This was How Amos’s Trial in Court Went Today


Hello everyone, this was what happened in court for the second day of Amos’s trial today.

I got to the State Court at about 1pm today even though Amos’s trial was supposed to start at 2.30pm. But by then, there was already about 20 people in the queue.

By the time Amos’s trial was to start, there were already about 80 people in the queue. According to someone who has gone to several trials previously, he has never seen so many people come to attend a hearing before.

Many Singaporeans are concerned about Amos’s situation.

The trial started late again. It only started at about 3pm. (Yesterday, it started after 1 hour 30 minutes.)


When Amos walked into the courtroom, he was once again bounded in chains and shackles. He still wore a shirt with the words, “Prisoner”, on his back. Amos walked with a limp and was dragging his feet. According to his mom when Amos spoke to her yesterday, the chains were very heavy and were very painful as the chains were eating into his legs.


Amos’s lawyers started their defence first. Ervin Tan was the first to defend Amos. He explained that on the charge of Section 292 of obscenity, a person cannot be charged on a mere assertion.

Obscenity can only be ruled when a person who is likely to see an image might be depraved or corrupted. In other words, a person who sees an image should want to engage in a sexual act or that it must lead to sexual fantasies and cause a person to be “tempted” to have sex.

Mind you, this charge is in relation to the image of the drawing which featured Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher.

So, erm. Well, you get the picture.

Ervin did not say this, but it is clear that what could be said is that the picture clearly does not encourage anyone to want to have sex, and cannot thus be viewed as obscene and Amos should therefore be acquitted of the charge.

Ervin also argued that when it comes to the Internet, a person would have to take certain steps to want to search for something. So in order to be able to view the image, they would have to do a search of “Amos Yee”, for example. Just because an image is online does not mean that it can be viewed by anyone, Ervin defended by saying. Ervin also explained that it is this group of people who would take such steps who are likely to be able to view the image and who would know what they are searching for and what to expect.

Ervin thus argued that it is unlikely that people who viewed the image would find it “obscene”.

On the contrary he explained that it could be possible that a youth who viewed the image might become political and learn to critique political leaders. Ervin stopped short of going further. The suggestion is that Amos is being persecuted for the picture not so much because it is “obscene” but because it contained an image of Lee Kuan Yew.

Ervin also explained that if someone did not like the pictures, they could use other tools, such as defamation and the protection against harrassment act if they wanted to take action. However, he pointed out that the two people in the image are deceased, which also explained why the AGC had stood down the charge against Amos under the Protection against Harassment Act, in relation to Lee Kuan Yew, he added.

By still charging Amos under Section 292 for obscenity, this is an abuse of the law and extending the use of the law, Ervin posits. He explained that if parliament finds that there is a new mischief of offending the dead, then it is up to parliament to pass a new law.


Amos’s second lawyer, Chong Jia Hao, was the next to defend Amos on the charge of Section 298 which is about the “deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians in general”.

Jia Hao defended Amos by saying that there is no evidence that Amos’s words have wounded the feelings of Christians. He argued that Amos’s main purpose is to critique Lee Kuan Yew and even then, those are just his opinions.

Jia Hao also explained that if Amos’s comment on Christianity is a crime, then many thousands of people and books on the shelves would all have also committed crimes.

Jia Hao also explained that Amos’s critique about Lee Kuan Yew is really aimed at Lee Kuan Yew’s followers. Amos’s critique, Jia Hao explained, is that the followers should follow “sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality,” where otherwise they would be “completely delusional and ignorant”, which Amos had said.

Jia Hao added that religion teaches tolerance.

He pointed out that there have been many Christians who have also said that their feelings have not been hurt. One example is Amos’s bailer, Vincent Law, had said that he is Christian but is not hurt. Also, there has been a petition going around and which has been signed by nearly 4,000 people, many Christians, who have asked for Amos to be released.

Jia Hao also revealed that there have been 32 police reports made against Amos but none of them have taken to the stand as witnesses.

In fact, only one police report has been made available and even then, this report makes mention of the “founding father”. He also spoke of another report by Grace Tan which only made mention of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher.

What evidence does the AGC have that these people were wounded by what Amos said, Jia Hao asked. The AGC does not have evidence that Christians were hurt. There were no witnesses. There were no police reports.

Jia Hao also said that the court must consider the impact of the freedom of speech which is protected by the Singapore constitution and cannot just look at the interests of an overly-sensitive group of people. (He should be referring to the supporters of Lee Kuan Yew?) He added that if Amos is found guilty, it is a curtailing of Amos’s right and that of a significant proportion of Singaporeans.

Jia Hao then said that it is clear that Amos made the video because he wants to state his views on Lee Kuan Yew. He said that Amos had realised that Lee Kuan Yew is a “horrible” person after reading up and decided to make the video as it would opened up critical channels for discussion. It would also encourage people to make fun of their political leaders and result in positive change, Amos had hoped.

Amos’s intentions of making his video is thus noble because he wants progress for Singaporeans and to encourage discussion on Lee Kuan Yew, Jia Hao explained.

“Even the title is directed at Lee Kuan Yew: “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!”, Jia Hao said.

“If he wants to hurt Christians, he would have titled the video, “Jesus Is Finally Dead!”, Jia Hao explained.

Amos’s aim is to really challenge the reputation that Lee Kuan Yew generally enjoys, Jia Hao added. “It is patently clear that the centre of the critique is around Lee Kuan Yew,” Jia Hao concluded.

Moreover, he pointed out that the AGC only took issue with 10 sentences in the video, which lasted a much longer 8 minutes and thus in view of the title and the content of the video, there is clearly no intention to hurt Christians. It is really about Lee Kuan Yew.

Finally, Jia Hao also said that people can choose to ignore the video if they don’t like it, but they had chosen to watch it.


The highlight of the trial was when Amos’s third lawyer, Alfred Dodwell, who has been on the forefront on his case, spoke.

Alfred wanted to submit an evidence but the AGC did not allow him to do so.

Alfred that this evidence is “critical”.

However, AGC rebutted and said that the evidence should not be submitted as it can be taken out of context (as if the AGC has been taking everything in their context – NOT!).

Finally, after a back and forth with the AGC, the judge finally allowed Alfred to submit the evidence.

The audience roared in response and clapped at the judge’s decision.

