Smoke-Free Futures: Prioritizing Lung Health After Quitting Smoking

Prioritizing Lung Health After Quitting Smoking

There are many reasons why you should quit smoking. It’s bad for your health, and it costs a fortune. Plus, if you smoke, you’ll likely just smell bad. So, if you’ve quit the habit recently, well done!

Of course, as you stay off cigarettes and cigars, your lungs will begin to clear, but there are still some things you should be doing to help keep your lung health at the top of your priorities. Here, we’ll walk through some of those things.

See Your Medical Doctor

When you’ve given up smoking, you’ll still need to stay in touch with your doctor and other medical professionals. Even though your chances of developing cancer will decrease now that you’ve quit, they’re still higher than someone who has never smoked in their life. So, it’s important to see a doctor and to maintain your doctor’s appointments to make sure that any of the first lung cancer signs, or other cancer signs, aren’t missed.

Cough When You Need To

When you smoked, you would cough. When you’ve quit smoking, you’re still coughing. It seems odd, but once you cut out the habit, you’ll notice that there’s a period straight after when you may feel like all you do is cough. In short, this is because the build-up on the lungs, which is caused by smoking, is coming loose, and it’s got to go somewhere!

So, if you begin coughing up yellow, orange, or even brown or black phlegm, try not to worry. If it continues for a long period (over 2 weeks) and there’s blood mixed in with it, then you need to book yourself a checkup with your medical doctor immediately. Once the coughing period is over, you’ll certainly find it easier to breathe.

Drink Warm Fluids

How does drinking warm tea or broth help when you’ve quit smoking? Well, overall, staying adequately hydrated is vital for good health, especially around the lungs. If you’ve recently given up smoking, you’ll find that drinking warm, tasty drinks will help to break down the mucus accumulation in your lungs. This will help to clear airways and get your oxygen levels back up.

If you’re a fan of green tea, then you’re in for a treat, as research has found that this is the best drink to help you clear your lungs after quitting smoking, as well as reduce the associated inflammation that comes with smoking.


Exercising is tough on a good day, let alone when you feel out of puff. However, when you stop smoking, you need to get your lungs back up to their previous level of functioning. So, get yourself a pair of sneakers or an exercise bike (or regular bike) and start working out by running, cycling, or even swimming a few times a week. If those exercises feel like too much right now, even a brisk walk once a day can help.

Eat A Healthy Diet

The airways in your lungs are likely to be very inflamed after you’ve been smoking. So, rather than add to that inflammation with foods that are high in salt or sugar, aim to drink water and juice and eat an anti-inflammatory diet. This will help you to feel better, as well as reduce the inflammation in and around your lungs. Blueberries, cherries, and almonds are ideal for this, so stock up and enjoy eating some tasty fruit and vegetables.

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