This is How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans

Do you know that the PAP-run government spends the least on healthcare, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries and also one of the lowest in the world?

However, because of that, Singaporeans are made to pay the most out of our own pockets to pay for healthcare, after Switzerland.

At the same time, the PAP makes Singaporeans take our CPF to pay for healthcare but when they introduced Medisave in 1984, they actually reduced health subsidies from 50% to 30% and made us pay more from Medisave.

Today, the Medisave has earned more than $70 billion from Singaporeans but we are only able to use less than 1.5% from it every year.

Also, while the PAP takes our Medisave and CPF to earn, we then save lesser in the CPF and are not able to retire.

In addition, Singapore has annual surpluses of more than $20 to $30 billion every year, which is more than enough to give all Singaporeans free healthcare. However, the PAP is unwilling to do so, and more than 2,400 Singaporeans had to pay more than $10,000 in 2011 just for their healthcare bills.

Where Singaporeans already earn the lowest wages among the highest income countries and where the PAP makes Singaporeans pay the most out from our own pockets to pay for healthcare, yet take even more from our CPF to earn, how are Singaporeans expected to stay afloat?

This is also the reason why there are today more and more stories about how Singaporeans have to choose to die because they cannot afford to seek medical treatment.

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1 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure

Chart: World Health Organisation World Health StatisticsGlobal Health Observatory Data Repository

Do you know that the PAP-run government spends the least on education, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries and also one of the lowest in the world?

And because of that, Singaporeans have to pay one of the highest university tuition fees (for citizens) in the world, if not the highest, and possibly also pay the highest childcare fees in the world.

Yet, where many developed countries and countries with a similar level of wealth provide free education for its citizens, Singaporeans are still expected to pay the most out of own pocket for education.

This is even so that Singaporeans already earn the lowest wages among the highest income countries.

Not only that, the PAP would spend $400 million every year to pay foreign students to study in Singapore but it would make Singaporeans pay more than $400 million just to study in the local universities.

First, the PAP would not spend its available budget on Singaporeans and where the government earns $20 to $30 billion in surplus every year, there is more than enough to provide for free education for all Singaporeans at all levels.

However, the PAP is unwilling to do so, and not only that, expects Singaporeans graduates to earn one of the lowest wages among the developed countries.

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2 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ University Fees

Chart: OECD Education at a Glance 2014

Do you know that the PAP-run government spends the least on social protection, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries?

In fact, Singapore is still one of very few countries in the world where there is no income protection or unemployment benefits for Singaporeans, so that when a Singaporean loses his or her job, he or she is left to fend for him or herself and have to continue to pay for the most expensive healthcare and education in the world.

And because the government does not cover adequately for these, if a Singaporean is found without a job or earns low wages, they would not be able to buy additional insurance for protection and are left unprotected in the most expensive country in the world.

On top of that, because Singaporeans also earn the lowest wages among the highest income country, the lowest social protection expenditure by the government also leaves the livelihood of Singaporeans at threat.

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3 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Social Protection

Chart: International Labour Organization World Social Protection Report 2014/15

Do you know that Singaporeans have to pay for the most expensive public housing and one of the most expensive private housing in the world?

However, Singaporeans still earn the lowest wages among the highest income countries, which means that many Singaporeans are also left in heavy debt. In fact, Singapore has the second highest debt in Asia.

Also, since the 1980s, the PAP-run government included land costs into HDB flats and since then, they have kept increasing the cost of land.

Today, Singaporeans have to pay 60% of the flat prices into land costs, even though the land does not belong to us, since the government has bought it cheaply from Singaporeans since the 1960s.

Moreover, not only do Singaporeans have to pay for housing mortgage, they also have to pay for the accrued interest, which thus means that Singaporeans are actually double paying on the interest on their HDB flats and become saddled in even heavier debt.

And because Singaporeans are made to use their CPF to pay for the HDB flats, many Singaporeans are unable to retire today because they simply cannot save enough inside their CPF to do so.

