27 Plant Names for Boys That Are Legitimate

plant names for boys

Although becoming a parent is an exciting experience, regardless of the gender of the child, giving birth to a handsome baby boy brings a special kind of feeling for both parents. The next joyful experience comes when it’s time to choose a name for him. Many parents will spend days, if not weeks, looking for the perfect name for their baby boy with some giving their boys plant names just to make sure their names stand out.

If you also want a botanical name for your baby boy and you’re not sure which one to choose, this article provides you with a list of 27 plant names for boys that are legitimate and unique.

27 Plant Names for Boys


In the recent past, parents couldn’t even fathom giving their children plant names, especially boys because they believed they were too weird and weak for their little masculine progenies. So, the few plant names that existed were only preserved for girls. But as the world continues to advance and people acquire progressive mindsets, plant names for boys have become a major trend.

This trend has also been attributed to the ongoing awareness of nature and the conservation of the environment. So, some parents are picking up plant names for their boys as a sign of solidarity with the proponents of environmental conservation. Whatever your motivation is, there are many unique and beautiful plant names that you can choose for your boys. Here is the ultimate list of unique plant names for boys.

1. Adonis

This name comes from Greek mythology and it refers to a flowering plant. According to folklore, Adonis, who was deeply loved by the goddess Aphrodite, was slain by a wild boar. His blood brought forth the red Adonis flowers. In Greek mythology, the name Adonis means “lord”.

2. Asher

Also referred to as the ash tree, Asher is a fraxinus tree, which is evergreen. The ash tree name is considered an imitation of the name Asher. This name is also common in Hebrew, which means “happy, blessed”. There are several other variations representing this plant, including Ashton, Ashley, and Ash.

3. Aspen

Aspen is a beautiful towering birch tree that has the magnificence and forte of the Colorado Rockies. Interestingly, Colorado is a charming city of the same name. It’s not surprising to learn that the name Aspen means “quaking tree”.

4. Caladium

If you would like to nickname your boy “Cal”, then this plant name is just the perfect choice for him. A Caladium is warmly known to plant devotees as an “Angel Wing”. While the name Caladium may not be the first choice for most parents, its shortened version is fairly darn cute.

5. Cedar

If you’ve given birth to a handsome baby boy who bears the traits of a towering hulk, then Cedar is a perfect name for him. The tree is a symbol of power and endurance. Cedar has numerous references in the Bible, especially in the pages that talk about the cedars of Lebanon.

6. Cereus

This night-blooming cactus is native to the famous Arizona desert and it’s known for its statuesque silhouette, spectacular flowers, and divine aroma. The alternative spelling of Cereus is Sirius and it’s a perfect name for a handsome young man. The name represents natural beauty and incredible strength.

7. Dara

Although Dara is often considered to be a girl’s name, it can be a beautiful name for a baby boy. In Ireland, Dara is a popular male name meaning “oak tree, rich, leader, and star”. If your baby has Irish roots, then calling him Dara should be a no-brainer.

8. Dell

The name Dell was inspired by the popular delonix plant. It’s an English name meaning “meadow”. The delonix plant is a tropical African plant that is well known for its amusing, red-orange flowers. Dell is a good name for a baby boy who looks like he will grow to be a vibrant or strong man.

9. Douglas

This is a popular male name across the world. It refers to the optimal choice of Christmas tree. Douglas fir is the state tree of Oregon and a symbol of the Pacific Northwest. This tree is popularly known for its towering strength.

If your baby boy was born in winter, then Douglas is the perfect name for him.

10. Elm

This name refers to the elm tree. The name means red and brown. In most instances, Elm is used as the middle name for a boy. But it can also be used as a standalone mono-syllabic first name, which is short, strong, and sweet.

11. Flynn

Flynn is a trendy name that was made popular by the film titled “Tangled” by Disney. The tree was prominently featured in the garden world as a joyful flower with chocolate-pink blooms and an upbeat white center. The name originates from Ireland and it means “the son of the red-haired one”. So, if your baby boy is a little ginger, the name Flynn will be a great choice for him.

12. Forest (or Forrest)

This name is self-explanatory. If you love nature, then name your baby boy Forest or Forrest to serve as a reminder of how much you love nature. The name Forest is an English word, which means a large area covered with trees and undergrowth.

In the supernatural realm, the name Forrest refers to the “dweller of the woods”. If the name and its meanings resonate with you, add it to the list of your preferred plant names for boys.

13. Grant

Grant is a popular name that originated in Scotland. It represents power and solidarity. It’s also important to note that this name is somewhat connected to the General Grant tree, which is the second-largest sequoia in the world. The tree was named after General Ulysses S. Grant in 1867 and was declared the country’s Christmas tree by President Calvin Coolidge.

14. Heath

The name Heather is derived from the heather plant. It’s an English name that means “the land of heather and grass” or the “heathland dweller”. The plant is a hardy evergreen shrub that is commonly found in the Irish and Scottish highlands. It conjures delightfully romantic and tranquil imagery.

15. Ivy

In most countries, Ivy is considered to be a girl’s name. But currently, it’s being used for boys and girls. The name is derived from the ivy plant, which is known for its amazing ground cover. Ivy is also an English word that denotes fidelity and eternity.

16. Larch

Larch symbolizes something unique. So, it’s a great name for your baby boy. It’s derived from the larch tree, which is a deciduous conifer that’s very rare. The tree is also a towering evergreen climber with spikes that turn golden yellow in the fall.

17. Lark

This plant name is inspired by larkspur, a popular flowering plant with airy blue flowers that make the garden look beautiful. Lark is an English name that means “songbird” or “a double reference to the natural world”.

18. Leymus

Leymus is a steel-blue grass that’s very rare. Therefore, Leymus is a perfect name for your boy who’s unique. If you want your son to be different, this name is the ideal choice for him.

19. Mal

Mal is the shorter form of the apple tree’s formal name, Malus domestica. It also refers to the main character in the book trilogy and Netflix show Blood and Bone.

20. Noll

Noll is the Latin and Scandinavian variation of the name Oliver, which refers to the olive tree. If the name Oliver sounds beautiful to you, then Noll should be the next best choice for your boy.

21. Oakes

Oakes is a common English name that means “near the oaks”. It’s a perfect name for a boy who oozes strength and prominence. It’s a monosyllabic name with a succinctness that packs a punch.

22. Oliver

Oliver is a Latin name that means “from the olive tree”. This name has become very popular among parents choosing unique names for their boys. It has several variations like the French Oliver, Italian Oliviero, and Spanish Olivero.

23. Oren

This name refers to the laurel or pine. This plant is also known as Jerusalem pine in Hebrew. That’s why the name Oren is commonly used in Israel. So, if you are a fan of Jewish culture, you could name your son Oren.

24. Oxalis

Oxalis is a flowering plant, which makes it a perfect name for a boy who is always lively and captivating. It comes with a very beautiful nickname, Ox, for a masculine boy. The plant is often associated with reliability, fortitude, and success.

25. Perrin

The name Perrin was inspired by the pear tree. This name is a great choice for a boy who you hope will grow up to bear good fruits like the pear tree. Perrin is also a variation of the French name Pierre and the English name Perry.

26. Phoenix

Phoenix is a great male name that comes with a lot of bang for the buck in terms of suggestions. Phoenix is a date palm and a city in the United States. This name has a Greek origin, which means “dark red”.

27. Piper

The name Piper is usually associated with its original meaning, “one who plays the pipes.” It also refers to the pepper plant. So, it’s a spicy name for your baby boy.

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