Alfred then read out the evidence. It was a recorded statement from Amos where he had stated that he had no intentions of wounding the religious feelings of Christians and his intention was to really critique Lee Kuan Yew.

Amos should thus be acquitted.

This piece of evidence is indeed crucial. Alfred explained that it would “vindicate” Amos.

Now, why did the AGC not allow this evidence to be submitted? Why did the AGC want to block it?

When it came to the AGC’s turn to put out their case, I was actually expecting a proper argument. But it was very poor, and I am being objective here.

AGC insisted that Amos’s intention of the image is to corrupt minds (meaning, to make them want to have sex). To remind you, this is the image of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher.

AGC also said that one day, 200 years from now, the image might not be “obscene” but for now, it is obscene for the person on the MRT train or coffee shop.

To be honest, I could not follow AGC’s arguments. AGC just kept harping on one point – that Amos has the intentions to hurt Christians, and then they kept trying to rehash their arguments just to justify their point.

AGC then said that Section 298 is meant to protect the social fabric of Singapore, and then once again repeated that Amos has the intentions to hurt Christians.

In summary, AGC made a very weak case. The guy just kept saying that Amos has the intentions. Actually, I don’t have to tell you that the arguments are weak. None of the media controlled by the PAP fully reported about the case, because there is very little material that they can report on from the AGC side and they wouldn’t want to report on the arguments brought up by Amos (because the media is controlled by the PAP), which you can see is quite substantial and well thought out.

Finally, the AGC concluded with the most out-of-the-world statement ever. This one takes the cake.

He said: “You know it is obscene when you see it.”

And with that, AGC concluded their case. I just rolled back and laughed. You call this a conclusion?

Honestly, if the court were to rule against Amos, I would be disappointed. Amos’s lawyers made a very strong case and the AGC simply didn’t make good.

At one point, Amos left the court and returned. And when he walked back in, in chains, his supporters outside court see him and started cheered and clapping for him. The door was open and Amos could see them. They then chanted, “Famous Amos”.

Amos looked surprised but I thought there was a look of relief on his face. I don’t think it’s a good experience for a child to be remanded in prison. It has been 14 days that he has been inside, in total now.

I hope this ends quickly. Today when we saw Amos, he looks a lot more tired. He looked paler. Amos still tried to smile at us when he saw us but you could see that he is exhausted.

Amos is only a 16-year-old boy. He is being unfairly persecuted by the PAP. And he has to be let go. There is no reason why Amos should be charged as he has not done anything wrong.

I told The Straits Times something along these lines: “Amos did not do anything wrong. Amos is being unfairly persecuted by the state because the laws are unfair. And if the laws are unfair, it is the state which should review the laws and not continue to use the unfair laws to persecute him (and Singaporeans).” But they did not want to report on this comment.

In the end, it is clear and sundry to all Singaporeans and to the world that Amos’s persecution is political and he should not have been charged at all for what he did, not least because there have been many PAP members and supporters who have done and said worse things than he has but nothing has happened to them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. All I wish for is that Amos will be freed and all the charges dropped against him, and that we can start a new beginning for Singapore. This was what Amos wanted and this is what we need for Singapore.

All the best to Amos. Please pray for him.

The judge will pass her judgement on Amos on next Tuesday.


  1. Singaporeans

    In Singapore we have to maintain religious and racial harmony. We can’t imagine if this is let go, there will be another Amos who will insult, make a fun and disrespect other religions freely. We don’t want to see any joker can freely insult Moslem, Buddhist, Hindus, etc. and say this is acceptable since nothing happen to previous case.

    • Not Offended Catholic

      What did he say that insulted Christianity? I’m a catholic & I didn’t find his video offensive in anyway towards my faith & religion. The only GOD he offended just returned to the maker not long ago. Was that the religion you’re talking about?

      • Not Offended Catholic

        What did he say that would jeopardise racial harmony? The only group he offended was the cult who’s leader adios amigos not too long ago. Do they belong to an unknown race in SG?

      • these hypocrites

        Of course, you’re not offended. Amos is not your son. If your son scolds God in public before your congregation, please just smile and don’t feel apologetic. Swear this oath on your bible to the God who loves you.

        You should treat your son in the same way you can’t be bothered about Amos.

      • these hypocrites

        To you, Amos can behave as he likes according to his own warped values and sense of self-entitlement. You’re not bothered how he rots since he’s someone else’s son. But how about your son? Hypocrites.

        You speak according to your agenda, not to the daily values that God aspires you to uphold.

      • Justice4All

        I am a Catholic and I am not offended by what Amos said. I am offended by the people who are prosecuting a 16 year old child of God.

      • jackfruit

        It doesn’t matter if you are offended or not. The FACT is he broke the law and should be punished.

        Or are u saying before a judge decides on the verdict on similar cases in the future, he will have to ask if anyone is offended ?

      • objective and balanced

        Mr Catholic, naturally you mean to say that no Christians at all among millions are offended. But you don’t speak for the rest. You can’t ascertain all of them are not offended too.

        Even if you’re not offended, you will agree that Amos has acted wrongly in the video with full intentions to incite anger. What’s worse, he shows no remorse and will likely commit the same wrongs repeatedly and to different targets other than Christians.

        Amos is wrong, The only plausible plead for Amos is his unsound state of mind. However, he denies this as well.

      • Pot

        If what he said is not insulting a religion, ask Roy to say the same thing about Islam. Look at what happened in France and Middle East. Your head gets chopped off.

    • PAPer Tiger

      LKY made strong remarks against the Muslims publicly. Was he charged for sedition? Where did AGC come in then?


        Well they can sue him if they wanted to. But those comments were not seditious. They were factual. Amos is obviously trying to antagonize people to attract views. LKY made those comments with the intention to promote racial harmony. Amos is trying to destroy it for his benefit. For this alone, he must go to jail.

    • PAPer Tiger

      Seng Han Tongs made a public remark on national TV, that Malays and Indians have poor English. Was he charged for sedition?

    • Hardeep Saini

      Hi Singaporean,
      Who are you to decided whether the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and etc. may feel offended.
      You should not take it upon yourself to fight for Singaporeans of other religions.
      If they are offended, I am sure they will let it be known.