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4 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Housing

Chart: Global Property Guide World’s most expensive cities

Do you know that the PAP-run government gives the lowest interests rates to Singaporeans on our CPF in the world?

And do you know that because of this, Singaporeans also have one of the least adequate pension funds in the world?

However, the PAP takes Singaporeans’ CPF to invest in the GIC and Temasek Holdings but where they earn between an estimated 6% to 16% annually, the PAP only gives back 2.5% to 4% back to our CPF.

In effect, the PAP is earning at least half of the earnings from Singaporeans’ CPF.

However, even though Singaporeans have one of the least adequate pension funds in the world, the PAP takes Singaporeans’ CPF to allow the GIC and Temasek Holdings to become the top 11 richest sovereign wealth funds in the world.

On top of that, because the PAP has depressed the wages of Singaporeans for the past 10 to 20 years and because CPF interest rates have not grown, this has also led to the real value of our CPF going down.

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5 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Pension Returns

Chart: Sweden, Switzerland, India, AustraliaMalaysia, Hong Kong

Do you know that the PAP-run government spends the least on public pension, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries?

In fact, Singapore does not even have a public pension program.

However, the PAP has depressed the wages of Singaporeans and reduced the CPF interest rates to 2.5% and because of this, has caused Singaporeans to have one of the least adequate pension funds in the world.

Yet, the PAP would still not introduce a pension fund to supplement the retirement needs of Singaporeans.

On top of that, the government has $20 to $30 billion in surplus every year which is more than enough to provide for a decent public pension program for elderly Singaporeans.

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6 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Pension

Chart: International Labour Organization World Social Protection Report 2014/15

Do you know that the PAP-run government makes Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world?

This is on top of Singaporeans having to also earn the lowest wages among the high-income countries.

This is no wonder Singaporeans have poor work-life balance and have been ranked as one of the least unhappy people in the world.

Moreover, because of the long working hours and low wages, and because the PAP also spends the least on healthcare, education, retirement and social protection for Singaporeans, this has also resulted in Singapore having the lowest fertility rate in the world, also because Singapore is now the most expensive country in the world and the PAP has made it too expensive to raise a child in Singapore.

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7 How the PAP is Not Taking Care of Singaporeans @ Working Hours

But where Singapore is a developed country and one of the richest countries in the world, should this be how the government should treat its citizens?




    • PAPer Tiger

      If he shamelessly still don’t step down, he would have to be lowered down to get his famiLEE’s arse out

  1. neutral

    Roy is sounding like a broken record. Repeating the same issues again n again to the same audience

  2. Ka

    RN, it’s very hard to convince Singaporean to not vote the current ruling party (made up of Pest Aliens Prostitutes white clothes demi-gods self praises & insanely bananas monkeys jokers clowns). So as u can see most of Singaporean r kiasi, kiasu, kiabo & kiachenghu, majority r also not united ( in front they say vote for opposition but they r the ones who voted the miws at the ballot boxes). Can foresee that the next GE the miws will still win by again another 60% if not better ( due to LKY syndrome & new citizens)..nevertheless still not give up ( remember Nelson Mandela syndrome, the great man that beats LKY hand down – only 5 years in his rule he wons many countries Statesmen respect & also a Nobel peace prize).

  3. CrossRoad

    Their fall is because they became lawless – abuse of laws. Not only the leaders(good and bad) cannot be trusted, the people too.

  4. Pilfi

    Do you know that Roy is the biggest liar around ? He makes up stories to created hatred for the government because he is sued to become a bankrupt soon, and he just wants to get back. Lol. He just had to go jb and so couldn’t bail Amos out. Lol. And he apologised for what he was sued subsequently, yet he said he never slander. He is the biggest clown in Singapore’s history. No wonder not even a single opposition wants to acknowledge him. lol.

    • jackfruit

      Agreed ! And he must be happy that amos get into trouble with the law so that he can say again there is no free of speech. Remember Roy, nothing is free, freedom of speech comes with RESPONSIBILITY.

      Roy, why dont you go get a job and be a responsible man – responsible to yourself, your family and your country. Don’t be a parasite and live off others, even though there are people/organisations overseas who are willing to fund you.

