, your parents , your neighbors, your friends, every possible channel , vote for opposition party !

      • R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

        if Singapore no gangs, who extort money from Roy ? he has never done any sins !

        is you and LHL ! you made the sin, then cut and tailor into the few pieces to load up at Roy’s body . that is gangs symptom.

        this April , who hired thugs to slap the teens ? we recognized you.

        you LHL’s Secretary involved. spent time come here and try to convince everybody that Roy has sin ?

        clearly , this young man is the first one who enquiry about CPF, if you and LHL no selfish motive, you may not worry the people’s voice .

        but you gangs give this jobless guy suffering too much. we watched but hurt out eyes !

        hurt our hearts !

        ” The same few looney tunes characters are hallucinating. Dream on on……”—- that is you !

        look at your marks here, completely not matched an uprightly elite dream for all Singaporeans , you only work for LHL, but your salary is not from LHL’ wallet.

        it is from millions people who work like Roy’s parents , such ordinary Singaporeans in last 50 years , broad-minded, very generous or forgiving, tolerated. they made you, they made LKY and LHL,

        you and LHL turn oppress the people who make two generations contributed to the country — Singapore .

        You and LHL must apology !

  18. YoYo

    You have to address the issue on why many Sinkies still think or feel Amos did wrong. Someone stuffed a dead rat into Amos mouth and call whatever obscene, when it was not.

    Too many hen pecked leaders.

    • WhatAJoke

      Singaporeans are easily fooled. Why do you suppose so many, educated idiots, packed the halls on Sunday?

  19. Adders

    The difference between CSJ and KJ? CSJ is not speaking like it is and for Amos. KJ, you decide, though better.

    If you are still looking up to politicians, good luck to you.

  20. a

    Honestly roy.. If you treat amos as a friend ask him to apologize to this whole facade and the whole issue might be over before anyone knows it by constantly pursuing this case there is no end to it they can simply drag the case till he is 18? (Cant remember how singapore classifies this stuff) and prosecute him as an adult apologize face the punushment and move on

    By writing to all this international bodies doesnt help in anything just look at the recent international events most internatuonal bodies will usually just hold some press event to “condemm” what has happened but could they actually do anything about it? No cause they do not dictate how a country is governed there are internation standards on how a country is governed but it is only a guideline and governments are free to alter it however they want to “suit” their country’s situation.

    On amos’ actions i stand neutral i do not support any sides everyone did something wrong you should know this as well yes the government crushes down on these comments on how they run the country but you should know the country itself is shifting people are starting to stand up to the views of government and as much as we have the freedom of speech least we forget there are still rules behind that go to the amercias and insult a public servant(police offer for an example) you could be right out pinned on the ground and thrown into lock up till you get bail and continue to court it is no different in any country we are free to speak but mind your language and how you speak other countries may be open to critism on their government while some are not so open about it instead of talking about it why not move into action about it?

    Like what many have said talking about an issue doesnt help anything about the situation late mr. Lee might have been a japanese supporter in the occupation i dont know i dun read about our own history cause it doesnt spark my interest but why dont you think about it? Everyone thinks the same way you live to fight another day there are tons of example of people who assist the occupying nation all the helping their own citizens to survive

    This has dragged a little longer then i expected but roy if you or any amos support are reading this you can flame all you like but if you really support his cause even though he did not “do anything wrong” ask him to apologize and face punishment and it might come lighter on him its simple to the judge he might have commit a serious fault but willingness to own up to your wrong doings will simply five you moral high ground when they try to slam down on you again and its best before things kept getting dug out speaking about your ideals and such is not wrong but choose the right stage talk openly about communist in any democratic country or about your racial idealism will only invite trouble

    Ps. Live to fight another day that is the most important fact of live if you go down fighting you might never achieve anything and you might end up losing everything

    • SingaporeEducatedIdiot

      Hello..what is there to apologize? For being fucked because the kid spoke plainly and with facts?

  21. GreatThinking

    “Ps. Live to fight another day that is the most important fact of live if you go down fighting you might never achieve anything and you might end up losing everything”

    In other words, don’t fight for the truth. Go to your prayer closet and pray for miracle. When an Amos comes along, ignore the miracle and pray some more

  22. R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

    I don’t think Amos ‘s filthy picture about LKY and Margaret Thatcher can be allowed to publish.

    but that reasons from many of history papers shows that LKY he and TV media propaganda its completely different, they are two persons. but the same name.

    someone have seen the history books, suddenly chest full of hatred.
    someone have not read the history books, Think he is God.

    child and adult difference are , adult leading , child follow. if adult leader arrest a child, slap a child, jail a child ,

    he has convinced the thousands of Singapore children that the describe LKY in history book is true, but on TV is a lie.

