Leong Sze Hian: What are Roy Ngerng’s Questions about the CPF?

CPF GIC Temasek Holdings Transparency and Accountability

By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the article “Singapore Blogger Faces ‘Financial Ruin’” (Forbes, Jun 24).

It states that “The blogger now fears the court will deal him a financial punishment from which he may not be able to recover, according to a statement by Committee to Protect Journalists.”

I understand that Roy Ngerng’s court hearing for the assessment of damages on the defamation suit against him (already decided by summary judgement) shall be from 1 to 3 July.

As I have written a few hundred articles, letters published in the newspapers’ forum pages, gave presentations and talks (some of which are on YouTube), etc, in the last decade or so – I thought that it may be interesting and in the public interest, to try to summarise some of the questions on CPF that Roy Ngerng and others have been asking.

  • What is the historical weighted average interest rate per annum of all the different CPF accounts, namely the Ordinary, Special, Medisave and Retirement accounts?
  • What is the GIC’s annualised return from its inception in S$ terms?
  • Is there any other country in the world that keeps so much of the returns from the national pension fund – from the people?
  • Is it true that since 1999, the CPF had the lowest real rate of return amongst all national pension schemes in the world?

If we assume the weighted average CPF interest rate to be 3.5%, and the GIC’s annualised returns from its inception to be 6.5% – it has been calculated that a Singaporean earning $1,000 at age 21 at the current 37% CPF contribution rate, and his salary increasing at 4% per annum – may have lost more than $1 million by age 65, because of the difference in the interest rate. How do Singaporeans feel about this?

Low Thia Kiang Ng Eng Hen GIC CPF

The Finance Minister in a Parliamentary reply in May said that only the GIC managed CPF funds. So, why is that that In 2007, when MP Low Thia Kiang asked, “I would like to seek clarifications from the Minister. Does the GIC use money derived from CPF to invest?” –

Then Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen said, “The answer is no”?

Screenshot (45)

And also why did former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew say in 2001, when he was the chairman of GIC, that “I want to clarify that there is no direct link between the GIC and the CPF.”. The Straits Times carried an article headlined, “GIC does not use CPF funds: SM Lee”?

Then Minister for Labour and Communications Ong Teng Cheong said in 1982 that, “CPF savings form a large portion of Singapore’s savings. These savings are used for capital formation which means the construction of new factories, installation of new plant and equipment, expansion of infrastructure such as roads,’ ports and telecommunications, the building of houses and so on”. Temasek has an annualised return of 16% per annum. Since state companies like SingTel were built with CPF funds and were transferred to Temasek – how can the Finance Minister say that “No. It (Temasek) has never managed CPF funds”?

According to the article “Singapore’s GIC Suffers $41.6 Billion Loss” (The Wall Street Journal, 30 Sep, 2009) – “Government of Singapore Investment Corp. suffered a loss of about 59 billion Singapore dollars (US$41.60 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 31, making it one of the worst years for the sovereign wealth fund since it was started in 1981, people familiar with the situation said Tuesday.

One person said GIC’s portfolio currently stands at around S$265 billion after drops in equity investments and property valuations. GIC, which doesn’t disclose the value of its portfolio or amounts of yearly gains or losses, said in its annual report that its portfolio lost more than 20% in value in the latest fiscal year.”

So, if we add Temasek’s “negative Annual Wealth Added of $68.1 billion in 2009″ to GIC’s estimated loss of $59 billion in 2008/2009 – does it mean that we may have lost about $127 billion?

To put this amount in perspective, does it mean that we may have lost more than double our total Government spending in a year (2008) or about 84 per cent of our total CPF funds then of $151.3 billion in 2008 (CPF Trends, October 2013) in just one year?

Singapore’s total sum of foreign reserves is secret. Some of the reasons given as to why Singapore’s foreign reserves cannot be transparent were:

  • Singapore’s Minister of State for Finance: “You asked how much reserves we have. I’m sorry – I am not able to give you that answer. There are many, many people who are interested in how much we have. It has nothing to do with not wanting Singaporeans to know. It’s only if we go public with you, a lot of other people will know”. (March 15, 2008)
  • Singapore’s finance minister: “People do want to know, there is curiosity, it is a matter of public interest. That is not sufficient reason that there is curiosity and interest that you want to disclose information” ( August 18, 2009).


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      wrt gangs… well… believe what you want. If it suits your delusions of grandeur to think that someone who works in the Istana would lower themselves to talking to the likes of you, then more power to you I suppose. Congrats on your self-esteem.

