Should I Run for Election?

Me Outside Parliament House Vibrant


(There is a poll below that you can also vote in.)

I have been writing on my blog, The Heart Truths, for more than the past 3 years now.

The reason why I write is because I believe that as a citizen, we have a right to speak up, so that we can protect ourselves and our country.

I speak up because I believe that the people in our country can and should live better lives because they deserve to.

Today, Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world, while earning one of the lowest wages among the highest-income countries.

To me, the responsible thing that a government needs to do is to take care of its people. If a country becomes too expensive – and Singapore is now the most expensive country in the world, then a government needs to ensure that people are able to earn enough to have a decent living, and that they are taken care of in terms of their basic needs, in housing, healthcare, education and retirement.

Even if not, the basic duty a government has to its people is to create a better society, so that our people can grow and flourish and so that Singapore can be a kind and happy place for our young to grow up in, and for our old to age gracefully in.

When I first started writing, I did not understand why our elderly Singaporeans are still working as cleaners and cardboard collectors. Today, I understand why. They could not save enough to retire on. But why? Because the PAP has been taking their CPF away to earn huge profits for themselves in the GIC and Temasek Holdings but Singaporeans are forced to make ends meet with depressed wages and inadequate retirement funds.

To me, this is wrong. Anyone can see that it is wrong.

And I do not think that we should allow such injustice to continue. And so, I write.

Over the years, not only did I write, I started speaking up. I started making educational videos, giving talks and then speaking at protests. I felt that for the lives of our families and children, we have to speak up so that we can protect them and so that our society can grow.

I didn’t start out wanting to be an activist, or even a blogger. What guided me all this while was to speak the truth, to want to be honest to yourself and to speak about what you see and how you know things can get better.

For me, I feel that it is a basic responsibility that each and everyone of us have.

When I started to face persecution from the government, when I was made to lose my job and when I was charged by the government, that made me see through the PAP’s true colours.

When I saw how one of our own was also being persecuted by the PAP, I launched several campaigns to #FreeAmosYee.

A government’s duty is to protect its people. It is not to abuse its power to hurt its own people. It is not to use its power to protect those aligned with it, but punish those who are not. Then, the government has lost its bearings and is no longer working in the interests of the people.

When this happens, we need to throw out the ruling political party and vote out in a new party or parties to form a new government, to protect the people.

When I started writing, I did not think that it was necessary to be involved in politics. I saw my writings as a social commentary. But as I write, I realised that we cannot choose to remove ourselves from politics. Everything is politics, be it the make of the shirt we wear and whether we have enough money to put food on the table.

It is politics if we want a government to implement a minimum wage to increase our wages. It is politics if we want a government to increase healthcare and education expenditure, so that we can afford these basic necessities. It is politics when we want transport fares to be reduced and it is politics when we want the government to #ReturnOurCPF. We cannot not deal with politics.

But do we need to play the game of politics? Do we need to play dirty? I don’t think so. And I don’t want to.

From being a citizen who wants to speak up, I have grown to become an activist, and now as the election draws near, I wonder, is there something more?

Should I run for election?

If I do so, it is not because I want fame, power or money. I want nothing of that. I do not believe you should run for government because it gets you to places. If you do that, then you are not the right person for government.

A person who wants to run government should be someone who wants to serve the people, and who believes in making our society a better place. It is not to think about how many shopping malls or condominiums we should build near MRT stations, so that we can earn the most profits. It is about thinking about how the lives of Singaporeans can be improved and how our spaces should be built to allow people to come together, to have a place to relax and to have a place to call home.

A person who wants to serve the people has to be one who is even willing to accept a lower pay, and who has the humility to not see him or herself as being better than the people. No, there cannot be natural aristocrats. If we believe that everyone is equal, then everyone has to be equal. If we believe that everyone is equal, then we will provide equal opportunities to allow everyone to be able to get ahead, in their own way.

Only when each and everyone of our people grow together will our society grow, and will our country grows.

If a person wants to serve, he or she has to serve because he or she is of the people, and not better than the people.

As I think to myself, I wonder if it is time for me to run for election, to serve my people.

But I believe that anyone of us can run for the election. For is it not each of us knows some of what needs to be done, and what solutions we need for the country? We might not have all the answers but this is precisely why there is a government and this is precisely why there is the civil service, think tanks, academics, civil society, media etc. No one of us have all the answers. But together, we have the answers.

For me, government is not where the best people are. Government is where the people who want to better Singapore are. It should not be about making money. It should not be about having power. It is about making Singapore a better place.

And this is what I hope Singaporeans can know – that each of us are good enough and we need to have the confidence to believe in ourselves and in our own power to see change, and to make our society a better place.

