What Happened at Singapore’s General Election 2015?


In this article, I will write about my thoughts about the General Election 2015, as an observer, a person, and not as a politician.

Some of my observations are gathered from a read of other postings.

The election results are surprising. This is a conclusion that both sides, the PAP as well as the opposition, have acknowledged. Some people have pointed out that many PAP politicians have said that they were “humbled”. Indeed, the results of the election is a humbling experience, not just for the PAP but for the opposition as well.

What happened, is a common question that is being asked. Many of us among the opposition were saying how the results do not make sense.

It is clear that socioeconomically, many Singaporeans feel constrained by the high cost of living, and coupled with the depressed wages have caused many Singaporeans to feel stressed up and unhappy.

The general sentiment has been that the votes will swing away from the PAP to the opposition. In fact, I had believed that the votes would go down to a 50-50 split between the PAP and the opposition. This did not happen.

Several factors play a part, key among them how the PAP’s conservative rhetoric played out to great effect and also, how the opposition had framed the issues.

Of course, the typically-assumed factors which caused the swing would be on how the sympathy votes from Lee Kuan Yew’s death has aided the PAP, the SG50 feel-good celebrations as well as targeted policy tweaks such as the Pioneer Generation Package and slight enhancements to the CPF system for the elderly, and the unique upgrading elements such as building a swimming pool would have assisted the PAP. The promise of the construction of polyclinics also allowed certain segments of Singaporeans to perceive greater accessibility to healthcare and therefore gave the PAP more votes as well.

The question though for the opposition is, why in spite of policies that were well-intended to benefit Singaporeans, did not receive the support of Singaporeans?

Almost all the opposition parties have proposed minimum wage to increase the wages of low- and middle-income Singaporeans, and to increase health and education subsidies and also strong job protection as well as unemployment benefits to protect Singaporeans who have lost their jobs. But why did voters not bite?

This is where the PAP’s usual rhetoric played a crucial role. Where the opposition had tried to illustrate how these benefits could be conferred onto Singaporeans without the need to increase revenue or taxes from Singaporeans, this did not sink in with Singaporeans.

Instead, many were swayed by the PAP’s belief that there would be a need to increase taxes.

Many reasons explain why such a belief was pervasive. First, the PAP’s propaganda of higher spending equating to higher tax has taken root among many Singaporeans. Second, the complicated tax system makes it difficult for Singaporeans to understand, even as much as some economists perceive the CPF as a tax and Singaporeans pay as much as 8 times more indirect tax and CPF than personal income tax. The point here? Singaporeans already pay more than enough tax, and the money that we pay into the CPF and the taxes combined would be more than enough to finance any much-needed increase in expenditure to protect Singaporeans.

Third, and most crucial, the socioeconomic lives of Singaporeans, as much as this was what the opposition wanted to campaign to protect, is also key to the voters’ decision-making.

For a populace where the poverty rate has been estimated to have increased to as high as 30%, and where the lives of Singaporeans are squeezed, many are too frightful to choose an alternative scenario. Many are unwilling to accept increased expenditure, for fear of making their lives even harder.

Ironically, the very policies that the opposition wants to implement to protect Singaporeans are the very ones the voters rejected, due to a combination of a lack of understanding of what these policies entail and how these policies were not articulated in a manner which aligned with the vast majority of the voters.

Most importantly, voters did not understand how the policies would benefit them but were more clearly fearful of how costs would increase for them and affect them even more adversely.

The PAP’s monopoly on government and the opposition’s inability to be in government also caused Singaporeans to doubt that the opposition has thought through their policies clearly. This is in spite of how among the opposition are former civil servants and academics as well as economists who would have among them the expertise to do so.

What perhaps then is key is how the opposition has portrayed themselves and who they were trying to reach out to.

For many opposition parties, they might have appeared too intellectual. This could be where the PAP’s Manifesto wins with its motherhood statements. Voters do not need to know what policies you have in store for them. They only need to know how you can make them believe you care for them, regardless.

And this is a mistake that many among the opposition could have made. We tried our darnest to explain the policies, not realising that this only reached out to 20% of the population who firmly voted for the opposition yesterday.

But for the large majority, the policies were lost on them. Instead, they feared having to pay more.

Indeed, fear became a key theme on how Singaporeans voted. Just the day before the election, the PAP sprung the surprise of talking about terrorism and instability in Malaysia in their political broadcast, which would have a key effect in grounding many voters towards voting for the PAP.

The improved strength of the opposition, for the first time in Singapore after many decades also caused an irrational fear among voters of the possibility of losing this instability. As much as strength can be counted on as a measure of aptitude, such strength became a crippling factor for a population used to being fearmongered at.

It is not by chance that The Worker’s Party has therefore played so safe over the last few elections, because it had read the psyche of voters very carefully. With a well-defined strategy of positioning a liberal-leftist Manifesto to a smaller widely-read population and playing a more stable politics on the larger landscape, this was how The Worker’s Party has managed to sustain its influence in a carefully well-balanced strategy.

It could perhaps be seen by the voters that the eagerness that the other opposition parties had presented were too strong for their comfort, and therefore the voters back off. If you ask me, it’s a pity. Our fear caused us to let go of what would have been potentially beneficial for us.

This is where you have to congratulate the PAP on a well-oiled fear-based strategy and one that has caused Singaporeans to be so fearful of making ends meet that they would rather choose more of the same, than be willing to take risks.

Finally, certain figures among the opposition such as myself could have taken some Singaporeans by surprise and might have even caused discomfort. Figures like myself might come across controversial and place voters in a condurum. Eventually, I managed to convince some voters of my sincerity after my political broadcast was shown on cooling-off day, which resulted in me being the 5th most searched personality. But this came too little, too late, many voters whom by then had made up their minds who to vote for.

The presence of several controversial personalities could thus have added to the uncertainty among voters who were taken aback by the sudden strength of the opposition, and therefore caused some to repel away.

What could have been done better?

If anything, The Worker’s Party was the only party which read the ground right and managed to retain most of their existing seats. Emulating themselves as a stable party won them the middle ground supporters.

As much as a select pool of Singaporeans, the majority online, are ready for a more intellectual discourse on sociopolitics, the vast majority are not, or do not have the time to be engaged on these issues. As such, the opposition was lost on them.

The presence of many supporters at the rally nonetheless show the entrenchment of such supporters towards the opposition, but they did not unfortunately reflect the broader segment of Singaporeans.

If this is any indication, it means that the opposition parties would need to fundamentally relook their campaigning objectives and who they should try to reach out to.

How do they continue to rile up the shrinking liberal intellectual class, while broadening their scope to take into account the majority which wants to be assured of stability? How do they try to skillfully master this balance to be able to convince voters?

This requires much party discipline and focus, which The Worker’s Party has displayed, and which the Singapore Democratic Party had tried to emulate and have effectively done so to some extent, which got them to become the second-best performing opposition party, after The Worker’s Party but this was still not enough.

This is not to say that the PAP did an excellent job at marketing itself. If anything, the swing in votes towards the PAP did not result so much because of how the PAP has framed its campaigning, but more in terms of how fear has turned Singaporeans away from the opposition instead.

The key success in how PAP’s campaign worked therefore is how it was able to imbue fear into Singaporeans. But is this a sustainable long-term approach? I do not think so.

