It is Time for You to Inspire and be Our Heroes


A college student wrote this letter and handed it to me at the last rally that I spoke at during the election. I did not have time to post it up before cooling-off day.

Thank you for your kind words, as well as trust and confidence in me. I am grateful and honoured.

You and your friends are the future leaders of Singapore. I spoke up because I felt that as a member of our society, it is a responsibility and duty to do so, to not only help ourselves but the people around us.

I believe that we have to be honest and true to ourselves, and therefore I spoke up.

This election has taught me many things. As much as I have a vision and a belief for our country’s future, it might not be something the people in our country are ready for. It might not be the vision that our countrymen want now.

Of course, the unequal playing field played a part. But as individuals who are part of the system, how we can bring about a shared vision for our society is also a challenge that we have to look at, for the opposition as well as for Singaporeans.

I will be honest with you. Did I make mistakes? Yes, I did. As much as I told myself that I was not angry, perhaps I was. I spent 3 years frantically pushing out writings after writings, not realising that I myself had lost touch with the “middle-ground”.

In spite of the kind advice that was offered to me to reach out to a wider audience, I was stubborn and did not want to evolve in my writings.

But this is the beauty of hindsight, where only after the election did I realise where I could have done better.

You see, my awakening came about 3 years ago when I started researching on the Singapore system and my writings reflect the shock that I feel about the Singapore system. As such, my eagerness to convey my thoughts ran ahead of me.

Was it wrong? It wasn’t. But it meant that my writings got lost among the large populace. It meant I became like any ranter. It meant that for the “middle-ground”, I became destabilising.

From how things have panned out over the election, I have learnt that speaking up is a virtue we must hold on to. But how we listen, and adjust ourselves, so that we do not only listen to our own voices but that of others, so that all our voices are communicated across to one another, is an important learning I have made.

For if we were to criticise the PAP for not having listened to the people, what folly we have made if we ourselves were to do the very same as the people we criticise?

What then makes us better? It does not. And this is why the voters have spoken.

In our anger and shock, many of us blame the new citizens, the 70%, etc. But I have decided to look at myself instead. Everyone makes mistakes. Perhaps we would first need to reflect on ourselves before we put the finger on someone else.

Perhaps if we are to understand how it is we can improve, will we see to it another day will come.

I thank you for your letter. It is letters like yours and many others that lets me know that at least what I have done have helped and mattered to some of you.

It does not matter that I have lost, or even if I could have won. At the end of the day, I have tried and made a difference in the lives of some, as others have made theirs in mine.

It is now your time to shine, as well as that of you and your friends. I am only one person and what I do can only inspire a few. Imagine the might of you and the many who let their voices be heard, the many people whose lives the many of you will touch. And how many you will inspire.

This is not about the PAP or the opposition. This is about what matters as people and what we can do for one another.

Sometimes, people don’t realise they have a voice, or fear to use their voice. It is up to some of us to guide the rest. I am glad that my voice has opened up yours. Thank you for your letter.

But let us continue to open up more. Let you be the voice that others will learn from.

I wish the PAP well, as well as the opposition. It is a learning process for all of us. The PAP played their game well and we have to respect them. Those in the opposition stood for their beliefs and we have to respect them. Singaporeans voted with their reason and we have to respect that.

Yesterday, I inspired you. Today, you will inspire others. Tomorrow, more will inspire.

Your journey is just beginning. I look forward to the day when you are on stage as you speak and light up the crowd, and as I stand below and tear to your words.

There is no one hero. Because if only all of us would know, we are all heroes. If only all of us would realise.

Be your own hero. Be my voice, as I was yours.

Let us stand united, let us hope for a better future with the power of our voice.

I await the day where I stand among heroes, where all of us will inspire our own future.

I await the day when you will be my hero.


  1. Adam Tan

    Hi all. The current state and future of Singapore’s workforce has been the source of much debate lately, and we’ve decided to be a bit proactive about it. We’re an independent group of Singaporeans conducting research on this subject, and we want to gather public opinions regarding certain terms and developments concerning Singapore’s labour market. We hope to publish the results later on.

    We hope you can take a few minutes to complete a short online survey here:

    Please note we’re looking for respondents who are working adults between the ages of 21-65. Thank you and please do share this with your family/colleagues/working friends!

  2. usually under a rock

    i just read more about cpf discussion.. our govt is good at making money, dont see anything wrong with that. how else is tax low and sg govt financially powerful? while cpf paying mortgage for a govt property on govt land does tie locals down for a big part of their lives – there is really no better quality alternatives around at that price. does not mean we cannot do better, but we as singaporeans could make a better mark in the world as individuals, with no lack of resources/ brain power – i sincerely believe singaporeans have and can produce world changing ideas.

  3. Vincent

    This blog the heart truth contain lies except truth. This is what happens to perpetual liar like Roy. Has no future , no credibility, no friends and no reputation. The end of his doings. Good riddance to trash.