    • wordknights

      Our entire family of Christians are not offended at all because clearly from the video what is very clear is that Christians are not the teenagers’ main thorn in the flesh. Singapore claims to be “first world” country but is showing up worst than third-world nations because of intolerance, immaturity of some ultra-sensitive narrow minded, unkind and hardened hearts of a small albeit politically influential persons wasting prison and courts valuable time and public energy persecuting a young 16 year old for expressing his personal views online.

      • Prey

        But your churches or christianity is beholden to their masters. Denoucing injustice or crimes on the surface while providing ammonition for the firing squat is like kissing the feet of jesus and slapping his face with a hatchet at the same time.

  2. Temasek Boy.

    Free Juvenile Amos. The charges are flawed and has no justification. He should be allowed home under parents supervision or electronic tag his ankle to stay indoor after 9pm. Why remand in prison n lock up? This is unprecedented, unlawful, unconstitutional, inhumane and violation of children/human rights and international law. U don’t hurt a fly with sledgehammer, drone or F16 right? Absurd, Rediculous, Bizarre and Int’l Farce:(

  3. Free Amos:(

    Free Juvenile Amos. The charges are flawed and has no justification. He should be allowed home under parents supervision or electronic tag his ankle to stay indoor after 9pm. Why remand in prison n lock up? This is unprecedented, unlawful, unconstitutional, inhumane and violation of children/human rights and international law. U don’t hurt a fly with sledgehammer, drone or F16 right? Absurd, Rediculous, Bizarre and Int’l Farce:(

    • jackfruit

      According to the singapore law, “juvenile” means a male or female person who is 7 years of age or above and below the age of 16 years; amos is beyond the age of a juvenile.

  4. 等不及啦 !

    看不下去 !! !


    留下一個給兒童都要戴手銬的屠殺場 ,
    在屠殺場裡,法官,檢察官,報館記者,總理辦公室野獸團隊, 乾脆赤膊上陣不要臉 !
    幾個政治家大人殺一個孩子, 大顯身手啊 !

    他們一邊花完國家庫存,舉辦什麼區運會, 給自己找樂子,
    一邊盡量拖延時間,輪折磨流虐待兒童, 執政團隊PAP, 如冷血殭屍,喪盡天良 !

    看到這血淋淋的一幕, 你們誰敢說這位 玩世不恭,做戲騙人, 打擊報復的李顯龍公子哥兒還有資格當選 ?

    非要死一個人, 這個人不是孩子,不是年輕人, 是萬惡的,罪惡的,吃人的,和薩達姆希特勒同排名的 , 長達50年之久的殺人不眨眼制度的受益者 !

    李光耀的女兒長相哪裡是人臉 ! 李光耀的女兒孫女嫁不出去,報應何止這一點點 ! 老天爺快點給他們多一點啦 ! 趕快送他全家去死光光 !

    • vince

      你是白痴吧。国有国法,家有家规。连这也不懂的人,还谈什么政治。连人民捐助他打官司的钱,都可以拿去旅行。新加坡靠Roy的话,肯定完蛋。Roy, 别再利用和欺负小孩子。

      • @vince

        把國法變刑法,要現代觀眾也心狠的收看, 你活在中世紀 ?
        有時, 寧願選擇認識你是無知,也避免看穿你的心狠手辣 !

        16歲, 人生的價值觀還沒有形成之前, 你們就證明給他看,你們一定要證明你們心狠手辣,誰阻擋得了 ?

        到底是李總理壞蛋,還是背後靠他吃飯的黑手壞蛋呢 ?

  5. Sibeilaokwee

    It is very embarrassing to be a singaporean. Next time travel, must fake an accent. Haw cheew duhing?

  6. 屠杀场大揭秘 !

    這是一條世界上最完美的, 即殺了人, 又收到大国颁奖的屠杀场流水线 :

    1。 首先由办公室向法庭或检察官提名“被杀对象”
    2。 再由法庭接手做漂白屠杀的痕迹,法官要放很多添加剂, 把“被杀者”涂黑。 让外界以为“被告”该杀 ! 而且咬牙切齿非杀不可 !
    3。 第三步, 在钱财方面大大地敲诈一把,让“ 被杀者” 活不如狗,死不如猫, 从此生不如死啊 。
    4。 最后,团队鼓掌欢迎,全家上台领奖 !

    當他建好了屠殺場的操作流水線,以為一個屠殺場就可以擺平一切 ? 拿出事实来 !

    除了在小小的新加坡建立了一座把一個個健康之軀折磨的死去活來的屠殺場, 李光耀還建了什麼 ?

    1。 工會保障工友制度 --- 沒有 !
    2。 工會為工友打官司 --- 沒有 !
    3。 國民的最低生活費 --- 沒有 !
    4。 老人的老年養老金 --- 沒有 !
    5。 單親媽媽的補貼金 --- 沒有 !
    6。 小學生讀書的午餐費 --- 沒有 !
    7。 中學生讀書的課本費 --- 沒有 !
    8。 大學生讀書的住宿費 --- 沒有 !
    9。 失業國人的補助金 --- 沒有 !
    10。 做工的國人的渡假費 --- 沒有 !

    这些第一世界最基本的东西, 他妈的王八蛋什麼都沒有 !
    不曾養育過一個新加坡兒童,要他們服貼你,你有資格嗎 ?

    幾個政府人把國家財富拿走了,分配了, 再回來向世界做報告說 平均每個人都得到了US$55,182.00 ?

    大騙子嘛 ! 如果他们每个都拿到了5万美元, 李显龙不至于不敢去看贫民窟,Amos 爸爸就不会打孩子 ! 新加坡老人也不會穿得這麼破破爛爛 ! speak corner 和屠殺場早就关闭啦!

    • vince

      你肯定是个无知的可怜虫。平均收入是什么意思你也不知道。还是跟在 Roy 的屁股吃剩菜吧!

      • @vince

        誇大其詞要有度, 比如在2-3%範圍內, 如果超過30%的人口沒有被平均到, 涉嫌吹牛,應該修改為61%的國民年均收入5萬美元。

        至於誰是 『是个无知的可怜虫』, 只要在執政裡面拿政治錢,吃政治飯,都不是可怜虫, 而是寄生蟲。

        『还是跟在 Roy 的屁股吃剩菜吧!』-- 那麼你又在跟著誰的後面 吃人呢 ?

        只允許你們吃人,不允許人家吃剩飯,天底下有這麼霸道的嗎 !