      • R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

        you LHL office gangs are the mentally ill and hunger for power , in the end why you gangs detained a child ?
        just for the child speech a truth ? but you gangs wrote the truth,teens read the truth .that is:

        1. LKY snatched Tang Liang Hong’s everything just for Tang question the states finance subject ? you see just an question the LKY will destroy a person , you think that is good , but we think you are the gangs

        2.LKY detained Dr. Chee Soon Juan, just because Chee Soon Juan asked a finance question as well, as long as who question Lee family, all were destroyed, why your TV did not show this part of record ? because LHL sent his ex- secretary to be the CED of Singapore medias, this ex- secretary got the second sky high pay according , that was the law

        3. LHL sued Roy for asking money of 0.25 millions , because Roy has question on CPF.

        you see, as long as an question, will receive disaster, that is a law in Singapore !

    • UStupidOrwat

      Child follow? Who taught you? You jump twenty floors and go die…child follow? Anyhow use children backside and funk fuk

      • R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

        well, between you – the LHL’s ofiice woman and us – the eyewitness of everything here
        who will jump twenty floors and go die ? no use of your threats and intimidation, only shows you LHL’s secretary are totally incompatible with the people of Singapore.

        LHL used such female secretary no political ideals, no economic knowledge’s gangs work for him, only benefit for him, but not for the nations.

        the surprising that LHL sued Roy last year, without this event, we have no chance to know LHL. therefore, LHL’s office got the maximum credit .

  23. Jeezuz

    Dirtbags are calling it dirt. You dirty, see dirt, our problem is it? You got eat medication or not?

    • LawyrCok

      They can’t differentiate between human decency and vulgarity that’s why they got the job.

  24. R is Jim, also is LHL's office secretary

    Let’s recall from last year:

    1. LHL ‘s office female gangs has nothing to do, she reported to LHL : Dear PM, I admired you so much, so I want to flatter you, today I found someone insult you . LHL said where ? she said : here.

    2. LHL did not know how to do in the beginning , because he never work at the post, he only in charge of taking the huge wage , taking photos or waving hands in front of TV.

    but that gangs think : ” i have nothing to do now, if i did a big thing, LHL will
    prompted me to CEO, CEO means millionaire, so easy .”

    So, she continue : ” Dear LHL, you taking care your healthy, let four of us in charge to trampled to death the ant ”

    3. since then we have seen that four of them here everyday , started a spirit bombing to Roy by turns. they forced Roy do apology, not enough, they phoned to Roy’s boss and fire him , not enough, they used their media to smear Roy, still no enough, they want money , Roy lost job,only 5000 cash willing to compromise.

    4. they still said No, No compromise. They want LHL said in the public ” we are harmonious and compromise.” , but under the public, they don’t want harmonious and compromise. that was why they fighting here from the first day till today, they have to pay the responsibility for the four of them launch this national prosecuting contest., it has brought LHL therefore led to himself infamous.

    5. last June, they rejected the public will, they insisted to send Roe to the Court. every elderly Singaporeans know, what is the means of Singapore Court if the Plaintiff is Lee family, it means a life destroy, it means family destroy, it means Empty property or finance or rice , it means bankrupt and live worse than death . These gangs familiar this law,

    6. on 19 Sept 2014, the first hearing, LHL didn’t care, he filed the lawsuit but choice this critical time went to China and Hong Kong , only his office gangs continually offer to the media files papers, they thought kill a ant very easy .

    7. But the judge did not satisfy them within one month time. so they plot the Hong Lim Park farce, they arranged PAP minister in the Sunday time ( actually, Sunday is off day ), they hired a group of special Needs Kids into the protest scene, they directed the farce, they carried the TV camera coming and tailor the sin for Roy and 5 others who demanded CPF return.

