Announcing the Reform Party Candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC in GE2015

We are the candidates from the Reform Party who will be contesting in the Ang Mo Kio GRC at this coming general election.

Welcome to our team.

Reform Party Ang Mo Kio GRC Facebook Cover Photo High Resolution For Facebook

Candidates (from left to right): Roy Ngerng, Gilbert Goh, Osman Sulaiman, M Ravi, Jesse Loo, Siva Chandran

You can read more about the candidates below:

You can find out more about the Reform Party here.


  1. modus operandi

    The modus operandi of PAP is similarly to Yang Yin. Manipulating Singaporeans to vote for them so that they will be sucked dry financially. Only the gullible like the old widow will be manipulated by PAP.

    • Ted

      Really? My flat increase in value. My children excelled in their studies, my life was uplifted from poverty, great living conditions, challenging careers, international exposures for everyone… Poor smart students can become president scholars, psc scholars, winning international competitions….
      I didn’t know Yang Yin did is similar to our govt…. So, how much wealth did YY make for the grandma?

  2. Return Our CPF $$$ & Regime Change!!!

    Wow! Brilliant A-Team For “First World Parliament”! U Get Our Votes!!! After GE2015: 1) Flush-out “flawed Govt policies! 2) Return our hard-earned CPF Savings @55 or earlier! 3) Get rid of dubious, questionable & untalented “mass-market” Aliens, FTs, FTrash, Fakers, Economic migrants & transient-citizen-voters! 4) Provide “affordable” HDB, Hospital, Medicare, Varsities, Cars, Transport & Cost of Living. 5) “Hire-SGporean-1st policy! 6) “Control & Manage” immigrants responsibly on a “need-to-hire” basis. 7) Have “minimum wage” of $2-4K consistent with our Economy, GDP, Inflation & High Cost of Living like in Scandinavia, Australia, UK, Canada, Swiss & Germany! 8) Scrap GRC, COE, ERP, CBD etc. 9) Scrap “expensive premium $77K of new “Medishit” started 2015! 10) Reduced “overpaid”, “overpriced” & “overated” Politicians, Ministers, MPs & public servant! 11) Band their salaries & remunerations to our close Neighbours in KL, Jkt, Bkk, Phnom Peng, Hanoi & Manila! 12) Shortened NS to 6-12 months & pay “decent” $800-1.6K! 13) PM, President & Ministers limit to serve “2 Terms x 5 years only! 13) Accounting & Investment “disclosure” & “transparency” on P&L by Temasek, GIC & GLCs!!! 14) Invite back Political exiles & dissidents. 15) Appoint “Justice Dept” & COI to investigate & punish “mismanagement of CPF $$$, abuse of position, money laundering, $2 AIM-gate 16) Free political prisoners & scrap ISA! 17) Ensure “clean judiciary & independent judge”. 18) Good & Fair wages to local PMEs & Workers! 19) Scrap “free Varsities & scholarships” to foreign students! 20) Stop “selling” our passport to high-nett-worth investors, foreigners, foreign-graduates, “instant-citizens” & rich run-away criminals! 21) Protect & Safeguard SG, Our Citizens, Our Poor & Destitute, Our Children & Our Future! 22) Scrap 6.9m “inflated” Population, GDP & Growth-At-All-Cost! 23) Detain, Arrest & Prosecute “politicians” for Sedition & Criminal Misappropriation & Abuse of Position for Selling-Out our Country, Mismanaging our CPF & Tax payer’s $$$ plus Crime against humanity n causing Pain, Hardship, Suffering, Misery & Poverty To Our Citizens, PMEs, Graduates, Workers & Old Folks e past 10-15 Years!!! Majulah SG!!!

  3. ted

    a bunch of jokers asking for money again….
    roy, why u only know CPF? WHy you never ask DPM for all ur questions? if all ur questions are answered, why still harp on it? u stupid isit?

    Ravi, Why is it un-democratic if u can run for elections? and our election is deem “cleaner” than most other democratic countries in the world…

    Goh, whats wrong with having more ppl? u want singapore to be as invalid as u and ur team? more ppl, more business, more income, more money, more chances for the poor to get out of the vicious cycle, more challenging careers for our ppl and many more benefits… not every Singaporean is as f up as u… we strive to be truly global and truly competitive…..

  4. Humtum Bola

    I suggest you delete unflattering remarks, just as what the MSM will do to unfaltering remarks of the ruling party. Don’t play the nice guy here esp with elections closeby. Remember the PAP IB is in full swing. Play Dirty too.

  5. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

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