PAP Started Depressing Singaporeans’ Wages from the 1990s. It’s Been More than 20 Years.


In 1994, the PAP started increasing its own salaries to millions of dollars, by pegging their own salaries to the salaries of the richest in Singapore. From 1995 to 2011, the share of income that went to the richest 10%, the PAP among them, then increased from 30% to 42%.

From 1995 onwards, the wages of the poorest Singaporeans then started being depressed. From 2004, it was the turn of middle-income Singaporeans, when median wage also started getting depressed. This coincided with the PAP opening up the floodgates even more to cheap labour, and where the PAP did not want to change the E Pass and S Pass minimum salary limit for a long time, this meant that the wages of foreign workers were also depressed, which in turn also depressed the wages of Singaporeans.

Today, there is still no minimum wage in Singapore, and Singapore is one of very few countries in the world which still does not have minimum wage. Not only that, Singapore is also one of very few countries in the world where there is no unemployment benefits, which means that when a person loses his or her job, he or she has no protection, and already more and more Singaporeans have been losing their jobs.

In addition, Singapore also has the least employment protection legislation among the developed countries, after America. This means that not only is it very easy to fire workers in Singapore, when workers are discriminated or unfairly dismissed, they also have very little recourse. Worse still, workers can also be unfairly replaced. It is known that many companies also circumvent the law and where they are required to pay S Pass holders a minimum of $2,500 for example, they do not do so. A foreign worker told me he was paid only $1,200, which means that the company profits from it. This also means that for a polytechnic graduate, a company would choose to hire a foreigner for the same job instead of hire the polytechnic graduate, since the foreign workers are cheaper. The same applies for the E Pass and for degree holders. As such, this causes wages to stagnate across the board for Singaporeans, and for foreign workers as well.

However, where wages for low- and middle-income Singaporeans stagnate, at the higher spectrum, Singaporean PMETs have been losing their jobs. Because of the agreements that the PAP sign with other countries, Singapore is not allowed to implement job protection policies to protect the jobs of Singaporeans. This thus allows companies to hire foreign PMETs at cheaper wages and thus forcing Singaporeans out of certain industries, such as in finance, accounting and even in the healthcare industries.

Today, even though Singapore has become one of the richest countries in the world, Singaporeans actually earn one of the lowest wages among the richest countries. But for the rich in Singapore, they actually earn the highest salaries among the developed countries. In fact, government statistics have shown that foreigners actually earn higher wages than Singaporeans.

When you compare Singapore to other countries with a similar level of national wealth, Japan has a minimum wage of $2,000, Australia has a minimum wage of $3,000. Low-income workers in Switzerland earn $3,000 while in Denmark and Norway, they earn more than $5,000. However, in Singapore, a cleaner still earns only $1,000. And there are many Singaporeans and foreign workers who earn much lower than that. Construction workers from India and maids still earn only $400. How can anyone in Singapore survive on this? And this is also why Singapore has the lowest purchasing power among the developed countries.

But today, even as Singaporeans struggle, the PAP refuses to define a poverty line and then implement a minimum wage to that level. It has been estimated by several economists and academics that there are 30% of Singaporeans living in poverty, which is the highest among the developed countries, and even in Southeast Asia.

However, the PAP will only want to protect their own salaries. The members of parliament earn $16,000 a month, which puts them as the richest 5% in Singapore, while for the ministers, they are paid the highest salaries in the world. Yet, 30% of Singaporeans still earn less than $2,000 and 40% earn less than $2,500.

If you just compare with Norway, a low-income earner earns $5,000 a month but their prime minister only earns $25,000, which is only 5 times more. But in Singapore, the low-income earner earns $1,000 while the prime minister earns $183,000 per month, and this is not yet including the other bonuses. This means that the prime minister is earning at least 183 times more than a low-income Singapore.

But where is the justice and fairness in this, where 30% of Singaporeans are living in poverty and poor Singaporeans cannot even make ends meet but the PAP would pay themselves such high salaries, and yet still want to keep increasing their own salaries because they do not think it is “realistic”? How does this make sense when the prime minister earns nearly 200 times more than a low-income Singaporean but the PAP does not want to increase the wages of Singaporeans?