      • R is LHL's office secretary

        of course, you must Agree!
        that is your rice !
        without Singapore current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong extort money from Roy,
        where is your elite’s salary come from ?

    • R is LHL's office secretary

      who wants Roy bankrupt ?
      is bank ? or loan sharks ?
      No !
      is Singapore current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong .


      The extra unaccounted 40k SGD that was donated to him to fight in the courts used for this kind of thing. U look at him, kena fired alr dont want to find another job, now got zero contribution to CPF, still want to talk about it. He and his group of “come and sue me” fucktard supporters are examples of people who blame the government for every single thing that fucks up in their lives.

      No wonder he and amos like buddy buddy that kind. One sit at home wank and make youtube video, the other one fabticate statistics to stir up hatred towards the govt. Frankly speaking, if he believes he can do a better job than the govt, then get the fuck out and get a real job first.

      And to his supporters, i wont be suprised if they come and claim that im the PAP IB, PM’s bitch secretary and such. In fact, do that, i’ll be more than happy to see and prove that the quality of roy’s supporters belong to those who have IQ levels that do not exceed my shoe size of 10.5

      • GIC报道

        雖然这次假装用蹩脚的英文,我们还是认得出你. 專門欺壓百姓, 壞事做絕的人 !

        ” PAP IB, PM’s bitch secretary ?” ————————–if you want to flatter PM’s women. you talk to her face to face, why come here ! Although this time you pretend in broken English, we still recognize you,
        you are old logo is ” Slayer” & The Oracle ” !

        working for lawsuit case, special in charge of bully children and young people.

      • jeffery

        Im sure u wish the 40k in your pocket ba… but nowaday 40k cant even buy a car… such high standards of living. What n how will u spend 40k?

      • AntiPAPAmericanJew101

        Those two, along with Lesile Chew are the brave Singaporeans. They don’t let themselves be screwed over by the PAP. If more Singaporeans were like those 3, the PAP would be out, and Singapore would be better off.

  5. You asked for it

    It’s getting really tiresome to see all these. This latest post is nothing but a rehash of old published material and Roy just has to keep churning this out because he’s desperate for new publicity which just isn’t forthcoming. For someone like Roy with no real talents publicity and news is the only thing he can hope for and live off.

    Your time is coming to an end Roy. Even if it’s unfair, nah you won’t be fielded in the next GE. And you had it coming for yourself even if it’s unfair. You had the chance to recant and wait for another chance to surface but your silly pride just made you aggravate the situation by emailing international media after you took down the posts. What good has it done you? Can media reinstate you? End of the day you can’t run for anything and even if it’s not fair you made it all happen for yourself. Are you even starting to feel sorry for yourself now when all you can do is blog and that’s it while watching others enter parliament?

    End of the day you’re just a puppet. A puppet of Roy. A puppet for yourself.

    Even hhh who is a thousand times worse than you and inferior to you can be fielded in the GE. You just crawl back to your blog and retag old hashtags lah.

    • @ You asked for it

      u talk nonsense, back to inform your dad, he extorted Roy’s money must returned to Roy !
      he is really shameless man.

    • jeffery

      Inferior u still read his blog? Then if according to your theory of inferiority n your supreme ways of being an elitewannabe, aint u even worse than a dog cos u read an inferior blog (according to yur inferiority theory) ma

  6. Xmen


    “GURU SAY!

    OF COURSE! What you think, me and my family of 7 will attend the count hearing on the 7 and 8 May 2015. Everyone of us will be holding a big yellow CHIQUITA BANANA in support of Amos Yee! Come on Singaporeans let’s stand up for Amos!”


    就像吃榴莲一样,没有人说臭, 有人说甜。对一个公众人物,要允许说出自己的品味。
    Like durian, some says smelly, some says sweet,
    as a public figure, you must allow people speak their taste !

    • R

      Interesting comment – is this the work of a good friend .brother.father?