        折磨小孩,把孩子拎出來示眾,知法犯法,殺一儆百, 打擊報復心這麼重的人, 還有資格做總理嗎 ?

        在這裡對話, 比以誹謗罪藉口勒索錢財來得正大光明 ! 有話拿出來問 !

      • @vince

        ” Hahaha.. 度假费?!?! Hahahahahhahahhaha! ! ” ————– of course, it is one part of the first World class country’s welfare agenda.

        你沒聽說過, 不等於沒有 !

  7. 强烈声讨

    我们强烈声讨,义愤填膺 !这批不要脸的, 没有任何宗教信仰的法官,检察官,警察部长, 司法部长,你们配做大人吗 !衣冠禽兽的你们, 没有一个心疼这个儿童,问孩子的手铐痛不痛, 如此折磨一个孩子,狼心狗肺 !这批人统统值得受到天谴, 被执行死刑 !

    所谓20個人报案,50年来演习 統統是黑幫自己人 ! 又不是刑事罪, 对一个不懂事的孩子下毒手, 证明了PAP谎称宽容和谐的两面派嘴脸与罪大恶极 ! 如果李家继续当道, 未来将有更多个新加坡孩子将受到如此皮肉之痛 !

    呼吁全体新加坡人民投反对党, 打死都不要 PAP!
    现在不把 PAP赶下台,再过几年你们都老了,国家才产被转移完蛋了 !拿不会来啦 !

    世世代代做没有尊严的, 低人一等, 有意思吗 ? 他们过去害人,现在害人,永远害人,江山易改, 秉性难移 !

    • vince

      My vote goes to PAP who has done so much good for Singaporean. Roy, please stay away from Amos. You have led him to this stage just to do good for yourselve. Get the donated money for your Europe tour. Roy, Why your parents or relative don’t bail you and that you must ask for bailors and donation? Why you support TRS that published fake incidents just to earn your 3k monthly from them.
      Now, have some mercy on Amos and his parents. Stop using him as a tool. Stay away from him. Thanks.

      • jackfruit

        Vincent, I think roy is not a bad person. He has been led astray and made use of by people with political agenda.

        It seems to me roy is a good natured young man with a bright future, if he takes complete control of his life. But if he continue to let others egg him on and fan his hatred to do stupid things, then he will live his life miserably.

      • @vince

        politician received politician money, should not turn back to bully his citizens, you bully Ray , equal bully the 30% populations !

  8. ymca cry wolf

    Remember YMCA gate? How to believe a serial liar? Everyone has seen your duplicity. You twist others’ words. You bend interpretations to your agenda. You put up a self-deluded unapologetic front, claiming victim. All these are clear to outsiders. Even close allies like Ariffin and Ravi see through your fake facade.

    You’ve crying wolf too many times, Roy.

    • Not Offended Catholic

      You can call Roy whatever you want. The topic here is on Amos Yee. Stop flip flopping like your masters you pariah!

      • roy is a serial liar

        How can a anyone trust Roy’s account of the trial? Roy is just lying again to create an illusion. This is just like how he claimed victory for “democracy” when what he destroyed is only the performance of special needs children.

      • zack

        The question is y did he challange pm to sue him n scold him a mother fxxxer..y he want to involved other parent when they have pass away… Which pm won’t take action????

      • Aiyoyo

        lky is the father…who is the mother?…hmm….and then comes his offsprings…

      • jackfruit

        Zack, obviously amos’ video was carefully designed to insult lky, put in a small section to insult Christianity so that he can be sued. And when he gets sued, they will claim the govt is abusing its power to sue people . Ever since some phd got out of bankruptcy and eligible for election, u see hhh, roy and now amos coming out of the blue to stir shit and challenging the govt to sue them. It might be a coincidence, but that is a fact, not subject to interpretation.

    • to PM's older secretary - " ymca cry wolf "

      The plaintiff Prime Minister Lee ‘s younger secretary is responsible of issuing intimidation to the defendant Roy ,
      his older secretary is responsible to inquiry defendant’s agenda.

      normal people thinking about eat well get dressed . only the PM Office secretary think about ” agenda” , such as want to be a CEO or a minister , or ranking second grade astronomical salary , etc.

      so they first urged PM sued Roy . they want to be the Influential people, but they are not the kind of materie.

      they made people felt this PM is very stingy man, only desire for revenge. that is very horrible leadership attitude.

      1. about you mentioned YMCA’s disable kids into the speak corner event , that are well planned and well premeditated by you office. As a political science graduate student, you should be more than others have an politically conscious, but you did not.

      2. how come there are long time you did not bring these kids to speak corner again ? obviously , your agenda just using kids to persecute the common Singaporeans . actually, you secretaries are guilty, You constantly playing tricks, Lead to secession.

      from Amos case can prove this , so called have love to Singapore kids, but so far , you did nothing finger help for Amos – this special needs kids, therefore, LHL claimed Singapore is safe, he is a big liar ! you lead our eyes to see he stand the stage to lie.

      3. about Ariffin and Ravi , not only this two, they are many victims of your politicians game,
      they are lack of money, but can not solve them for a long term problem if the party leader still your two secretaries with a man . you have no politician’s vision, only making trouble. suggest you resign, better for LHL if he want to be win .

      4. LKY’s secretary never work on the front line to fire with the citizens desperately, just except you ! it’s too much you offside.
      hope other PAP ministers read it, terminate your services, this good for PAP.

      once again, don’t think you are superior, nobody are the superior, so you do not have right to give Roy’s lessons .

      5. A smart secretary , should be humble treat the citizens, not arrogant. but both of you didn’t.
      if PM is good leader, he respond to Roy and Amos by civil way, his or yours ” wolf ” will disappear.

      Originally, we should charge tuition fees from you ! ! ! we give you so much free knowledge, and you obtain so sky high wage, you have wasted national money. hope no more next time !

      Good night !
      an eyewitness

    • vince

      Agreed! Roy, how was your Europe tour? Is the donated money enough? Need to raise somemore for your next tour? Especially your $3k monthly income from TRS has stopped. Why do you support TRS that post fake issues? Why do you bully the special needs children? Please learn from people like Chiam, Low, and the WP. Too bad your sifu is CSJ, that is why you duplicate what he did. And now, you are using Amos as a tool to duplicate you and get the limelight.