Without a doubt, the PAP has abused Singaporeans through and through by forcing Singaporeans to earn depressed wages and to work the longest hours in the world. This has allowed the PAP to let the companies in Singapore earn the highest profit share in the world. And with the PAP controlling many of the Singapore companies and being involved in business itself, this has allowed the PAP to get rich for itself.

Singapore has been ranked 5th on the crony capitalism index by The Economist, which means that it is the easiest for the rich to get rich if they are affiliated to the PAP. Today, Singapore has one of the highest concentration of billionaires in the world. Lee Hsien Loong thinks that it is good to have inequality, because as long as he brings in more billionaires, he says that this will create more jobs for Singapore. But where research has shown that such trickle-down economics does not happen, what this does mean is that Singapore then becomes more and more expensive, and where Singaporeans do not earn enough, we simply cannot spend enough, even on basic necessities.

Indeed, Singapore has become the most expensive country in the world today, and the household consumption in Singapore has fallen, and yet Singapore today has the second highest debt in Asia. Worse still, Singaporeans are also made to pay the most out of our own pockets for healthcare in the world, after Switzerland and the most expensive university fees in the world, for citizens.

How are Singaporeans expected to survive?

It is not an understatement to say that the lives of Singaporeans have gotten worse because the PAP caused it. Simply put, the PAP has allowed themselves to get rich and they have done so, by making the lives of Singaporeans worse off.

Is this the kind of government that you want? Today, it is clear that the PAP no longer cares for Singaporeans and no longer has the interests of Singaporeans at heart. In fact, the PAP has stabbed Singaporeans in the back.

Today, on our depressed and low wages, the PAP also makes Singaporeans pay the most out of wages into social security for retirement (CPF) in the world. And because the PAP takes our CPF to let the GIC and Temasek Holdings get rich on, while returning low interest back to Singaporeans – possibly the lowest in the world – this has caused Singaporeans to have one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world, and so many of our elderly Singaporeans have to work as cleaners and cardboard collectors. Yet, Tan Chuan-Jin still has the cheek to say that elderly Singaporeans want to work as cardboard collectors because they want to have dignity. But is this the way a government should respond to its old? Instead of letting them work under the hot sun to earn a meagre amount of a few dollars every day, shouldn’t the government’s responsibility be to increase their CPF retirement funds, so that the elderly can actually retire with dignity?

But the PAP would make Singaporeans pay our CPF into Medisave and MediShield to earn from them, and then lock up our CPF for themselves, with the CPF Minimum Sum, and also make Singaporeans pay for the most expensive public housing in the world, so much so that we lose a huge amount of our CPF into profits for the PAP for housing, and then be made to pay an accrued interest into the CPF again.

What on earth does the PAP treat Singaporeans as? Cash cows? Slaves?

My fellow Singaporeans, for our lives to get better, the answer is clear. We have to vote for the opposition.

The only way that the government will finally take care of Singaporeans, and protect us, is when there is a new government.

Only when the opposition wins enough votes to form a coalition government, will the government then implement minimum wage and unemployment benefits to protect Singaporeans. Only then will the government increase healthcare expenditure and will Singaporeans have free education, so that our young and old will be protected. And only then will the government #ReturnOurCPF and will our CPF retirement funds increase, and will elderly Singaporeans be respected and be able to retire with dignity.

This is no longer something that we can wait and sit on. Enough is enough. The PAP has abused Singaporeans for long enough. It is time we make a stand. It is time we vote right, and vote for a new government which will finally take care of, and protect Singaporeans.

We have to do this for ourselves, our families, our children and our future generations.

We have to do this for Singapore and Singaporeans. It is time we help ourselves. It is time we let go of our pride and do what is right. It is time we save Singapore.

#VoteOpposition #VoteforYourFuture


  1. Ted

    Is it? Then why there r so many middle income ppl around?
    Then why r graduates drawing >$3k per month? Ten years ago, engineering grad will be thankful to be given $2500…
    Strange article… This guy must be living in his own world… Idiot.
    When I visit the poor in other countries, I see their poor living on the streets… While in Sg, u get to live in rented flats … Govt help u to look for jobs… In fact, the poor in Singapore seems to be not poor when compared to other countries poor… That’s a good sign..

    • Daniel

      yo fucker Ted, then u go live in poor countries lor.

