Town Council Management: How PAP has Betrayed Singaporeans

The Singapore General Election will be held on 11 September 2015.

Has the current ruling party, the People’s Action Party (PAP), done its job or has it hurt Singaporeans instead?

Over the next two weeks, I will be compiling the past articles that I have written into the different thematic areas, so that you can see for yourselves if the PAP has helped Singaporeans or if it has actually make lives more difficult for Singaporeans.

In today’s article, the focus is on TOWN COUNCIL MANAGEMENT.

You can click on the red headers below to read more of each of the articles.

(1) Increasing S&CC: The Government Making Singaporeans Pay More To Earn From Us


What’s more, the PAP wanted to emphasise on the fact that, “the current S&CC have remained unchanged for the last ten years”, and thus they wanted to make it sound like they had no choice but to increase the S&CC.

But, if indeed the S&CC had been the same for 10 years, but the PAP is already able to earn $46.5 million in accumulated surplus today, and even $122 million in 2011 (before they created the law to make the money disappear), then doesn’t that mean that the PAP has been collecting S&CC which are already too high 10 years ago, and which has already allowed them to make a lot of money off Singaporeans?

Does this mean that 10 years ago, they have already made Singaporeans pay far too much so that they can earn from us?

Not only that, since they are still making $46.5 million in surpluses now, that would also mean that the current increase also has no basis, and this would only mean that the current increase would allow them to earn more and accumulate even more surpluses!

What is the PAP thinking? Why are they forcing Singaporeans to pay higher S&CC, when they already have surpluses, and when the real wages of Singaporeans have remained stagnant, and we are having difficulty even making ends meet?

Meanwhile, if the Worker’s Party government is able to govern their constituency without increasing the financial burden on their citizens, why is it that the PAP government which would have more economies of scale, by virtue of running more town councils, not be able to find any savings, and not be able to be cost effective in their approach? Is the PAP so incapable? Or are they so heartless that they are more interested in earning money of Singaporeans instead of be “mindful” for their residents and care for us? On the contrary, when you look at how the Worker’s Party does it, when a report purposely highlighted that in their town council, “5% of their households had S&CC arrears overdue for 3 months or more”, the Worker’s Party had shown compassion by saying that, “While some residents can settle their arrears within a short period of time, others may need more time to do so and we have assisted them with instalment plans”.

Read more here.

(2) Increasing S&CC: How The PAP Took $126 Millions Away


In fact, the PAP has total accumulated surpluses of $58 million, so why do they want to make Singaporeans pay more when they have millions more?

In fact, the PAP claimed that “surpluses have been in the decline over the years (because of) … continuously rising maintenance and operation costs”. Yet, when you look at their annual reports, the PAP’s surpluses have actually increased – from at least $40 million to $58 million!

Here comes the revelation – the total accumulated surpluses that the PAP has transferred into the Sinking Fund – a total of $126 million – more than twice what the current declared accumulated surpluses of $58 million that we mentioned just now.

This is your money – a whole $126 million which they had transferred, which would have been yours to pay for the management of your estate.

But, you know what the real problem is? The PAP claims that they needed to increase the S&CC because of the “continuously rising maintenance and operation costs”. But who manages the maintenance and operation costs? The PAP.

As I had written before, businesses in Singapore have lamented that the key reason for unmanageable increases in costs is due to rents, and it is the PAP which is causing rents to increase. Do I have sympathy for the increasing “maintenance and operation costs”, when it is the PAP which is increasing it?

So, they increase costs, then ask Singaporeans to pay for what they want to increase? Then, they increase surpluses, yet ask Singaporeans to pay more into S&CC to earn more from us, simply because they want to increase the S&CC. You see the trend here? Whatever they want, they do. Whatever they want to increase, they increase? Why? Because they said you voted for them – you agreed to it. You think your vote doesn’t matter? It’s hurting your pockets – can you see the link? They do not want to increase your wages but they want to make you pay more. Is this enough reason yet that your vote matters and you are wilfully giving it away?

