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Tomorrow is cooling-off day, where campaigning is not allowed during this election.

To continue to read more about The Reform Party team which is contesting in the Ang Mo Kio GRC, you can go to our campaign website at

You can also go to my Facebook page at Roy Ngerng Yi Ling to get more updates on our Ang Mo Kio GRC team.

Finally, I have compiled a series of articles on this blog, which summarises the key issues in Singapore.

You can look through the latest articles to learn more about what is happening in Singapore. It will give you a better idea of who to vote for.

Vote Opposition to protect your future. Vote Reform Party for Ang Mo Kio GRC.

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  1. The Oracle

    Unfortunately the Reform Party would have been better off without Roy as he has been proven again and again to be a liar. He even took a Scandinavian holiday with some of the funds donated by supporters. Singapore deserves better.

    • Rotten PAPayas

      Don’t know if what you say its true.

      But we know that PM Lee’s wife lost >50 billion of our CPF via Temasek Holdings

      • The Oracle

        Is the government making more than it is paying us in CPF or is it losing our money? You can’t complain in the comments section of Roy’s last article about CPF interest rates being lower than what the government is earning and then expect me to take you seriously here when you claim Ho Ching is losing our reserves!

      • Ted

        U think every investment is sure win? As long as the fundamental of the investment is sound, u dun sell at a loss. U eventually will make money when u sell it at a high… That’s the basic of investment… Investors do not talk about paper losses, we only see why we made that investment.
        Getting a “AAA” ratings from moody and s&p is not a fluke… Our govt and swf r very credible, only oppo r trying to mislead and misrepresent the statistics…
        So many educated Singaporeans , but not all of them r savvy investors… That’s why so many lost money in their cpf investments

      • James

        If Singapore has lost its reserves you will see the sing dollar devalue like the Malaysian ringgit. Instead, it is because of our strong reserves that we have a AAA+ rating, one of the very few in the whole world, and our appreciation of the currency. Facts speak for itself, while liars like Roy and his supporters just choose to fabricate lies in the face of facts. Let these failures in life continue to blame the system for their own demise instead of doing something for themselves, while the majority continue to thrive under the sound governance. Roy, your lies and antics have been seen through by the voters. Your vote count is plain shameful.

      • Concerned citizen

        RottenPAPya. You don’t say anything constructive but keep on posting unrelated images. You are the definition of a troll.

        Your hatred for PAP is blinding you. Oracle is comparing RP with other opposition parties. It seems like you wouldn’t hesitate to vote for a dummy doll should it stand in an election against pap.

  2. Fire

    Speaking at a rally at Woodlands Stadium on the last day of campaigning, Mr Wong said to the crowd: “If a tree bears good fruit all these years, and you know that the tree will continue to bear good fruit, will you cut it down, will you tear it down, will you weaken the tree? Clearly, the answer is no.”

    You sure fruitful mangoes are good for the people? Grapes that can be made into wine are much better. You plant mangoes in a vineyard, it will be chopped down you know.

    • Fruits eaten up by PAP and associates

      The problem with this mango tree is that it is producing lesser and lesser fruits each year, and the fruits that they harvested are either gobbled up by themselves or given away to foreigners. Ordinary Singaporeans have no share, or the most, given the remnants of the fruits.

    • Fruits eaten up by PAP and associates

      And so, the ordinary citizens are planting another tree, and they are not going to share the fruits of this new tree with the PAP.

    • John

      tax collectors and prostitutes prefer wine…those smoking pot like tp eat heavenly mango pudding. ..and they usually eat them on and every Sunday. .served by the high priest of the gospel of truth

  3. Sisyphus's Watermelon

    The PAP used to be good value for money. The PAP now has accumulated too much baggage, the PAP has to be reborn, and the way to do it is to vote for a well organised opposition, while it might sound counter-intuitive, the evidence shows that whenever PAP lost ground in an election, the reformist fraction within the party gains influence.

    The evidence is clear, Tharman was promoted to DPM after PAP lost ground, and many of the stubborn deadwood whose ideology simply failed to move with the times, stepped down. I believe Tharman is the leader of the reformist fraction within the PAP, but his influence within the party is not enough to realise his vision for Singaporeans.

    The Honourable Mr Lee Hsien Loong had his chance as PM, the results are just so-so, 15 years is a long time, he had a fair chance, now, please let someone else have a go.