    8. next, LHL brought them to Turkey istanbul for sightseeing as return of appreciated for celebrating killing ant action successful

    9. but they underestimated the intelligence of the people.


    now Sunday we are going out, will report more later

  25. 李光耀临终前两个心愿






      出生华人家庭的李光耀看不起自己的种族, 他为自己无法变种而无奈, 他关闭南洋大学, 只有这样他才能凸显而出, 如果他的国家不是新加坡,而是美国或英国, 不管是前任总统或者是现任首相,起码欺骗国民养老金的人, 统统在独立司法的执行下坐牢受罚。

      李光耀没有被受罚,主要是人才都被他掐死啦。 新加坡没有独立的司法,法律人, 媒体人,政治家统统被收买啦。新加坡总统由李光耀夫人的侄儿陈庆炎担任,新加坡的大法官由李光耀夫人的侄儿任命,李氏家族直接掌控大法官的荣华富贵。


      当前一个网络被媒体管理局一只手关闭, 这个人就是把李光耀葬礼办得风风光光的媒体CEO, 他是李显龙的前任秘书, 去年11月正当李显龙控告小民诽谤案需要媒体帮忙抹黑被告的时候, 李派他的私人秘书去做年薪百万位子的媒体管理局总裁。 等于给这个人送钱贿赂。 李显龙未经国会批准拿国家的钱送人情,为自己在各关键行业设立内线 , 不是第一次。


      建议,国人集合向当今政坛的老大哥吴作栋资政情愿,向他提出敦促要李显龙下台的迫切性, 这关系到PAP生死存亡的命运 。

  26. So Sad

    The Real Singapore has been ordered to shut down by the pappies. So sad! The more they try to oppress, the more the truth will be exposed!

  27. ThinkTruck

    The state has no case against Amos, except what has been fabricated(false accusations) by morons?

    Amos is not under remand. He has been kidnapped against his will or rights! What to you think?

  28. ThinkTruck

    Kid-nap —verb (used with object), kid·napped or kid·naped, kid·nap·ping or kid·nap·ing.

    1. to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud, especially for use as a hostage or to extract ransom.

    Why you like that to a kid?

    • Sukasukabeatuppeople

      It is the leaders who are practicing lawlessness to maintain law? What do you think?

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  32. R

    Roy must be so sad, cannot get salary of $3000 from TRS any more. Try harder to get people to speak for you huh.

  33. R

    Fund raising from fellow Singaporean who believe in his alleged or TRS $3000 monthly paid out which was disclosed by his lawyer M Ravi

  34. R

    “Singaporeans Time to fight back. Why are you waiting Say no to PAP.
    Why, if not my salary of $3000 is fast disappearing. Please fight… fight ….” Roy thinking aloud

  35. Lester Kok

    Roy, previously on the eve of Amos’s verdict, I posted on your site a cautionary note to you to shed your blinkers, that this kid is trouble, not one you should be putting on a pedestal. How opportune and appropriate that message was, now that the kid has laid bare his character for all to see.

    Whilst I take a dim view of the court’s verdict (posted below is my letter to Judge Kaur), I am even more critical of Amos’s supporters who choose to remain blind to his wild and troubling personality. No doubt there won’t be a crazed Seung-hui Cho afoot in Singapore due to the tight security measures here, however, there is no telling to what extent Amos’s raging teenage hormones would take him. He is beyond help from any outside friends now. Only time would sort out his narcissistic-antisocial-borderline personality disorder.

    The very last thing he needs is any more such naive post found on his site that reads, for example: “…I am impressed with your command of the English Language, … please forgive me for not being able to write even half as well. … I am a Christian, … but I hope you won’t be offended if I pray for you.” (See below my response to this one poster, titled, ‘To be or not to be a troll’.)

    Here’s a kid who could not even ply a simple preposition correctly in his article — The Molestation OF Vincent Law which was what he wrote as opposed to what was intended in that message of The Molestation BY Vincent Law. His level of English proficiency is sufficient for chatty, social blogs but it is far from any literary grade or purpose. He did make mention in that article, his adoration for indie film makers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez. But what he willfully omits to acknowledge is that his idols had all gone to college/university in some form to bone up on their craft before they were ready for show time. But at 16 or 17, Amos’s inflated ego is already too big for his britches. The insufferable attitude of this kid, coupled with the notoriety he has now created for himself, bodes very badly for his future. I wish him luck but rate him only a 50-50 chance at succeeding in life.

    Now back to the reason for this post. I welcome your censorious write-ups on the government. If you had learned anything though, it has to be about the avoidance of personalization of criticism — purge your commentary of all personal innuendos and insinuations. Incidentally, it’s high time local political oppositions here grow up and act maturely and learn the art of politicking within the rules of the game instead of needlessly running afoul of the law at every turn.


    A open letter to Judge Jasvender Kaur following her Amos Yee verdict:

    Setting a precedent for ‘Hebdo-ization’ in Singapore?