Read more here.


      • Ted

        AHPETC got surplus meh? It still owes the money to their sinking funds… Even if mnd dispense the money, most of it will need to go into their sinking funds which they had not paid for many sessions Liao….
        May I ask how u know wp got surplus?

      • Opposition Supporter

        Please ignore the trolls and IBs in the comment section. Roy should renamed it the PAP trolls section

      • Ted

        Why ignore? In the first place. Please get it right. I am Singaporean. And I hate it when assholes try to lie about my country. I am neutral feelings with pap. If there comes a worthy opposition party with the same ideology as lky, I will vote for him or her. Becos I love my country and will not want my children to be born into a poor country run by lousy leaders who wants to fish some goodies from its ppl.

      • Opposition Supporter

        Those lousy leaders are up there in the parliament. The PAP you once knew were gone, replaced by a parody of themselves

      • Ted

        Even if what u say is true… The opposition r not even on par yet.
        Just look at Roy and his party…. Real jokers… Can’t even understand simple economics, finance and insurance… My boy knows more than him

  1. Ted

    In Roy’s world, only when u run into deficit means u had done ur job. It doesn’t matter how u run into defic, whether someone siphoned money or not does not matter.
    To normal ppl, deficit is almost always bad… But I guess RP is not a normal party to begin with… Rp consist of crazy folks with ambition to bring down our nation…

    • skng88

      The point is why PAP imposes increases when there are surpluses and reserves. Is asking residents to pay more to subsidize other expenses ok with you? Do you know you is the sinking fund use for, and its purposes?

      • Ted

        Cost went up so must increase due to inflation. So must increase s&cc else it’ll go into deficit. This happens similarly in WP AHPETC as well and AHPETC is among those who raise the most… What do u want to say about that?
        No good govt or organisation will wait until deficit then raise a lot … Else it’ll create an uproar for not being forward looking…
        Skng88, judging from the way u write. It shows a lot of how u plan ur life. Please dun mess with Singaporeans’ lives, this is no child play

      • PAPer Tiger

        Someone always mess up with us on our way to and fro work (and still want to increase transport fee)

  2. Rotten PAPayas

    “George Yeo, Lim Hwee Hua & Ong Ye Kung voted out – did we die? Koh Poh Koon lost – still they are going to try to pull him in on coat-tails of some GRC – now son of somewhere else. Mah lost to Chiam but they still got him in through GRC and look what happened to our HDB flats’ prices? We suffered a lot.”

    • Ted

      Laughable… We won’t die lah… If govt change, we also won’t die. It’ll just be worse than death… AHPETC run into deficit, ignored AG, mnd, court’s findings…. Ask the hawker to clean the exhaust themselves when these must be done by the town council….
      Just magnify all these by the whole of Singapore…. Results in: Hdb price will fall not due normal fluctuations, money from stat boards starts disappearing as the new govt will start removing all heads of stat boards and the military and police… Within 5 years, will we die? No, we will just be poorer, cpf money will no longer be existing…. But will we die? Still no… But we and our children will be like any other poor nations, and we will be ignored by our “friendly” neighbors…. Then Singapore is no longer relevant to the world…. That’s all… We will just die a natural course…. As all great nations, the ppl chose an incompetent govt and the incompetent govt destroys us with the blessings of its ppl…

      • Opposition Supporter

        More nonsense from the PAP trolls.