    I sincerely and humbly hope PM Lee Hsien Loong can step down, Tharman can do a much better job as PM, let Tharman do the job. Ng Eng Hen can be Tharman’s deputy, they will be a good team. Both of them are excellent, among the very best Singapore has ever produced, but sadly they have insufficient influence in their own party.

    Allow me to present you with a statistic. As of 7pm today, PAP’s own youtube channel, each politician’s highest viewed video count: Tharman 67k – Lee Hsien Loong 17k

    It is clear.

    Let Tharman do the job. He has the vision, the ability and charisma to do it.

    Please vote for a well organised opposition (except for Tharman’s ward) so that the reformist fraction of the PAP can use the poor election result as a reason to push for more influence (just like in 2011) and restore the party to what it should be.

    The reformist fraction gaining more influence within the PAP is a good thing, both for the voters and the PAP itself. Through internal reforms, the PAP will be able serve the interests of the voters for many more good years to come.

    Will voting in this way result in a sudden change of government? No. The max number of seats WP can win is 28, not even 1/3 of parliament, they will probably not hit anything more than 15. The total number of opposition seats add together will probably not hit anything close to 1/3 of parliamentary seats also. Why? The typical ignorant HDB-auntie is not like you or me, they cannot do independent thinking on policies and they are not on the internet, they have only 1 source of information, they will vote for the PAP even if the PAP fields a monkey.

    Don’t take my words for it, I am sure you can think for yourself, but this is surely what I am going to do, vote for a well organised opposition to support Tharman as Prime Minister.

  4. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    10 Sep 2015 Thu Singapore Time

    • Joe

      copy then shame? dont you even quote a wise man’s words? if you didn’t you probably dont learn from history. ignorance at its best.

    • Concerned citizen

      Oh please! You don’t like wp holding a grc? Roy will make sure aljunied goes back to pap if wp were to induct him there.
      Let this be a lesson to all political parties. Stay away from looney characters. Invest in smart accomplished people for the party.


      Again, the devil taketh the Loony into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them..And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me…..Then saith the Loony unto him, Satan, you are my god: i shalt worship mammon, and him only shalt i serve….Then the devil patted his head, and, behold, elites came and ministered unto him. 

  6. My regrets

    LHL is the best PM we have in Singapore. Nobody can replace him. He is the one and only one PM that Singaporeans have chosen. We have been taken in by you all the while. We have been misled and deceived by you till the point of supporting the wrong party/people. Now we know the truth. PAP tells the truth. Yours are all lies. I regret listening to you and didn’t vote for PAP. In the next GE, I will have a change of heart of vote for PAP. Can someone please ban this website and his blogs?

  7. Joe

    Please unblock me in your fb leh Roy…I swear, i will not humble you as badly as last time..please just at least unblock….i want to comment leh…….. i’m Joe Lee…Please unblock k???

  8. Clueless

    Oppositions wondering why the “national swing”.

    Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:  And if opposition cast out incumbent , he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

    Hmm…is it a good omen? 🙂

    • Someone

      FuIly agreed with you ted. Roy n hhh is a joke. We shall not be taken in by ur honey words n lies at our govt, be it CPF, educations and etc. n to the rest of his supporters here. Be a MAN and accept the choices of the people. Dun give excuse for ur failure. Btw du think u dun know Singaporeans like to complaint n kpo. We complaint but deep in our heart, we love Singapore n PAP. We knows they can lead us to SG100 or SG200. N next time, if you see ten of thousands of people at the rally, most of them are KPO. I am one of them 😊

  9. James

    The people have spoken. No other country in the world has such a huge mandate from the people for every single election. And the results proves without a doubt that Roy and Han Hui Hui are a joke. No one in history has fared worse than these two clowns. And he is going to become bankrupt too. Well done Roy ! Congrats. *clap*

  10. Victor

    Why does the huge majority vote for PAP if they are so bad like what Roy post in every blog posting ?

    It simply shows what he wrote are rubbish, and the people knows. His bankruptcy will serve him right and we don’t need a liar and a cheat like him around anymore.