This is what I hope to see in Singapore, a place where our people are not only proud of ourselves, but proud of our fellow people around us. A place where not only a few can develop to the best of their abilities, but where all of us can, and grow the country together.

What I hope to see in Singapore is a fair, just and equal society where our people are happy, and where we know that this is our home, and work together to make it even better.

I want our people to be free, to be themselves and to be allowed to follow their dreams.

I want our people to be respected.

And this is what I hope for Singapore.

I have dedicated my writing to better the lives of Singaporeans over more than the past 3 years. Every writing I do is to hope that the government will hear us, and create policies to protect Singaporeans.

But if the government does not want to do so, then perhaps it is time Singaporeans put ourselves in government, so that we can finally work with one another to implement policies that will protect our fellow people and our home.

And if I do run for election, it is because I want to be able to enter government, to debate about these issues and allow policies to be passed to protect Singaporeans. This is all I want.

And for my friends who have been with me on this journey, if I may ask you now, do you think I should run for election to represent Singaporeans?

Do you think we should put our own voices in parliament?


  1. Mai la mai la

    The logical me says “no”. But for entertainment’s sake, it’s a resounding “YES”. Please do it.

    • bah chor mee

      ‘A politician who pays himself obscenely from taxpapers’ monies while insisting that he is not in it for the money, is like a fat man at a buffet claiming that he is not there for the food.’

      “Chop this fat pig up for pork chops coming GE2015.”

      So PAPig’s, Try something new next time, you might be lucky.

  2. wallansaini

    But be prepared to cough out the award that you may have to pay the aristocrat.
    If you can’t you will be bankrupted and lose your parliamentary seat.
    I hope all turns out alright for you.
    Singapore needs people like you.
    Best of luck from downunder.

  3. Amelia nah

    Oh my gosh Roy stop embarrassing yourself hahahah>< I don't think Singapore wants you cause you didn't even get your facts right and defamed the government. Why are you so anti pap? What did they do wrong? Please give credit where it is due. Sure there are rising costs and stuff, but if you compare that to other countries we are already pretty good ok. And if you really wanted to help the poor and needy you should have start up some NGO or wtv, not just take donations for yourself to bring PM Lee to court. Seriously just stop being so idealistic and stop acting like a matyr. Stop saying that the government has taken away CPF money. What proof do you have. Oh gosh just stop HAHAHAH unless you wanna be a comedian lol

    • Singaporeans

      Amelia, we all know that he is full of nonsense. But let him run for it. Since he has more than 80% support from the poll, so he shouldn’t disappoint them. Go for it Roy !!! Just make sure don’t cry half way.

  4. Joker

    Tide will be huge against you.
    You are openly gay; conservatives, hypocriticals and religious rights will be nasty against you, assuming you are able to clear your defamation damages . Be honest with yourself, declare to the electorate that you will not have a gay agenda if you so wish to proceed.

    • jackfruit

      Of course he wants to be mp lah :
      1) with 15k salary he no need to eat plain rice or wash toilet bowl
      2) will gather support to remove 377a. He will certainly try/cry his way through
      3) as MP he will be vip of pink dot events to grace the occasion
      4) no need to beg for donations for his overseas trips.. he can then afford to travel and badmouth singapore, along with his PhD mentor
      5) start a new party and make pink its party colour (this colour not taken yet, who would?), and cry whether he wins or loses. Potentially turn the Little Red Dot to a Pink Dot.
      6) can effectively represent jalan besar, desker road area
      7) can be minister for any ministry, since he knows everything and knows better than anyone

      So go, go, go Roy ! There will be lots of people to support you from BEHIND !

      • Ted

        I only know he’s gay becos he said that he is gay but how do we know this is true? Have any one seen his partner?
        In my opinion and judging his typical “Roy tactics”, him being gay may be a ruse to gain sympathy from LGBT crowd… To advance his political ambitions…
        Having said that, Roy may present his “fake partner” very soon to show off his Gayness…

  5. Damien Toh

    I would say that you should go ahead. But one thing you need to consider is that bankrupts aren’t allowed to stand for elections or would lose their seat in parliament if they become bankrupt during their tenure as MP. With the increasingly likelihood that you will be slapped with an astonishingly high sum of compensation to PM Lee for the defamation suit, you might be forced to give up your seat in parliament even if you win the election but unable to pay the sum of compensation to be decided by the courts.

  6. Lau Hero

    Hi Roy. Yeah go for it..catch that rainbow(LKY said that b4). Suggest u form or join an opposition ward to contest in AMK GRC. LHL will have sleepless nite & bz campaigning. Even if u lose ( mayb a narrow margin), tis will wake LHL up & Roy be put in parliament as NCMP. Who know ( by then LHL will wet his pants)…

  7. lea xian loon

    See beh difficult to find someone more INcompetent than me leh! Like this how to make myself look better?!