But what are the larger sociopolitical effects that could happen. With the PAP gaining a firmer foothold, would this result in them continuing with the further clamp down of their critics and alternative online news site? Will Singaporeans see a further marginalisation of their rights?

For a PAP which would be put paid to believe that Singaporeans would tolerate their current antics might mean that the PAP would believe that they could continue with their current mode of working.

I would personally hope that the PAP would use this renewed mandate to fundamentally shift its governing approach to one which becomes kinder and less punitive. But I do not know if a PAP used to a track record of doing otherwise for the past 50 years would be ready for this, especially with how it had conducted itself this election.

The only hope could lie in a change of prime minister, to put in place one who is more moderate and who would take a more centrist approach.

In the end, this election would have shown that Singaporeans are not ready for a more progressive sociopolitical landscape, and some politicians might need to evaluate if their current method of working is still relevant to Singaporeans and if they would change gears or withdraw from the scene.

My worry is that if there are no fundamental changes in policies over the next few years, we will see a much more divisive landscape develop as well as a more disempowered and weakened citizenry.

I ran for election because I hope that we could go into parliament to better the lives of Singaporeans.

At the end of the day, it does not matter who goes into parliament. But what matters is that the people in parliament would put their ear to the ground and would make policies that put Singaporeans at the heart of the matter.

This election is, in a way, a wake-up call to the opposition to better strategise themselves and ironically, where we have said that the PAP has lost touch with the ground, some among the opposition have also fallen folly to this mistake, and have not aligned ourselves to the wider majority.

Whether or not the opposition has another chance at the next election would depend on whether they have learnt from the ground-shaking election this time round.

But for Singaporeans as well, it would depend on whether we would have the courage to confront ourselves and not be swayed yet again by fear. I believe many Singaporeans would be kicking ourselves over the results but it is too late to cry over spilled milk.

What would be more important would be to look at how we can involve ourselves, so that at the next election, we would be able to bring about a government that would be more in line with our vision for our country.


  1. Norman Wee

    Singaporeans normally want a PAP government not so much out of love but “the devil we know is a better choice than the devil we don’t.” So when they saw overwhelming crowds at opposition rallies, people like my wife were worried. So they did the next best thing they know to keep PAP. If it’s a byelection the opposition will win outright for sure.

      • The Reality

        Singaporeans voting style this election? Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t. Kudos to Yew Tee/Marsiling Lawrence WOng.

      • Concerned citizen

        Roy. The perfect loser blaming everything under the sun except himself. You lack credibility with your half truths, heckling government, dirty politics, outright lies and flip flops. You will never elected to office. Stop deluding yourself.
        As for the opposition, good opposition voice was diluted and drowned by morons such as you. If the opposition were few and United under one party with credible workable policies they would get votes. For that to happen moronic, lying, idiotic, opportunistic, selfish individuals such as yourself should stay away from politics. Leave this to a few accomplished good people. They will win it for the opposition.

      • The Oracle

        I agree with Concerned Citizen – the opposition will do better without Roy. On top of all the lies, Roy couldn’t even be trusted with his own supporters’ donations – that Scandinavian holiday was, at best, a stupid idea. If Roy can be corrupted by a few thousand dollars, what would happen to our billions?

    • Endgame

      Roy Ngerng you missing the points more than 78% of Singaporeans are dumb cult social engineered by PAP. where they hear do it for pap those people’s will sign anything or vote as the word pap said without thinking! because Singapore is already into toilet. What kind of Singaporean’s can celebrate SG50 doesn’t know it own constituency rights? what an joke Singaporeans celebrate be screwed celebrate be morons taking selfies and making banner for tyranny whom screwed you, rob your life telling you 10 years cycle NS reservist until you are 63.

      I find that is not about voting pap or opposition is about choice. if they’re singaporean enjoy been milked by pap then they should live under tyranny vote for whom they want, not to those people like me i don’t accept giant screw over job or either been money milk, paying tony tan debt they are least singaporean deserve an choice.

      Let put in all the facts how many Singaporean Do knew their foods from store contain GMO? water contain Fluoride?

  2. Ace

    Actually, the reasons for voting PAP could be quite mundane.

    I asked a neighbour why she and her family voted PAP. She said her daughter goes to the PAP kindergarten nearby, and she goes to the CC for many classes. Without PAP around, she fears that all these amenities would disappear. I explained to her that PCF and PA are apolitical. But all she said was, “you never know, better safe than sorry.”

      • Ted

        my son, i will vote in a party that will help u to excel in your life in this globalised world. yes, it is now a globalised world where you will need to compete with the best in the world. can you escape? sadly, no… unless the world voted to disconnect from the world wide web, stop all air travel, etc… do you want that? “No, dad”… i thought so…
        the party i will vote for is one that will prepare all Singaporeans for such a life. make sure that if you r willing to work hard, you will succeed in life… this party will not forsake you , will not tell you stories when your money disappear from the town council, will not use your children’s money to benefit your dad’s generation, will be prudent in their spendings, will admit to their mistakes, will make sure that every school is a good school, will make sure that there r enough university space for all those who deserved it, will make sure the old and retired can retire in peace with cpf life, will make sure that those who want to work can find a job, will make sure that Singaporeans are helped whenever they have a baby, make sure that you can practice your faith, be proud of your race and protect you if any one makes fun of you becos of the colour of your skin….. and son, this party will do many, many for things for you becos you are Singaporean…. “dad, is this true? i hear from my friends online that this party is not democratic, no freedom of speech and takes your cpf….” “Son, have you seen your online friends in real life? have you checked with the official govt bodies if what such friends are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? did your friend make fun of other’s religion? lastly, son… i didn’t want to withdraw my cpf…. but the cpf board kept sending me letters to inform me that i can start taking my cpf (which are more than my MS) out. I wanted to leave my money in cpf becos there is no where in Singapore to give me such good interest rate and protect my capital too…. so i refused to take out my cpf..” “So my son, do you want to believe your friends online or do you want to believe in a real life example (your dad)? even if you don’t believe me. you are welcome to read up all the terms and conditions of our laws, our cpf and so on…. all these information are online in their respective official govt websites… on top of that, you can read the financial leaders of the world on their take of singapore, you can also see how Warren and charlie munger view singapore…. these people, my son… are much more talented and financially savvy than your so-called online friends… no offence, these online friends of yours are nothing but ungrateful people.”
        “you know what, dad… i think i will read up on my own on all these information from official website. it is better to understand from official websites than from so-called blogs…. thank you, dad and singapore government for giving me a good education to decipher truth and half-truths… it is time to understand issues, running a country is not about an individual but the future of all SIngaporeans… I will not be selfish like roy… thank you singapore, thank you dad…” “VOTE Wisely… i want Singapore to last for generations to come…. I do not want public funds to be used indiscriminately, I do not want my offsprings pay for my enjoyment… I LOVE SINGAPORE and the Party that brought us here and into the future.”

  3. Ben

    As much as people think that social media made an impact, it didn’t. it still counts for a very small percentage of voters. For instance only 200k people watched the NUSS Political Debate on youtube. There are 2.3 million voters, most of whom only depend on the mainstream media for information. Thus it is simple, whoever controls the media controls the voters. It is very sad for democracy in Singapore. I feel sorry for CSJ, Jayaratnem and Roy who fight an uphill battle against an unfair system. Keep it up, don’t be discouraged!

