How To Keep Nipples From Showing Through Clothing: 8 Tips

how to keep nipples from showing through clothing

Nipples are a boon — they help feed babies and give women a fabulous form. Nipples are not something to be ashamed of; however, whether you’re comfortable with them being seen through your clothing is a matter of individual preference.

While many are fine with their nipples peeking through their clothing, others become extremely conscious about it. If you belong to the latter category and regularly check yourself in a mirror, here are 8 tips on how to keep nipples from showing through clothing.

How To Keep Nipples From Showing Through Clothing: 8 Ways

1. Silicone Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers

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Silicone nipple covers are reusable stick-ons that are either round or in the shape of a flower. They are small, so they only cover the areola and make a great alternative to bras when wearing low-cut tops.

You’ll need to apply the adhesive side of the cover to your nipple and press gently. Removing the cover is easy and pain-free. Once used, you must wash the cover and keep it in the original pack.

Although reusable, the glue will last for so long only; however, many brands offer a 30- to 50-wear guarantee. The cover is available in different sizes and colors, so select your size and choose the color closest to your skin tone.

You can easily find silicone nipple covers in bra stores and stores where undergarment accessories are available, as well as online. However, one thing to consider when using silicone covers is that they only cover the nipple and do not offer any support to the breast.

2. Pasties


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Pasties are similar to silicone nipple covers as they, too, are small, sticky adhesives that cover the nipples. However, they are not reusable and are less expensive as a result.

Although very similar, many people prefer pasties over nipple covers as they are thinner and less noticeable beneath thin and tight garments. However, the con is that as they are thin, they will not be able to conceal a nipple if it hardens. Pasties are available in packs of four to six. Also, many companies offer reusable pasties as well.

3. Pantyliners


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Pantyliners offer an excellent last-minute solution. If your nipple is showing through your garment, you can make a quick DIY nipple cover from a pantyliner. Cut the liner in half and cut out a circle from each half. Keep in mind the size of your nipple when deciding the diameter of the circle.

Apply the adhesive to your nipple, and remove and throw the liner when you are done. Although a pantyliner is great to wear under a tight shirt, it will not be able to conceal hard nipples.

Other alternatives to pantyliners that you can use in case of an emergency are band-aids and surgical tapes. These quick, simple, and affordable solutions are also applicable for concealing nipples showing during exercise.

4. Undershirt


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An undershirt is a good way to layer your clothing to prevent nipples from peeking through. If your clothing is loose, flowy, and sheer, an undershirt is a better option than nipple covering. However, you cannot use them with tight shirts, as the undershirt lining will be visible.

A thin undershirt or camisole will not only cover your breast but will also provide support. There are many options available on the market. You can choose an undershirt color that complements your shirt’s color or one that blends with your skin tone.

However, you can also use a universal undershirt color—gray. The dark color will conceal your nipples, and you can wear it under light-colored shirts—even white.

5. Appropriate Bras


If your nipple is showing through even after wearing a bra, consider padded, lined, or textured bras. T-shirt bras have contoured cups that provide light padding without increasing the bust size. They provide extra nipple coverage, smoothing the breast and providing invisibility.

If you don’t want padding, you can wear spacer bras or textured cup bras. They are made of a single layer but are three-dimensional. They will effectively conceal your nipple without the lining peeking through.

If you have a backless dress, wear a backless or strapless bra. These bras only have cups and no straps; they attach to the breast through adhesives. Some strapless bras even come with front clasps that you can adjust to show more cleavage.

6. Warm


Nipples become visible when they are hard and rigid. This generally happens when you feel cold. To avoid nipples from showing, layer up and keep your body warm.

Wear a sweater or a jacket, and if you still feel cold, wear socks, mittens, and ear muffs as well. If you have to go out in the snow, make sure you are properly covered so that you do not get cold.

7. Wear A Thick Top

Thick Top

Nipples become easily visible when the top is tight and thin. On the other hand, if the top is loose and thick, you will not need any additional accessories to conceal your nipple.

If you are too worried about your nipple peeking, shop for shirts and tops that are made of thick material or are doubly layered. Choose tops that have designs or lace in the chest area or have attached slips. Thick tops will conceal nipples and keep them warm, preventing nipples from getting hard and rigid.

8. Wear Dark Colors

Dark Color

Nipples are more easily visible through light-colored garments, especially when the clothing sticks to the skin. To avoid this, wear dark colors like black, maroon, and purple.

If you want to be more cautious, wear shirts with floral and other small prints, as they will camouflage your nipple. Also, avoid tops and designs that will underline your chest or draw attention toward your nipples.

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