How to Get Sugar out of Your System Immediately: 7 Tips

how to get sugar out of your system immediately

Sugar is a highly delicious and highly addictive substance. While having some dessert once in a while is great, having too many sugary foods too often can be concerning. Excessive sugar consumption is known to wreak havoc on our bodies, often causing long-term damage. But kicking that sugar addiction is difficult but not impossible.

So, if you’re wondering how to get sugar out of your system immediately, take a look at some tried and tested ways that will help you with a proper sugar detox.

How to Get Sugar out of Your System Immediately: 7 Ways


#1. Increase Your Water Intake

Water is your best friend for flushing out the toxins from your body, including sugar. If you know that you’ll be consuming a lot of sugar during a meal, make sure that you increase your water intake that day.

The glucose in your system will be slowly removed as you release water from your body through urine and sweat — your kidneys will appreciate the additional help from the additional water in your body. Keeping hydrated can also help maintain your sugar level.

However, be smart about consuming water. Drink water slowly and throughout the day. Do not drink too much water in a short time as it can cause water intoxication.

#2. Move Your Body

After a good meal followed by dessert, it is tempting to plop down on your couch and catch up on that Netflix series or, even worse, take a nap. This is a bad idea. Lying down after eating can worsen your blood sugar level and encourage acid reflux symptoms.

Let your muscles work and burn off that extra unwanted glucose instead, so you can get rid of it from your bloodstream as soon as possible. You’ll feel better as well without that bloated feeling.
You don’t have to do an intense workout; just moving your body mindfully can help balance out your sugar levels while also helping to shed those extra calories.

Lace up your sneakers, get your dog to tag along, and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Or, if you have some errands, skip the car and go on foot. Your body will use all that sugar to fuel your physical activity.

#3. Load up on Fiber

Fiber-rich foods are excellent for improved digestion. They can also help slow down sugar absorption and thus won’t cause your blood sugar to rise.

Note that there are two kinds of fiber — insoluble and soluble. And when you want to immediately get sugar out of your system, load up on soluble fiber. It will not only aid better blood sugar management but also help balance blood sugar, especially if you have Type 1 diabetes.

Oats, apples, broccoli, and beans are some foods that are rich in fiber and other essential nutrients.

#4. Bulk up on Proteins

Proteins help regulate your blood sugar by reducing sugar and carbohydrate absorption. It breaks down into sugar slower than carbohydrates so you won’t experience any spikes in your blood sugar levels. Instead, the sugar from proteins is added into your blood system gradually over the next several hours.

Proteins are also great at increasing satiety, which not only helps keep your cravings in check but also prevents overeating.

#5. Swap out Sweets for Healthy Snacks

When you know you’ve exhausted your sugar limit for the day or the week, it is up to you to pull back the reins and not have any more sweets. When you eat too many sweet foods, you are asking your body to work overtime and process a large amount of glucose. It is not possible to keep loading up on sugar and then flush it all out simultaneously. It will impact your body for a while.

Instead, bank on healthy fats such as fruits and nuts. Make a gradual shift from your chocolate bar to natural fruit sugars. Avocados, bananas, and berries can give you that same sugary satisfaction without affecting your health adversely.

#6. Stay Away from Carbs

Did you know that carbohydrates, when broken down, turn into sugar in your bloodstream and are eventually used as energy? Eating carbs like rice and flour can cause your blood sugar to go up quickly, so it’s a good idea to stay away from carb-rich foods when you’re flushing out sugar from your system.

This is also why people who have diabetes always watch their carbohydrate consumption because the sudden spike of sugar in their bloodstream can become dangerous.

When you know you already had a sugary snack, don’t add more glucose to your diet. Reserve the carbs for another day.

#7. Have More Probiotics

Improving your gut microbiome through probiotics is one of the best remedies if you have consumed too much sugar. Probiotics contain good bacteria that help with digestion and improve overall health by keeping the bad bacteria in check.

You can snack on Greek yogurt, fermented cabbage or sauerkraut, bananas, or watermelon, or drink kombucha to get your daily dose of probiotics. All of these foods contain good bacteria that will help balance your blood sugar levels.

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