1. Walter

    What so good about opposition?

    List down their good point with result n facts

    Pls list down your points

    Because you hate PAP ( individual emotion )
    All Got to follow you


    • PAPer Tiger

      What so good about PAP?

      List down their good point with result n facts

      Pls list down your points


    • Hardeep Saini

      This article is about the PAP.
      I could list a long list of the screw ups, the blunders and the incompetent short term policies that have created long term problems, if you so require.
      Roy’s article articulates at least the feelings of about 40% (considering that this percentage who voted against the PAP in GE2011 AGREE) of the population.
      It is not an INDIVIDUAL EMOTION.
      40% (I believe that’s the minimum) have this emotion.

  2. Norman Wee

    Roy is so pretentious. He boasted that he was the one who predicted WP would win the GRC. Now he is predicting that in the coming GE, PAP will get less than 50% of the popular votes. As a challenge to show where his mouth is, I would like to extend to him a token bet of $2,000.

      • Norman Wee

        You are wrong, otherwise people will make all kinds of boasts and claims and get away with it. As the saying goes one must know one’s mouth is and not just blast away with immunity.

    • PAPer Tiger

      @ Norman,

      Why only $2000? You mean PAP IB Dogs are only given $2000 to lose?

      When did PAP started stinging on their own dogs?

    • wallansaini

      Hi Norman
      Roy boasted that he was right about the WP winning a GRC because HE WAS RIGHT.
      Is that a problem with you, that he was proved right?.
      Indicates that he is on the pulse of the situation in Singapore.
      Indicates that the many people who kept saying that Roy was wrong were in fact wrong themselves.
      Intelligent, educated individuals DO NOT start to bet on probabilities.
      Would you start to bet with every economist, every shareholder and every political journalist whenever any kind of prediction is made?
      You wouldn’t, would you?
      And, based on his recent successes in predicting the political environment in Singapore, he has a high probability of accuracy and is mostly likely right that the PAP will get less than 50% in the next GE.

      • Norman Wee

        If you are so impressed by Roy’s prediction and so hateful of PAP, just maybe you can take over the token bet. Afterall the outcome is one to two years away and by then we would have made more than $2000, thanks to PAP’s full employment policies.
        Now allow me to repeat this story:
        There was an American political~economic book selling for us$80. The author made a prediction which didn’t turn out. I bought the book in Singapore for 30 cents.

  3. jackfruit

    This is designed (although not effectively) to brainwash people not to vote for pap…roy and his opposition gangs are resorting to this tactic because they have no substance..hahaha haha !

    • wallansaini

      It doesn’t change the facts.
      Fact is that Roy accurately predicted the WP win.
      He therefore has a high probability of accuracy when predicting the outcome of the next GE.
      I have noticed that there has been a tremendous interest shown in many of Roys’ articles.
      I believe that even if 10% of these new readers are persuaded by Roy, the PAP will have a major problem on their hands.
      You cannot ignore this fact.
      Keep laughing.
      More people will join you in the laughter, only those laughing will be laughing because the opposition has won more votes than In the last GE.

  4. Eddie

    Shouting down Roy is not effective. It is whether the voters at large will vote for the PAP. The number of people reading Roy’s blog is insignificant. That Roy is now opening campaigning against the PAP is understandable.

    The one person one vote system can cut both ways. Are the un-decided 30% going to cast a PAP vote? If they decide that any Opposition is better than a PAP MP, then we can see a major swing to the Opposition. It does not matter what is the performance record of the Opposition. Spore just does not have such a track record but that has not prevented the shocking electoral swing in GE 2011.

    Also those who voted for the PAP previously may also change their minds There have been many upsetting issues since 2011. Social media is now abuzz with so many discussions and many are tuning into the debates. Unfortunately most are anti-PAP.

    For Norman Wee to wee-wee his pitiful remarks, he might as well write something better. Do not insult the intelligence of the readers. Go and start your own blog than waste your time here.