  9. Neo Ren Jie

    The definition of obscene under the law states ‘The word “obscene”, in relation to any thing or matter, means any thing or matter the effect of which is, if taken as a whole, such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it.’

    The definition of ‘obscene’ in short is that it corrupts minds, not that it makes people want to have sex like what the lawyer claimed. Obscenity is broadly defined, but that doesn’t give him the authority to redefine the word to suit his case. If he’s trying to redefine the law then his argument would probably be rejected.

    I think the definition of obscene is what should be contested, but not in the way that the lawyer has presented. The focus should be on the word ‘corrupt’. The picture shows an image of a man having sex with a woman. In today’s context, the idea of sex has been taught at a young age, even to children through sex education.

    So for corruption of the mind to occur,
    1) One has to include additional information that is out of the norm of what a young person would and should know;
    2) and that information has to be immoral.

    1) Young people already know what is sex;
    2) The picture that Amos posted is only a drawing instead of a picture of real humans having sex;
    3) The private parts are concealed such that sex is only suggested and not explicitly shown;
    4) There is nothing unusual and unacceptable in the manner of sex shown by the picture which suggests that it is immoral,

    We cannot say that the picture has the ability to corrupt mind, unless we are talking about really young children who have not been exposed to sexual education yet. The fact that it was posted on Amos’ blog shows that he did not intend for the pictures to reach out to really young children. Therefore, the posting of this picture had no intention to corrupt minds and it was contained reasonably well such that it does not corrupt minds.

    As for the second charge pertaining to section 298 on ‘Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person’. Amos’s act of criticising the religion, Jesus or even the believers definitely could wound people. So let’s not even try to argue that nobody’s feelings was wounded. It was definitely offensive.

    Although Amos dedicated this particular video ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead’ to criticising Lee Kuan Yew and that he did not have the intention to criticise the morality of Christianity and Jesus Christ, the fact is he did so, despite it taking up only a small proportion of the entire video. It is also hard to argue that Amos is innocent from the intention to hurt religious feelings as he had criticised the morality of Christianity repeatedly in his previous videos, even dedicated entire videos to the sole purpose of doing that.

    Amos could escape the first charge, but I think the second one is going to be really hard.

    • Xmen

      @Neo Ren Jie,

      “Amos could escape the first charge, but I think the second one is going to be really hard.”

      Doesn’t your reasoning apply to LKY’s comments on religions and movies and books such as “The Da Vinci Code” approved by the same government? LKY is dead but the movies and books are still in circulation.

      Let’s call a spade a spade. This is all about ‘fixing’ Amos.

      • haha

        Amos provided the material to fix him with. Quite smart eh? I suggest you follow suit.

      • Neo Ren Jie

        You are right about LKY having special treatment when it comes to passing religiously and racially sensitive remarks. That is a topic for another day. But I don’t think this is a case of fixing Amos for political agenda as some conspiracy theorist here have suggested. And if Amos does get prosecuted for passing religiously offensive remarks, it is rightly so. The problem here is not that Amos was wrongfully charged, it is why LKY could get away with breaking the law.


        Let’s call a spade a spade. Amos is trying to antagonize people and insult Christians by posting that video. The Sedition Act is meant to protect racial and religious harmony. By insulting Christians by saying that Jesus is a fraud, I am very insulted by it. if this goes unpunished, a tit-for-tat may ensue, where people retaliate through violence. Just like how Amos got slapped outside court. But on a much bigger scale, because Amos has supporters too. Ever heard of the Maria Hertogh riots?

      • Xmen

        @Neo Ren Jie – “The problem here is not that Amos was wrongfully charged, it is why LKY could get away with breaking the law.”

        You just answered the question yourself – The ‘law’ is there to ‘fix’ opponents.

        @LOLYOULOST, why are you insulted when you are not even a Christian?

      • jackfruit

        Amos was arrogant , filthy mouth, no respect for his parents and other religions. Of course have to fix.
        Even his own parents want him fixed because they can’t handle him.

      • Xmen

        @jackfruit, you are going to be one busybody going around fixing arrogant, filthy mouth people. Oh right, you are one of them…

    • PAPer Tiger

      LKY made strong remarks against the Muslims publicly. Was he charged for sedition? Where did AGC come in then?

      Seng Han Tongs made a public remark on national TV, that Malays and Indians have poor English. Was he charged for sedition?

      Tin Pei Ling flouted Election rules in last GE, but now still kana fucked until she’s pregnant.

      These PAP clowns have escaped all the charges. Don’t tell me there’s PAP DOGS in AGC too?

  10. Joseph Chen

    The “god” who worn new invisible clothes that Amos may have offended ? Where is he now? Heaven or Hell? All who are willing tool joining in the persecution – one day when you are old and useless – where will you be before hell ?

  11. HolyFuck

    It offers you warm food on the table but you have to be blind, deaf and dumb to partake its food. Amos told them to go fuck off. Including the said religion.

    • Ricky

      Maybe for millionaire salary Amos will be able to see the light?Hear the truth from his elders and speak with Sin accent?

  12. holyshit

    “The defence had argued that Amos’ primary intention for the video was to critique Mr Lee and not to insult the religious feelings of Christians, but Mr Hay said the issue was about deliberate intention and not dominant intention. ”

    Clearly there is no separation of politics and religion (christianity) christianity is now on trial for interfering with “entering into the kingdom of God”. What say you?

  13. Singaporeans

    Oh well … How noble you are. You are defending Amos as a child. However, you didn’t even care to special needs children in Honglim last year. Clap clap clap ….

  14. Singapore police

    The Singapore police picks and choose who to arrest and charge. They do not act impartially accordingly to the law. PAP people and foreigners immune from certain offences. Singaporeans and Opposition people die hard must find something to charge them.

  15. SinCity

    The first principle of governing well is you must have plenty of stupid sheeple under you.

    The second principle is you must educate plenty of stupid sheeple under you if you want to govern well.

    The third principle is without stupid sheeple, you can’t govern well.

  16. ShitWhisperer

    In Singapore we have to maintain harmony with Christianity.. We can’t imagine if this is let go, there will be another Amos who will insult, make a fun and disrespect Christianity freely. We don’t want to see any joker can freely insult Christianity… and say this is acceptable since nothing happen to previous case.