    • benjaminhon86

      I think you guys can’t rely on just social media for the next election (you need to get the truth out to the majority of Singaporeans who don’t use social media). But given the election was called a year early, with 2 weeks of campaigning and boundaries redrawn, SG50, PAP playing on LKY effect, a PAP controlled media etc….. even though many Singaporeans are suffering, it was expected that the opposition would not do well this year.

      • Chris

        Not everyone wants to see fake debates by nuss… I would rather watch Korean drama… If mainstream media show and no one watch then how?
        In USA, there r many media companies… So some will see this and some will see that…
        In Singapore, the other media company folded becos not enough viewers… U want then u can go open another mainstream media company..
        The way u write is so naive…

    • Chris

      i think PAP should make use of the social media and hand more talks to engage the public on its policies…. dispel all these lies by people like Roy..
      yes, oppo like to use underhanded tactics …. like roy is a good example. he will cut and paste one-sided information on our cpf and then say cpf is not good… but if u go to cpf website, u will read the entire information to understand why cpf is like this.

      • benjaminhon86ben

        Shame on MediaCorp for not airing the NUSS Political debate. In America the media is hungry for any kind of debate between the candidates. If we had a free media as in America. The NUSS Political debate would have surely aired on mainstream media.

      • Chris

        Not everyone wants to see fake debates by nuss… I would rather watch Korean drama… If mainstream media show and no one watch then how?
        In USA, there r many media companies… So some will see this and some will see that…
        In Singapore, the other media company folded becos not enough viewers… U want then u can go open another mainstream media company..
        The way u write is so naive…

    • skng88

      There never was any democracy, but we should like it as is…………. until one day our children wake up to terrors. Then again, we will not be there to care.

    • Chris

      U stupid is it? I also saw the debate but no substance at all…
      The point is, these oppo arr so lousy and I can’t even bring myself to listen to them… It is a democratic election so I voted the party I want.. Who r u to tell us off? U ppl talk so much about democracy but when ppl dun vote for u then u say we never support democracy? What sort of rubbish is that? R u even educated?

      • HLC

        Apparently , you and Ted are not…
        educated, that is…
        only in the “”all neighborhood schools are good”” schools
        Grow some brains and come back in 6 years

      • Ted

        I have brains , unlike u…
        I come from a poor family and went to neighborhood schools then I went on to study in a reputable university… Now I work in an mnc…. I do not drive and i take public transport…. I have lived in other country and saw how sad their poor is compared to Singapore poor… I have seen colored-skinned people being discriminated…. When I tell these people about Singapore, they were amazed… But they know that it’ll never happen in their country… Becos there r evil people who don’t want things to run smoothly. If everything is run smoothly like Singapore, there be a lot of these people will be thrown into jail…
        Sad, right?

      • HLC

        I have brains , unlike u…
        I doubt it

        I come from a poor family
        and went to neighborhood schools
        That is so obvious

        then I went on to study in a reputable university…
        like NUS or NIT???

        Now I work in an mnc….
        I think our interpretation of MNC and your mnc is different

        I do not drive and i take public transport….
        You must be the one that left an indelible impression on Anton Casey… save his viral comment

        I have lived in other country
        I doubt it, you dont have any panache.
        You wouldnt qualify in Dubai, nor any 1st world countries… maybe Africa??? or Papua New Gunea??? or yes, iI know… Johore Bahru orSandakan???

        and saw how sad their poor is compared to Singapore poor… I have seen colored-skinned people being discriminated….
        How about SIngaporeans discriminating against Foreign Workers and new immigrants…. They are no same than your great grand parents…

        When I tell these people about Singapore, they were amazed… But they know that it’ll never happen in their country… Becos there r evil people who don’t want things to run smoothly. If everything is run smoothly like Singapore, there be a lot of these people will be thrown into jail…
        You must be talking about IS Act… detention without trial (record jail time longer than Nelson Mendela stay in prision), more than 2 persons = riot???, “”FINE”” city, most expensive city in the world BUT not expensive at all for the locals says PAPa, no minimum wage, no freedom of speech or information. Minister and Temasek Gravy Train

        Stupid “”eductaed”” plus went to reputable university voters like Ted… who were WHOLESALE tricked (not landslide victory) by PAP scare tactic

        Sad, right?
        So very pathetic, absolutely correct…poor Nappy (adult diapers) Teddy

  4. landragon123

    PAP won with the carrots they hang in front and up front. For Pioneer the carrot is out with planning for the next five years to come. For the young families, the baby bonus is up front and back dated too. For those who are going to start new families, HDB are ready without long waiting. For those planing for their children to go to university, new ones are built and more is coming up. New hospitals and nursing homes are built and more going to be build. The lists are long and we hope PAP will fulfill all these and more to come and the CPF interest is going to be raise to 6% next year. The Dragon is alive and beats his father in percentage point this round.

    • Ted

      u seem to be unable to get it.. cpf interest rate is tied to our bank’s interest rates… once Fed raises the rates, singapore banks will too. then cpf will do likewise.
      I am sure the oppo will say that it is becos of them, thus cpf interest rate is raised. only an idiot will believe them…. unless these oppo can control the US Fed’s decision, these oppo are just idiots and fools…. we are lucky that most of singaporeans are educated… else we will be con by these oppo..

  5. Return Our CPF $$$ & SG!

    Dear Roy & Fellow SGporeans,
    1) Was GE2015 “fair, free, clean or Kelong”?
    2) Was Our “actual votes” and your “courageous performance “screwed” by “current system & regime”?
    3) Was e “results” bizarre, shocking, unbelievable, unexpected or “reflect” e current ground reality, sentiment, resentment, unhappiness & anger over many unresolved “hot button” issues, flawed policies, thousands of unemployment & underemployment plus CPF lock-up?
    4) How many thousands of “new IC & citizens” were parachuted in since GE2011?
    5) Have they already “outnumbered” our local voters?
    6) Were there “phantom” voters?
    7) Who benefit from redrawn electoral boundaries?
    8) Who does e EC report to?
    9) Why are they announcing e results after 50 years since 1965?
    10) Why are e “results” fishy & unbelivable since All seats contested for e 1st time since 1965?
    11) Who would allow a “freak GE results” & “regime change” to jeopardize Billions $$$ income & revenues & Absolute Power & “Skeleton-in-Closet”?
    12) Why did PM declare “We will win the next Election” during “Devils-in-White” Convention before GE2015?
    13) Don’t blame SGporeans native who have given Opposition “their Votes”!
    14) Don’t blame Yourself & Other Smart Courageous Opposition candidates who risked their Career & Livelihood for fight “clean with dignity!
    15) How can U guys ever “win” a “loosing battle” under current system & policies that “favor, protect & secure” All e Incumbents & Ruling Party?
    16) Only “God” knows right? Let’s Pray for “Good Karma & Divine Intervention”:)
    17) Plan B these questions must be asked in Parliament!
    18) God is Watching: The “Truth” Will Prevail On “Actual” GE2015 “Results” Hopefully Sooner, rather than Later:) Amen!