        Let’s all open a comedy stand up for them

      • Amelia nah

        Agree with you Ted. PAP ain’t perfect cause nothing is, but the reform party and most of the opposition won’t do a better job. the selection of pap candidates is very stringent and most of them are highly qualified and well educated, good speakers and technocrats. Don’t bother wasting time on Roy’s blog though haha we just end up giving him free publicity. For all you know the people in the comments section can just be the same guy posing as different people to act as if they are the majority. Roy, perhaps if you got yourself a legit proper job, maybe 4-5k a month since you graduated from NUS, slowly work your way to higher pay, you can feed yourself and pay off your housing debt.most Singaporeans are able to at least put food on the table through proper saving and investments, and if you have children the government will go all out to make sure he or she has the opportunity to excel in school and even subsidise him or her going for overseas immersion trips and all those enrichment programmes. This is a meritocracy. Honestly Roy you come across as a sore thumb who has failed in life and is just venting his frustrations on the government. Get a proper job and stop leeching off your parents. BOOO

    • Jovian Ng

      If you own a HDB flat and if the price increase isn’t it good means you can sell it higher?? Sorry I’m just a young secondary school kid here. Can someone please explain to me ><

    • Ted

      No empathy then why got comcare hotline to call? Why social service budget increase? Why social workers r getting more new ppl to join? Why so much money is poured to subsidize the poor? Why so many of our scholars r from less privileged families?
      I also wonder if u used ur brains before writing.

      • jin yu yen

        If you got brain & so smart plus intelligent, I urge you to go stand for election to compete with Roy and see for yourself how well you do. If you got ” boh lan pah ” better to shut out from here.

      • Ted

        Really? At least these girls know who is making our country prosperous…
        U should look at urself in the mirror… U bring a whole new meaning to dumb…

      • Opposition Supporter

        PAP trolls logic: rebut and insult.

        Trolls are hard at work. Let’s make their work harder

      • Ted

        Roy is equally or more hard at work spreading untruths with his blog… So some Singaporeans must also do their part to clarify all these lies being circulated here…
        As long as Roy and his team lies, there will be Singaporeans who will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend our country…

  3. The Oracle

    Typical Roy rubbish! Does he have ANY idea that a sinking fund is? Anybody who has ever been involved in an MCST in Singapore would know a sinking fund is the account used for capital expenditures (long term or occasional expenses such as upgrading works or repainting that happen once every few years). You can be short-term in your thinking and not put money in your sinking fund and charge residents less today – but when the big bills come later and you have not saved anything in the sinking fund, then you will have to ask everybody to pay more later. The idea of a sinking fund is to plan ahead and also keep expenses reasonably level from year-to-year and not surprise people later with unexpected big bills. Sinking funds are standard responsible accounting and estate management. NOT maintaining a sinking fund is irresponsible.

    To be clear also, a sinking fund balance is not necessarily a “surplus” as Roy imagines it – as the balance is almost always less than the known capital expenses that will occur in the coming few years.

    Shame on Roy for yet again trying to deceive people with his half-truths!

    • Xavier

      I am involved in the MCST, and I have served in the capacities of the chairperson, the treasurer and the secretary at various points in time. I do agree with the Oracle on his description on the purpose of the sinking fund, and why it is a prudent practice to cater for rainy days in the future. Maintaining a sinking fund is indeed a standard element of estate management; any management council of an estate that fails to do so is indeed irresponsible. However, one also needs to understand that no responsible management council would transfer most, if not all of the surpluses collected from the S & CC into the sinking fund during a handover, without leaving monies for an incoming management council to work with. It is sound to maintain three to six months worth of capital for the normal operating cost of running an estate when an outgoing management council hands over to an incoming one to ensure sufficient liquidity for the incoming management effectively meet the operational requirements of an estate. It is also a practice for an outgoing management council to transfer all surpluses into the sinking fund if the outgoing management council fears that the incoming council is going to squander the surpluses. I am just stating the facts and not commenting on the political saga that is taking place with this matter concerned. Thank you.

      • Chris

        Well Xavier, u have to realize that to Roy and all oppo supporter. Any money from the residents and govt or even from charity r just money to be plundered upon. U just have to be their friends and make sure a valid contract is in placed… As for the amount to be billed, just fill in the numbers u desire.
        From this whole AHPETC SAGA, the residents r quite passive to voice their opinions. It seems to an outsider, these residents r not interested to know what happened to their money. Maybe become they know the govt will fly in aid to help when things becomes bad… But these residents must realize that the party dishing out their money may well become our govt…. When that happens, how do u ask the govt to punish their “children” who r dipping their hands into the cookie pot?