    When order icecream, one scoop, no two scoops.Two scoops very obscene. See already, want sex. Very smart very educated many many years study singapore lawyers say one.

    • vote the opposition party

      to ShitWhisperer :

      well said !

      Singapore we have to maintain harmony with Christianity..
      SO Our rulers hands must have red with blood !

      this time our judges, prosecutors, newspaper reporters, Prime Minister’s Office, Several politicians together killed a kid borrow the name of Christ ! we handcuffed him, we fix him , we push him into our jail, named him a prisoner !

      Ladies and gentlemen !
      this is not the first time we shift the blame onto the innocent ! even a kid or infant , We will not let go !

      Look ! we have set up a killing fields for last 50 years ! This is our precious heritage, we must use that. it is very useful while we face to our political opponents. We built this killing fields, our judges, prosecutors, newspaper reporters, Prime Minister’s Office team, several politicians’s fame and honor here, we work together have been very successful killed more than 20 thousand Singaporeans already ! that was essential to maintain our successful !

      otherwise, ” We can’t imagine if this is let go, there will be another Amos who will insult, make a fun and disrespect Christianity freely. We don’t want to see any joker can freely insult Christianity… and say this is acceptable since nothing happen to previous case. ”

      we knew that we are now digging our graveyard ! our harmful team must put our bone ash together ! because :

      we have our unique killing field lines !

      This is the world’s most perfect, not only kill people, but also gain many awards from international .

      1. First, The OFFICE nominate “killed Object” to the court or the Prosecutor.

      2. second, court use “bleach liquid” remove the trace of massacre, the judge put a lot of additives, such as tax problem, religious problem, harmony with Christianity problem, etc. to “slain” blacked out. he must convince the public how the “defendant” must got to hell !

      Court in charge of the massacre.

      3. The third step is in an extortion of money , we are not only want your life, but also want your money ! we empty his family’s pocket, bank account , destroyed everything, so that “those killed” forever live worse than a dog, even death worse than a cat. we make sure they have no single money to survive. we also through our newspaper and TVs to inform everybody that they are mentally ill. Let everybody isolation them.

      4. the last , we cheers ! our team applauded, We receive many many awards ! our judges, prosecutors, newspaper reporters, Prime Minister’s Office team, several politicians’s as long as the participants are given a promotion and the astronomical salaries!

      that is law .
      our founding father only built up the killing fields for protect our money account safe ,

      but he said not give other singaporeans a dime, so our coterie can obtain more and more and more….
      we inform each of them that there is no resources to share with them . So :

      1. Workers union security system — not set up yet !
      2. Union help worker for a lawsuit — don’t care !
      3. nationals minimum cost of living — No ! no resources !
      4. The elderly’s pension — no!
      5. Single mothers’ s subsidies — no!
      6. child’s living cost — no !
      7. Students’ study fee— no!
      8. univrsity study’s fee — no!
      9. Unemployed ‘s subsidies — no!
      10. Working class’s holiday expenses — no!

      thefirst world class basic things , everything here No !

      our government did not raise any of single child, but we must force the child be obedient , even we qualify for nothing !

      our ruling people can take away our country’s wealth , we distributed the finance into our own coterie’s account . but we then come back told to the world report the average of Singaporeans have got US $ 55,182.00 per year !

      big liar ? who says that ? we sued you, we sent our police to fix you. If you each of Singaporeans got $ 50,000 USD per year , how can we obtain more than 100 times sky high wages ? so we must be a liar , we have killing field there for protect us !

      Look, our PM even fear to see our slums. He thought he was the emperor, he think he is not the same class of Singaporeans.

      when the so-called 20 people made police report, they are all under the gangs arrangment ! they lay violent hands to a naive child , so PM and his team pretend dumb and apathetic.

      Singapore generations do not have dignity. They used to harm, but leopard change its mettle difficult to move!

      We call on all Singaporeans to vote the opposition !

      • jackfruit

        I like your suggestion for those subsidies, especially for vacations. This is out of the box that even opposition parties didn’t think of.

        By the way, I don’t understand your statement ” Singapore generations do not have dignity. They used to harm, but leopard change its mettle difficult to move!”.

      • @vince

        jackfruit ‘s old logo is Viper
        her job is PM Office’s secretary’s toilet cleaner

        so if PM’s secretary toilet cleaner coming ,remember , LKY told us, no equal creature !

  17. 李光耀的“光耀”史:曾为日本法西斯服务


  18. John

    50 yrs of building lead us to persecute a young lad to be handcuffed and shackled, to be treated like hardcore criminals for ranting on a video and yet with so many imbecile morons still thinking it is the right thing to do. Anyone who view the video would know it is simply just critique, no profanity used on religion, no curse or whatsoever offensive. Sigh, still so many highly educated idiots only focus on emotions. Singapore still have a long long way to become a matured gracious society to go with this government. Aren’t there better ways to deal with a ‘seemingly ignorant’ young lad, as they so assumed, besides treating him like a criminal?

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    • jackfruit

      There is no such thing as free speech because nothing is for free. But I believe in freedom of RESPONSIBLE Speech.

      Also if I were u, I wouldn’t use the picture of someone who passed away in the way u did. Not to mention he is someone who built modern singapore (but of course people can argue about this but it is a fact he did build the nation).

      • Tina

        Responsible means backed with evidence or reasonable evidence. Caricature was created of such reasonable evidence. The image becomes offensive when seen out of context. This freedom to express responsibly should not be hampered by irresponsible and immature audience.

      • Rotten PAPayas

        LKY built a nation…with ISD or ISA? His Suzhou pet project lost more billions of S$ for s’pore.

        So for that, does he deserve more hell notes to be burnt to him? 🙂

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  22. MoonMoon

    Luke 6:28: bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29″Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.

    Luke 23:33When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Him and the criminals, one on the right and the other on the left. 34But Jesus was saying, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves

    these are the words of Jesus Himself in the bible. even when he was betrayed, tortured and crucified for crimes he did not commit. Even then He said “Father for give them for they do not know what they are doing.”

    Does Jesus the Son of God need us or any worldly court to defend him? even Jesus has taught that if someone slaps you on the cheek offer him the other side also.

    If this is a case about Amos insulting Christians then please drop it cos Christians were and are still being persecuted during Roman and modern times a 100 times much worse than what Amos said in his video.(Paul was beheaded, Peter was crucified upside down).