    • Chris

      yes, GOD is watching… u better watch it, PAP is a good govt so it will do nothing unless u commit a crime like Roy…. but God is not merciful, it is impartial. for all your rubbish u mouth out… u will suffer in hell…

    • Roger Bond

      The problem is very few SG’reans are able to see through the smokescreen like you. Believing/trusting them to be honest is the biggest mistake; and yet many are still in dreamland. THINK: What is the (his) purpose of Election Commission be placed under PMO? Similarly, why jury system was dismantled and Judges appointed by the PM? – look at the way they presided over cases involved political victims. Countless of their dishonest words & deeds have been revealed online – how many would suspect or even think of the possibility of dishonest acts at election?

      • Way

        Simple, absolute power = absolute corrupt. So sad that 70% in S’pore failed to understand this. The one and only power means the ordinary, poor, etc people can be hold by the neck and at their disposal. The families of the powerful will be very very rich.

    • Lee Boh Jee

      It’s is either Stockholm Syndrome or outright fraud………..unless you are telling me that 70% of singaporeans are retarded and that explains it!

  6. Smokyround

    You are wrong in some ways. There is a large silent majority like myself who simply like the way our life is at the moment. I have no desire for a liberal Singapore, I have no desire for an import of western liberalism. I like my Singapore conservative. I want to maintain the right for conscientious objection.
    I was completely put off by the vitriol that I have seen over the past few years online. I do not need to hear that the incumbent government is wicked on a constant basis. And be pilloried for my views. Therefore few pap supporters argue online. The Amos Yee episode sealed my views.
    To be honest, I viewed this election as somewhat of a nuisance, my decision has been made on no rally that I attended. I have heard no arguments on either the PAP or the opposition side. I simply like Singapore the way it is right now. Having seen and lived in the wider world, I understand the sacrifices that have to be made. There is no perfect government. I don’t want a government that has to pander to the masses constantly because of what might happen in the next election, where the hierarchy changes constantly. How can one plan for the long term future that way? Look at the difficulty Obama has in eradicating the gun laws in the U.S.

    • Yolo

      There are some who are able to look through this ‘smokescreen’ because they know for them selves who is manipulating CPF,media and everything in ur life but they jus do not want to say it out cos they dont want to end up like Amos Yee himself

      • benjaminhon86ben

        You are right. Most singaporeans can’t see through the smokescreen, because the media is controlled by PAP. Only a few actually do. And then you have some who do see through he smoke screen but are indifferent, because they are rich and well to do, they don’t want to fight for freedom or what is right.

      • Ted

        wow,,,, seems like you are smarter than majority of singaporean. so, Ben… are you warren buffet? are u an economist? are you even educated???
        u think singaporeans are stupid? don’t look and sound so dumb…

      • Way

        Yolo, you missed out 2 points. There are many new citizens from bigger countries who do not have CPF, so they are not affected at all, they don’t feel the pain, pioneers forgotten that they were asked to go Johor hospitals previously. I personally came across 2 real cases that these type of citizens have cheated a new, heavily subsidized HDB by falsely declaring no private properties overseas. I can say this 2 cases are just the tip of the ice berg of thousands of such cases. These people for sure vote for PAP. I have many unfortunate middle or lower middle class real S’porean friends who were inevitably stuck in Singapore shoe-box private property that are not fit for a human family (long story due to ever changing policies), can’t dispose the private (thanks to the harsh cooling measures) but not even allowed to buy non subsidized resale HDB (as can’t afford to buy a reasonable size private to stay). See MP at TPY, MP said it’s impossible for the government to check whether these people (new citizens) are lying if they are from other big countries. In other words, too bad, if you are real S’porean, you have no choice and no way to escape, you got to be a victim of the system, so, means it’s understood that S’pore is so world class that outsider knows how to take advantage such as PRs running away from NS by moving dropping SG PR (female PRC converts still maintain SG citizen, no lost) moving out to places like Australia.

  7. HLC

    The gullible Singaporean voter believed the PAP scare tactic that the Opposition could win and form the government…
    The next Election, PAP will have the 1 million “”foreigners”” or at least 250,000 or 10% more PAP voters.
    Gullible and third world mentality voters tricked and bought with SG50 gifts – paid with their own money….
    Lets see how effective those Opposition MPs will be.
    All other parties should give them technical support so they can question / challenge with authority in Parliament about Temasek earnings and their “”management””fees

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of WRONG is that Good Men Do Nothing
    or for dumb gullible and malleable politically immature voters….

    “”Good”” neighborhood school heart lander voters are certainly no match for million dollar +++ Cambridge, Oxford, Bath Tub Admirals and Paper Generals…. that is for sure….

    • Ted

      u still here spreading fear of our govt? I believe ISD didn’t knock on ur door as u tried to tell us the last time… yes, it is unfortunate that u did not become the martyr of your own imaginary singapore…. why don’t u purposely get killed by a car and your roy can say it is the govt’s conspiracy?
      Singaporeans r not gullible, we are practical… we love our country so we hope no one can destroy it… we are all foreigners 50 years ago… u mean ur ancestors are living here since the dinosaurs roamed the earth? dun talk cock lah…
      hmmm…. i believe all our admirals and generals and all of us attended our neighbourhood schools and it is our neighbourhood schools that mould the good ones to excel in cambridge, oxford, MIT, etc….

      • benjaminhon86ben

        I would rather be less practical and more human. Whats the point of having 1st world infrastructure and 3rd world people. Fight for freedom and a DEMOCRATIC and FAIR process. Free the Media from Government. Change the anti protests laws. Be more transparent.

        Unfortunately, now that we have handed over PAP a blank check, the lack of accountability and transparency is going to continue

      • Chris

        We have achieved so much becos we r practical … Most of our poor become richer and started traveling around the world becos of our meritocratic system. Even jobless Roy is allowed to con people into donating to his idiotic cause… This is how free our country is…
        The people voted and it shows how democratic we r… Democracy is about choosing the best team to run the country, it’s not about having useless fools to try and run the country.

  8. Siyuan

    There would also be a non-negligible component who are sick of high costs and PAP arrogance, but recognize that they have the intelligence, experience and education (not just academic-wise) to better govern than many opposition candidates, such as yourself, who are full of hot air and little else.

    • HLC

      So you are actually saying and admitting that PAP are ELITIST and
      they know best to lead you home grown “”all neighborhood schools are good schools”” voters and
      you are perfectly fine with that.

      I suggest you compare in real spending value
      your own salary, perks, bonus and life style
      with that of your PAP MPs and Ministers

      Read Animal Farm……… Google it

      Enslavement is so easy and simplistic – thanks to you and the Stockholm Syndrome
      hence the success of the simplistic PAP scare tactic “”PAP may lose ALL seats!!!”” to win another 5 years

      SIngapore voters are so mentally backward for a “”First World”” Nation….
      Must be the Orwellian schooling and upbringing……

      PAP trained you well…. or maybe its just your small gene pool.

      • Ted

        omg… HCL again..
        i have already explain that most our these people were from poor families. they worked hard and get scholarships to become who they are… it is unfortunate that u did not work hard so u are just crap…
        dun understand?
        HCL is the embodiment of stupidity

  9. TheVotersSpittedOnYou

    Your inability to offend the voters is your downfall.

