10 Best Golf Club Brands That Pro-Level Golfers Have Vouched For

best golf club brands

Becoming a professional golfer takes both the right amount of skill and the right equipment. Golf clubs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and makes, and they each have unique specifications that offer a certain kind of support to your aim and swing. Let’s talk about the best golf club brands out there today that have been vouched for by professional golfers all over America.

List Of Best Golf Club Brands

#1. Cleveland Golf


Image source: Clevelandgolf.com

Cleveland Golf’s golf clubs have a glossy, appealing finish, but the best part about them is that they’re made for maximum game improvement. Their drivers have the best wedges among all brands, which boost both power and accuracy. Most professionals on the sports channel can be seen using Cleveland wedges.

The clubs have a soft feel and easy grip. They’re not the most responsive irons but manage to deliver a good shot with a medium-strength swing. Cleveland Golf has maintained endorsement deals with some of the best professionals like Keegan Bradley and Shane Lowry.

#2. Titleist


Image source: Titleist.com

Titleist is one of the oldest and most renowned brands in America for top-quality golf equipment. They’re most famous for their revolutionary Pro V1 golf ball that has been frequently used in tours and professional games.

When it comes to golf clubs, Titleist makes the best irons in the game by focusing on precision. They have a very forgiving design and are best-suited for low-handicap amateur players.

Titleist engineers are told to push the limits of technology, materials, and design while giving no mind to the cost of development, so the clubs are really expensive. That may be the only drawback. But the clubs are exceptional and appeal to pro golfers like Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, and Justin Thomas.

#3. Callaway


Image source: Callawaygolf.com

After Titleist, Callaway Golf Company might be the second best-known name in the golf market. The company has been around since the ’80s and is a recommended first-choice to buy clubs for beginners. They have sturdy and easy-to-use drivers with magnetic wedges and also make excellent putters.

Callaway produces golf clubs for the mid-to-high handicap sector, so they’re very easy to use and have excellent responsiveness. It’s a popular brand among pro golfers, too, like Phil Mickelson and Stuart Appleby.

#4. Taylormade Golf


Image source: Taylormadegolf.com

Taylormade is an American sports equipment manufacturer specializing in golf equipment and is currently owned by Adidas. Taylormade Golf’s clubs deliver top-tier and well-rounded performance, from drivers to putters. The center delivers peak forgiveness when you make a precise shot.

They make clubs for players at all levels, from amateur to high-level professionals, and many consider it to be the best overall brand for golf clubs when it comes to both design and value for money.

#5. Tour Edge

Tour Edge

Image source: Touredge.com

Tour Edge is known for its 721 series metal wood drivers that are designed with ridgeback technology to add power and responsiveness to your swing. Most Tour Edge’s golf clubs have an amazing playing feel and grip.

Tour Edge consistently produces top-ranking clubs in all categories and provides excellent value for money. Their Exotics CBX hybrids have been used by numerous Champions Tour winners throughout 2018. They also have a range of products that cater specially to new players.

#6. Mizuno Golf


Image source: Mizunogolf.com

Mizuno is known for its legendary craftsmanship for a variety of sports equipment, including golf. Some clubs are built for workability, some for forgiveness, and some for delivering distance. Regardless of what kind of club you prefer to play with, Mizuno offers them all and with excellent design features.

One of their best irons is the JPX921. It has a low and deep center of gravity and a thin face to increase ball speed. It also offers a top-notch playing feel that’s perfect for professional matches. The forged iron wedges are a thing of beauty, especially when they catch the rays of the sun.

#7. Odyssey


Image source: Odyssey.callawaygolf.com

Odyssey is a golf brand that specializes in putters. The name Odyssey is almost synonymous with high-quality golf putters. Odyssey was acquired by Callaway in 1997, although Callway still markets their putters under the brand name “Odyssey” for their reputation when it comes to putters.

Odyssey accounts for 4 in every 10 putters sold worldwide. It’s been endorsed by countless professional golfers, and it makes up over 50% of the putters used in the European Tour. If you’re buying a putter, Odyssey is the best choice, whether you’re new or professional.

#8. Ping


Image source: Ping.com

Ping has been endorsed by 7 of the top 50 golfers in the world, and their design and quality back their popularity. Like Odyssey, Ping is also famous for its top-class putters.

The clubs are designed in Phoenix, Arizona, but the assembly and components are outsourced to China. Nonetheless, they still have incredible quality control and offer quality customer service.

Their mallets are made using solid-face technology and extremely high inertia so they provide a smooth but firm grip. The faces are soft and have an adjustable length shaft to improve the feel and performance.

#9. Wilson


Image source: Wilson.com

Wilson is the go-to golf brand for most beginners, because they’re affordable but still offer a good feel and performance. The clubs are pretty long-lasting, and many have held their game for over a decade.

The design and materials used are pretty standard. It’s the uncomplicatedness that makes Wilson appealing to new golfers. Plus, golfing is an expensive hobby, so if you’re new but don’t want to test the depth of the pool with both feet, Wilson is an easy pick. It’s a choice you won’t regret even if your passion for golfing diminishes.

#10. Cobra


Image source: Cobragolf.com

Cobra is a California-based golfing company that is owned by the German sports brand Puma. Their clubs consistently make it to the top 10 lists for game improvement irons. Some of the professional golfers that endorse Puma clubs include Rickie Fowler, Bryan De Champeau, and Jason Dufner.

It’s not the best for irons in all categories of clubs but their drivers, woods, and hybrids can give any top-tier brand a good contest for performance.

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