A Comprehensive List of Banks in the USA

list of banks in usa

If you’re looking to open an account in the USA, you’ll find that there are thousands of banks and financial institutions to choose from. Depending on your needs, you might opt for an international, national, community, or regional bank.

You might also consider commercial, investment, or online banks for more specific services. Whatever the case, a list of banks in the USA could come in handy, and that’s exactly what we’ll provide you.

How Many Banks Are There in the USA?


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Currently, there are around 5,000 banks in the USA, and that number seems to be growing. New banks and financial institutions open every year, making the market ever more competitive. Thus, all these different banks need to constantly improve their services and products to keep their clients interested.

Of course, these banks aren’t all on the same level. Some are national, others international, and some are fairly small local or regional banks. Regardless of their size and number of branches, though, this article included them all on this comprehensive list of banks in the USA.

List of Banks in the USA

1. International Banks

International Banks

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International banks may originally come from the USA, but they have far outgrown its borders. Now, you can find their branches and users all across the world. Those include:

• Bank of America
• JPMorgan Chase Bank
• Citigroup
• Wells Fargo
• Goldman Sachs
• Morgan Stanley
• Bank of New York
• BNP Paribas
• Bank of Montreal

2. National Banks

National Banks

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National banks have to follow the USA banking policies and are chartered by the federal government. Unlike the international banks, their branches can be found across the whole USA, but not outside its borders. Here is a list of some of the best USA national banks:

• TD Bank
• Regions Bank
• Chase Bank
• PNC Bank
• BB&T Bank
• Citizens Bank
• First Citizens Bank
• Santander Consumer Bank
• Huntington Bank
• SunTrust Bank
• Woodforest National Bank
• Fifth Third Bank
• KeyBank
• Citibank
• M&T Bank
• BMO Harris Bank
• Capital One Bank
• US Bank
• First National Bank
• People’s United Bank
• Umpqua Bank
• Old National Bank
• Washington Federal Bank
• Sterling National Bank
• Centennial Bank

3. Community Banks

Community Banks

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Unlike national or international banks, community banks operate locally. Their focus is typically on serving businesses and families in the area where their offices and branches are located. Since their owners are familiar with their clients’ circumstances, they can often cater to their needs better. Here are several of the best community banks in the USA:

• Bank of Southside Virginia
• Community Bank Oregon
• Blue Harbor Bank
• Clear Mountain Bank
• Beneficial State Bank
• Canyon Community Bank
• Cross River Bank
• First Community Bank of Central Alabama
• Patriot Bank
• United Community Bank
• HomeTown Bank
• Coastal Community Bank
• Congressional Bank
• Cache Valley Bank
• First Northern Bank
• Santa Cruz County Bank
• Wallis Bank
• Bank of San Francisco
• Village Bank
• The Freedom Bank of Virginia
• Old Dominion National Bank
• Farmers and Stockmens Bank
• BankVista
• Metro Phoenix Bank

4. Regional Banks

Regional Banks

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Regional banks typically serve only a certain region, be it north, west, southwest, or northeast. They tend to be bigger than community banks, yet smaller than national ones. Still, their products and services are often on par with those offered by larger banks.

Here is a list of regional banks in the US:

• Comerica
• Arvest Bank
• Associated Bank
• Banner Bank
• Northwest Bank
• Prosperity Bank
• Eastern Bank
• OneWest Bank

5. Investment Banks

Investment Banks

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Investment banks usually act as intermediaries in complex financial transactions, such as finding large-scale investors and managing mergers. Their clients are corporations and financial institutions, pension funds, and even governments. They may also fulfill the role of a financial advisor for certain large businesses.

Right now, the biggest investment banks in the USA are:

• JPMorgan Chase
• Goldman Sachs
• Deutsche Bank
• Morgan Stanley
• Barclays Investment Bank
• Wells Fargo Securities
• BofA Securities
• Citigroup
• Jefferies Group
• BNP Paribas
• U.S. Bancorp
• Evercore
• Credit Suisse
• Guggenheim Securities

6. Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks

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The main purpose of a commercial bank is to make a profit through accepting deposits from its clients and lending money for investments. It succeeds in this goal by charging fees and interest for the services it provides. Currently, there are thousands of such banks in the USA, but here is a list of the best ones:

• JPMorgan Chase Bank
• Wells Fargo
• Citigroup
• Goldman Sachs
• Fifth Third Bank
• Barclays
• State Street Corporation
• First Federal Savings & Loan
• SunTrust Bank
• Citizens Financial Group
• American Express
• K Capital Corp
• Sawyer Savings Bank
• U.S Bancorp
• Northwest Savings Bank

7. Online Banks

Online Banks

Online banks allow you to manage your accounts and do all banking via the internet without having to visit the office. In fact, many online banks don’t even have any brick-and-mortar branches at all.

That may come with certain disadvantages — for instance, it might be easier to discuss a problem in person than contact customer support using a phone. Still, if you’re thinking of opening an account in an online bank, here is a list of our top picks:

• Ally Bank
• First Internet Bank
• Synchrony Bank
• CIT Bank Online
• Discover Bank
• Bank5 Connect
• Sallie Mae Bank
• Alliant Credit Union
• Chime Bank
• FNBO Direct
• TIAA Bank
• Fidelity Investments

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