      • Xavier

        Dear Chris,
        Hold your horses…let us not make unsubstantiable accusations against Roy or the AHPETC and open yourself to potential lawsuits. If any of them has been found to be guilty, I am sure the PAP will not let such an opportunity slip. The very fact that the PAP has not done so can be an evident indication that there has been no mischief found. You can condemn APHETC for lapses, but to accuse them of corruption when you do not have concrete proof is just not civil. Do not forget that there are PAP-run town councils are guilty of lapses too, and they are already the ruling party!

      • Chris

        Agree…i take back if what i said seems to touch on corruption. Mentioning Corruption now, is stepping over the line… Whatever it is, we should wait for the investigation to be conducted. But how does one investigate when it seems no one can hold them accountable? So, it is unbelievable that our ministry, court and laws of our land can do nothing to town councils even after the judge rapped WP for its accounts. Why can’t the ministry ask to have an independent auditor go in and check their accounts? MP, town councils regardless of who is they belong to, r not above the law.
        Pap TCs r not perfect, but the difference is that they appear to take in whatever reasonable comments by MND after they submit their annual reports. WP not only delayed submission despite reminders shows that WP is really another party who thinks that it is “special”…
        So, if no one did anything wrong…. Why not allow mnd’s independent auditor to go in to check their books… What’s there to hide?

      • Xavier

        Good for you, Chris! We are just here to read other people’s views, and sometimes give our own. No point in getting ourselves into trouble.

        The PAP has been trying to find the skeleton in APHETC’s closet for months, but has yet to uncover the smoking gun. If the PAP wants an independent auditor to review the financial documents of APHETC, can we the people of Singapore request that an independent auditor review the PAP managed town councils that have been found to be guilty of lapses too?

        While I take what Roy says with a pinch of salt, I am wondering about the double standards displayed by the PAP. If the PAP scrutinizes and berates its own town councils with the same vigor as that shown to APHETC, that would lend credibility to the PAP’s claims. So far, sadly, I have only seen a lopsided campaigned waged by the PAP. The WP must be held accountable for the lapses, but so must the PAP be held accountable as well. It is only fair and transparent, wouldn’t you say?

      • Chris

        WP is free to ask for that of pap… Why not? I’m also interested in seeing what an independent auditor can uncover…
        From all information, wp do not feel strongly that pap town councils had done anything wrong enough to demand an independent audit. But every one including the courts have their doubts about AHPETC…
        So just let it out… Oppo should do what oppo needs to when it feels the govt is in wrong… Same goes for the govt… Dun u agree? How else can oppo show it is making sure pap is working for the good of Singapore and not otherwise?

      • Xavier

        Right on there, Chris! I cannot agree with you more. I would like to see what happens when both APHETC and PAP-runned town councils are all put through independent audits. Both political parties owe us voters accountability and answers to some very pointed questions.

      • Chris

        Well, I would expect wp to do what pap is doing to them now if any of the pap town councils r having similar problems of the same scale as AHPETC… So far, pap TC does not have any major issues like AHPETC. But wp is welcome to take issue with any of pap TC any time…
        For the past 4 years, wp mp was not even on par with some of the nmp in parliament. CSM was exceptionally disappointing, my hopes for a top lawyer from oppo to act if the ruling party is heading the wrong direction vanished after a year… Now, I understand that maybe nmp quality is so much better than these oppo who has their own party agenda… I would rather see more nmp in parliament…

      • Xavier

        Well Chris, the thing is that if the WP brings the PAP to task it will look really silly since the AHPETC cannot keep its own house in order. The PAP on the other hand does not seem to have any compunction about pointing fingers when the PAP ought to be reflecting on its own shortcomings. The PAP has the opportunity to show how transparent and just it is, so that it can give voters like myself confidence in the PAP leadership. I am still waiting for that sign.