    If Jesus and God are real, Amos and the people who denied Jesus will be judged on Judgement day. (Please don’t be the Pharisees who believed in God and yet brought judgement upon and crucified Jesus the Son of God. Jesus did not teach christians that).

    If Amos has cause hurt to another human in psychological or physical way through criminal means then let him be judged accordingly the state’s laws where he is from.

    • @vince

      Pot is jackfruit , her old logo is Viper
      her job is PM Office’s toilet cleaner

      So she first time learned the verdict !

      look, even work at PM’s toilet , also are superior ! that is law !

      • Pot

        Shows your mentality is that of a nut and a failure in life. Anybody who speaks against Amos and Roy must be working for pm ? Lol. Continue to be your pathetic self. I will still vote for opposition, but like almost everybody else , I am totally against these two morons.

      • THE SIXTEN


        The journey of persecuting begins with one step — PM Office, your job are in charge to announce in advance, such as who will be guilty. And next who will be a bankrupt .

        The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves

        tell your boss, Leadership is solving problems. The day citizens stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.

        They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.

      • jackfruit

        Haha..when u see many people disagree with u, you conclude that they are the same one person. How pathetic..

      • @ jackfruit ( Pot, Viper )

        go to clean PM secretary’s toilet,
        your job was there.
        While you preparing toilet paper, clean the toilet bowl,
        you elongated your ear , then you hopping !


    當年,我們看到報館報導李光耀修理鄧亮洪, 抄他的家, 扣押他的老婆孩子, 聯合法官開口要800萬新幣。



    後來, 我們看到原是新加坡检查总署的主控官,一個名叫蕭添壽那本由美国耶鲁大学东南亚研究在1994年出版的To Catch a Tartar一书中所揭露。

    在看到當前 Roy事件,他們不是偶然的遭遇。

    看完以後非常生氣 !氣得吃不下飯, 連走路,睡覺, 出席聚會的時候都在生李光耀的氣 !我们朋友一家也是受害者。

    他們停止了嗎 ?不要企图说服他们,没有用啊 !
    大选不要投他们, 才是唯一一条埋葬恶魔, 迎接光明之路 !

    我们可以去死,条件是改变 !

  24. BlindLeadingBlind

    Religious harmony means predominantly harmony with Christianity. And on Christian values and laws(British system) thou shall be judged!

    Very sly way of implementing and imposing religiosity/regimental process on flocks and support easily attained due to dogmatism and indoctrination

    The city close relations with Israel is no coincidence too.

    Where does the problem lies then? A vision gone wrong?



    挪用了國人養老金的人, 犯了错,卻嫁祸于無辜的國人 ! 並多次向完全沒有錢財來源的人, 開口要錢,要的不是小錢,竟然是巨款。 這被視為在大庭廣眾之下欺負國人的吃人罪行, 全國沒有意見 ? 難道全部都變成吸血殭屍, 麻木不仁了嗎 ?

    耶稣把自己钉在十字架上, 把天下罪都承担起来啦, 那么,自以为是 新加坡的王你在干什么 ?

    明明是一把黑手要殺人滅口,却嫁祸于上帝。你不會治國,缺少對人類基本屬性的認知,黑手利用你暗藏內賊. 因為你不讀書, 不看報, 不學無術, 不敢看新加坡的貧民窟, 只會與人民對立。你比較適合看花, 拍照,做婦女之友, 沒有人有意見。

    你可以把淡馬錫, GIC, 全部國家錢財統統帶走, 國人暫時苦一點,但絕不能讓一個給沒有犯刑事罪的16歲少年青少年, 施以最高酷刑,並戴上手銬腳銬的人 繼續 做總理。

    最不幸的是,被民眾深惡痛絕的, 李光耀阴险毒辣的基因, 在你這裡被公開複製。請看在過去短短10個月裡面, 你不斷製造政治官司,接二連三 。暴露了你無法自理的狂妄自大作風, 這樣的人,嚴重摧毀青少年的身心健康。請你立刻下臺 !


    再說一遍, Amos 有錯, 但沒有罪 !

  26. LKY is not only a hoeeible person, 他是人渣。

    LKY is not only a hoeeible person, 他是人渣。

    我活了这么久才再网站”发掘”到这个史实,更向况现在年青一代有多少知道这个horrible person干的丑事。

    他的未经审训冷藏行动Operation Cold Store捉了很多人,使这些人的母亲日思夜盼,不知她们的儿子女几会几

    人民行动党政权除了李光耀为日本法西斯服务外,前总统纳丹也和日本皇军同流合污,有关资料附上一篇 “Sleeping With The Enemy”。

    《李光耀回忆录•第8章 战後谱恋曲》中第102页,“清一色的英军登陆,开进市区,我这才比较放心”,显示了李光耀既忠心耿耿地为日本法西斯工作,也忠顺地欢迎英国殖民地占领军重新占领新加坡!这是李光耀狡黠两面派性格的具体表现!很快李光耀就获得英国殖民地政府的特殊待遇,安排李光耀登上一艘前往英国的运兵船到伦敦去读书。英国殖民地大臣审时度势的统治手法高明,善於物色和培植接替殖民地统治的精英来保障英国人的利益,李光耀成为英国殖民当局的最佳人选!
    李光耀为昭南岛政府服务了三年零八个月,认同了法西斯统治的权力!李光耀通过左派取得权力後,露出了法西斯的真面目,运用权力无须法庭的判决,无限期拘押了数百名不同政见的政治犯,彻底消灭了不同政见的反对派!奉行以英语文为官方语文,推行新加坡式的英文教育,彻底消灭了民族教育!民族文化也随之式微!全世界包括中国都有示威游行,唯独新加坡不能示威游行,虽然李显龙政府在芳林公园设立了 “Speaker Conner”,然而年青人韩慧慧和鄞义林在 “Speaker Conner” 的“还我公积金”的集会上讲了话,却被李显龙政府告上法庭!这就李光耀法西斯家族政权的真面目!
    人民行动党政权除了李光耀为日本法西斯服务外,前总统纳丹也和日本皇军同流合污,有关资料附上一篇 “Sleeping With The Enemy”。



  27. R

    AMOS ACTION — A BRIEF SUMMARY for understanding

    Please think again if –
    you are not offended because he did not insult your father, grandfather. PM is required to protect the rights of all Singaporeans but he cannot protect his own family.
    NOBODY is offended. I am not offended. What about the Lee family? What about the Singaporeans that queue up to paid respect to Singapore founding father. Don’t say nobody is offended rather say who cares, I am not offended.
    How many said this? 5000 Singaporeans? 10000 Singaporeans ?