      • THE SIXTEN

        每天利用上班时间跑到被你被告院子里大便, 把这个总理女秘书打出去 !
        when LHL’s office secretary is here, Please do not hesitate to slap her get out !

      • THE SIXTEN

        is this the work of a good friend .brother.father? - 这里的主人博主被你起诉,被你量身定做罪名长达 一直排队到今年7月,没见过这么不要脸的办公室女秘书每天跑进来放狗屁 !早就警告你, 对付你娘胎里的毛病, 我们是谁 ? 是黑帮 !怎么啦 !不要说没有预告你,有一天你的一只腿断不是天意 !

      • R is LHL's office secretary

        your gangs slapped the teens , another gang would retaliate you ! ! !
        The best solution is Gang against gang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Anus” is truly a fitting nickname for amos yee considering the kind of shit like roy that hangs out with him.

    • GIC报道

      I think, you are truly a fitting nickname for Slayer considering the kind of shit like ” The Oracle” that hangs out with them .

    • jeffery

      Wow… yur mother teach u to go internet to call a 18 year old defenseless boy in jail ‘anus’? Says alot bout yur runt upbringing. Take care mate

  9. R

    Look like Roy waste his money escaping to JB over the AY’sbond. He found out he can’t bail even he wants to.

  10. GIC报道






    国家这么穷,连养老金都拿不出,却到世界各地到处收购,到底是收购还是得瑟, 还是得侵略 ? 国际没有人注意这个动向吗 ?
    过去50年到英国买下地铁公司,买下银行,到纽西兰买商场,买网络, 他们有回报给国民吗 ?赚的钱去了哪里 !

    • GIC报道

      巴西是和俄羅斯,英國, 加拿大等排名最好的免費醫療國家.

      大部分费用来自国家财政的巴西是世界上对国民全部免费医疗最好的国家之一, GIC是收购他们的国家财政 ? 还是贴补他们的免费医疗制度? 还是GIC要转移国家财产, 大筆支出為什麼沒有經過國會 ?

      • GIC报道

        把國家的錢用GIC的手,轉去在國外, 李顯龍幫他幾個兒子做寄生蟲, 都不用他親自開口,由哈巴狗提議 安排他們的兒子在國外的醫院或公司做總裁。並寫入國家憲法, 不准新加坡人過問。誰要提問,Roy 和 Amos 就是下場 !不但沒有工作做,把你們吃午餐的錢都敲詐光光, 而且關入牢房, 。

        這種變相貪污, 一直受到新加坡公務員的隆重歡喜 , 並且排隊應徵做李家僕人隊伍長達8個小時喔。

        小人國裡面有乾坤啊 !

  11. GIC报道

    Temasek丟掉68億,為什麼不換總裁 ?
    拿 68億這麼大數目 到世界各地輸光, 根本不把國會這一關放在眼裡 !
    強烈呼籲李總理下台 ! 死賴著不下台,拿幾個理由出來 !

    • GIC报道

      第一個理由: 繼續做吸血鬼
      第三個理由:掐死Roy, Hanhuihui 等人的喉舌行動,才進行到一半,還沒有大功告成。
      第四個理由:國家變成李家。公務員的子孫後代統統是李家的僕人, 永遠不變。

  12. PoorKid

    SINGAPORE — The High Court has refused to vary the bail conditions of blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, after he refused the prosecution’s offer to relax certain conditions if he goes for psychiatric counselling.

    The court heard that Amos had agreed to see a psychiatrist to prove to the public that he did not have any mental illness, but refused to continue after two sessions at IMH because he felt they were a waste of time.

    Haha haha. .. expected. If you disagree, they get their experts to screw your mind . How low nd wicked can they be? Ha haha

    • pappigs

      After two sessions, he realized his backside very uncomfortable is it? lol
      Seriously, i think he is intelligently to be open to the experience and walk out, and HOPE to talk about it. Unless of course they are successful with the reprogramming or mind fukking lol

    • GIC报道

      一个小孩 Amos 雖身臨牢獄,拒絕被割喉被勒索的交換條件,他挑戰了50多年來李光耀獨裁的腐敗黑幫制度, 揭開了一直把法庭當成黑幫會所的法官賣身契,他使得 法官大人恐慌不已 , 两腿发软, 膽顫心驚, 前面摆着法律的诠释,上面顶着国家的宪法,在法律天平在上玩金钱交易的法庭黑手将逃不過早死的厄運。

      Amos 生得偉大 ! 活得光荣 !Amos 万岁 !