        How do we know that the PAP-run town councils have no major issues? I cannot speak for others, but I for certain have not been shown that the town councils concerned are as all right as the PAP paints them to be. Like I had mentioned, both political parties have serious lapses and should come clean and show the voters that they are willing to be accountable for their mistakes.

        I do agree that some of the MPs from the WP have not been as vocal as one would expect them to be, but there are also MPs from.the PAP who are practically invisible. A few have even been frequent absentees from Parlimentary sessions. Goodness, they have not been paid peanuts, mind you.

        Party affiliated politicians inevitably have to toe the party line. I personally feel that we have a big number of technocrats in the ranks of the MPs, but how many of them are true servants of the people?

      • Chris

        U can google and go the the individual town councils website to find their annual reports… If u want, please read them (PAP AND OPPO), u will be able to tell what’s the difference in their auditors comments in their annual reports. U will see that wp latest report, it’s auditors continues to highlight concerns. U can compare this with the pap town councils reports, if it is as serious as that of wp, please let us know…
        The judge reprimanded wp for this during the hearing, but highlights that only HDB and the town council’s residents can demand of wp to act and rectify… So if u live in a pap town, please feel free to take issue with the town council… I also hate it that only oppo seem to take such heat… It reflects badly of how lousy our oppo is… I would like our opposition to take on the govt role if they win…
        So I do not want an opposition that is not transparent and unaccountable to Singaporeans when demanded by stat boards and residents to be the govt…

      • Xavier

        Hello Chris. I have seen the reports on the websites a long time ago but I can tell you the reports don’t tell you half the story. I am not interested in a report that is dressed up; I am only interested to know what had happened that led to the numbers. I also have suspicion that the auditors have been very light handed when dealing with the PAP-run town councils, hence the comments given were less caustic. That is why an independent auditor can convince swing voters like myself that the comments that would have been levelled at both parties’ town councils are fair and unbiased.

        Do remember that it has all along been the PAP who is making the most of this saga. Do you actually think that the WP is out to shoot itself in the foot by taking advantage of the folks in Aljunied GRC? Mistakes were made, so let both the PAP and WP come out and tell the voters what they are. What is the point in fixing the mistakes and then come up with a whitewashed report to claim that all is well when we are not provided the true reasons for the lapses.

        The WP is taking the heat simply because the PAP wants to ensure the WP has its hands full dealing with APHETC. That is one of the oldest political ploys employed by a ruling party. If the shoe is on the other foot, I am sure the PAP would be singled out for “fixing” too.

        If the opposition is not transparent and refuses to be accountable, a lot more can be said about the ruling party. Do you happen to know exactly how much of our money is lost by GIC and TH? And how much is Ho Chin paid for her services? Reveal those to us and the PAP can talk about transparency and accountability.

        The state of the opposition in Singapore is nothing to cheer about. They have improved over the years, and regardless of what the PAP will do, the quality of the opposition will become better. I do not advocate that an oppositoo coalition takes over the government, but I firmly believe that a more significant presence in the Parliament will not destroy Singapore. Contrary I believe such a situation will help correct some of the self righteous attitudes of the leadership in the PAP and hence make them better leaders in steering Singapore into the future. I do not believe in the credibility of self-imposed check-and-balances intra party. I much prefer a strong opposition presence to keep the ruling party honest and on their toes.

        What is WP hiding? I do not think there is anything to hide. The WP is just standing up to the unreasonable demands of the PAP is what I see. That is why I keep saying that the PAP should lead by example and have their books checked by an independent auditor. If the WP refuses to follow suit, then LTK and company will look really bad.

      • Chris

        Just to add, wp can just open their books to mnd as requested if they have nothing to hide… When AG issue their findings to pap town councils, stat boards, etc… They will reply to show that they have reviewed and comply or they have reviewed and reported to the police to investigate if there is any corruption involved…
        Why is wp so reluctant to let them uncover the reasons their auditors’ concerns in their annual report? What r they hiding?

