Aquarius Spirit Animal: Facts You Should Know About

aquarius spirit animal

Every zodiac sign has a spirit animal associated with it. For an Aquarius, otters are their spirit animal. It is believed that spirit animals are teachers or messengers that share a personal relationship with you.

If you’re an Aquarius you have a lot to learn from your spirit animal. It is believed that the otter is the right animal to guide an Aquarius down their path in life. Here is everything you need to know about the Aquarius spirit animal and its significance and meaning.

Aquarius Introduction And Personality Traits


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Aquarius is the 11th-star sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Uranus. As people, they’re known to be exceptionally curious, free-spirited, intelligent, and virtuous.

Aquarians are some of the most interesting and unpredictable people you’ll ever meet. They’re driven by a strong sense of compassion and prioritize meaning in the things they do.

1. Family & Friendships

They’re very forgiving at heart but not naive. If you’ve ever crossed an Aquarian, they’ll never forget what you did.

They set high standards for their character, so it’s easy for them to forgive a misstep but they’ll always remember it because they have strong emotional preservation drives. Aquarians tend to be highly loyal to their friends and family. They value these connections over almost everything.

2. Love & Relationships

Aquarians make some of the most unpredictable and shocking partners. They may approach love with a sense of humor on the surface, but deep within, they’re trying to find meaning in it.

They can be quite creative in how they express love and leave a strong impression, but they’re often reserved and uncertain. This makes it harder for them to commit or learn to show trust.

Aquarians aren’t blunt about their feelings, so you may not often hear them tell you that they love you. However, they know how to make you feel special and can go to great lengths to do so if they really love you.

3. Intelligence & Skills

Aquarians are also excellent multi-taskers. Their minds tend to work at high intensity throughout the day, constantly exploring new ideas and theories. They’re also very good with words, so it’s easy for them to persuade people of anything. And if they find you intelligent, they love a good mentally stimulating discussion.

Here are some of the positive and negative traits of the Aquarius sign:


• Open-minded

• Humanitarian

• Creative

• Intellectual

• Free-spirited


• Unpredictable

• Impulsive

• Stubborn

• Inconsistent

• Extremist

What Does Aquarius Stand For?

Stand For

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Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer because they bring essential nutrients to the earth. They have boundless unbridled compassion for humankind and exuberance for life, with freethinking to match it.

The elemental sign of Aquarius is air because, like air, the Aquarians’ complex cerebral faculties and their propensity to get lost in thought make them flow in all directions. They know how to analyze problems from multiple perspectives to find reasonable and compassionate solutions. They value fairness, freedom, and empathy.

The Aquarius Spirit Animal: Otter


So why is Aquarius associated with the otter? To figure that out, let’s delve into what otters are fundamentally like and the unique relationship they share with Mother Nature.

Origins Of The Otter

Aquarius is symbolized by the mark of the water-bearer, which is a holy and godlike symbol. And otters share a strong connection to water.

Otters are land mammals that hunt, eat, swim, play, and hide in the water. They can’t seem to be away from water. Water is an otter’s go-to for all forms of sustenance and enjoyment.

By the time they turn 2 months old, mother otters will push their babies into the water even against their own will. And by the time they reach 4 months of age, they can learn to dive well enough to hunt their own food.

Symbolism Of The Otter: Joy And Helpfulness

Otters become self-sufficient while they’re still babes. A baby otter can survive and live independently, and yet, otters are always found in groups. They socialize, help each other out, play together, and look after their own needs to the best of their ability.

Otters are rarely aggressive towards humans or other animals, except for fish. They’re not territorial and are often seen sharing their catches with other otters, sometimes even other predators. An otter, like any animal, can get aggressive but only when threatened.

Otters naturally embody virtues like peace, kindness, independence, and detachment from material over spiritual fulfillment. Therefore, otters have been deemed by many cultures as the spirit animal of the 11th zodiac, Aquarius.

What Powers Does The Otter Bestow On You?

If your totem animal is the Otter, that means you need to take inspiration and suggestions from the way these creatures live. They represent the deepest characteristics of Aquarians, so no one can understand otters like you if you’re an Aquarian.

Otters show you that your greatest strengths are your kindness and your ability to adapt. You’re fierce and independent but also loyal to your loved ones, and they add to your strength.

There’s nothing conventional about the otter. They look like rodents but are semi-aquatic carnivores. They have no gills but spend as much of their time in the water. They’re independent but live in groups.

The message is, everyone loves otters. Be more like the otter that you are. Never forget the idealisms that have worked for you your whole life and learn to accept your uniqueness.

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