15 Most Beautiful Trees in the World That You Can Easily Plant

most beautiful trees

Add some beauty to your front yard with some of the most beautiful trees in the world. Don’t worry; just because these trees are a sight to behold doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend endless hours tending to them.

With these trees, you can transform your garden with breathtaking foliage that requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy their gorgeous beauty as they flourish on your property.

15 Most Beautiful Trees

#1. Crabapples


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Known for their spectacular flowers, crabapples are lush trees that can hide all the branches together. It generally takes nearly five years for a crabapple tree to mature and bear fruits.

Most crabapple trees bloom every year, but there are a few that may bloom every other year. You should be able to spot the fruits around fall, and as the season transitions to winter, its deep red fruits are available for picking. And maintenance of the crabapple is very minimal, too, with the occasional pruning here and there.

#2. Hackberry


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The hackberry thrives in all weather conditions, even in windy places. It is a solid and resilient tree that can even withstand drought and the onslaught of pollution, making it perfect for those who want a sturdy tree that looks stunning and does not require too much upkeep.

Hackberries make a great addition to your backyard because they grow fast and are an abundant source of berries. And aside from pruning, picking up the berries that fall, and raking up the leaves, no other maintenance is needed.

#3. Hawthorn


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Another tree that flourishes almost effortlessly all year round is the hawthorn. It’s a low-branched tree that is very dense and lush. You’ll often find birds flocking to this tree during summer because they provide plenty of refuge and protection. And in winter, the tree becomes heavy with scarlet berries.

Hawthorns grow and survive in all kinds of environments, and it’s not picky regarding the soil. You can look forward to watching the color of this foliage during fall.

#4. Pin Oak

Pin Oak

Image source: Pinterest

One of the most popular trees, the pin oak is a sight to behold. The pyramid shape of the tree and its fine branches look beautiful all year round.

This kind of oak is one of the prettiest because its glossy, green leaves become a fiery bronze, red, or russet during fall. Although the pin oak can survive all kinds of weather, it will thrive better in acidic soil. Even hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to this majestic oak.

#5. Dogwood


Image source: Pinterest

The dogwood is a smaller ornamental tree, about 30 feet in height that produces pretty flowers during spring. It can give your yard that subtle beauty for the entire year.

When summer comes, you can expect the tree to have a large canopy of green with pink, red, or white flowers, depending on the type of dogwood. Being one of the most common flowering trees in the US, most backyards have a dogwood tree, and when all the trees bloom, you can witness a picturesque neighborhood come to life.

#6. Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana

Image source: Pinterest

Also known as the flame tree or fire tree, the royal poinciana is a massive ornamental tree with a fitting name because of its bright red blossoms. This striking tree grabs eyeballs every single time!

Plant several of these in your backyard, but make sure that you allocate open spaces for them and that they’ll be fully exposed to the sun. The flame tree can thrive during a drought but will welcome a good amount of water when the soil around it is dry.

#7. Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

Image source: Pinterest

Another American favorite is the sugar maple tree, which is where you get your maple syrup from! This tree can be an interesting addition to your greeneries and will take center stage during autumn when its color is most vibrant.

When planting a sugar maple tree, make sure you have good drainage because this tree needs its soil to be constantly moist but never soggy or wet.

#8. Bougainvillea Tree


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While this one’s technically a vine, you simply cannot ignore the beauty of bougainvilleas! Don’t stick to the standard magenta color of this plant; we suggest exploring the oranges, purples, whites, and yellows to have an array of bright colors to light up your yard!

Considered one of the lowest maintenance plants, regular pruning and ensuring enough sunlight is ideal for bougainvillea to thrive.

#9. Green Giant Arborvitae


Image source: Pinterest

Aside from being a beautiful add-on to your backyard, this tree also doubles as a natural privacy barrier to many homes. You may have noticed a series of lush green pointy trees in housing subdivisions — that’s because homeowners commonly use the green giant arborvitae as privacy screens.

This tree is hardy and grows fast, and once it becomes a mature tree, you can take pride in its conical shape brought to life by its bright green hue. It is ideal for boosting the greenery of your garden and can also be used for a screen, hedge, or even as a single showstopper at the side or center of your backyard.

#10. Hop Hornbeam


Image source: Pinterest

Also called ironwood, this tree, with its birch-tree leaves and drooping branches, makes a statement. Not only does it look spectacular, but with little maintenance, this tree can thrive and is even resistant to diseases and insect problems.

American hornbeams can endure drought, but it’s best to water the plant regularly and deeply, especially after planting. You should also apply about two inches of mulch on the tree’s root area to lock the moisture in.

#11. Weeping Cherry


Image source: Pinterest

The cascading elegance of the weeping cherry is second to none. The spring brings pink and white blossoms that offer a breathtaking showstopper.

The weeping cherry can grow up to 30 feet tall with a maximum of 25 feet spread. It is not a very large tree but can easily become the highlight of your home.

#12. Liriodendron Tulipifera


Image source: Pinterest

Also called the tulip tree, this is another ideal backyard tree that’s easy to plant and maintain. This ornamental shrub also doubles as a shade tree. And as the name suggests, it boasts flowers shaped like tulips during spring and has pretty yellow leaves during fall.

This tree grows pretty fast, almost two feet in 12 months. So, as long as you have vertical space for the tulip tree, you can plant it anywhere on your property.

#13. Ginkgo


Image source: Pinterest

Another pretty tree that thrives well in backyards is the ginkgo tree. This tree dates back to the era of dinosaurs! It grows gorgeous fall foliage, thanks to its fan-shaped leaves that turn a vibrant yellow.

However, stay away from female ginkgo trees because they tend to drop stinky fruits, where the smell gets worse as it starts to rot.

#14. Sweet Bay Magnolia


Image source: Pinterest

You’ll never want to stay away from your garden if you have some sweet bay magnolias planted there. The flowers of this tree emit a soft lemon scent, and with its dark green foliage, it makes a beautiful centerpiece for your yard.

And when the wind blows and the leaves are ruffled, you’ll even spot pretty silver undersides on its leaves.

#15. Fringe Tree


Image source: Pinterest

A pretty spring tree that can fill the air with a subtle floral scent and the grounds with delicate white petals, the fringe tree blooms beautifully during springtime. And despite looking fragile, it is considered one of the most adaptable trees that thrive in all kinds of soil.

You can plant this in an area with full or partial sunlight and rest easy knowing it will thrive and bloom. But keep an eye on female fringe trees because they produce blue fruits that birds can’t resist.

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