Change Your Facebook Profile Picture to Stop the Unfair Persecution of Our Children

Yesterday, I started a Facebook campaign to ask people to change their Facebook profile pictures to stop the unfair persecution of our children.

To be part of this campaign, send me a note to my Facebook at Roy Ngerng Yi Ling or to The Heart Truths’ Facebook page if you have changed your profile pic or if I have missed your profile, or send me a screenshot if you have changed your profile picture on any of your other social networking sites.

FREE AMOS YEE Protect Our Children cropped

The Singapore government has persecuted Amos Yee for making a video to criticise Lee Kuan Yew.

In addition, Amos’s lawyer, Alfred Dodwell, found out a few days ago that Amos was being ill-treated in prison and wrote to the judge to highlight his ill-treatment.

I was shocked to hear that Amos was being strapped down to a bed in prison.

Dodwell posted the letter on his firm’s website. The Online Citizen also posted the letter and wrote an article about it.

However, very swiftly, the government’s lawyer, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), demanded that Dodwell remove his letter and also demanded that The Online Citizen did the same. The Online Citizen wanted to find out which part of the letter the AGC took issue with but the AGC even asked The Online Citizen to completely remove the article.

In effect, the AGC wanted to stop Dodwell and The Online Citizen from highlighting about Amos’s plight in prison, and to even stop any reporting about it. Needless to say, none of the state-controlled media reported about Amos’s ill-treatment. However, a Hong Kong media outlet and a Taiwanese non-governmental organisation did report on it.

As I have explained, whether or not we agree with Amos’s video or his actions in his personal capacity, what Amos has done does not justify the persecution that he is currently facing from the Singapore government. He certainly does not deserve to be strapped to a bed. It has been several days now and there is still no explanation from the prison authorities or the AGC as to what actually transpired in prison.

Also, Amos was arrested, charged and jailed for a “crime” many do not consider to be one, but to date, he has already been imprisoned for more than a month. This is disproportionate and excessive.

There is no need to keep Amos in prison any longer. He has to be duly released.

But there are wider implications to the persecution of Amos by the state. First, we cannot allow the Singapore government to unfairly persecuted a child for making a video. If the Singapore government would punish one child for making a video about Lee Kuan Yew, then our children are also in danger of being bullied by the government. We cannot tolerate such bullying at all.

Second, even as Amos should seek help or support, he should not be treated with state violence. A compassionate state is one that will protect our young, and which will provide a conducive environment for our children to learn and grow in. It is wrong for the government to imprison Amos and to want to send him to reformative training, for a non-starter “crime”.

As such, I started this campaign to advocate for the release of Amos. But more importantly, this campaign is to really highlight that the state’s abuses and transgressions cannot be tolerated by its citizens.

To the Singapore government, Singaporeans are watching your every move and action. There is no need to further persecute Amos, for more than what has already been done towards him.

As Singaporeans and parents of children, we are sending a message to the government that we will not allow our children’s lives to be threatened by unfair and unjust state persecution. It is also a signal that we are sending to the government to behave appropriately and to treat your citizens with respect, and our children with kindness and care.

Below are the screenshots of the Facebook profiles which have changed their profile pictures to the campaign photo. If I can get at least 40 to 50 of the profiles, I will be able to compile the screenshots into a collage to send to the government, before Amos’s next hearing. Dodwell is seeking to move the hearing forward, pending which, will be held on 23 June.

As of this morning, more than 30 Facebook profiles have changed their profile pictures. If I have missed out on your profile, please send me a message to my Facebook at Roy Ngerng Yi Ling or to The Heart Truths’ Facebook page. If you have changed your profile picture on Twitter, Google or on your other social networking profile sites, please do take a screenshot and send them to me as well on my Facebook or at

This campaign is really about stopping the unfair persecution of our children and to prevent further mistreatment and the miscarriage of justice from being afflicted onto our children by the state again.

Free Amos Yee. Protect Our Children.

(The images below are arranged in alphabetical order, according to their Facebook profile names.)

