Vote for the Reform Party in Ang Mo Kio GRC. We Want to Fight for Your Future.

Reform Party Ang Mo Kio GRC Campaign Poster 3

We are the Reform Party candidates who are contesting in the Ang Mo Kio GRC in this election. Vote for us. We want to fight for your future.

We want to create a fair, just and equal society where all Singaporeans are protected. 

We have spoken up for Singaporeans and fought for the rights of Singaporeans over the past few years and will continue to do so.

Vote for us to be in parliament so that we can make policies to protect our citizens and the future generations of Singapore.

Vote for us so that Singapore will still have a future.

Vote Reform Party.


  1. Ted

    How can one be creating a fair and just Singapore when the person writing this article had been telling lies about cpf, heckled our young and travels the world to spread falsehoods about Singapore. Given such freedom of speech and expression, he still dares to tell everyone that he is being “silenced”… How’s that possible? Only he knows…

    • Sick tired of pap

      Obviously you are one of the beings that lap and bite the bits and pieces that the pappies throw at you ! I don’t wish to engage further with people who choose to stay in the dark !
      I quote this with the kind courtesy and words of ESM GCT !

      • Concerned citizen

        Anti-pap does not mean you have to support this 6 member coalition from hell. Gilbert and Roy lack accomplishments. You can see they are both loud, spread vile half truths and cling to important issues without offering solutions. Giving back cpf to people and stopping immigration are popular talking points but they do not reveal the other side of it and offer solutions.

        Ravi on the other hand is smart and accomplished and raises decent questions. But one person is not enough. If kj had faith he would have run alongside this team in amk as he had mentioned previously.

      • Ted

        I was actually given as much as u..
        I was given good education even though my parents were poor, I was given a roof above my head by subsidised flat when my dad was forced to retire due to his own conditions, my mum manages to get jobs even though she does not know English. I was given opportunities to complete my degrees with challenging classmates from around the world… I was able to apply for subsidized HDB when I got married with not much savings (able to use my cpf to pay)…. Many many more things given to Singaporeans alike becos of our good government…
        U mean u were not given any of this? That’s strange…. All my friends were given that, even friends who supported opposition….
        Can share what were u not given to make u so disgruntled?

  2. James

    Roy, I won’t vote for you, though I will vote for opposition. But, your willingness to stand for election at least shows that you put words to action in wanting to fight for the good cause which you always proclaim. For this, for once, you gain some respect from me. Having said that, I fully agree with what Ted says above.

  3. subra1991

    I will sure will vote for you..,,, likewise my wife & 2 children, age 23 & 22, will definitely vote for you Roy,…& Ravi…..together with both of you….I’m praying to God,….although Even if you were to lose marginally to PAP,….although I want your party to win,…. that means The same PM who sued you in Court for defamation, have only won AMK GRC marginally too….& which means among all GRC, he’s the lowest marginal win,…. That’s already a big slap in his face already….. Don’t forget he have yet to answer all those questions you have queried pertaing to the CPF saga……it’s a job well done Roy…..bravo Zulu to you……and also asked him for answers in court but just refuse to speak….acting so childish,….the whole singapore is watching this saga,….but still don’t understand why our kiasu Singaporean still supporting him & the ruling party PAP???…. I want to share with you something I’m asking the election board, pertaining the voting system in Singapore,….about the serial nos., on uboth both side of the voting slip,….where is the secrecy of our vote….there is a paper put up by Maruah the human right group in Singapore, which they have done a sturdy comparing all the develop countries,….yes they have s/no….but they have it only on one side,….calling out the names of the voters loudly when we report to the voting centre in voting day????…….all this practices should be abolished…..have asked the election dept to which I’ll be sharing with you in my follow up email to Hard Truth website,….& in your election rally please bring up this issue, I hope so that the people of Singapore will open up their eyes…..

    Just for information, I was from Singapore Navy, serving for 31 years as a regular,….I had a dishonorable DISCHARGED last year due to getting myself hooked on cannabis, sentence to 1 year detention barrack…..I did seek Ravi’s help to defend me in SAF court via telephone, not sure if he still remembers me…..that was my past,….luckily I got myself this job as a technician in the marine line doing repairs of marine navigation equipments, but now need to go up onboard the merchant vessels,…pay is almost the same as I was in the Navy…..

    When I was in the Navy, I have this worry,…I believe it’s the same for every Government servant & civil servant, when they vote for the opposition, what will happen to their future….but now I don’t have to worry,….I’m a civilian now….hurray!….

    Majulla Singapura

    Regards Subramaniam Hp: 90620136

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Pap sucks

    Pap and it’s town council has not taken care of its residents in amk over years…they are not even responding to basic requests on safety.

    We’ve stopped paying SCC fee to town council till they respond to residents in a civilized manner

  5. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

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