    Try calling them….w h o r e, maybe a better future will begin to emerge rather than the PAP’s pyramid city filled with sheeple and grateful slaves .

  10. Raymond

    Opposition has been hurt by Roy and HHH who have ben seen as liars and has no credibility and reputation. If not for these two pap moles the opposition would have done much better. Look at the number of votes these two opportunist got, what a shame.

  11. skng88

    If PAP continue to perform the way they had for the last 50 yrs – for the nation and people, all will go well for them. The baby-broomers are inhibited with fear for not having a PAP ruling party. Therefore for the next 20 or so years when all these are dead and gone, then we will see a swing vote that will be based on intellect and socia-economic matters. As long as the ruling party run the nation progressively economically, it moves forward. Meanwhile, the poorest who cannot progress for whatever reasons will remain so and this number will grow. The original Singaporeans will become a minority and the naturalized ones increased to grow and sustain it. The current middle age Singaporeans are secured in the jobs, capable and strong. They see a bright future ahead with PAP to work the machinery and nation safe from outside forces. But in all these comforts they have lost compassion for the poor, and think that the disadvantaged must rise up for themselves and not blame others. They cannot feel empathy. They favor those people and institutions that only benefit themselves. In short, we dont need a Opposition at least for the next 25 years. An Opposition will rise only when a Robin Hood is desperately needed for the poorest and elderly who are not middle age Singaporeans then. SDP, Dr Chee was such but his time is not ripe.
    Be well, Singaporeans.

    • benjaminhon86ben

      But when they rise, they get put in jail, made bankrupt, etc… I guess the situation will be like a volcano, when the people cannot tahan already and suddenly explode. When no one cares if he goes to jail or not and just stand up for their rights. But alot of these people are leaving the country already. Maybe we will end up with a fizzle. Who knows

  12. TheTwist

    i am sure some of you have heard the story of a rich ruler who claimed he was non corrupt and obeyed the laws perfectly? Well, those religious nut cases who go round shooting down liars may like to know the twist to this story because the rich ruler lied through his fart hole. The master pointed to every commandment he broke…from murder to adultery to bearing…… false witness.

    He was a rich fucker, what do you expect?

    • Chris

      What about the fucker who runs the party where it is unable to account for money in its own backyard? Then he tells everyone to believe him?
      Indeed, when a murderer murders someone he will also say the same thing…

      • HLC

        Ditto for PAPa
        In fact, especially since they have the most to lose… Temasek management fees ++++… Gravy Train….

  13. HoHoHo

    This government had thrown a 16 years old boy who cried WOLVES into a mental prison to fix him, and an example to all, and more than 70% still voted them into power.

    I think the 70% idiots have lost credibility as human beings. Goes to show you how people who claimed to be right or righteous can be so bloody wrong or evil.

    • Lunjiao

      They keep saying…I am humbled..I am humbled…fiaking liars…show me your humility by going up to Amos and kow tow to him three times and then humbly apologize then I MAY believe your rich lies!

      • jackfruit

        So Roy. ..go find a proper job lah..or find lobang from Dr chee and see which foreigner can fund u go overseas to denounce Singapore. .come the next GE , get public to donate money to u as deposit money so u stand for election with another crap manifesto, maybe u might get that 15k salary for the next 5 years.

      • lea xian loon

        PAP and their underhand methods e.g. state-media manipulation; voting system; fear mongering may “win” again.

        But we’re still better than burning in hell with white PAPers

      • Chris

        Why? Did Amos break the law? Yes he did… So?
        U mean in a democratic country, people are allowed to break the laws? U think this is North Korea?

    • Mysteriousele

      Because Amos is not the reason why I voted for the PAP. I think jailing Amos was a bad idea – it almost lost my vote – yet I still voted for the PAP. I believe in a stronger opposition voice in Parliament. Yet I still voted for the PAP. The PAP did not throw Amos Yee in jail. Lee Hsien Loong did.

      The PAP was, and is, still arrogant. Yet – they have changed. They have shown that they can reform themselves. They have worked hard, added, and amended certain policies. Can they do better? Of course. But can the opposition do better than the PAP is? I do not think so. The Opposition is not fully credible. There are some good parties out there, and there are some parties I would never vote for.

      I would definitely give my vote to Dr. Chee and/or Dr. Tambyah. Unfortunately, neither of them was contesting in my ward. I would consider voting for the SPP, or the WP. I would vote WP if I was in Aljunied – unfortunately, I am not. Unfortunately, the candidates they put up in my ward were newbies. I know nothing of them. I would consider vote for many PAP MPs too if given the chance – like Tharman, for one. Lily Neo, for another.

      At the 2015 GE, I never even considered voting for the RP, or NSP, or PPP, or SingFirst, unless they seriously reform and improve. It says a lot that in the wards those 3 (besides NSP) parties contested in, they won only about 20% and performed the worst out of all 8 opposition parties. Kenneth Jeyaratnam is a bitter sore loser that cannot take defeat, and I will never vote for him. Just like I how I will never vote for certain PAP members like Vivian Bala, Chan Chun Sing, Sim Ann, or Lawrence Wong.

      Why have I lost my credibility as a human being just because I choose not to vote the same way you do? Why am I not as good as a human being just because I base my vote on other things? If I was basing my vote on whether a party threw a boy in jail to prove a point, I would definitely vote Opposition. But that is not why I voted for the PAP.

      • skng88

        Agree with you. Nevertheless, you voted PAP (for whatever reason). That makes you the 70% who gave them a mandate to do what they think right – not you. If you had void your void, this percentage is lower than last election. That says a lot about and for PAP.

      • HLC

        Think island wide and not by precincts
        And not a specific person representing your neighborhood….

        By your lame analogy…
        if PAP recruited from its controlled Media Corp all the TV artistes… then PAP will win 100% of the voters

        Opposition parties must now unite to fight a common PAP
        Form a coalition and create a shadow cabinet / government…
        Challenge PAP with numbers, facts and logic
        If the local controlled media wont report, then use social and international, regional media…

        Create a movement for Freedom of Information Act, this will at least open the flood gates, partially…
        otherwise, now, everyone depends on only the PAP “”truths””

        Entice PAP MPs to join or form their own political parties..
        wont be easy to change a million dollar Robot Follower to an ordinary salaried Leader

        NOW, to focus on finding and voting in a honorable replacement President with brass GONADS, like ONG Teng Chong

    • Andrew

      I think the punishment to Amos is well deserved. Hence I support PAP. The moment they go light on criminals, regardless of age, they have lost the iron in them, and the right to govern.

      • Zuzu

        Totally agree that Amos and Roy deserve what they got themselves into. Don’t huge hm behind freedom of speech to cover your evil intentions.

        I fully believe anyone, including politicians, have the right to fight back when they are smeared by low life, bottom – feeders like Roy, chee and amos.

        No one should have the right to talk trash about others in political office with impunity.

        I want to have faith in my leaders.

        And when I look at the reason why Roy and chee lost the popular vote, it’s because both had extreme credibility issues. Especially the many dubious incidents that chee has be involved with. Roy lost all credibility when cried on the stand about using the word ‘criminal misappropriation’.