      • wallansaini

        I am exercising my intelligence and I can tell you that you write rubbish.
        Roy writes articles based of data from various avenues and uses sound analytical methodologies to make predictions/conclusions.
        That sounds like a person who is intelligent and smart.
        The PAP dog has bitten the wrong person.
        He is fighting back and is causing tremendous damage to the PAP brand.
        On the other hand, the PAP is also causing tremendous damage to their own brand by their incompetence and short term policies that are creating long term problems for Singapore and Singaporeans.

  5. Norman Wee

    @Eddie the more you talk, the more you show your ignorance hiding cowardly behind Eddie. I am a commentator of Roy’s blog and I do my duty. Fortunately you are only a name caller and not an expletive spewer, otherwise…
    We must talk where our mouth is, right?
    I have extended to Roy a token bet of $2000 for his prediction that the coming GE, PAP will get less than 50% of popular votes. You are welcome to take over the bet…

    • wallansaini

      Why don’t you declare your own prediction for the next GE.
      Also, show us how you come about your analysis.
      That way we can all judge whether you are just hot air or a dumbo ( new word just created for you).

      • Norman Wee

        Are you talking to me? If you are, are you sure you know how to read. My token bet is my prediction. My analysis is this: if PAP is so bad like you and Roy are trying show, then the devil Singaporeans know is better than the devil Singaporeans don’t.

  6. bah chor mee

    ‘United we stand, divided we all get eaten one by one’, said one of the three little pigs.

    Once upon a time, there lived 3 little pigs and a big bad pink wolf…

  7. to PAP top man

    unless PAP terminated PM’s secretaries relations, otherwise, one finger, one person, one gangster, one disaster to all Singaporeans !

    They are the typical corrupt model in Singapore , they fighting for their own agenda – promote – increasing their position and salaries, get out of them from PM office is the first step to save PAP

  8. to PAP top man

    if PAP still hired them , Singaporean goes unhealthy direction , PAP finished very soon.

    they are double face young elite, they did nothing good things for Singapore,
    just enjoy to get the harvest which made by senior, they hurt the people for their own selfish consideration , not suitable to work for PAP .

    hope this reminder will alert PAP’s head attention ,take action to fire them without hesitation.

    they are the gangs 4 . we have evidecne to prove it ,

  9. Ibrahim

    there may be people who will vote for opposition, but everyone still knows that Roy is trash and worse than any pap and opposition member. This is one rascal who tells lies and cry wolf. He is reaping his own demise now that he wis jobless and totally has no reputation and credibility. Opposition has to be credible and have integrity. Roy has none.

  10. The white dogs

    Hi RN, Put aside ur personal grudges for goodness sakes. There r still 60.1% Singaporean who r dafts & haven’t awaken yet. When they r awaken, the miws dogs will have no place to run & hide. Our PeeAm has gone for holiday in Japan to relief his tension. So RN u may need to calm down first, for the next GE is gonna b a very intense battle between the ruling party & opposition..it’s a do or die for the miws .