  8. vyubinop,l

    Roy, if you are able to run but due to some issue with the case that still ongoing, best is to stand as an individual candidate or by forming your own party/tagging along with ravi. If not you may drag others down with your court case.

    Your best bet is to contest with TPL or who that is either not popular or fresh in politics.

    Even if PAP were to amputate my hands and legs. I will use my forehead to move around, using my teeth to bite the pen and vote for you.

    • Singaporeans

      It’s great to underestimate TPL. She is the weakest in 2011, but she really work hard to work for people to prove critics wrong. Will be interesting to see if anyone taking on her. Come on challenge her and let see any opposition who only good in talking can unseat her. Hope she will continue to content. Roy, are you up for it? Will be interesting to see you only talk and write nonsense and heckle the kids can become an MP.

  9. vyubinop,l

    Roy, since you have fought so far here, if you don’t become a politician or a successful person. Then all your efforts will be vain.

    If not you can stay out of these, main while helping out your dad to revamp his stall. 2021 come back to contest in the GE also can.

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  11. Concerned citizen

    Now now Roy. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, you have to chalk up the compensation amount for the defamation lawsuit. You know you can’t stand for elections when you go bankrupt, right?
    Unless your plan is to get your supporters to share the compensation burden, this drama seems ignorant and delusional even by your lofty standards. Once the courts decide on the amount I anticipate a fund raising post declaring your intention of standing in elections and begging for donations to avoid the bankruptcy.
    I feel sorry for the people who support you. Singaporeans needs strong intellectual and selfless leaders in the parliament. Selfish attention-seeking teenage wimps please stick to blogging.

    • Toilet PAPer MBT

      We need more PAP clowns to entertain the world in this part of the solar system. But they’re a bit too expensive for nicompoopic clowns:

  12. Si Yuan

    I voted no, although my opinion is that it doesn’t matter whether Roy runs. Running and winning is not the same. I hope Roy does not win, as both experience and intelligence are required to be a good politician, and Roy has neither.

    • Toilet PAPer MBT

      Does any of the following have, in celebrating death of LKY?

      Keep your confessions coming, the public loves them

  13. Toilet PAPer MBT

    “Mr. prime minister lee,

    before you used your father fight for you
    today you used that woman fight for you

    you even would not use your own ability or courage to fight for yourself,
    how people believe when you swear to fight for Singapore ?

    if useless person occupied the key post for wasting national resources.
    in the end, we demanding government audit and publish the financial statements of Temasek .how much lost, how much earn, how much payback to its original account account – CPF .

    if you have no plan to do it, that you and your wife misappropriated people’s CPF
    the irrefutable facts that become the corruption case has long been established in people’s judgement.”

    • Ted

      Where is the price of misappropriation?
      Please make police report or u can circulate ur evidence online…
      I’ve just taken a print screen if this and made a police report… I look forward to seeing these evidence u have on this matter… We cannot allow any form of corruption in Singapore…

      • bah chor mee

        Start from LHL and his PAPer cronies and PAPer Teddies. Public loves confession 🙂

      • Ted

        Dun worry lah… I’ve just passed the policed the print screen and they will check with all of u on the evidence u have…
        It’s good that u guys take initiative to expose these ppl…

      • PAPer Tiger

        @ Ted

        Can you explain how come TPL spared from breaking singapore’s law? Police report has been made, you know?:

    • Toilet PAPer MBT

      Heard that TPL was from HCI, earning $2-3k per month in earnst and young. May be that’s why she no choice, end up in PAP

  14. Neutral Politics

    Roy don’t waste your time, just get a normal life and stop complaining about PAP. Think about your future…

    • PAPer Tiger

      “It is highly hypocritical and two-face when the government acknowledges the need to pander towards decentralising control when they desire economic profitability, yet chooses to centralise their control for political longevity.

      It is clear that it is not in Singapore’s and Singaporeans’ interests that the PAP government continues to lord over Singapore in increasingly defiant ways. Singaporeans have sent numerous shock-waves to PAP that they no longer want to be beguiled into a sense of helplessness and powerlessness. “

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      • ted

        my dad still has lots of money in his cpf and the cpf board keeps sending him letters to ask him to take his cpf money….
        i adviced him not to becos where in the world will you get 4% of capital & principle protected interest in singapore..
        so, he listened to me and got a few thousand in interest last year….
        i wonder why CPF board keep asking my dad to take out his cpf if cpf is a scam like u said….
        since its not a scam to me, then it means u are lying….

      • PAPer Tiger

        @ Ted
        Can you be clear about how much us his “lots of money”, and his age, and if he is also a PAP supporter?