      Roy ngerng have researched everything for us n provided us with empirical evidences. What have u done except waltz inside here and say….’u should be thankful…. blah blah blah’?

      U should be thankful your mother gave u life on this world. Did u thank your own mother? No. Instead u come here n talk shit.

      U should be thankful Roy never sue you for defamation. Then again once Roy becomes a minister, he will be a good man that take care of it’s citizens. All u do is whine n cry foul.

      Fuck off.

      • Ted

        Why should I leave when I’m not the one complaining about Singapore?
        I love my country and my assets and my family and my govt for everything I m blessed with. I do not have a lot and I’m not rich but I love my Hdb and public transport…. N much more
        I do not need Roy to tell lies about my country so that he can degrade our system which provided us with a chance to succeed based on our abilities….

      • Daniel

        u love den u continue loving lor… to each of their own.

        Since when Roy Degrade our system? the system is there. It’s up to u to look at it. U see it as a Utopia.

        Barely hundreds of years ago Cixi Empress Dowager from Qing Dynasty also same as u. C the reality as shiok relaxing Ci Ning palace in which she put in tonnes of gold to build the beautiful garden but sadly the citizens all jialat. hence the uprising.

        U c happy, den im happy for u lor.

        But sadly not everyone c the same way as u.

        Where is your sense of compassion? Or u busy enjoying life, go pub drink , make love with your gf/wife/ bf, bring your in laws go restaurant makan, that u somehow conveniently forget the problems that other ppl have?

        To each of it’s own, u enjoy like that, u go for it lor. Im happy for u Ted.

      • Ted

        What crap u talking?
        U want to compare also dun know how to compare… Singapore always innovate and evolve to the extent of being one of the most wired n connected country in the world, how do u compare with cixi, Qing dynasty? Was Qing dynasty the most advanced country in the world then?
        Only an idiot will make such comparisons
        Lastly, since when did our govt not help the poor? Please call comcare if u see any such cases…

      • Vote opp?

        Old Danny boy,
        Roy is another wanker whose parents just didn’t got around to give a good speaking when he was young. Spare the rod n spoil the child. So please spare me bout that wanker

      • Daniel

        since when i compare ? dun anyhow anyhow put words in my mouth ok u cheebye. Don’t anyhow take things out of context to your advantage okok! U learnt so well from MSM isit? u cheebye fucker. no holds barred now cos u insulted our Roy Ngerng u cheebye.

        Kao bei so much, u not happy then dun come inside here sully our Roy Ngerng webpage ok!

        This is a webpage for just and honorable people n have got no place for someone as sickening and speaks with a venomous forked tongue like u.

        I actually wanted to speak to u face to face like a gentleman, but apparently u called Roy the duplicate of the devil. Cant even make your arguments properly then resort to calling Roy names? U have the audacity to behave like a ruffian to our Roy?

        Well Roy is gentleman but I’m not.

        Roy Ngerng have delivered eggs n bread to poor family, all u do is kao bei kao bu say your govt got help poor people.

        You should be thankful u can leave comments cos a lesser man would have took up his hatchet n met u in cul-de-sac u dimwit.

        Ok lor, u win lor, your world is perfect, now quickly scurry back into your rat’s hole like the rat u r n go fuck your rat wife in your cosy little rat hole.

        This society have need for followers like u…. as per wad u said, go be an engineer or something.

        To each of their own. Cixi can build her own garden. Our PM can build his own garden with fake trees each costing $10million ( For small one) big one i think cost more.

        It’s their prerogative. Please respect their wants n needs for something beautiful. N it’s Roy’s prerogative to help citizens. If u don’t agree, then fuck off cos no one needs your silly ‘little me’ comments inside here.

        Some people are meant for big things like Roy. He is going to be our minister soon.

        Some people are jus born to whine den go back dine with his family n life his little rat life comfortably without caring about the less fortunate.

      • ted

        comparing the last days of qing dynasty and singapore agian…. and then say not comparing… tsk tsk…
        and dun be so vulgar…. ur parents never teach u how to speak properly, is it?

      • Daniel goh

        Ted my man, I where got compare?

        U were the one that compare. The last days of Qing dynasty was happy for Cixi, the gardens built was happy for everyone. So what’s your point here?

        Don’t tell me u never go gardens at marina to enjoy? As long as u happy can Liao lor.