        The government should give back cpf at 65. I think most people understand that cpf is meant as retirinement fund! Not as a political tool you guys can exploit.

        I can’t wait for chee to pull his usual stunts like falling out with malaysia

      • benjaminhon86ben

        Wow, North Korea Incoming.
        What innovations have this kind of system produced? NONE. If singapore continues to use this kind of system, all the innovators born and bred here will leave somewhere else.

      • Chris

        Ben, North Korea had no laws… So people like Amos Yee will just be shot there and then..
        Yes Amos Yee deserve it as he is inhuman to make fun of others… Our laws r humane so he break the law and he serve the time… Simple.. In USA, it’s the same thing. Why dun u try breaking the law in USA… Then u see if u get it or not…

    • Lee Boh Jee

      singaporeans have again given the devils to rule over them for the next 5 years……..let’s see how much they and their famili going to suffer now……..do not ever pity singaporeans cos they are too stupid to know anything except be tortured and con………

      • Way

        Yup, agreed. So sad, unfortunately, I am still a S’porean living in S’pore and started having nightmares worrying about the children’s future now. They are already too powerful and getting more powerful, the people gave up their last hope.

  14. Wholiarsnow

    You have the richest fuckers as ministers in the world and the people said…oh yes…cum and fuck up my assholes!

    Brilliant! Wahahahahaha

    • Ted

      most countries of the world have the poorly paid ministers but their bank accounts have more money than Singapore Ministers put together… and all these foreigners loved to have their ministers continue to work for them, think that they had paid peanuts to their govt when their govt just helped themselves to the public and private funds

  15. The Reality

    Agree with what you say. Singaporeans have been weaned on a diet of kiasuism and fear. And as the Singaporean gets old, his fear gets old too. They have been conditioned for years to have this mind. They have been encoded with fear and when the time is ripe, the PM fires this encodement and it triggers a predictable behaviourial response to reduce that fear through…voting for them. This is covert and subversive but it works. The key is how does one unhinge this hook. How does one reset this? I don’t know at the moment but NLP has some strong answers to them questions. You might to research on this. Yes, the policies by the opposition were good but the larger base of votes belong to the poor and the kiasu middle-ground. How does one unhook the kiasu mind? It needs to be unhook and deprogramming takes a lengthy process. The seige mentality arguement has been played on Singaporeans for half a century. It’s there deep in their psyche. And when fired, it works like a charm. This is 2015 and we still have gutter politics. But it’s there. Only the great souls such as yourself can do this task. The next problem is the new citizen votes, they are many. From an NLP perspective, there is a reason why PM placed his photo at the top of the other posters and all around the island, why do you think that is? It’s to fire a response from the new citizens who to vote as many would have been familiar with his face more than anyone else’s. Also, for the first time, photos of candidates are shown on the ballot papers? Why? These ministers undergo a masters in public administration in harvard and they learn all sort of ways to govern in their masters course, my friend. Dr Chee ran a good campaign but the truth is…the more hands you shake and meet before election day, the more impactful the outcome. Sometimes, one has to go it out alone to do house visits even when the rest of the members are busy. Singaporeans are with you, Roy. Otherwise they won’t donate huge amount to you and Dr Chee. But until, this fear is deconditioned and you have to find a way…the future is bleak. You are dealing with a populace that as you as has been fear mongered for decades. You are free from that fear. You’re deprogrammed but you want through a rite of passage. These Singaporeans don’t. They’re not even aware they have this malaise. They’re confused it with good old Confucian value?! On behalf of the tens of thousands, thank you. Some of us, rather move off rather than move out of Singapore. At present, more than 220 000 Singaporeans are working out of Singapore. I hope to join those ranks soon. Because I know, the new citizen votes would overshadow our voices. These new citizens come in with the communist minds. That’s a completely different sort of mind to understand. But one thing is clear. There is no elections in China. THe chinese vote for any incumbent government. And their numbers would have hit at least 20% in our population now since 2006. I don’t believe that Singaporeans are smart. This election shows how stupid they are. And I don’t blame them. Kenneth was right to be irated by the outcome but there are a lot of pscyhological impediments to cogent reasoning that needs to be worked at for the singaporean mind and you are on the right track.

    • Mysteriousele

      “Singaporeans are with you, Roy. Otherwise they won’t donate huge amount to you and Dr Chee. ”

      About 3 in 4 SIngaporeans voted for PAP over RP, or if you want to make this a clash of personalities, LHL over RN. People donated to Roy – but in the whole scheme of things, a very small number of them actually chose to donate. How many donated? 5k people? 10k people?

      How many DIDN’T donate? 100k people? 1 million people?

      The silent majority is often discounted because they are just that – silent. But when they speak, they make a point. They made a point in 2011, and they’ve made another point now in 2015.

      ” I don’t believe that Singaporeans are smart. This election shows how stupid they are. ”

      Lol, so just because someone doesn’t agree with you, they must be stupid. Glad to know.

      • Andrew

        I am not afraid of PAP. But neither will I vote for you Roy. These people in PAP knows how to properly run the country as they have proven. Until they screw up and start to pander to the whims of the populace, I will continue to support them.

        I thought I was the minority reading the forums, but really we are the majority. You can continue to assume that people vote this way because we are afraid. It doesn’t matter to us. But it does to you, because you have to know why you lost in order to formulate a strategy that works.

        Good luck.

      • To toro

        Good luck to Singaporeans what will be coming their way. Not all the time when someone disagrees with you, they are stupid. But there are times when they are just simply wrong. To say the Singaporeans have no fear is stupid and delusional. This is the country that gets 5th for crony capitalism and Dr Ng Eng Heng is the Defence Minuster who placed all his sons as head of the military. Singaporeans stupid? Of course. The margin of this election proves the case.

      • benjaminhon86ben

        Keep up the good work on exposing the truth roy. Before what you did, no one was talking about PAP using our CPF to invest in GIC and Temasek. After what you did, now everyone openly talks about it. The Fools condemn you, but we all know that it is the minority who dare to ACT.

        So thank you for acting and exposing the truth.

      • landragon123

        Politicians are mostly corrupted almost everywhere but the worst of corruptions is Power Corruption. What is wrong to put his sons to lead the military and their educations were paid by the government? There are able and capable and there only looks for Ministers sons and relatives.

    • Zuzu

      Totally agree. I don’t like Roy Ravi chee H3 kervyn Cheo tan Jee say SL LTK CSM Pritam

      Haha. .. so many i don’t like .. why should I wrote for them.

      Roy is the ultimate loser and maniac grin.

  16. My Opinion

    This is solely LKY effect and the fear of losing PAP as government (a freak election). So people rather err on the correct side than on the wrong side. PAP may misconstrue this as an increase in mandate for them due to their “good works” for the past 4 years. Because of this, even if they put in any tom, dick or harry into any of the PAP team, they will still win by a substantial percentage in this GE.

    • skng88

      Yes, the Tom, Dick, and Harry are the suicide squad, and people with no backbone (to say the least now). And yes, PAP will construe whatever they want with the mandate. We will live the consequences given by the 70%.