    Jesus said : Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.
    We (Christians) have to obey the laws in Singapore except when it interfere with the moral laws of God.
    All sins are against God.
    How does God forgive sins? Except ye repent and seek His forgiveness. God forgives our sins because of the cross. It takes an outstretched arm of Almighty God to forgive us, sinners when we first repent and second accept his salvation.
    Did Amos do this?
    God is LOVE and GOD is Just. Don’t be deceived. God is not mocked.
    Vengeance is mine I will repay. saith the LORD.

    Christians should, instead of forgive Amos transgression (which we as sinners can’t) , pray that Amos will repent and seek God earnestly for His forgiveness and also did the same to Lee family first. Ask them to forgive him even as God forgives him.

    MY VIEW as A christian.

    • @ R ( Jim, Jg )

      above thirty percent of the people think LKY is a criminal. PM arrested the kid for protecting his father ?
      be your Office rubbish logic, the people also want to arrest PM for protecting the kid ?

    • UseYourHead

      You oppose Caesar on tax or money matters, what do you think will happen to your head?

      You can get criminally killed you know

      It is in your book, you just got hoodwinked by Christianity because they talk or preach rubbish

  28. freddie kee

    A caricature however obscene has been published many times in many media because unlike pornography, it does not cause any sexual arousal.The crux of the problem is that the caricature has the picture of LKY.It can be interpreted that Amos in fact although he is in his teen is intelligent enough to realise that Margaret Thatcher looked up to LKY as her mentor.It is therefore a compliment to LKY that MT had used LKY way of governance.MT was called a iron lady because she ruled with an iron fist imitating LKY.
    Being 16 yrs old, he did have the maturity to recognise that it is vulgar rather than obscene and insensitive, not realising that because his caricature showed a photo of LKY,he could get into trouble with the law. That was why the mother went to the police to apologise to the Nation and not to report him as stated in MSM.
    If LKY was my father who has just died, seeing the caricature, I would be very angry but not because of his obscenity in the caricature but because of what he said about LKY in the video.However I would not seek to punished him mainly because he was just a boy and not a political figure like CSJ.Amos has no political agenda but only tried to share his thoughts on LKY after having read his autobiography.What he concluded about LKY is his own opinion but is not shared by the million mourners at his wake.On this basis, as a son of LKY, I would not use the law to punish him.His voice is only one in the cyberspace wilderness.
    It would be better just ignore it, ban the video, and the saga would not have been known by many people here and abroad. His contention that LKY was a horrible person was not collaborated by the massive response during his funeral with people shouting his name and saying “I love you and some women weeping when the hearse was passing by en route to NUS.The entire route was crowded with masses of people with umbrellas because of the heavy rain which did not deter the people to stand on the road side just to see the hearse passing by.Could a horrible person garnish so many mourners at his funeral?
    On this basis Amos has already served his term by being incarcerated for 2 weeks and on top of being assaulted, would be sufficient punishment on a young lad.He should be found guilty but taking into consideration of the above, he should be set free.

  29. freddie kee

    The charge of hurting the Christian community cannot hold water, because there was no Christians who reported to the police about his comments on Jesus.To add further evidence that this charge is untenable is a petition on line of at least 3000 Christians who stated that they were not offended by what Amos said about Jesus.His comments about Jesus was not really against any Christian dogmas or doctrines but only a sentence about Jesus.One can postulate that what made him associate LKY and Jesus was the fact that some people treated LKY as God.

  30. Lester Kok

    Roy, on the eve of Amos’s verdict, I felt constrained to pass along my two cents’ worth. To say I am disappointed in your tendentious presentation of Amos’s situation would be an understatement. Your disingenuous treatment in advice and support for him is doing him a disservice.

    In your various posting, you have repeatedly used the words ‘child’ and ‘boy’ to invoke sympathy for his juvenile status. Yet in the same breath, you characterize him as being ‘wise beyond his years’, someone you look up and lionize.

    Now, you can’t have it both ways. Either he is mature and responsible in his conduct or he is acting puerile. At every turn, instead of calling him out for what it is — recalcitrance and foolhardiness — you pander to his whims and fancies. Don’t you suppose, you have added insult to his injury.

    If you are the caring ‘big-brother’ you wish to be, then give it to him straight about common-sense dos and don’ts rather than just beat around the bush with your feel-good bromides. It behooves you in your new-found brotherly role if that’s what you purport, to at least not contribute to his becoming a bigger enfant gâté by needlessly coddling his faults.

  31. freddie kee

    Hope the judge would view his caricature and comment on Jesus as being a complement to LKY.In the former he equated MT as being a follower of LKY for his iron fist way of governance.MT was also called a iron fist lady because she imitated LKY way of governance.It would be a different thing if Amos had put a picture of Kim of North Korea instead of MT.He again complemented LKY by comparing him with Jesus because some of LKY followers treated him like God just a Christians treated Jesus as God.On these two counts he is not guilty. His comments on LKY as as horrible person is a lone voice in cyberspace and the comment of being horrible is only his opinion.Would a horrible person able to garner 1 million mourners at his wake and with shouts of LKY , we love you when his hearse was travelling en route to NUS and some women even weeping plus a heavy rain which did not deter people from lining the road side just to see his hearse passing by.Would not this massive mourning contradict or make Amos comment that he was a horrible person untenable?
    There will be more adverse reaction to the court and the judge if he is not freed as the guilty charges were really more politically orientated than about obscenity and anti Christianity.

  32. RF

    So we know that you’re OK that Amos Yee draws a caricature of your parent with another adult in the same “acceptable” posture as how Amos depicted of LKY and Margaret Thatcher.

  33. Rotten PAPayas

    “I hope that famiLEE return my family’s cpf soon, so that i can have money to buy hell notes to burn to Lao Lee and Xiao Lee’s balls”

  34. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    3rd June 2015 Wed

  35. Pingback: Singapore's oppression: the detention of teenager Amos Yee

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