More than 50% of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election

1 Why at Least 50 of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election @ Born in Singapore @ VO

Source: The New Paper Survey Reveals: Singaporeans Wish Life was More Like It Was in the 70s and 80s

2 Why at Least 50 of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election @ CPF @ VO

Source: Blackbox Research The CPF Debate: Are Singaporeans Getting a Fair Deal? [Infographics]

3 Why at Least 50 of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election @ Healthcare @ VO

Source: National University of Singapore Most Singaporeans Unfamiliar with Healthcare Financing Schemes

4 Why at Least 50 of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election @ Housing @ VO

Source: iProperty H1 2015 Survey: More Buyers, Lower Budgets Expected from 2015 to 2017

5 Why at Least 50 of Singaporeans will Not Vote PAP at the Next Election @ Salary @ VO

Source: 80% of Singaporeans not happy with salary


    • Hardeep Saini

      Dato Ibrahim,
      Can we please see your survey results so that we can know what analytical methodology you have used to come to that conclusion.
      If you did not carry out a survey, then it only shows that you are a liar and just full of air.
      At least Roy has done the survey to prove his point.

      • I pardon you

        Rubbish Hardeep, rubbish survey from rubbish Roy prove rubbish point. Is that what you want?
        How do you know Ibrahim did not conduct a survey?
        Or why not show your survey result? Although I can expect rubbish from you too, you should conduct a survey to prove Ibrahim is wrong.

      • lolz

        lolz how you know roy’s survey results are accurate? maybe he only went around asking han hui hui and all this fellow looney fringe bloggers so his sample is biased 🙂

  1. Singaporeans

    Ok la … If that makes you feel better.

    Well just admit la, you need PAP to be out so next government can influence the law to get you out from your legal trouble and revenge.

    You care about the future of Singapore? Come on … You think majority are foolish to choose WP. Yes, if the country in chaos, you will cry wolf to kick WP.

    Haaa … Good luck for next month. SG50 should be 500K or 5M? You choose.

  2. Norman Wee

    Wow the election campaign comes early for Roy. They say early bird catches the worms. I am curious what Roy will catch. If he wants to catch the worms suggest he park himself in a party real soon otherwise…

  3. Lee Boh Jee

    should be more than 90% of singaporeans will NOT vote for PAP as we are sick of their faces and faeces mouth……

  4. Raymond Huang

    Hi,   I think it is important to get your message out to the population–block by block. Have it printed and distributed to each block. The overall percentage of people dissatisfied with the PAP is not as important as the overall dissatisfaction level within each constituency. The objective here is to remove the PAP from power once and for all. That is the only way if we are going to have any hope of change taking place. So the level of dissatisfaction needs to translate to seats in Parliament. That is why it is important to go block by block; constituency by constituency.

    RegardsBoh Kia See

    • oppiums

      Hei Bo Ka Si, you have been cheated. Your favourite party is laughing at you hillariously behind you while giving you their fake and hypocritical face to get your sympathy and getting your naive approval for them to act hero. They know you are unhappy and unrealistic (where on earth there is 100% happines and justice?). So their exploit you to get their vote. Put it this way, somebody got no job then he applied to join a great political party hoping to earn a living from them. Alas, he was not qualified. They have high standard. So he was not happy and decided to join any party to oppose this great party. Ha ha… Don’t you think many of your favourite party members are like that? A bunch of rejects? Wwkwkwkkwkw……LOL. ROTFL.

  5. Webex

    Not effective for PAP trolls to try and shout down Roy’s blogs. It is feeble, even childish. It will backfire.
    People like me come here to read Roy’s posts, not the nonsense put out by those who are obviously with the PAP. I will read what Roy says and stop scrolling down.

    Roy is on his war path again. Looks like his fear is gone. What else can he lose further? He has lost his job, cleaned the toilets and is still walking around freely in Spore. He can attract lightning strikes again but looks like he is not afraid to speak his mind.

    • james

      Wonder why you post here since you Ain’t reading or scroll down further to read comments. Just a hypocrite like Roy.

      • oppiums

        Yup, agree with James. This Webex believes in Roy. What a joke…. Oh maybe he is the partner? Wkkkwkwkkk…..LOL

  6. Sue

    What can PAP do to you? They have to kill you, which include bankruptcy, imprisonment and mental fucking, to shut you up. How long can they abuse the laws when the world is watching?

    Can they kill everyone in a collective lawsuit against the abusers?

      • Lawbreakers

        Don’t blame you for thinking that because the govt harbor them in our midst

        Priests Rape Boys: an air-tight, three word case against the Catholic church. The Catholic Church is the largest, most well-funded and organized pedophile group in the history of man! No further proof need be given on the Judgment Day against every single person of authority in that monstrous organization of perverts. The case is as open and shut as a murder case where the murder is actually witnessed by the judge and jury themselves.

        No matter the rank nor the level of personal involvement in that sin, from priest to Pope the whole clergy of the Catholic Church, the world over, is irreversibly hell-bound. The rare abstinent priest who sits silently by while thousands of little children are abused to satisfy the perverted sexual lusts of those in positions of authority is as guilty as the filthy, craven boy-diddlers themselves. Few, besides those with a vested interest in promulgating the priestly perversion, would argue in defense of the unspeakable evil desired by the dark-hearts and carried out by the bloody hands of these deviants. Their moral authority is completely gone –  but ‘priests rape boys’ is far more than an indictment of the clergy of the Catholic ‘church’. In fact, ‘priests rape boys’ is an air-tight, three word case against not only the parishioners of the Catholic Church, but other so-called ‘Christian’ churches, the nation of America, and the world writ large.

    • Lee Boh Jee

      anyone with a sound mind will NOT vote pap anymore esp after Roy highlighted the issues with CPF from lying to us about GIC not using it, why no transparency and audit? and why keep increase the withdrawal age and minimum sum? and most importantly, why dare not answer ROY’s questions on CPF and instead chose to sue him? too many whys and thus vote out PAP and we will find the answers ourselves…..

      • oppiums

        Boh Jee Boh Jee… Roy’s questions are no brainer, same like yours. Why bother to answer? You should not find answers for yourself coz that is not what you need. Because you are Boh Jee, then what you need is to find the jee you lost.

  7. Ibrahim

    You talk to any one on the street, read forums all around , everyone dismisses Roy and hhh and anus as total rubbish and liars. Don’t take my word , go speak around and read any forums. Except here the few looney tunes characters of cos.

  8. The white dogs

    There is a 99.9999% chance that PAP will maintain its rule in the next GE ( unless due to some unforseen circumstances ). Back to reality, whoever form the gahmen, we still have to work.

  9. pissedofsingaporean

    I will laugh when those who vote for PAP increases in %. Why? Reason being those who voted for the opposition the last round, after seeing anti govt activists like Roy will be very much detered. We dont need people to keep complaining every day, we need people to propose new feasible ideas. ” Feasible ” being the word. Not plucking fancy crowd pleasing numbers from the air.

  10. sixfab

    Even if Singaporeans are unhappy with PAP, it would take much longer for the percentage to drop to 50% based on the voting patterns of Singaporeans from past elections.

  11. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    5 July 2015 Sunday

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