      他是100年来新加坡人民自己当家做主,新加坡重生的重大宝贵遺產 !

    • GIC报道

      the following views, only for non – LHL gangs reading or discussion, if LHL female officer coming and shit again, instant reward a ” Tit for tat “, OK :

      a 16 years old boy, Amos he refused to be cut-throat, he challenged the 50 years of LKY corrupt dictatorship .

      we see a child Amos Yee sent back to prison, but we would also see that judge panicking endless, his legs felt weak, sat in front of the interpretation of the law, above the Constitution, he against the state constitution ? playing the law by blackhand , they will not escape the misfortune of premature death .

      long long ago, when face the LKY gang’s order, The judge have sold their conscience and humanity as an the conditions of exchange they family survival already.

      that is Singapore law . the shit , the inhuman Courts become LKY gangs clubhouse. the judge got contract to Illegal abducting children, the court promote someone to buy the child’s freedom , that is law.

      too much poison ! Who did it ? – LKY
      who benefit it — LHL and sons daughters ?

      he left very huge dangerous poisons to feed the current and future Singaporeans !

    • ArmyLogic

      If I want to see to it that he fails the the psychiatric tests, i will have to frustrate him and made him mad. I will put him through ridiculous tests and questioning, finds his weak spots and keep pushing the button till he literally fail the test of shows evidences of an “unstable” personality.

      I think even LKY will fail the test, what do you think?

      • GIC报道

        they are implementing the torture of fascism to a smart child.
        but the child rather die than surrender,
        Comparison of prime minister, he is more like a man !

      • GIC报道

        Strongman syndrome is of a sick mind, such as LKY, LHL, and Lee’s gangs ,
        But not a child.

        I agreed with Amos’s views, his view , like a political earthquake , shaking the dictator’s foundation, the adult gangs were fear of a boy actually, seems they life soon finished because of a boy !

        小孩的诚实, 宁死不屈掀起了政坛大地震, 动摇了独裁者的根基,几个大人害怕得要死啊 !害怕一个小孩点燃推翻独裁运动的火炬吗 ?

        于是全部的大人们慌了手脚,除了动用祖传秘方 ---- 对孩子实行法西斯蒂一样的精神折磨, 就是开后要钱。

        很贊同Amos的见解. 政治领袖有错必须受到批判或更新, 否则国家无法进步。

      • GIC报道

        真理, 孩子讲的是一个真理 !
        他不怕独裁, 这句话果然得到了应验。这个孩子有爱国的骨气 !

        比较法官,检察官, 全部卖身给了独裁, 卖心卖肺换取金钱与地位, 哪里是男人,他们虽然活着,还不如死去 !他们是金钱面前的矮子,是真理面前的乞丐 !无耻之徒 !

        absolute truth, the child says a truth !

        He is not afraid of dictatorship, his words really been fulfilled. The children have patriotic backbone !

        Comparing of judges, prosecutors, all sold themselves to serve the dictatorship, they sold in exchange for money and status, though those men were alive, but not as good as dead !

        they are dwarf before the money seduce
        they are beggar before the dictator.
        they are Shameless!

        they are the World most ugly shameless people ;
        the most dishonorable PM’s team ;
        the most blackguard country .

  13. Retreat with Malaysian PM

    I thought they are having a ‘tit for tat’ causeway price war between the two, resulting in a suddenly surge of 200% increase in causeway tolls. How come they are now still in the mood to build a new causeway bridge, and railway projects etc, forgetting about the plight of the people?

  14. GIC报道

    According today’s news reports, Singapore GIC is going to buy the one of Brazil’s largest hospital , St. Louis Hospital Group .GIC will occupy possible up to 14% stake. The deal to acquire a total estimated at 1.3 billion SGD.