  11. LOL

    Sin political leaders succeeded while others all have failed is not because they are more capable but that Mr S.A. Tan, who has transformed into an Angel of Light(non corrupt), has made this little red dot his ultimate headquarter lol

  12. The Oracle

    Nobody predicted such a large swing back to PAP but, in retrospect, there are several factors that are significant:
    1) Despite what Roy & Co has tried to make people believe, every decile of Singapore’s population has seen real income growth in the past few years.
    2) The property cooling measures and the launch of more BTO schemes, etc., has made homes relatively more attainable for more people than before.
    3) PAP has tried to be inclusive and make Singapore better for everybody while the opposition has tried to foster a “them vs us” mentality. Singaporeans see how bad that kind of mentality can be by just looking at our neighbours.
    4) Again comparing to our neighbours, Singaporeans also want clean government and PAP has delivered on this front.
    5) All the talk of foreigners taking jobs is mostly hot air as we have almost full employment in Singapore. The government’s actions to reign in PR growth, make employers consider Singaporeans first, etc. has been seen as a more balanced and smarter approach than the xenophobic stance taken by some of the parties.
    6) Some opposition candidates simply were not qualified or trustworthy enough. The Reform Party won the lowest percentage of the vote in the wards it contested compared to ALL the other parties (excluding independents). I call this “the Roy Ngerng effect”.

    • Orifix

      The root of all evil is an intense and passionate relationship with money. All your points raised served the gutters of a people full of religious hatred(they are grateful to their gods).

      I walked around after the election. Not a single happy face in a crowded and soulless heartland. Of course, your indulgence leaders don’t live in the heartland, do they?

      • The Oracle

        Your lies and insults are why the majority would not trust the opposition. And surely you mean no happy face in the RP offices? Almost 70% voted for PAP across ALL of Singapore.

      • Orifix

        The oppositions are idiots. 70% followed the smell of money. Your leaders are not leaders but are mercenaries. Nuff said



    每年 398 - 415 国人自杀事件,

    1。 执政党还是在一片狼藉中,在与工人党和民主党群众大会支持率明显偏低的情况下,在开选前10天,留意PAP的留言,对各个选区的PAP参选人放出包赢的信号, 是否大有蹊跷 ?如果不是搞作弊, 绝不会选举结果大大地出于民意的意外。至于作弊在哪里 ? 有待揭晓。

    2。必须禁止任何党派在大选前1个月, 向选民发钱,贿赂选民,收买选票的行为,因此,这次的选票结果应该是无效的。

    3。 联合早报是直接参与打压徐顺全博士与工人党领袖的罪犯之一。应当将其负责人绳之以法。

    4。 这次的结果, 是否将导致百姓遭殃, 执政黑暗继续猖獗, 我们将拭目以待 !

  14. subra1991

    Mr Kenneth, Mr Ravi & Mr Roy,

    I’m Subramaniam, I’m very sad to see the election results yesterday….I don’t know what to describe these fellow Singaporeans….one moment they are complaining so much,…but when comes to election date they have given the ruling party the mandate if 70%, compared to 60% in the last election…. There goes our freedom and democratic with PAP,….now LHL will go full swing with the 6.9 million white paper, GST will be increased to from 7% to 10%….& all kind of wayang will emerge…. I’m very sad and don’t know what to describe our fellow Singaporeans….what to do,….that the most you & I can do.,,,by the way bravo Zulu for standing up against in Ang Mo Kio,….but be careful Roy, the PM will start his next move to check mate you on the defamation court ruling which is still pending….

    Good luck to reform party & not sure if your party will stand in again for the next election in 2020 after what happened yesterday, as o saw Mr Kenneth Jayaratnam was very very angry asking Singaporean not to complain in the future about the ruling party…..

    Regards Subramaniam

    Sent from my iPhone


    • WorkToDeath

      Sorry…the oppositions stink as badly as the incumbent.

      Singaporeans have this black and white mentality. White won so they thought…ahh…paradise(since surrounding democratic countries are all hellholes).. So they are the exceptional ones with brilliant leaders…..and not an abattoir

      • CorruptJudges

        Indeed,” religious hatred” everywhere. I don’t see a united people. Must go city harvest church to soak in all the love yah? hahahahaha

  15. Lethal dose of mandate for PAP

    Singaporeans have just given PAP a lethal dose of mandate. Brace yourself for the consequences to be unfold in the near future!

  16. Yen Chian Lim

    Hi Roy,
    Hope you get a job soon and leave his arena and blog for good. People don’t believe in what you say. Thank you for worrying and caring, but you may not have the official figures and know all the inner workings of these institutions that you are criticizing. Good luck, Roy. Live your life well.

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