LDS Youth Activity Ideas: 15 Fun Things to Try

lds youth activity ideas

If you ever had the opportunity to be a counselor for an LDS ward, you probably know that planning out activities is no piece of cake.

It can be a struggle sometimes as you are on a budget, every activity must have a spiritual or skill development aspect, and you need to consider the likes and dislikes of the youth group. So, here is a list of LDS youth activity ideas to help you get started.

What Does ‘LDS Youth Activity’ Mean?

LDS means Latter Day Saints and is a church devoted to Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints centers its belief around Jesus, and the members are spread all over the world. It is the fourth-largest Christian Church in America and is growing by the day.

LDS youth activities are a set of activities that are designed for and performed with children and youth. The activities are intended to help young children follow the example of Jesus. It encourages them to set goals for spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social health.

15 LDS Youth Activity Ideas

Children love games and activities; however, the same activities can help them become better people when supervised and explained. Try these 15 LDS youth activity ideas for a fun and meaningful session.

1. Hiking


Hiking can help youth become one with nature. It is a great activity that provides physical activity and helps strengthen friendships. On their trip, kids can talk about the various miracles of nature, how everything works in a cycle, the importance of plants and wildlife, and more.

2. Family Home Evening Kits

Family home evenings strengthen familial bonds and your bond with God. It is about understanding one another and your feelings. You can prepare a kit so the next time you sit for a talk, you are aware of what to do. The kit will have a book that lists what you will do each time. It will include an opening and closing song, lesson stories, and activities.

3. Christmas Shopping Babysitting


This is a fun activity where youngsters will get to play with little kids. For this activity, parents can leave their kids at the church while they go Christmas shopping. Children will babysit the kids and have fun playing with toys.

4. Plant Flowers

Plant flowers at a ward’s house, church, or temple, and observe them as they grow. Appreciate their beauty and the effort you and your mates make in growing them. It will teach the kids the science behind plant growth, how a seed takes the form of a plant, and more. During the activity, children can learn about the importance of plants in the ecosystem and our duty to conserve nature.

5. Park Cleanup


This is an activity that helps kids realize the importance of not littering. Work with your local leaders or a local group and pick up trash at a nearby park. The kids can also perform a skit educating spectators on the importance of keeping the city clean. Children can learn about pollution and how it affects nature before the activity day.

6. Heart Attack Night

This is a very popular and loved activity. For this activity, kids choose a person for whom they write sweet messages on a cut-out heart. They then decorate it and secretly stick the heart on the person’s door, garage, or anything that belongs to them. This activity is fun and brightens the day of the person the heart is meant for.

7. Prison Visit

Prison Visit

A prison visit may sound inappropriate; however, it is a lovely activity that will help the kids get some insight into the life of the inmates. During this visit, the kids can chat with the inmates. It is a powerful activity that helps the kids realize that nothing good comes from doing something bad.

8. Glow-in-the-Dark Volleyball

Glowing objects are always a hit, and while you can try other glowing activities like eating ice cream with a glowing spoon, glow-in-the-dark volleyball will be a fun physical activity that the kids will remember for days. You can also try other fun activities like making glowing bracelets and necklaces.

9. Skills Swap


Every youth has a skill they are a pro at. During this activity, the youth teach their mates what they are good at and, in return, learn the skill their friends are good at. It could be anything like drawing a cat, playing guitar, swinging a bat, or applying makeup.

10. Book of Mormon Cake

In this activity, the kids are given a pre-baked cake and decorating supplies. Then you ask them to decorate it, representing a scene from the Book of Mormon.

11. History Lesson


You can ask an older person to talk to the kids about when they were young. They can talk about how things were different, what has changed now, and some of their beautiful memories.

12. Movie Night at Home

You can choose a nice movie and enjoy a movie night with popcorn and blankets.

13. Swimming


Swimming is a fun activity. If you do not have a swimming pool, you can have the activity at a neighbor’s house.

14. Free Car Wash

You can plan a free car wash for ward members who have been a great help to the kids in some way or another.

15. Visiting Widows

This is a very sweet activity that helps the kids bond with people who could do with a little love. They can also carry something for them, like homemade soup.

Benefits of LDS Youth Activities

The activities bring fellow church members and others close together. They help form a bond of unity and help people get to know each other. As the youth connect with more people, they realize the struggles others are going through, which helps build empathy and sympathy in themselves.

The activities help the kids build faith in Jesus, make the members participate in the work of God, strengthen their bonds, and offer fun at the same time. They help the kids grow, interact with others, and experience the joy of giving happiness.

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