    1) Singapore is a so poor country, not even taking care of the elderly , no welfare for single mother, no free medicine right for the nationals, but just keen on buying everywhere around the world .

    in the end is the acquisition ? or aggression ? or transfer the states finance out of Singapore ? is anybody noticed this trend ?

    2) Over the past 20 years, GIC and Temasek had purchased British Train , bought their bank, bought the bank, bought New Zealand the large’s shopping mall , bought buy the World wide network, etc,.

    did they return a dime to the Singaporeans ?
    where is the profit going to ?

    3) Brazil and Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada are ranked the number one of best countries , free medical care for their own nationals

    In Brazil most of the medical costs from the state budget & CDP.

    Did GIC want to buy Brazil medical costs, or subsidize their free health care system? or GIC want to transfer state property ?

    the large billions expenditure purchasing why without parliament debates ?

    4) took the state’s money by GIC hands, transfer to a foreigner country, possible turn in overseas for LHL’s sons or nephew to get a job of CEO , or the president of the hospital, do the parasites , such as LKY’s daughter .

    And write them in the constitution, Singaporeans are not allowed to intervene. Who want to question ? , Roy and Amos is the example !

    they Not only lost job, even their lunch money have been extorted , in the end arrest them . that was law.

    This new style of corruption , has been fully obtained supporting by Singapore civil servants.

    5) Temasek lost 6.8 billion, why not change CEO ?

    Carry 6.8 billion such a large number amount travel around the world for gambling ,

    where is the parliament regulatory duties ?

    A strong appeal to Prime Minister Lee to step down!

    or LHL you want to be a dead lion ?

    6) what’s LHL’s rightly reason want to be a dead lion in next PM again ?

    The first : to continue to be a bloodsucker ?

    The second: wait for your sons grew up in next four years to take over ?

    The third : your strangled Roy, Hanhuihui , Amos ‘s persecution still not finished ?
    The fourth : make sure all civil servants and their next generations are your family ‘s slave , never change.

    So ?

    Singapore all civil servants, if you vote PAP, your child, your son will be with Amos and Roy the same misfortune

      • @ R

        Watch out PM’s secretary is playing passerby here again , then someone certified her , so sad here no money only bullets.

      • GIC报道

        otherwise, you go back and persuade Prime Minister Lee buy you a life insurance?
        Someone just got the hunting license. special for you secretary bitch !

        我們剛考過野外捕獵證書, 也獲得擁有槍支許可證,不會要你的命, 除非你向國民敲詐要錢。最好請你回去要 LHL給你女祕書買一份人壽保險 !

  15. 李光耀统治手段三合一。 两面间谍--日军情报员, and 英国情报员

    两面间谍: 李光耀当时在陆军报道部收集情报,当然知道东条英机辞职的消息,也必定预感到日本即将战败。1944年底,他向报道部请假到马来亚去几天。这次旅途表面看起来是去探访老同学,实际可能还有别的事,不便说出来。研究这段历史的学者相信李光耀把日本陆军的情报交给英国人,换取英国人的信任,实际是当两面间谍,所以随后英国人不但不追究他帮助日本陆军收集情报,还保送他到英国读书,并扶持他登上政坛,做英国的代理人。

    请看原文, 新加坡文献馆

    • GIC报道

      very rare records ! thank you very much for let us viewing more news.
      我们为新加坡人民的团结与聪明才智感到无比骄傲 !

  16. PRCs who spat at Man.

    Why is the police not arresting the two PRCs who verbally abused and spat at a condo manager recently? They even labelled the police as ‘dogs’, yet there is still no arrest of the two china women. Does it mean that it is legal to go around verbally abusing and spitting at other people?

    • GIC报道

      Good Question !
      快去问李总理 ! 为什么进口PRC !
      竟然进口了3百万, 岂不是消灭了本土2百万吗 ?

      电视台,乒乓球台,大学讲台,全部被PRC占领啦 !

