Top 5 Best Places to Go When Traveling on a Budget

Places to Go When Traveling on a Budget

Sometimes traveling around the world doesn’t cost a lot of money. The only thing you need to do is find the perfect destination where you can book cheap flights early, get decent accommodation without breaking a buck, and see some incredible locations that are not on the top most-traveled lists, but still worth seeing.

Finding cheap places to travel to might be difficult, especially nowadays, when prices are skyrocketing, but it is not impossible.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of 5 less popular places to travel on a budget that promises a lot for your money.

Arcadia, California, USA

When we think of California, the first thing that comes to mind is Los Angeles, which let’s be real, is not quite a budget travel destination. However, there are many places in California, like Arcadia, that have much to offer, and on top of that, you can always visit LA on a day trip.

Consider stopping by the Los Angeles County Arboretum for an extraordinary experience. Nestled in the core of the historic Rancho Santa Anita, The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden spans a distinctive 127 acres. This botanical oasis and historical treasure is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Arboretum Foundation and the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.

You might also want to explore Santa Anita Park, Southern California’s most venerable thoroughbred race track. A hub of excitement, the park will be throbbing with life as it hosts this year’s Breeders’ Cup, welcoming thousands of international visitors.

Keen on horse racing and curious about the Breeders’ Cup contenders? Click here to find out more:


Embark on an enchanting journey to Vietnam, where a tapestry of diverse cultures unfolds. A destination that’s as economical as it is captivating, Vietnam’s exquisite landscapes are its crown jewel—from the ethereal limestone karsts of the north to the verdant Mekong Delta waterways.

Relish the culinary delights as you dine amidst locals, enjoying phenomenal dishes at astonishingly reasonable prices.


With US-Cuba relations thawing, the allure of this Caribbean gem has never been more irresistible. Experience the genuine spirit of Cuba before inevitable changes sweep through—be it the euphoric salsa clubs of Havana, Santiago’s vibrant July carnival, or the inviting warmth of its idyllic beaches.

For many travel lovers, Cuba is the canvas of unforgettable and unparalleled experiences. The island seduces the senses, immersing visitors in a symphony of vibrant rhythms like salsa and rumba that reverberate through the air, while the mesmerizing aquamarine sea gently kisses the island’s pristine, palm-adorned white beaches.


Navigating the sprawling archipelago of the Philippines might seem daunting in terms of travel expenses.

But don’t worry—with strategic planning, like traveling during off-peak seasons and advanced bookings, a trip here can be quite budget-friendly.

Despite limited hostel options, the country’s stunning islands, spectacular diving locales, and hidden marvels offer unmatched value, making every peso spent absolutely worthwhile.

Traveling on a budget, even for places like the Philippines is all about smart choices. For example, you can start a travel vlog, and earn money while sharing your experiences in unique places around the world.


Despite its economic woes, Turkey presents an incredible bargain, particularly for those exchanging Dollars or Euros for lira. Istanbul, a mesmerizing blend of the ancient and the modern, serves as an ideal gateway to explore Turkey or as a standalone city expedition.

Steeped in the legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Turkey unveils a rich historical tapestry, from Roman relics and subterranean cities to vibrant bazaars and inviting Mediterranean shores.

Turkey has some incredible places to visit and it is a country rich with history that never seems to amaze travelers. In Turkey, there is also something called health tourism. Many people go to Turkey for some medical checks and surgeries, that are done by experts, but for a lot less money than other places in the world.

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