        I have to be vulgar to ppl less honorable than Roy cos Roy ngerng is a man with purpose, with a mission to succeed.

        Seeing dishonorable ppl keep nitpicking everything he say n piggybacking on his firm n salient point does show the illusion of ‘all’s fine’ starting to show its cracks.

        If I upset u, I didn’t mean to cos it ain’t personal.

        Man… I respect your point of views, but to call Roy ‘duplicate of devil’ is simply an act of name calling n harassment.

        Roy got a big heart that forgives someone who call him that but I’m nothing but jus a ruffian.

        I also never study much. That’s y c society many ppl jialat, I also feel sad.

        I’m glad Roy is stepping up to do something bout it.

        U remind me of my friend. He is going to vote ruling party, cos he feel he got a good life of work, buzzing ard in his car, fucking his Ipoh gf that works in sembawang shopping centre facial, n fetching her everyday from work.

        He insists on voting for ruling party n I respect his decision.

        Now, what if one day his gf left him? Or he got cancer? He is gonna be in a tough spot cos his current lifestyle as a group director of a magazine company is so cushy.

        What if shit happens?

        Not that I want to be uncouth, mate, u seem like a gentleman n I enjoy bantering with u man… Just that how can u expect a man enjoying such a good life to know how terrible the sufferings of the underprivileged n those left behind by the society?

        Now Roy ngerng is addressing such issues.

        N u yourself think all is fine n well, that’s cos u belong to the lucky few my man.

        U ever done odd jobs eking out a living by clearing plates with your crooked back n pain?

        Roy represents Us. Today we have 5million ppl living in here. But less than half are going to vote.

        Only Roy ngerng have got our backs.

        If u kill him with your vicious words, then there won’t be anyone left to defend us.

        N when the poor all die off, the next group of ppl to clear dishes n sell tissues are going to be u.

        That’s how this society is governed. Rich get richer n poor get poorer.

        Roy represents the implicit trust between the citizen n govt. he is here to help. He got a pure heart.

        Like it or not, he is the honey badger ( honey badgers are known for sticking it’s cute snout into a beehive full of bees –> remenicent of white bees that do nothing but sting ppl all day) and even fight venomous cobra just to get what he wants.

        Roy ngerng will never stop. Hence it was never personal with u man. It’s jus a matter of perspective.

  2. martin siow

    Hi Roy. I fully agree what you said I am also the victim of the system. I would like to met both you and Kenneth next week to join reform party I have important information to share. Call me at 86502260. Regards Martin siow

    • Ted

      Wow, u r a victim of an advanced nation like Singapore? Why do u have Internet? In fact, why is Roy able to blog so much?
      Since Roy blogs about how evil pap is… Why his evil pap never shut him down?

      • Alvin

        No point rebutting lah. Just read the articles and comments for entertainment sake. It is interesting to note that people do believe the rubbish in most of the articles published here.

      • Daniel

        Yeah, dun talk cock so much in Roy’s blog. It’s Friday, go enjoy clubbing or something kays u 2 ! Leave the real politics, changes in policies to the useful people that really care for the society.

        Those that care for only their lives, jus go on carry on ma…. most impt is u all happy can le.

        Life is short, go enjoy ok. Leave the real businesses to actual man that move the world. Go be your little ‘me’ n enjoy wad this Utopia have for you.

  3. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

  4. R

    HeH, are you running for election. Do you think the opposition MP should draw maybe 50% of the 16000, since in yr opinion it is simply too much. will the worker party agreed with you?

    • Thomas

      R u cheebye, kao bei so much for wad? All u do is snigger at Roy when it’s real men that are moving mountains. Go back to your pathetic burrow n enjoy your moist wet soil. Come in Roy’s blog put a fucking one liner? Who the fuck do u think ur to critise honorable Roy when he spent so much time to do up statistics to give us clarity?

      What the fuck have u cheebye knn done for us? U should shut your pie hole n crawl into your mother’s Vjayjay.

      U better wake up your fucking idea before u talk your 50% of 16000. fucking cheebye knn.

  5. Return Our CPF Savings @55!!! Or Referandum!

    Wow! U sure hit SG50 nail on it’s head n put e final nail on PAPaya’s coffin together with founding PM???

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