8 Safe and Cheap Places to Live in Mexico

cheap places to live in mexico

One of the oldest countries in North America, Mexico is a melting pot of culture, tradition, gorgeous landscape, and a lively community. It is one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads and expats who share a love for festive drinks, spicy and exciting cuisine, beautiful beaches, and a life that’s lived to the fullest!

However, despite being a popular tourist destination, Mexico also has a reputation for criminal activities. So, if you’re considering visiting Mexico, here are our top suggestions for safe and cheap places to live in Mexico!

8 Cheap Places to Live in Mexico

The cities we’ve included in this list are selected based on factors such as the community, livability, and, most importantly, the neighborhood’s safety. While there are cheaper places in Mexico, they may not be as safe or as convenient.

#1. Valladolid, Yucatan


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Located in the Yucatan peninsula that separates the Mexican Gulf from the Caribbean Sea, Valladolid is a small colonial city popular with locals and tourists who want to explore Chichen Itza.

The city not only boasts incredible architecture but also has friendly, warm, and hospitable locals who make all the visitors feel at home. Valladolid is a good choice because its cost of living is relatively affordable. It’s ideal for digital nomads living in the city for a month or expats who want to stay longer.

Additionally, the close-knit community here helps one feel at ease and safe.

#2. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas


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San Cristóbal de las Casas is a small colonial town in the Chiapas mountains. With its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and rich history, this little town is a go-to for locals and foreigners who want a laid-back place to relax.

Given that the city is up in the mountains, it can get cold in this town, which is in stark contrast to the year-round warm and balmy climate of the rest of Mexico. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that, despite being a small place, San Cristóbal de las Casas offers reliable internet connection and coworking spaces, perfect for those working remotely.

From an economically feasible lifestyle to mouthwatering gastronomic delights, this delightful town has plenty to offer.

#3. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato


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Hailed as the world’s “Best Small City” in World’s Best Awards 2021, living in San Miguel de Allende is a truly unique experience. It is also called one of the safest cities in Mexico.

For expats who want to relocate to Mexico, having a large community of American, British, and Canadian expats in San Miguel de Allende can make the transition more seamless and reassuring. This city also offers plenty of heritage sights to see and restaurants to indulge in.

Many Americans also choose this city as their retirement haven because of its affordable cost of living and relaxed atmosphere.

#4. Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo

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With the appeal of a strong community combined with some of the best beaches in the world and a thriving nightlife, Playa del Carmen has something for everybody! It’s one of Mexicos’s must-experience offerings, making it appealing to locals and foreigners alike.

Living in this little party town means that you are in the heart of it all. Not only is it close to the Mayan cultural centers, but the offshore islands will also have you fall in love with the sea and Mexican culture.

#5. Hermosillo, Sonora


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Hermosillo is one of the largest and hottest cities in the country, with a subtropical hot desert climate reaching up to 121.1 °F (49.5 °C). It’s at the heart of Sonora’s commerce, with plenty of heavy and light industrial facilities that make it a hub for employment.

It is also close to Kino Bay, which boasts some beautiful sandy beaches that help boost the tourism of Sonora. The city has plenty to offer thanks to its simple charm and is more like a well-kept secret of Mexico. Its awe-inspiring deserts and stunning beaches provide the perfect ambiance if you want to settle in an affordable and safe place in Mexico.

#6. Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro


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Hands down, one of the prettiest cities in Mexico, being in Santiago de Querétaro is like taking a step into a gorgeous Spanish colonial city! Thanks to its impressively preserved structures, walking around the town is like being transported to ancient times.

The city is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and offers a lot of opportunities to learn about the history of Mexico in a safe environment. There’s plenty to do and numerous destinations to explore in Santiago de Querétaro, such as the pink stone aqueduct and Querétaro Regional Museum.

#7. Puebla, Mexico


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Many expats and digital nomads like Puebla because it puts them in a significant Mexican hub while offering an affordable and safe environment. You’ll find many expats with families settling here.

But apart from offering an affordable cost of living, the city is also famous for its delicious food and astounding architecture, considered a “cradle of Mexican Baroque.” Besides, it is also a UNESCO-recognized historic center, which makes it one of the must-visit spots in Mexico.

#8. Guadalajara, Jalisco


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A visit to Mexico is not complete without spending a day or two in Guadalajara, renowned for its bustling nightlife and tequila! This sprawling city offers countless exciting places and activities that’ll keep you busy for days!

Like most cities in Mexico, it also has its fair share of museums and is the birthplace of many Mexican cuisines and practices. You can also visit the historic architectural site of Los Guachimontones, a mere 45-minute drive from the city. It offers all the perks of being in the capital of Mexico without any downfalls!

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