      • Chris

        U r welcome to ask… Why dun u go ahead and ask… But make sure u have a basis before asking… In life, u always need a basis… No one even the president of USA can falsely accuse that the reports r falsified and the auditors r in cahoots with their client if there is no basis… So, watch what u r implying here… What do u mean by “dress up”?
        Wp has shown big problems in their reports so that triggered the chain of events. If the wp annual report dun show such problems, even mnd and HDB can’t do anything about it…

      • Xavier

        Of course I have the right to ask; issue is there is no answer from the PAP. If the PAP can complain that it does not receive a satisfactory answer from the WP, I as a citizen of Singapore, born and bred here, what is wrong with me complaining that the PAP has not provided a satisfactory answer to me?

        So what is the basis for the PAP to demand for an independent audit to be conducted on APHETC when the court had already ruled it out? So based on your argument the PAP is just fishing for a break?

        I did not say the reports were falsified. Be careful there, Chris. You are putting mouths into my mouth. Do not be too hasty to say things that you will end up with your foot in your mouth. I wrote in plain simple English. Take a closer look.

        So why have MND and HUB not taken action to throw those responsible for the irregularities at APHETC into the slammer? They have ample resources to dig deep, and after so many months have they turned up with the evidence to put the likes of LTK and SL away? That is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

      • Chris

        What does “I am not interested in a report that is dressed up” mean? Did I put words in ur mouth? Please go ahead and sue me if u feel I had slander u..
        Did u ask ur questions? Why no one knows? R u in ur own imaginary world when u asked?

      • Xavier

        Seriously Chris, grow up. Just because someone does not agree with your view, you do not have to be nasty. If you do not want to engage in a civil discussion, I have no intention to waste time on you. If you want an answer, ask please politely.

      • Chris

        Talk about growing up… U do not need to agree with me Lah… U think what? I’m ur dad is it?
        Just becos I asking u some valid questions then u think I’m forcing u to agree with me… Dun u think u r acting like a fool?

      • Xavier

        Chris, you are an utter waste of my time. You are beyond redemption. Learn some manners and don’t be a disgrace to your parents. I am done with an unreasonable hooligan like you.

      • Chris

        Xavier, why is it u seem to talk about yourself? Wait… To say someone is dressing up the accounts is not a form of rudeness… So u r not rude..
        Was I rude? I dun think so… What about u? Were u worse than rude?

      • Xavier

        Chris, obviously your proficiency in English is so bad that you cannot understand simple English to save your life. As mentioned, ask politely and I will reply to your questions. Behave like the imbecile that you are, you will just be treated like a dog barking up the wrong tree and ignored.

      • Chris

        It seems that u think ur English is very good… But all ur writings points to rudeness, inaccuracies and such… Why should any one be nice to u? I am no saint… When someone is rude first, then why should I still treat him politely?
        Dun act Like a gentleman when u r not lah… Calling others rude first does not mean that others r rude… U think what? First to say who is rude will automatically be rude? What a fool u r…

      • Xavier

        As mentioned, Chris, you are merely a dog barking up the wrong tree. Get a life because I have a feeling you do not have one. The fact that our educational system produces a thing like you says a lot. Please go on barking, Chris. You are ignored.

      • Chris

        Well, u do not even understand what is rude and what’s not… Our education system didn’t produce someone of ur integrity, it is ur parents who produced someone with ur likes… Calling others names will not make u a better person… It just goes to show how small u feel about urself… No need to ignore some one so many times lah… Dun feel so small about urself…

  4. Apkia

    Absolute garbage, spewed from the mouth of someone who wants to twists facts for his own benefit. So what do you expect anyone to do in this instance? Not keep a surplus so that when a rainy day comes, hope money grows on the trees?

    Do what you do best Roy, go away.