  17. Roy Wrong

    maybe you can just ask yourself if your bullshit of cpf being a tax and poverty levels at 30% made you an idiot in the eyes of many Singaporeans lah. Forever blaming other issues and never taking stock of yourself. When you insist on issues and force it down peoples’ throats and they don’t agree, no it’s not their fault. It’s just your idiocy at work.

    I hope this election humbles you. You’re neither a figurehead nor mast not voice of Singaporeans. You’re not even a rudder or an oar. You’re just the brackish water swept and left behind and soon to be forgotten.

  18. Andrew

    I support PAP because they think long term and do not indulge in the baby kissing type of populist government. They dare to take hard decisions even if it means upsetting people as long as it’s good in the long run for the country.

    Opposition? Other than WP, they all just offer people goodies. Minimum wages, use of cpf or reduction in cpf etc. There’s one even wanting to abolish death penalty?! If all that is needed is just to do what the people want, it’s so easy to given a country then.

    Would I vote for opposition as it currently stands? Except for maybe wp and Mrs chiam, probably not.

    This is just my personal feedback. Not everyone will think like me, but that’s one vote that thinks this way.

  19. David

    It is not fear that caused me to vote for the PAP, but self-inflated opposition candidates such as yourself which made me do so. Enough with your minimum wage, you sound like a broken recorder. A government can impose a minimum wage, but at the end of the day, it is up to a corporate institution to decide how many workers to hire. Simple economics would state an increase in price of labor, thus causing an overall drop in the number of jobs out in the market.

    You say the opposition has thought their policies through. Well, I would like to invite you to debate with DPM Tharman on this, pretty sure he will kick your sorry ass.

    You say this election was humbling, but yet, all you do is blame the voters and their “lack of knowledge or courage”. My advice to you would be to do a better job and try again next time, by insulting voters, you aren’t gonna go far (if you choose to run again).

    However, my feel is that this elections has caused you to be disillusioned and probably bitter. You may feel estranged and outcasted, so maybe, just maybe, you should get the hell out of this great nation.

    • Zuzu

      I totally agree. We don’t need a chee soon juan v 2.0 whom Roy seems to be emulating.

      What a pathetic self righteous clown. You don’t speak for us. We will never let you speak for us. You charlatan and traitor with the psycho grin and tears on cue when in court…

      Makes me want to puke.

      I think voters are much more intelligent and well-exposed than you will ever hope to be.

      They will not waste their vote on a nut like you to let you go to office…

  20. dcyeo

    You are talking nonsense. No wonder the opposition lost the the election because Singaporean knew too that there is no such thing ad you want social security n don’t have to pay for it. The CPF return of 4% interest is about the best in the world. Only clown like our friend Roy and you believe you can get better return with the CPF investment. Off course, there are investment out there where yiu csn get 10 % to 20% but end of the day, you may lost evrything including the principal as rhe risk is high. My advice to you, young man, stop writing nonsense n appreciate what the PAP gov has done for you all these years n be contented with what you have.
    We Sporean are not blinded n if we voted for the PAP , it has nothing to do with LKY passing away or the SG50 celebration. We believe that PAP has done well n they are the only party that are capable of providing Sporean a job, security n a future for our next generation.

    • To toro

      Go and read your facts. Most Singaporeans can’t hit minimum sum as they are paying for high hdb let alone 4%. You must be one of those old kiasu fearful ass of a fucking Singaporeans who are ripping the young off.

      • Ted

        it is obvious that this to toro guy is an idiot…. it is a fact that most of us will hit the minimum sum….. those who dun will be helped. regardless of how much u have in cpf, u will get them back. u earn more, u get back more… this is a meritocratic country….
        u should be getting your facts right…. else u just sound like an idiot.

      • HLC

        And those million dollar salaries plus perks are going higher and higher fo9r the next 5 years…
        Imagine LHL (forever…) and compare with US President (2 terms only)
        Google their salaries
        Whatever happened to SERVICE to country???
        If they are so afraid to lose out in the open market then dont serve or serve one term
        Sounds like professional MERCENARIES to me…

  21. Boh Kia See

    I think the election was rigged. There is no proof but the results does not make sense. The rigging could happen not at the physical level but at the technology level. That is the computer programme to tally up the votes was written in such a way that the outcome is pre-determined. Just go back and watch the last President Marcos election results.

    As I said, I have no proof but simply a sense of disquiet about the election system ever since the Presidential election the year before.

    I think the PAP is capable of such tricks–so long as the ED is located within the PMO and controlled by the PM–this sort of results will continue to surface in the future.

    Sad but possible.

    • To toro

      Ever wonder they remain in power through and through for half a century and throughout this period, the election department has never been independent from the PM’s office. The election department real RO is the PM himself.

    • The Oracle

      There were opposition party observers in every ward at the counting stations, etc. Whine about short notice until the election, etc. but no political party is claiming any kind of vote rigging. Take your lies elsewhere.

  22. VotersAreAllWomen

    Bashing the monkeys does not make the wolves right. You the pigs fighting over monkeys and wolves are the biggest losers because you think with a fat hamburger in your mouth and you stick your finger up your twat and goreng until your brain jiuce becomes wet wet will always think your pigeon hole is the ultimate paradise.


  23. 30/70

    The sued(representative) is an idiot so is the guy who sued him. Those who choose between the two are also fucking idiots.

  24. Norman Wee

    Advice to the oppositions on strategies for next GE:
    * blow really hot before nomination (can even start now),
    * at nomination give PAP walkovers in half the seats plus one.
    * with PAP announced as the government, the voters would vote oppositions enbloc.
    * they live happily ever after

  25. Hiao

    Anyone heard the story of an “old married couple” by a minister? In the story , the chaste wife met the devil on the highway. The devil said to the woman…I grant you three wishes if you will to suck my dick. The woman was enticed by all the possibilities her wishes could bring that, without hesitation, she went down on her knees and eagerly serviced the devil.

    Upon reaching home, the husband asked…why the happy grin on your face? She went down on her knees and showed the husband why she was grinning.

    The irony is, the wife did such a good job on the husband that he broke the marriage vows. Ask the husband why?

    He blamed the wife for turning him into a devil.

    • LOL

      the story developed further…the husband became a very rich business man….so one fine day….very eng eng…walked into his room and found the wife with another man…infuriated by his self righteousness….he gathered his kakis and stoned his wife for committing adultery

  26. landragon123

    I believe the CPF is still paying you back at 55 less the Minimum Sum, Medisave and some other accounts. The minimum sum will goes to CPFLife, whether you like it or not as it is compulsory and it increases every year. You will get back an allowance after 65 and soon will be 67 a some for your monthly upkeep. You will get your final amount, both CPFLife and Medisave through your family to buy you your coffin. Since CPF is for life, I hope the interest can be raise to 6% and the balance will give the Government a boost in their Balance Sheet as CPF is part of the country’s assets.

  27. Foo J Y

    Get over it. All kind of excuses when oppo loses. The voters are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. The oppo need to be credible to get the trust of the people. For a start get your facts right. CPF perceived as tax?poverty level at 30%?

    If Singapore poverty level is 30%, I wonder what is the poverty level for Asia and the rest of the world.