  11. Nigel Woolley

    RN has made some some very valid points of TRUTH. relating to the CPF,Openness, Fairness. Is PAP or any Politician open to these Moral & Ethical standings like Honesty? Our human ego is weird, We start off, wanting to do the Right thing, but as you get to understand & grapple with the power that M.P’s have, there is a mind set that changes. From an outward sense of direction to do good, the direction changes to Inward, and what’s in it for me, takes place. Roy asked the question in a very open & honest way about the interest of CPF, his reward was; P.M decided to sue for defamation. All the P.M. had to do was give an honest answer, and this would have gone away. Roy didn’t have to lose his job, or even live overseas. PAP’s strategy is very sound. It takes the best minds in Sg, and transform them into their mind set, & pays them well for this exercise. After all, isn’t that what we all do, We exchange time in life for remuneration. The mind set of Old guard & new guard has changed. LKY gave up his life for the sake of Modernization, & his love for S’pore. He succeeded without doubt. Could another leader done the same? I don’t believe so!!
    I was a David marshall supporter. The cost however was high, and this generation does not have the “Will” to pay what the pioneers paid. Not only that, but the infrastructure that comes with this modernization is huge. to maintain our security in our Geographical surroundings, with the threat of islam becoming dominate etc, is No mean fete. So with a Holistic overview, we as a nation must think clearly as One mind, One army, One scrum, and move together. This is easy to say, but very hard to achieve. We all have different needs, Wants & even desires.
    PAP has made hidden corruption, intimidation, acceptable. It very cleverly manipulates the twists & turns of our lives. It has made our political system neither Democratic nor Autocratic, but a mixture of both, where bye both sides of the house are PAP, but where one is trained to oppose. Not unlike our days at school with debates, where we are dictated what our stand is. It’s a smart way of keeping control without too much revolt, & for those who excel, they get promoted within the ranks and become the managers. so what is the answer without compromising everything that Sg has today? S’pore is very unique, by size & location. Vulnerable. We box well above our weight, due to smartness in the world of economy. Rightly or wrongly, if you are smart, had the good fortune to use your head & education, you have a head start on those of us who are ordinary. However the reality there are more ordinary people then Extraordinary, but it needs brains to keep steering our beloved S’pore in the right direction. so a balance must be sort. Power must go back to the people, as in any democracy, MP’s work for the people. therefore the system need not changed apart from Accountability. Politicians must be accountable to the people. which is a dangerous place if we look around our area of ASEAN. The coups & overturning of power & unrest is all there & potential for us too. True democracy can not survive in S’pore, I believe. We are too diverse in culture & religion, but we can survive & thrive if our mind set was one of; “We are Singaporeans nationally” I think. Roy overall objective is this. We need to be one Nation, who is undergirded by Fairness,honesty & Truthfulness. Our likes & dislikes laid aside for the sake of a Better S’pore. From time immemorial, Mankind has wanted this, but has never been achieved for any given span of time without greed overtaking the individual. So I say this, Be wise before you talk or Act. S’pore isn’t perfect, but it’s 90+% better off then the rest of the world. Yes the Rich have got richer, Poor have got poorer. We can choose to change this a bit. But ownership must be present for this to happen. Pastor Robert Schweller said this; “if it’s to be. It’s up to me” I am for change, if change is for the Good of s’pore?? have a great day, and be Blessed with His unmerited favour. Nigel an Old eurasian singaporean.

  12. pissedoffsingaporean@

    Well, to disappoint you guys, i think PAP will gain a bigger majority compared to the previous election. Regarding Roy’s prediction, come on, it is already more or less guessed by most people that Adjunied will be won by the Worker’s Party, no need a genius to predict that.
    With that said, my personal opinion is none of the other opposition has any credibility at all to compete.
    Reform Party – Well I think Kenneth J did a decent job in the previous GE in West Coast, till he threw his hat into the Punggol East by election, then he became a joke. So who exactly does he want to represent for the coming GE then? Smells like he just want to get his MP pay
    Singaporean First – Even bigger joke with Tan Jee Say, firstly SDP, then Presidential Election? Then back to Singaporean First. He seems to be unable to make up his mind whether he wants to be a politician or presidents. political or apolitical.
    So just the above 2, how to command votes?

  13. Shit load of Crap from IB

    Dear Roy, its very obvious PAP has assigned permanent PAP IB to troll your site and your postings. Their only mission is to discredit you with shams and nonsense. Dont give up your fight. The wave of negativity towards PAP have been increasing over the last 15 years. The main contention is not longer whether PAP can rule or change, instead, the conversation is focused on which of the alternatives are best for Singapore and PAP is not in the list. Regardless of what the IB spits at you, the silence and question marks on CPF and the double standards of PAP remains.

  14. pissedofsingaporean

    It is quite funny that you immediately assume that I am a PAP IB. Well I voted for the opposition the last GE. You are sadly mistaken if if you assume all opposition voters blindly support Roy and his ideals. did you see the opposition parties coming out to support Roy or Amos. Well honestly, we think they are a liability and is a real turn off for the fence sitters which we are trying to convince.
    I volunteer at one of the Opp ward’s office, and I can tell you I am not the only one that thinks that way. So good luck assuming that way.

  15. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    5 July 2015 Sunday

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