        Hope your dad doesn’t talk off his dreams. There are lots of elderly who lost their mind banging on CPF’s doors trying to take back their money

      • Ted

        My dad is 85, CPF is close to 6 figure (definitely more than Roy and hhh)…
        My dad has no vices and belongs to the hardworking generation unlike Roy who just complain about everything…. Useless pricks like Roy r a disgrace to Singapore.

      • lea xian loon

        @ Ted

        How many % of your dad’s cpf has he withdrawn so far. Can you quote the name of the CPF staff and his/her email address who told your dad to withdraw his cpf money? If you are really telling the truth, Put down your dad’s ic number for verification.

        I owe you an apology if you can verify all your claims. Otherwise, pricks like you and your family + PAP + PAPer IB r a disgrace to Singapore.

  16. Bernard Tan Y.J

    🙂 If Roy Ngerng stands for election, can u imagine the positive impact? He is an experienced speaker & protest leader, who commanded an audience of 7000+/- during ‘Return my CPF’ protests. His fiery speeches, & his whistle-blow on PAP’s ridiculous CPF policies (e.g. PAP always raise the miminum sum, so u cant get back your own savings!)
    😦 Then again, whatever I can think of, PAP of course knows this better than I do. Perhaps that is why Pinky has to personally sue & fix Roy, to shut him up.
    😛 But nevermind, if Roy cannot contest, but at least be a Guest-speaker at any opposition rally, that is good enough.
    (Private video that PAP don’t want u to see about Roy)
    Debate: Activism – an Effective Way of Fighting Corruption?

    • The Oracle

      Yet another Roy lie exposed! I remember (and your blog history contains) your and your followers’ vehement denial that you have any political ambitions and that you are just a “concerned citizen”. Now here you are, Roy, finally admitting to your political ambitions. What else have you lied about?

  17. The Oracle

    Lies, lies, lies and more lies. Roy might actually make a good politician – he has quoted so many questionable “facts” over the past three years and keeps quoting them even when he and almost everybody knows they are wrong. We even have the question of where did the defence funds go that Roy collected from supporters? Reminds me of Razak (but on a suitably tiny scale given this is Roy after all).

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  19. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

  20. Nigel Woolley

    If there’s to be changed, It can only be done from with in. So!!!! “Put your Best foot forward” However!!!!! Please Note!! The Sg polictical Pond is “SHARK INFESTED” Not “Great Whites” no!! but with “Bull Sharks” These sharks swim in Salt & Fresh water, & are Man eaters. Like Wolves in Sheep skins. So bewarned. have a good team behind you, who you know can be relied on, & totally Trust worthy, when the going gets tough, because It will. PAP do not fight clean. They move Goal post to win< & they have 54years of practice to make perfect their moves. I wish you every success & Good Luck. Nigel

  21. Tin Pei Ling

    Tin Pei Ling has no substance on her own as per se. To begin with, there is no true love between her and Ng How Yue. It was a mere trade. Tin has traded her body and soul for How Yue’s power, status and wealth. The moment How Yue loses his job is when Tin will depart from him. Her baby is the by-product of this trade. Tin will use her baby for political gains. Tin didn’t contributed much in parliament. She gave textbook speeches in parliament to gain political points. Even the late LKY gave her a vote of no confidence by walking away when she started speaking. Do not allow Tin to slip into parliament again by a selfish multi-cornered fight among WP and NSP. NSP should give way to WP for the betterment of Singapore. Let there be a one-to-one contest in Macpherson.

  22. Natara


    I think more diverse viewpoints are definitely needed to break the current homogeneity of the parliament. The statement “the government needs more people like you” always seemed wrong to me because no, we don’t need more people like you. We need many different people period. We need diversity and rebellion once in a while, if we want to create a government that is truly reflective of our changing society. Our country’s demographic is changing. That being said, be careful, choose your words and statements wisely and always anticipate criticism from the notoriously close-minded Singaporean community.

  23. wongcheokwan

    Stay out of 2015 election.Be a great goalkeeper to support all Opposition Parties.

    They would be grateful and help you.Assuming you join a GRC and got elected;if

    they bankrupt you,your constituency will have no representative.

  24. joey7f

    Hi Roy, I like your writing, but Singapore shouldn’t be the country that works longest in the world. I don’t know where the resource comes from, but it is Japan, by miles, as they have sort of hidden working hours (i.e. not appearing in surveys) called “Service Zangyou” which means unpaid overtime. Many people there are forced to work extra 100-200 hours of unpaid overtime every month, and are rarely allowed to take annual leaves. Japan is the only country where people die from overworking (it’s called karoshi). Sorry for straying off the topic, but couldn’t ignore it. Good luck!

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