  28. We Have A Choice

    PAP keep thanking their activists and I see online trolls included…
    These are my points.
    2,304,331 votes were cast in GE2015.
    ~160k voters did not cast their votes?!
    ~47k rejected votes(spoilt on purpose)
    Estimated 300k new citizen eligible to vote in GE2015
    New citizens/RC/PA/CC/Union/SAF/SPF/MAS/Etc,etc etc, assuming 90% of them voted for PAP, will already have a based of 40% of voters on their side.
    I strongly believe 99% of the Pioneer Gen voted for the PAP.
    Middle class that owns Singapore based investments like property, stocks etc will vote for the PAP because of the global uncertainty thats been happening recently. The free falling of the RM$ also worries many, since we are heavily dependant on imports.
    MSM also played a heavily role, playing those nostalgic B/W video clips of Singapore and late LKY. Surprisingly is newspapers protray the WP rallies as a revolution and these people will rewrite the rules of Singapore govt. This scares many middle class and the top 20% earners.

  29. Alice Ng

    Don’t insult our intellect that 70% of the population voted out of fear or being “brainwashed” as claimed by the sore loser – Kenneth Jeyaretnam. We recognised no government is perfect but if you compare Singapore (not to the west) but around the region, I think we are indeed “special” and a shiny red dot. Yes, I agree that there is still work in progress but I think many of us realise that AT THIS POINT in time, our incumbent government is the most capable one to do it with their track record.

    I used to have a soft spot for the Workers’ Party but since the Town Council Saga, I felt that they were not “transparent” and were evasive in their redness to their lapses. “I only answered to my residents” is telling me you have something to hide. If you can’t even govern a constituency, how do I entrust the running of the country to you (even though you claim you go not want to form the government now.) I have been monitoring their attendance and performance at Parliamnent and certainly they are like “mouse” as I don’t find them bringing up issues that matter. The only time when I really hear them is the noise made when they tried to defend the town council issue.

    Give credit to the 70% of us to be able to discern what is good and correct.
    I have given my vote to the party that deserves it and done it with eyes wide open and certainly not brainwashed or influenced by all “the sound and fury signifying nothing”!

  30. you are an idiot

    Idiot. Let me first point it out to you that my qualifications is quite high and I still vote for PAP. Do you know why? Cos I went to check on your research and I wasted 1 whole day going through it. Are you sure you even graduated from NUS? I am a local graduate myself and my research is conducted objectively. Your research is flawed and it is manipulated such that you present what you want to show to the rest of the world. I won’t bother to tell you what went wrong and I think the best counter strategy is to tell you NOTHING.

    Dear Singaporeans, he is lying. All his research is wrong. And if you guys are hardworking enough to check and analyse through his work you will know it is false. Don’t be mislead by him. If you listen to his political broadcast he is trying to attract young females with his eyes and voice. Luckily I am too street smart to be fooled by him. And fyi occupy Singapore is part of Occupy Hong Kong and they are funded by Washington. Here is the link. http://www.globalresearch.ca/hong-kong-occupy-central-funded-by-washington-the-neocons-and-the-national-endowment-for-democracy-ned/5411731 Check it out yourself. Pls do not be fooled again.

    • Si Yuan

      It takes less than five minutes with google to show that Roy is spinning shit. But as we now know, no-one is buying it except the odd coffee-shop gossiper.

  31. We r Sympathetic lot

    There is one thing I m very very very happy happy happy about …that is Singaporean are majority very sympathetic & generous lot…( tis can never be seen elsewhere) ..they r indeed very very very grateful to our founding fathers ( LKY ). Despite the odds r against Singaporean, we don’t wan the PAP to be punished so much although they manage to address some issues. Speaking to some elderly & seniors or even the youngsters..yea..u bet…they r very grateful, sympathetic & forgiving lot…u me others & new old citizens r in a way generally have a big heart ❤☺

  32. WP


    By the way when WP won Aljunied GRC last term, they started changing the light colours within the GrC, go and find out who is the one getting the contract to do that! WP is fuck up!!!

  33. eric lim

    Roy. Did it ever crossee your mind that Singaporeans do not like you, gilbert or han hui hui? It is that simple. 8 out of 10 dislike you. Numbers coule be higher.

  34. My Opinion

    The silent majority of Singaporeans have not been kind to the oppositions this time round, particularly to Chiam See Tong. Given his age and health, it is unlikely that he will live to see the next election. Still, the voters over there refused to return the parliamentary seat back to his party. Worse still, more votes were taken away from him to punish him. Chiam See Tong has been such an effective opposition member that even GCT and LKY praised him.

    Instead Singaporeans have appraised PAP with an A grade (70%). I believe with retrospection, many would have found the score too excessive and over-rated. PAP would be better off with a 55% or 60% of mandate given their performance for the recent past years.

  35. John Doe

    Roy, throughout the course of my life I’ve met many people like yourself. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove or what kind of issues or baggage you have – but I’m pretty sure one day you’ll look back and realize how stupid and foolish you are.

    It’s too late for you to turn back now because you will go down in history as one of the biggest wanna-be ‘politicians’ of Singapore and admitting that you’re in the wrong is too painful for your mind to accept. You feel safer stuck in your delusion than to admit you’re wrong and that you’re actually a nuisance and not a hero.

    Good luck. You’re going to need it.

  36. Silent Majority

    Roy, your analysis is only half-truths.

    If you look the past 9 days campaigning on rallies or tv, or youtube.
    Most of the weaker opposition are just focusing lambasting on PAP. The only thing they can offer is populist policy which none of them works.

    These kind of messaging only appeals to like-minded fans – the extremists opposition.
    They only like to hear what they wanted to hear.

    But most opposition teams forgotten (except WP) there are another group of voters waiting to hear some good alternative policy.
    These are your silent majority.

    If opposition (RP, PPP, NSP) continue to lambast on ruling party without any viable solutions, they can forget about getting elected.
    because they only appeal to the 20% die-hard fans.

    ~ Silent Majority.

  37. Eddie

    I like to read some of the research you have done. Your blog is indeed democratic. You allow anyone to post comments even those that vilifies you.

    You have years ahead of you. You can be a contributor to Singapore. Nothing to stop you from being constructive. You can reach me on the e-mail I have left in the details box.

    Good luck.

    • Ted

      Yes, but why Roy ban u in his Facebook when u dun agree with him? Why he ban u if u manage to show everyone that Roy is telling lies on his Facebook?

  38. TGH

    Roy, the reasons why PAP won big this time round is not entirely what you have written. The main reason is simple – the opp members suck! It’s as simple as that. If there is a credible political party that could challenge the PAP, PAP will be gone in a flash. But alas the opp members suck big! While Singaporeans may not like some of PAP policies, they won’t jeopardise their future with NSP-like clowns and give them their votes.

  39. Wakin

    There come a point in Spore tat there will a Sporean “Gandhi” or ” Moses” or “Some god figure ( LKY reborn) to come & save Sporeans & Spore. Tis election the opposition may have failed due to factors like uncertainty of economy, use of taxes & spending to tackle social-healthcare & economics issues…all effort made were in vain..as it worry the commoners about increase in taxes & uncertainty of security. There comes a time when Sporeans need a god like figure of Gandhi, Moses or some heavenly figures or even LKY’s rebirth that possessed the soft skills to win the heart of commoners Sporeans …if that is the day the ruling parties might have created many “bad” policies for the people of Spore..tis day might be near …

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