      快去问李总理 ! 哪個政黨搞的鬼 ? 用意何在 ?
      谁进口,谁下台 !赶快下台 !

  17. Omen

    “He pleaded not guilty to both charges against him, namely attacking Christianity and transmitting an obscene image online.”

    Step back and take a look at what’s happening. The case against Amos(name of an OT prophet) is down to two charges. One against Christianity and the other against an obscene IMAGE(Show me the money. Whose image and inscription are on it?” They said, “Caesar’s.)

    And the judgment is on? The beast?

    • HoHoHo

      And they have one of the most obscene court case still on going against….Christianity!HoHoHo

    • GIC报道

      小孩有錯,但輪不到李總理的黑幫打他, 再把他關入監獄。 畢竟小孩沒有罪 , 即使黑幫定罪他,也應該在特別在未成年時期的保護法律下立刻赦免 !

      不用多說啦, 練好槍法, !寧可錯殺一萬, 絕不放過這批混帳王八蛋 !
      肯尼迪在500米以外被擊斃,打死他們幾個人沒有什麼問題 !

  18. Papbestest

    Lawyers, judges doctors,Generals,businessmen,academics,MPs,civil servants, etc etc etc…who became rich or made a lot of money should thank our founding father :). He is the best businessman

  19. GIC报道

    你出來開會 ,我們在會場外面等你,擊斃你 !
    你出來領獎, 我們站在檯對面,槍殺你 !
    你不要出來 ! 趕快回去買最貴的那份保險 !

  20. GIC报道

    回去傳話欺壓百姓,敲詐勒索的黑幫辦公室 !
    如果我們擊不中你一條命, 至少讓你缺一隻腿, 少一隻眼 !

  21. 李光耀的“光耀”史:曾为日本法西斯服务

    人民行动党政权除了李光耀为日本法西斯服务外,前总统纳丹也和日本皇军同流合污,有关资料附上一篇 “Sleeping With The Enemy”。

    《李光耀回忆录•第8章 战後谱恋曲》中第102页,“清一色的英军登陆,开进市区,我这才比较放心”,显示了李光耀既忠心耿耿地为日本法西斯工作,也忠顺地欢迎英国殖民地占领军重新占领新加坡!这是李光耀狡黠两面派性格的具体表现!很快李光耀就获得英国殖民地政府的特殊待遇,安排李光耀登上一艘前往英国的运兵船到伦敦去读书。英国殖民地大臣审时度势的统治手法高明,善於物色和培植接替殖民地统治的精英来保障英国人的利益,李光耀成为英国殖民当局的最佳人选!
    李光耀为昭南岛政府服务了三年零八个月,认同了法西斯统治的权力!李光耀通过左派取得权力後,露出了法西斯的真面目,运用权力无须法庭的判决,无限期拘押了数百名不同政见的政治犯,彻底消灭了不同政见的反对派!奉行以英语文为官方语文,推行新加坡式的英文教育,彻底消灭了民族教育!民族文化也随之式微!全世界包括中国都有示威游行,唯独新加坡不能示威游行,虽然李显龙政府在芳林公园设立了 “Speaker Conner”,然而年青人韩慧慧和鄞义林在 “Speaker Conner” 的“还我公积金”的集会上讲了话,却被李显龙政府告上法庭!这就李光耀法西斯家族政权的真面目!
    人民行动党政权除了李光耀为日本法西斯服务外,前总统纳丹也和日本皇军同流合污,有关资料附上一篇 “Sleeping With The Enemy”。


  22. sixfab

    I question the accuracy of your statistics. For example, you claimed that Singaporeans paid US$18251 (S$24389) per Sq m for public housings. A 4-rm HDB BTO flat (appr 90 sq meters) cost $230,000 in non-mature estates. This works out to be only S$2444 per square meter. So public housings actually only cost 1/10th of what you claimed to cost. Where did you quote the set of statistics from?

  23. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

    Random Number Generator: 6524896245856684412200685748963201

  24. Pingback: Govt will Protect S’poreans from Violence? Prove it. | My Right to Love by Roy Ngerng

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