  5. Concerned citizen

    What absolute garbage logic is this? His entire platform is being run on smearing perfectly good policy decisions by addressing one side of the matter and purposefully leaving out the details. Common sense and basic intelligence is being dragged onto the streets and raped!!
    Roy is either very smart and is purposefully twisting facts (which is pure evil) or he is really stupid (which I guess is better).
    Either way this 6 member coalition of doom is a perfect example of the sorry state of opposition in Singapore. Anti incumbency is so strong even foolish statements are being heard. I wish PAP would split up so people have a strong alternative to vote for.

    • Amelia nah

      Lol it will be quite funny if Roy really wins. Not cause he is good but cause people vote him cause they wanna troll. But yeah people take your vote seriously haha don’t vote for trolls cause this is no laughing matter. I’m sure we can still enjoy Roy’s comedy even if he isn’t elected, maybe he will start going against workers party also. Hahah Roy please lah just stop acting like you are some social justice matyr and you care so much for the poor and elderly. Honestly if you did you won’t be wasting time writing stupid blog posts. You would be volunteering and food drives or soup kitchen, house cleaning and charity stuff, and you would not have thrown your $70k donations from the public to the drain on a losing lawsuit. You are tearing down things you know. I’m sure every singaporean wants the best for Singapore, no doubt about it. But improvement does not come from criticising without giving any constructive feedback. It’s just making everyone suspicious, cynical and even more whiny. Perhaps you should do some grassroots work, learn about certain flaws and loopholes, then offer good constructive feedback to the government through meet the people’s session or writing a legit forum letter that makes you sound smart. We are lucky our government is humble and willing to take good feedback into consideration. Quit whining and just state what you want. Don’t go all idealistic and say I want a fair society I want an equal society. If you really cared you will go into the numbers and suggest a proper solutions. Seriously Roy. Grow up kid

  6. kwangcomputer

    UY on GE2015 CPF Issue, Roy Charges, Loong & Ho Ching, and our CPF savings issue. 新加坡李家王朝极力隐瞒公积金亏蚀困难实况。一面再三延迟退休领款年龄,一面再三增加­《最低存款额》,阻扰贫苦老人领取退休经济保障,一面扯谎吹牛保证,要人相信它的资金­完善良好,稳如泰山,盈利健全。根本难以说服人,一点不能自圆其说。

    Link to see it:

  7. Perry

    wow! pappy got dedicated ib doggies to troll Roy’s blog.

    Private property (condo or commercial) every quarter’s contribution portion will go to working fund and portion goes to sinking fund. Mcst doesn’t transfer surplus to sinking fund. Some condos even refund surplus to residents. Ib don’t anyhow smoke people lah

    • Ted

      Perry, town councils r govern by our laws… Private condos r up to them, even if they bankrupt, do u think we HDB dwellers care?
      When u compare, compare properly… Dun talk about luxury goods when we r talking about non-luxury goods…

  8. After the GE 2015

    Thank you for the strong mandate!

    I, the PM of Singapore, hereby announce that there will be amendments to the constitution governing future General Elections. One of the amendments is, as the life expectancy is getting longer, we will be having the GE once in every decade instead of the current every five years.

    Song bo?

      • Skunk

        What check and balance rubbish? All MPs, including oppositions, are richer that your average Sinkies(if they are not, by the time they are up for the next election, they will be).

        They are not up there to shake the mountain of the louse, they are there to enjoy heavenly view and air.

  9. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

    • Chris

      May we know why these families r struggling?
      In every family, there r their own struggles.. Our social services , wda, help is sufficient to financial help and assist in job finding…
      But note that, a responsible govt does not misuse our public funds to help indiscriminately…. Dun make it sound like help is not render when they are… But if certain members of these underprivileged families r the ones at fault, society at large should not be held responsible… As for those underprivileged families are struggling and willing to get out of this, they must be pulled up with govt and society help…

  10. R Z Kay

    Wake up. Be clear on what you say.

    “Increasing S&CC: The Government Making Singaporeans Pay More To *Earn From Us*”

    Do explain how they “earned” from us by putting this money elsewhere.

    You really do need to learn to control your mouth.

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