10 Popular Heart Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

heart tattoo designs

Body ink is one of the best ways to express your personality. You not only get to pick what kind of tattoo you want but also where, so you can either keep it private or flaunt it away. A heart tattoo is among the most popular designs and comes with many options to choose from.

A heart on its own symbolizes love, but love is incredibly abstract. Picking a unique design will help you showcase precisely the kind of love you stand for. Is it romantic love? Love for your family or pets? Or even the loss of love? Here are 10 of the most popular heart tattoo designs and what they each mean or symbolize.

What Does a Heart Tattoo Symbolize?


Heart tattoos typically symbolize love and indicate that you’re a kind, passionate, and affectionate individual. However, not all heart tattoos are intended that way. Sometimes they can have really dark meanings. For instance, a black heart represents misery or death. A heart split down the middle quite literally represents heartbreak or the loss of a loved one.

Love is a complicated emotion that can bring out the worst or the best in people. The fact that there are so many symbolic variations when it comes to representing the heart shape or love indicates that love can often be a playground. But sometimes, it can also be a place of self-discovery.

If you’re planning to get heart tattoo designs, you should take the time to explore what love means to you and the experiences that have led to your current revelations.

Popular Heart Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

#1. Tiny Heart Tattoos on Small Finger

Tiny Heart

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A small heart tattoo on your finger stands for love and commitment to your significant others. It’s always visible when you look at your hand, just like your engagement or wedding rings. If you want a constant reminder of how important your relationship is to you, a small heart tattoo would be a good choice. Plus it’s small, so it’ll cost and hurt less.

#2. Heart Tattoos on Ankle Blue and Pink

Tattoos on Ankle

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Getting a heart tattoo on your ankle shows that you’re a gentle and sensitive person. It adds an aura of sincerity to your overall persona. Ankle tattoos are also much easier to notice, so they can indicate that you’re searching for someone special to make your life whole.

#3. Love Heart Sweet Tattoo with Flowers

Love Heart

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Adding flowers to your heart tattoo can indicate that you’re a peace and nature-loving person. The scope for new designs is endless, so you get to show your artsy side. But flowers and leaves can get tricky to draw, so make sure you get an experienced and professional tattoo artist to do it.

#4. Tiny Heart Tattoos on Wrist

Tattoos on Wrist

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This tiny tattoo is for women who don’t want to stand out too much. It suggests simplicity and quirkiness. But you should know, the wrist is a sensitive place on our body. So getting a tattoo on the wrist can be painful.

#5. Floral Heart Tattoo Black and White Ink

Floral Heart

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Black and white heart tattoos symbolize grief or the loss of a loved one and the deep pain love can bring. It’s a tattoo that symbolizes depth and sensitivity. You can add some flowers to it to show that despite the pain, you still have a fun playful side.

#6. Small Simple Heart Tattoos

Simple Heart

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This is one of the sweetest and simplest heart tattoo designs. Just the shape says it all. A small simple heart tattoo can mean anything you want it to mean. If you’re not looking for anything specific and just want to showcase your affectionate and playful side, a small and simple heart tattoo can suffice.

#7. Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Anatomical Heart

Image source: Pinterest

Realistic heart tattoos have become quite common. They do take a long time to create, so you will need to be patient throughout the process. However, they also offer a lot of scope for creativity. You can have your favorite things like reading, exercise, or music etched into it to show people your deepest passions in life.

#8. Dramatic and Colorful Heart Tattoo with Splash of Color

Colorful Heart

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Adding some color to your heart tattoo makes it more dramatic and vibrant. It’s the kind of tattoo that gets you noticed immediately. If your life has been all about love, compassion, or giving, and you’re not afraid to show your fun, colorful personality, this design is perfect for you.

#9. Heart Tattoos with Names

Tattoos with Names

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Do you have someone special in your life who has always been by your side? Nothing shows how serious you are about them more than having their name inked onto your skin permanently. It doesn’t have to be one name; you can include all the people that have impacted your life positively, such as your mom or dad, your best friend, and your siblings.

#10. Galaxy Inspired Bright Heart Tattoo

Bright Heart

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This tattoo accentuates how magical and universal love is or that it’s a force that can move the world. It can be a very time-consuming and expensive tattoo to get, but the scope for creativity here is endless. As a bonus, you could also include your zodiac symbol somewhere. Let people know who you are and that you stand for love.

Who Should Get a Heart Tattoo?

Get a Heart Tattoo

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Depending on how it’s presented, a heart tattoo can mean many things. It can show that you’re a happy, quirky, passionate, and fun-loving person. It can also show that you’re a sensitive, disturbed, deep, or grief-stricken person. Everyone, man or woman, experiences love so anyone can get a heart tattoo. You don’t have to have had a certain experience or tragedy to wear a heart.

Just remember though, tattooing is a permanent process. Tattoos are made by puncturing the skin to inject ink all the way down to the deepest layer. Spend some time with your thoughts and reflect carefully before you pick a tattoo to express yourself. You don’t want to have the wrong message or name permanently inked onto your body.

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