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  2. R

    Roy, what is the paper loss with regards to investment? Investor always invest over long term right. Yr guru know his stuff?

  3. Norman Wee

    Unlike Roy, Leong is smarter and has not draw any conclusion. Leong claims to have written hundreds of such articles but apparently without conclusions and let people like Roy taking Leong’s cue and draw conclusions but fall into a pit.
    I went into Forbes but couldn’t find leongs piece but one by a ex Singapore police officer who has migrated with his whole family.
    His contention is that now that he has migrated and looking from afar, he could see all the flaws and worms in Singapore. He said he was full of admiration for Singapore when he was serving in the Singapore police force. Now from far away he could only see flaws. I thought one would only feel the heat when inside a kettle. My contention is that he and his family migrated because their children though smart could not qualify for places in singapore u.

  4. Return Our CPF $$$ & Go Harakiri!

    Day Light Robbery:( National Tragedy, Betrayal, Mismanagement & Treason? Let’s Think About It.

  5. @ lolz

    應 james 的提示,特把上文再用華文寫一遍,

    致: 代號 甲骨文,

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    以為我們和他一樣臭味相投 ? 好吧, 下面為滿足你開專輯 .

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    首先, 他們下令國家醫院24小時內立刻終止 對Roy 鄞义林 的僱用, 然後通過報館把 鄞义林修理一番, 警告全國記者沒有人敢採訪 鄞义林,迷失方向的總理為了獎勵他們, 高興得帶他們一起去土耳其玩了一週。讓他們享受在一人之下,萬人之上的特權.


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    8)反对党有沒有能力不重要,重要的是國民受夠了你們 gangs,这也是你的功劳。你時刻提醒人们重新思考PAP,希望反對黨接手,你摧毁了總理和PAP,你以為公众都是白痴,沒看人到你的F4早就發佈消息你們把法官都搞定了.





    你必須知道一个事实,那就是李先生很想成为下一屆總理, 没有人强迫他,因此,他必须支付負擔總理的一切职责,開出女祕書.


    在任何时候,我有立場發表我的見證,因為我也是連續10年為新加坡員工繳納公積金的雇主,也就是說,當總理秘書以當局口吻警告我們滾出去的時候,除了對李總理非常驚訝之外,就剩下非常氣憤, 因為你們的高樓大廈裡面有我們的一磚一瓦, 在你們衣冠楚楚裡面, 由我們的一針一線,在你們所謂精英高薪裡面,有我們的一分一毫。我們對新加坡做出了貢獻。總理派這個助手F 2 接手, 天理不容.

    我说过多次,我們不是同一個頻道的人,没有共同的目的地,没有交点,如果我们在商场擦肩而過,你不值得我瞄一眼,但当確認對方還留在总理的範圍内,我们必须大喊一聲:抓住他,, 直到当局處理他们.

    我們已經很給李總理面子了 !

  6. Norman Wee

    Leong’s letter was never given to Forbes but dangling in egocentric Leongs blog. As such as far as Forbes is concerned Leong is barking into the wilderness with Roy pulling it into his blog…

  7. R

    The PAP is no longer running the country. – According to Roy.
    CPF is not your money. – According to Roy

  8. About SG

    90年代初, 李光耀 的政府組團到美國各大學招聘華人進來,在當時國際上沒有人來的情形之下, 李光耀親自接見了第一批來自哈佛大學的兩位華人, 並提供5800 星幣的月薪在國大任助教 , 後來 到了21世紀 , 政府提供1 萬 新幣月薪 ,當時的新加坡很有秩序,非常文明, 人與人之間和睦友善。 國民普遍平均薪水足夠體面。

    當時新加坡並沒有排名世界第一,不過人們對新加坡的好印象已經排滿第一了 , 李光耀本身對外來人是極為善意的,但李光耀沒有意識到一個要害,他栽培在團隊裡的人對國家發展的破壞程度 , 迫使外來人變成走馬燈, 先後放棄並離開了新加坡。

    上面兩位首批受到李光耀接見的博士後, 一個返回故鄉教書, 一個回到美國教書。 李光耀的投資在中途挫敗,沒有一個介於領袖與民眾之間的團隊來進行溝通。

    難道萬事都需要李光耀親自做策劃,又親自做督導嗎 ? 問題在 李光耀 , 或現今李顯龍內部這批人的不善意, 高層下面的執行層是一個空洞, 沒有做具體事情的人才 。 尤其在部分國民還沒有工作做的職場競爭下,他們的高薪待遇來的太快,太過容易,沒有成功處理平息國內事務的記錄, 他們習慣敷衍了事,專心等待摘取越來越多的現成果實。

