Top 10 Elegant and Functional Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

kitchen table decor ideas

Want to make your kitchen table inviting? It may seem like an easy task, but it is easier said than done.

While there are many ways to decorate your kitchen table, finding the one that will complement your kitchen space can be tough. Additionally, it is always better to have a functional setting rather than just a decorative one.

Also, it is important to note that your table decor includes not only the things you put on the table but also what is above, below, and around. Stick around for 10 great kitchen table decor ideas.

10 Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

If you are looking for kitchen table decor ideas, here are our top 10 elegant and functional picks.

1. Use Candle Holders As A Centerpiece


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Candles are a classic addition that you cannot go wrong with. Candle holders as a centerpiece will create a warm ambient glow that will work exceptionally well if you have a sleek modern kitchen.

A candle centerpiece works well for both everyday table decor as well as for hosting on special occasions. Candle holders are simple items but come in various designs and styles to match the decor of your room, from straightforward, minimalistic designs to bold colors and patterns.

An odd number of candleholders is more appealing than even numbers—having them at different heights also helps.

2. Add Fresh Flowers


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Floral arrangements are not new in the world of table decor. A flower bouquet is popular as the main centerpiece, even for weddings. It adds warmth and color and smells great, but you have to go through a repeated cycle of changing the centerpiece weekly or more frequently.

You can have a big arrangement if our kitchen table is large, and stick to a small vase if you have a compact table. Like candleholders, vases, too, come in various designs, styles, and shapes. You can have multiple vases, and either spread them across the table or cluster them in the center.

3. Use Tablecloth to Soften the Look


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While tablecloths were once a necessity, they are not used that often today. However, they are still a timeless choice for decorating your kitchen table. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, tablecloths are functional as well. They protect your table from spills, scratches, and stains while adding a pop of color and a soft, textured look.

4. Add A Pop of Color


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Color selection for your kitchen decor is as important as in any other room. As kitchen tables are primarily in the kitchen, they are not as statement-making as tables in some other rooms in your home.

But you can change that by making small changes like adding a colorful centerpiece, painting the walls, or hanging some art. Try to add color with chairs and shelves and even kitchen towels and table linens.

5. Replace Half Your Chairs with A Bench


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You can swap half your chairs with a bench or a couch. A bench takes less space than chairs, offers clear window views, and gives your space a clean and streamlined appearance.

Also, you can decorate the bench instead of the table. You can add a few books or a plush throw. If you decide on a couch, you will want a low-profile one. Place it against a wall and complement it with classic dining room chairs.

6. Add Freshness with DIY Centerpiece Fruit Bowl


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While a fruit bowl may not be a good option for your dining room, it is perfect for a kitchen table. This is one of the best things about decorating a kitchen table. You have endless fresh and colorful centerpiece options right at home.

If you are one for seasonal centerpieces, you can use flowers for spring and fruits for summer. Fruits are pretty little things that add personality and a pop of color to the dullest of spaces. All you need is a gorgeous and sleek bowl, and your centerpiece is ready within seconds. Glass bowls are versatile pieces that you can use for everyday decor.

7. Spice Up the Table with A Table Runner

Table Runner

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Table runners are classic additions to kitchen table decor and complete the overall look. Their primary purpose is decoration, and they are mostly placed along the length of the table. You can place them directly over the bare table or a tablecloth.

Tablecloths come in various designs and textures and can be used to contrast the colors in your kitchen. You can add a little twist to the classic table runner by placing it along the width instead of the length. Use thin and short table runners in sleek colors like black for a sleek look.

If you have a round table, you can place two table runners diagonally to form an X at the center of your table.

8. Decorate from Ceiling to Floor


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When considering kitchen table decor ideas, we often consider what to put on the table. What we forget is that good decor is aesthetically pleasing and involves all the elements, including the ceiling, the rug on the floor, the chairs, and even the color of the walls.

So, when decorating, think about all the elements. You can add statement lighting, hangings from the ceiling, or a warm-colored rug underneath your table.

9. Use Statement Lighting


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Statement lighting has become a craze recently. If you have a simple kitchen table, statement lighting is one of the best and easiest ways of dressing it up.

Lights hanging just above the kitchen table will set your table apart from the rest of the kitchen space. It will make the space cozier, warmer, and draw all attention to the centerpiece.

10. Use Table Napkins


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While most people have resorted to tissues and paper towels, cloth napkins are a classic way of dressing up a kitchen table. It upgrades your table space and makes a good impression on the guests.

You can get napkins matching your room decor or complement the tablecloth or table runner. Table napkins are a great way of adding texture as well.

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