  4. moregoodyears

    some places..many many monkeys…day and nite…for months and yrs…chee chee…beh beh…some same place…chee chee beh beh nite and day…then cum sunday…wear nice clothes…grin teeth from east to west…next day…report back to boss…chee chee beh beh

  5. HopeYou'llBeBack

    Roy, seems that you have gone quiet for a few months since after the election. Have you withdrawn from being an activist and stopped researching about facts on policies for the country? I believe many of us are waiting to hear on your response on the recent changes in CPF and the government did made some changes to the CPF policies. HHH is still updating her blogs and stuff and still fighting the fight… If you haven’t give up, then we all look forward to hear from you.

    • Ted

      what facts did Roy provide?
      oh, yah…. roy cut and pasted many facts but he also knowingly omitted the parts of such facts. so roy really just presented half-truth ‘facts’…. & such people who present half truths are just known as liars….

      • HopeYou'llBeBack

        Just think about it Ted, about the findings Roy found with regards to Crony capitalism in Singapore, and questions which some of us had, but didn’t ask, like how our CPF monies are being managed and how the other elements or relevant companies comes into play such as GIC, Temasek Holdings etc..

        Since you claimed that what Roy presented was half truths which he cut and pasted and omitted parts, and hasty generalizing that he is a liar, my question to you is that are you able to prove and justify your claim? If not Roy actually has the right to sue you for slander…

        At least for that matter we can see that Roy did his homework(which is cut and paste in your context) and you gotta admit that he’s not someone who only posts online video to rant or pick on any particular individual on national issues. Also, Roy has the guts to stand up and go against the current and norms to ask questions in light of public interest. And fact is, he did receive a respected amount of support (not only verbal or online, but also in dollars and cents)/

  6. AmosYeast

    told you idiots your political system is SIN…but no…blind as idiots and fucks…now want to tweak political sinstem….tweak fuck …trick yes…tweak means making it more righteously corrupt…trust the educated idiots to go die lah…they think they are Mother fucker godsend to you bunch of idiots

    • KKNCCB

      Tsktsk tsk…who gives you the right to call it sin when men of God all over the world call eating Apple fall from tree is sin? LoL….aiyah…in Singapore…there are small people and then there are big cocks people in power…whether in religion of politics…big cock people will have the final say…look at kock hee…God told him sent his Wife to live the Hollywood lifestyle at fools expense but call it the cross over to hell project and his people voted amen…till this day…he admits no wrong and still maintain God has told him so disputed court all the all men of god running their church business…

      Likewise…your political leaders are all like kock hee…all think they very smart…no wrong done.. at least they feel they smarter than your school kids in the school system they have created right lol

      and rightly so….kock hee church or political system still surviving and why? school children are supporting it…lol

  7. HumblePie

    They are tweaking isn’t it? Who told you to? The biggest possible change,ever, that decides hell or heaven for you. Right or wrong way, you decide your…fate.

  8. Seriously

    Singapore is no where close to even a great nation. Taiwan, Korea and Japan(in Asia) are much better. Even many third world Asian nations are better…as a people.

  9. QBb

    Sad to see your last post at nov last year … :/ but if you’ve gotten a job and moved on then all the best to you!

    Although its sad to know that there is one lesser person trying to fight for us.

  10. Sylviaa

    “About twenty years ago, in a speech to the Singapore Press Club, Mr Lee Kuan Yew expressed sadness that a young Singaporean had considered emigration because she could not fulfill her dream of owning a house and a car. “Man does not live by bread alone”, he said, quoting that famous Biblical phrase. Dreams should move beyond material wants. He recalled that when he first set out as a young man, he had a “Singapore dream”, a dream that Singapore would be “a democratic society, keen and vibrant, a united people”. (7 June 1996).

    But the bodoh did not understand the following and that’s why he was the…ssssssss ….and his legacy continues

  11. Clever

    The actors are in place. We are familiar with one another. We know where the levers are. We know the response function — you press this button, this will happen; you pull that lever, something else happens. We know how to make it work today.

  12. Santa

    Sure win 🙂 even if you spend bodohs money on your wife singing career you can still win or retain many supporters, at least enough number to keep the system or house of spirits( we do not rule out liquids or strange concoctions) going. Just tweak it occasionally 🙂

  13. chee

    I regret voting for PAP last yr. I thought they are not afraid to implement unpopular policy that is good for Singapore. Now they continue to be peoples boot licker. What they do is so obvious to anybody that they try to please the general public. Any blind could see. I will definitely vote against them next time. If LKY would to see this generationbof people please, he will shake his head.

  14. alan delon

    Stinkapore,wake up sunrise go to work like robot.sunset come back like robot.everyday the the end your money control by robot.i want to run.i want to hide.i want to be born free.can i ?.

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