Relationship 101: How To Fall In Love With Your Husband Again

how to fall in love with your husband again

After several years of marriage, it’s very normal for the deep feeling of love that you had for your husband to start fading away, especially if he doesn’t make an effort to rekindle it. The feeling of not loving your husband anymore can be scary because it could easily precipitate a separation or divorce.

But you shouldn’t feel like all is lost because there are many simple ways to rekindle the love for your husband. This article offers you tips on how to fall in love with your husband again.

Is It Possible To Fall Back In Love With Your Husband?

Back In Love

Marriage is not always a bed of roses. It’s full of ups and downs, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. The challenges you face in your marriage might leave you feeling like the union is over and that it’s time to separate.

However, you shouldn’t just call it quits without giving your husband a second chance. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in your marriage. The good news is that it’s possible to fall back in love with your husband even after a devastating heartbreak.

However, falling back in love with your husband is not a one-day affair. It’s a process that requires a lot of effort and patience from both partners. It also depends on the reason why things became cold between the two of you in the first place as well as the willingness of both parties to work things out.

So, before you start the process of mending the relationship with your husband, make sure you clearly understand why you fell out with him. This will help you to avoid the same pitfalls during the recovery journey of your relationship. There are many reasons why you might fall out of love with your husband, some valid and some invalid.

Regardless, what you perceive has the power to become reality, even if it’s not valid in other people’s eyes. Therefore, if you feel like the love for your husband is fading away; you have a reason to be worried and you need to resolve the issue immediately.

There are many ways to know when you’re falling out of love with your husband. It’s important to be aware of these signs so that you can start working on your relationship immediately before things in your marriage become irreparable.

4 Key Signs Of Falling Out Of Love

Out Of Love

Before you start the process of falling back in love with your husband, you must be sure that indeed you’ve fallen out of love with him. This is important because sometimes you might feel like you no longer love him simply because of a single incident. In that case, you could be making a mountain out of a molehill. So, before you begin the process of trying to back in love with your husband, ask yourself the following questions.

Is My Husband The Same Person I Fell In Love With Before?

This is an important question because everybody grows and changes over time and your husband isn’t an exception. So, before you hate your husband for changing, ask yourself if you’re still the same person you were when you said: “I do”. The most important thing is to grow together with respect.

Therefore, if you always feel like your husband has changed completely and he’s no longer the person you fell in love with, it’s a sign that you’re falling out of love with him. In that case, you need to start the process of falling in love with him again. You need to remember that falling in love with him is the easy part.

Staying in love with your husband for the rest of your life requires you to adapt to his growth and understand that he must continue to grow and change. Furthermore, you’ve to realize that most of the changes he’s going through are in response to the cycle of life.

Other changes may be due to mental problems, peer pressure, or midlife crisis. When you understand what’s causing these changes, you can easily overlook them or figure out a way to help your husband get over them quickly.

Am I Still Attracted To My Husband?

If you’re no longer attracted to your husband, it could be a sign of falling out of love with him. It’s very difficult for you to be intimate with someone you’re no longer attracted to. When intimacy fails, marriage ultimately fails.

So, if you realize that you’re not physically attracted to your husband anymore, it’s time to start figuring out how to rekindle the love and strong feelings you had for him when you started. There are many reasons why you may no longer feel attracted to your hubby, including weight gain and other physical changes, loss of self-confidence, etc.

Is My Husband Still Interested In Me?

When your husband’s interest in you diminishes, you’ll be left feeling worthless and unloved. This can have serious effects on your self-confidence and your feelings for him. It’s one of the easiest ways to fall out of love with your partner.

If you discover that your husband isn’t showing you enough interest, you need to immediately find out why he’s behaving like that. If you’re the problem, make the necessary improvements before you start the process of rekindling your love for him. It’s important to discover the source of the problem and fix it before things get out of hand.

Why Am I Not Sure How I Feel About My Husband Anymore?

It’s normal for people who are in a marriage not to understand their feelings for each other sometimes. However, if this confusion continues for a long time, it could be a sign that you’re falling out of love. It could also point to dwindling love if you’re unable to pinpoint why you feel this way even after analyzing every possible situation in your marriage.

In that case, you’ll always find yourself not loving your husband the same way he loves you. You’ll be unable to articulate your feelings for him. For instance, you’ll find yourself saying, “My husband loves me and he’ll do anything for me, but I don’t feel the same anymore.” This is a perfect sign that you need to start working on your marriage and trying to rekindle the love for your husband.

9 Tips On How To Fall In Love With Your Husband Again


Your husband is the only person you share your bed with every day. He’s the love of your life. So, even when you feel like the love you had for him is over, try to love him again. Here are simple tips on how to fall in love with your husband again.

1. Stay Mysterious

Although couples want to know everything about each other, many relationship experts advise lovers to have an element of mysteriousness in them. They insist that knowing everything about your husband isn’t a recipe for romance. So, don’t kill yourself with stress trying to figure out everything about your husband.

2. Find Distance In Your Marriage And Close It

Getting closer to each other in your marriage is a lifelong journey. So, you have to continuously identify distance in different areas of your relationship and close it. For instance, you can make a rule for yourselves that you won’t talk about business, kids, school, or any other serious talk for the first 30 minutes of your night out.

3. Make Your Chill Time Fun

Whether you like watching the TV or going for walks together, try to make the time you spend together fun and divine. Try to revive the fun, romantic talks you used to have when you were dating. You can even watch a romantic movie in bed or enjoy a his-and-her backrub session in the bathtub when the kids go to bed.

4. Address Him Appropriately

It’s very easy to get caught up in the habit of calling your husband “hey”, especially when you’ve been married for a long time. Unfortunately, this habit kills love faster than betrayal. Your husband wants you to still address him by his pet name even after 30 years of marriage. So, reviving the pet name you had given him when you were dating is the easiest way to start falling back in love with him.

5. Love Yourself First

Even the good Christian book, The Holy Bible, advises you to love others the way you love yourself. This means that you can’t love someone else enough if you don’t love yourself more. Although this may sound unnatural, it’s the best way to find a passion for someone else. You can’t feel love for your husband if you hate how you feel about yourself.

6. Shake Up Your Routine

Monotony breeds boredom. Perhaps the reason why you’re feeling out of love with your husband is because of following the same routine over and over again. So, if you want to rekindle the love you once felt for him, start by changing your schedule. Drop the usual Saturday chores and errands to have a B&B trip with your husband. You should also change your sex schedule to prevent predictability and monotony.

7. Accept Who He Is

Don’t expect your husband to treat you the way your friend’s husband treats her. People love in different ways. So, if your friend’s hubby brings her flowers every night and yours doesn’t, it’s not a reason to fall out of love with him. He may not buy you flowers but he shows you love in a bazillion other ways.

8. Hang Out With His Friends

This may sound strange but seeing your husband through his friend’s eyes can help you discover some endearing facets of his personality that you weren’t aware of. For instance, you can notice how he brings down the entire house with jokes that you never thought were funny. In short, his friends will help you understand him more.

9. Understand The Highs And Lows Of Your Relationship

Every relationship has its highs and lows, and not every painful situation you go through in your marriage should destroy it. Therefore, don’t let the lows of your marriage kill the love you have for your husband. Instead of hating your husband, find ways to make yourself happier whenever you’re going through difficult times in your marriage.

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