Alan Tan

Anthony Sim

Benjamin Matchap

Chong Wen Wah

Clifton Foo

Daniel Chong

Dolly Peh

Ee Ping Ng

Erica Chung

Franky Ch

Gan Xue Jing

Gilbert Louis

Hassan Ee

Helen Chew

Hsien Tao Lee

Jeffery Tan

Jim Raynor

Kelly Chew

Kuan Wee

Liao Bo Tan

Liew Chin Fu

Martin Ferrao

Merv Tan

Raja Kannappan

Ridzuan Sulong

Rizzy Rashid

Roy Ngerng Yi Ling

Sam Quek

Siew Tin

Thio Shelley

Vikky Ngau

Yeu Yong Yeo



  1. Kiasee

    What do you do If your child rat on a neighboring bully and the bully retaliate by strapping him to a bed and locking him up in a shack for weeks? Do you politely tell your neighbor not to do that because it is wrong and request for child release or in fits of outrage, you get the police to arrest your neighbor and press criminal charges against them?

    I think your approach, or as parents, is abnormally polite.

  2. Siew Ting

    Amos being charged for his wrong doing, is not persecution. You don’t see every child being persecuted in the past fifty years under PAP. Please don’t exaggerate and wrongly infer. My classmate in NUS was a very strong opposition supporter and vocal critic of PAP since twenty over years ago, today his children are working in the civil service and never has been persecuted. Also, he is strapped to bed in IMH because he is suicidal, which this is a standard practise since IMH started and also a world wide practise. As usual Roy’s post is completely rubbish.

    • Goodoo

      You think mental expert torturer can turn you suicidal or a mental case? What woukd you do if they deprive you of sleep for 48 hrs and then hang you face down and several mental patients rub their naked backside on your face for 8 hours and then all french kiss you for another 8 hrs and they deny everything they did to you?
      Just saying…you are at their mercy. You are already a mental case.

      • james

        We have human rights! Amos wants jail term, not probation. Hence he got what he wanted. So who lock who? who to free who? Knn, Roy and gang really know how to play game and words. There you ask for one thing, and when given, start to blame this blame that.
        All they wanted is free money donate to them for their tour and carefree lifestyle. For heaven sack, live like a normal human being and go and work for your money.

  3. Ray

    Amos requested for prison term instead of probation being offered by prosecutor. And he is given what he wanted. So what is there to complaint about? Suicide? No way Amos will go to that extend. He is just playing a mind game.

    • study above clue .....carrying out strike and destroy missions throughout ...

      MAY 21, 2015 – 7:11 AM
      Roy is merely using government and official finding and data as his own trying to gain ‘credit’.
      That is indeed why the government has to ensure Singaporean has enough CPF saving for their old age. And paying the Singaporean higher interest on CPF saving.
      Allowing Singaporean to withdraw all their CPF money when reaching 55, will further escalate poverty rates.
      Roy, on one hand, screaming “return our CPF” , on the other hand shouting that Singaporean has insufficient money for their old age, is indeed contradictory.
      Too much banana juice in his head. Roy, don’t use others work to gain credit. We won’t buy that anymore ever since you swindle the donation money for your Europe tour. You better account for it before we take further action.

      MAY 23, 2015 – 9:13 AM
      @Vince. Agreed! But unfortunately some Singaporean are unwise and dumb. That’s why they donated to Roy and bought him a Europe tour. Funded him to bully special needs children. M.Ravi has told us the evil act of Roy in his YouTube.

      MAY 23, 2015 – 9:18 AM
      我一个人就浏览不只五百万次。对不起, 我是说当我看时, 我其中的五百万只精虫也在一面看,一面笑不停。

      MAY 30, 2015 – 10:00 AM
      Finally, one year anniversary! Do you want us to donate on this day for you to celebrate? As I guess by now the donated money has ran out since you’ve been touring Europe. At the same time your monthly income from TRS has stopped.
      And it’s already one year and yet you still have not account for the money donated to you.

      JUNE 11, 2015 – 11:29 PM
      You think I crazy or stupid is it? Support Chee?

      JUNE 11, 2015 – 11:33 PM
      Mai talk cock la! Roy can even go Europe tour. And like Ravi said, Roy handed the donated money to his ah long father, should be earning good money by now.

      JUNE 11, 2015 – 11:37 PM
      你用那些不幸失去孩子的父母来借题发挥, 我祝你绝子绝孙!

      JUNE 17, 2015 – 3:28 PM
      Amos requested for prison term instead of probation being offered by prosecutor. And he is given what he wanted. So what is there to complaint about? Suicide? No way Amos will go to that extend. He is just playing a mind game.

      • jackfruit

        If Amos really wants to commit suicide, he can still bite off his tongue while being tied to his bed.

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  5. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    5 July 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

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