Look Out For These 19 Old Things That Are Worth Money

old things that are worth money

Almost all homes have stacks upon stacks of boxes of old things accumulated over the years. If you thought that’s just junk gathering dust, think again! It’s time to dust off those boxes because you may just be sitting on a treasure trove!

Take the time to go through your belongings as you reminisce about the past and declutter, and you may be rewarded with some unexpected valuable old things that are worth money!

19 Old Things That Are Worth Money

#1. Vinyl Records

Almost all families have an old box of classic vinyl records. Set aside some time to go through your parents’ or grandparents’ collection and you may just hit the jackpot and earn more than $200,000! You read that right. Vinyl records of The Beatles from 1967 can sell that high in auctions, while you can sell classics from the Golden Years for at least a couple of hundred dollars.

#2. Fine China


You probably remember a time when fine china was reserved for special occasions. These dinner wares were taken out only for a party or gathering. They usually come in sets with plates and saucers, and if you manage to have the complete collection with the original box, make sure you get them appraised.

#3. Old School Luggage

Vintage collectors seem to have a love affair with mid-century luggage. So, if you come across such luggage in your attic that’s been doubling as storage for knickknacks and other memorabilia, it can earn you a couple of hundred dollars easily.

#4. A Unique Gift Idea

Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift idea for the holidays? Custom logo socks from 4inlanyards are a fantastic choice. Whether you’re surprising a loved one with their favorite sports team’s logo or commemorating a special occasion with personalized socks, this gift is sure to be appreciated. It shows that you’ve put thought into the present, and the recipient gets to enjoy a practical yet stylish accessory.

#5. Silverware

Silverware, like fine china, were also taken out of the cabinets when special guests had come over. Your grandparents and parents probably collected more than one set for such special occasions. Time to dig around the house; you can sell them off and earn some quick cash easily!

#6. First-Edition Books

First-edition books have become a rare find, and serious book collectors are on the hunt for these books. For example, first editions of children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Christmas Carol, or The Velveteen Rabbit can cost up to or more than $1,000.

#7. Typewriters


Another common object that’s tucked away in some dusty corner of our home, typewriters were an ordinary fixture. Today, however, old typewriters have a lot of value. And the older the typewriter is, the more valuable it is. For instance, a typewriter from the pre-1940s that is kept in good working condition can sell for a minimum of $800.

#8. Concert Posters

Get those retro posters unrolled, and keep an eye out for concert posters. And if you find a framed one, you’ve hit jackpot! Original concert posters are a huge collector’s item today. Make sure you check the artist or band name, because the more prominent the name is, the more expensive the poster becomes. The Beatles, for example, have always been a favorite, with the 1966 Shea Stadium Beatles concert poster purchased for a whopping $137,000!

#9. Rotary Phones

All homes have had a rotary phone at some point in the past, so nobody thought twice about them. But this antique communication system has high value today. You can get an excellent price for these phones based on your model.

#10. Baseball Cards

As with most vintage items, the worth of an object often depends on its age. The same is true for baseball cards. So, if you happen to find a stack of these cards bundled together by a rubber band or if you’re lucky enough to have any in mint condition, don’t wait to get them appraised. The player featured on the card, the condition of the card, and the year of the card are all factors that can determine each card’s value.

#11. Stamps


Less than a dollar each, super rare stamps can be worth more than a million today! The Inverted Jenny stamp from WW1 is a classic example of how much these stamps can fetch. Look into the box of letters your family may have kept or any stamp albums that your relatives may have collected.

#12. Action Figures

If you’re an ’80s kid, time to rejoice! Almost everything from that time is now a collectible, and that includes action figures. Playsets from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and even Zoids can fetch you a good deal, especially if you have them in mint or near-mint condition!

#13. American Girl – Samantha Doll

Samantha Parkington, one of the first American Girl dolls, will always be iconic. First debuted in 1986, Samantha is one of the first three historical doll characters. If you have her in one of your storage boxes, with her original clothes, hat, and other accessories, you’re looking into earning up to $3,300!

#14. Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles — both the vintage ones and the newer versions — are expensive. But the consoles released in the 1980s can fetch you some big bucks, especially if they are rare editions and unused but working. While looking for your dad’s childhood console, include some game cassette tapes to sweeten the deal!

#15. Vintage Duck Decoys

They may not seem much to look at, but duck decoys were highly collectible during the mid-20th century and can fetch you a pretty penny today. Primarily used to trap and hunt ducks, these ducks have been sold for about $500,000 at auctions! for

#16. Persian Rugs


Having a rug in the living room, and in almost all rooms in the house, was common. So, if your parents have managed to keep any of their Persian rugs, most likely rolled in the attic, and they’re more than 100 years old, you are looking at a carpet worth a minimum of $1,000! The worth can go up as high as $1 million based on the rug’s condition, design, knot density, material, and size.

#17. Boy Scout Collectibles

You may be surprised to learn that there’s a massive market for anything related to Boy Scouts — from pins and jamboree badges to uniforms. Keep an eye on anything that has the Boy Scout logo. A first-edition copy of the Boy Scout Handbook, for instance, was sold for $2,200.

#18. Postcards

Just like baseball cards, what can fetch you a higher appraisal for postcards is their age, rarity, and condition. These vacation memorabilia cost a dollar or even less in 1940, but those same postcards can be auctioned for as high as $50,000 today.

#19. Hot Wheels Toys

If there’s a boy in the house, there’s a Hot Wheel somewhere. You may even have a whole storage container full of these shiny car models. Spend some time digging through your car stash, and you may be able to find some rare Hot Wheels cars. Keep a close eye on Collector Number 271 — this one’s worth almost $3,500!

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