    對比李光耀自始至终没有篡位的秘书, 李光耀凡事親力親為。 李光耀也沒有默許他的秘書做國內事務的家婆 , 當時的媒體還算公道, 也有給被告講話解釋的報導。

    如果說,李光耀曾把異己抓起來是為了確保建立一個瑞士那樣的新加坡, 那麼,現在他把瑞士新加坡建好了, 你們就不應該使用刑罰對待16歲少年 Amos Yee , 因為一直被新加坡學習的瑞士沒有政治犯。

    你說這是你的新加坡, 他們說是他們的新加坡,我們說這裡曾有我們的勞作…..納稅 ……炒粿條, 福建蝦麵,黑胡椒螃蟹……印尼Java的女傭….. 每次我到這裡來看, 因為新加坡是我們人生的一部分, 好比身體上的一隻腿,一隻手,會不顧一切。

    • About SG

      miss secretary ” Jim ” ,

      you have more easy way to bring the boy Amos and his family to become your ” pawn “,
      you still have time to do that ,
      at moment, you need a mental doctor more than this boy.

    • About SG

      To Jim ( Jg , PM’s secretary )
      因為你是次品, 所以只會把他們推出去。

      如果李總理僱用的你是一個真正有料的政治精英, 你將懂得如何全力把 Amos 和他的父母拉進來,成為你手上的棋子, 不僅如此, 也將全力把 Roy 以及其他5位新加坡人 拉進來,加入你們 。他們的成本不高, 但他們有他們的價值, 可以為新加坡增加凝聚力 。

      老實的他們再三被你們欺負的時候,你們4個在這裡的表現是非常得意忘形的, 你們很享受欺負自己同胞的過程。

      李總理私人秘書小姐,你用這個同樣的 logo, 以 Jim 為代號, 在去年讓我們領教 李總理的政府信箱被你偷覷,然後你首先開黃腔責令我們滾出去。就是你 !

      是你,把我們的心情從飯桌上搬回去新加坡,跨越大西洋,飛過太平洋, 去找真相 .

    • About SG

      miss secretary Jim,

      we did not want SG money, but you want , and you want it forever ,
      we and our children did not want SG job, but you want , until you 65 years old .
      we did not use our investment in CPF, but you did,
      we emptied our everything to SG before we leaving

      how do compare ?
      and, competition for nothing

      you jealous comes from your womb problem. how come PM LHL hired you as his private secretary ?
      he was sick ! he would even not shelter his son, how could he shelter you ?

      you have thick skinned, used the the same logo as last Oct ,
      still want on behalf of PM to threat ?

      PM still hand over his email to you ?
      pamper your ? spoil you ? allow you to steal other’s information to sale ? become second hand ?
      we have sent to SG President already , hope they will settle .

    • About SG

      To Jg ( Jim )

      沒有新加坡的政治 agenda

      和我們比 ?比什麼 ? 怎麼比 ?

    • About SG

      當我們求助時, 你絕路我們,
      當我們分享時, 你詛咒我們
      當我們說原諒總理時, 你挑戰我們
      當我們回憶LKY時, 你譏諷我們

      你有神經病嗎 ?

      李總理怎麼選一個娘胎裡帶出來有嚴重性格缺陷的神經病人進去做私人秘書呢 ?
      雖然我們有時想念新加坡的炒粿條, 福建蝦麵……, 這不意味著我們放棄對你的道德審判。

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  10. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

  11. 土生土长的新加坡公民


    2千多亿的CPF,人民的血汗钱,要怎么处理呢?可不能收在枕头下什么都不做的。因为随着时间推进,年通膨率3%左右,你CPF的钱会变相的减值的,现在值$1, 10年后只值的7毛钱了。所以必须投资在有风险的资产上來赚取至少足以抵消年通膨率的回报,例如定期,国家债券,黄金等。这才能为你的CPF保值。这就是要通过GlC和淡马锡來管理投资风险的原因。







  12. wongcheokwan


    I have yet to read an economic thesis to cover the following questions:

    1) What is the total cost to mint 20,000 new citizens in terms of reserve dilution,education subsidy,housing subsidy?

    2) What is the interest lost per year as per cpf interest lost rates?

    3) How are these costs to be recovered ? We were taught nothing is free, n subsidy is bad, leading to economic

    ruin in some countries.

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