    In January 2015, the French satirical, lampooner magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was set upon by religious fanatics, furious over the ‘Hebdo-ization’ of their sacrosanct Prophet.

    In May 2015, a District Judge here found Amos Yee guilty of disseminating obscenity on the internet. Accordingly, his one obscene commission has the effect to ‘deprave and corrupt’ internet viewers; that was attributed to a single cartoony illustration Yee uploaded, depicting both the late SM Lee and Margaret Thatcher in a ludicrous, compromising position. Any reasonable member in the community would have to wonder, in good conscience, if Yee’s obscenity conviction was really about obscenity as charged or about the ‘Hebdo-ization of the late SM Lee. From beyond looking on, SM Lee would doubtless be mortified to be accorded such sacrosanctity on a par with some holy religious figure.

    Are we here heading down the slippery slope towards criminalization of even innocuous cheeky caricature? I surely hope not.

    Hard cases make bad law. To begin with, Yee’s charges were neither fish nor fowl. To be sure, he was guilty of running his mouth off with vile expletives, shenanigans of which should have been duly dealt with in family-juvenile court. Unfortunately, in this instance, the AG office overreacted and overcharged Yee. It ended up putting the court in a state of cognitive dissonance over the fitness of sentence for the crimes Yee purportedly committed.

    A coda: I chose to omit details of Yee’s second guilty criminal finding which relates to upsetting religious communal tranquility. I did that for the simple reason that any hired appellate gun wise to the facts would be chomping at the bit for action — the stuff of ready-made reversal one only dreams of.

    To be or not to be a Troll

    I finally completed reading your long and rambling article about the make-believe molestation — not that such article stemming from a narcissistic-antisocial-borderline sociopath merits my attention. Nonetheless, I did set aside some time finish reading it rather hoping to identify within any creative writing genius or any precocious mastery of the language, only to be disappointed for there was none.

    The above piece was chock-full of solecisms, as in malaprop, misspelling, tense misapplication and syntax infelicity. I figure you would require at a minimum 5 to 6 years of further ameliorative effort in prose practice in order to reach a decent level of literary maturity, that is only if you keep at it.

    Let me here just cite 3 examples of how badly you’ve mangled the language to your own detriment:
    1) You recounted: ‘… a little morning walk catalyzed the idea of issuing a spectacular troll to the mass media, I felt like I needed that extra spice that would be able to disrupt all the reporters in their work, and have them flooding to Pasir Panjang.’
    First, the term troll which is a relatively recent internet coinage in the above context, needs be defined. As a noun, it refers to a person who puts out deliberately provocative post(s), intent on inciting its readers to emotional responses. Thus as a verb, it means to send someone such posting(s) in anticipation of some excited response. This is where you fouled up big time in catachresis, i.e., using the wrong word to describe what you had in mind. You are sadly confused over the nature of these 2 simple Anglo-Saxon words, ‘troll’ and ‘lie’. When a ‘trolling’ remark crosses the line of being provocative into the province of slanderous lie, he (or it) is no longer a troll — he becomes a bald-faced liar. In peddling intentional falsehood for public consumption, you assumed you had outsmarted everyone, when in fact you’ll soon be laughing out of the other side of your mouth as sentencing day approaches. He who laughs last, laughs best — the media and the public will have the last laugh on you.
    2) In titling it, ‘The Molestation Of Vincent Law’, that makes Vincent the victim not the perpetrator, which is obviously contrary to what you have in mind. Not to put too fine a point on it, your oversight to distinguish the difference in use between two basic prepositions, ‘of’ and ‘by’, is indicative of your writing/reading inadequacy writ large. As for Vincent’s well-intentioned trouble on account of his faith to save another fellow being from perdition, it was just as well it didn’t come too late to twig he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon. But he is now just as glad to see the back of you as you are of him; there’s no love lost between the two of you.

    3) Last not least, you described the situation between Vincent and your mom in the following way: ‘So right now Vincent is hogging my mother, demanding that I issue a public apology to him and his family, otherwise he would get a lawyer to sue me.’ Without getting overly explicit here descending to your level of alacrity for obscenity, I would counsel a quick search on the Net for the import of the term ‘hogging’ and its sexual signification. No sane kid in his filial piety would write about his mother in such language: ‘Mr. Whatshisname is hogging my mother….’. Either you are so totally worldly-unwise, or are just feigning ignorance to be irreverent even to your own mother. Then again, you are only 16 or is it 17?

  36. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

    Random Number Generator: 6524896245856684412200685748963201

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