12 Signs of a Narcissistic Woman

signs of a narcissistic woman

As a man, you’re going to be faced with all kinds of challenges in life, but nothing is more challenging than falling in love with a narcissistic woman. She will destroy every aspect of your life with her manipulative and cold nature.

Since you have to find a woman to love, raise a family, and spend your life with, you must be careful when searching for a female intimate partner so you don’t end up picking a narcissistic woman. Here are the 12 common signs of a narcissistic woman to look for.

12 Signs of a Narcissistic Woman


Before you learn about the signs of a narcissistic woman, you need to understand who is a narcissist and why they behave like that. Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by extreme acts of insensitivity. This is a mental health problem that causes people to have an excessively high sense of self-importance while showing a complete lack of empathy or care about other people’s feelings.

While narcissistic people may appear overly confident, they usually harbor a deep sense of inadequacy. So, they use their act of indifference as a façade to conceal their uncertainties, apprehensions, and paranoia. Most narcissists aren’t sure about their real self-worth and can easily get upset by slight criticism.

Narcissism is a destructive behavior that will affect many areas of your life, including relationships, career, education, and finance. Furthermore, a narcissistic person is generally unhappy and upset when other people don’t give them the extra attention they need. Therefore, you’ll always have unnecessary arguments with your narcissistic woman because she will always want to have your full attention even though she doesn’t reciprocate it.

Your narcissistic woman will demand special favors and admiration from you, even when you’re not in a position to offer them to her. For instance, you could be going through a devastating situation like a job loss, serious sickness, or the death of a close relative, and instead of comforting you, she’ll reprimand you for not giving her enough attention and favors. Dealing with such a spouse is difficult and will only cause more problems and setbacks in your relationship.

A narcissistic woman will not only ruin your relationship, but she will also cause conflict between you and your relatives and friends because she doesn’t want you to pay attention to anyone else but her. This personality disorder is more prevalent in men than women, and it usually starts in the teenage years or early adulthood.

Some kids with this disorder can begin to show its traits early in life, but this is normal for their age. They’ll lose the traits as they mature. The most effective treatment for this personality disorder is psychological therapy.

1. Finding Pleasure in Your Pain

Women are known to be generally compassionate and caring. So, if your woman doesn’t show any kind of compassion and sympathy toward you when you are in pain, she might be a narcissist. She will actually rejoice at your suffering instead of consoling you.

She behaves this way because she suffers from low self-esteem. Therefore, rejoicing at your pain and putting you down make her feel better about herself. Such a woman will always make snide remarks, overly criticize you, and openly laugh at you when you experience pain.

Even when you’ve accomplished great things and you want to share the joy with her, she will only make sarcastic remarks to make you sad or just rebuff it as insignificant. You can never make her happy no matter what you do to please her. The more you try to impress her, the colder she will become.

2. She Wants to Destroy Your Other Relationships

As noted above, a narcissistic woman would like to have your full attention and keep you under her control. Therefore, she will work tirelessly to ruin your relationships with other people, including your relatives and friends. She will try to create a rift between you and your friends and relatives, including your kids, by spreading rumors about you or causing misunderstanding and conflict between you and other people.

3. She’s Self-Centered

We all want to be approved by other people, especially those close to us. However, this kind of desire to be approved by you and other people shouldn’t be confused with her extreme preoccupation with herself. A narcissistic woman will only talk about herself, her needs, and her achievements while brushing off everything about you.

She will always talk highly of herself and exaggerate her achievements. She finds pleasure in creating a false image of herself. That’s how she will convince you that she’s a desirable woman hoping that you will admire her and dedicate all your time and attention to her.

Sadly, a narcissistic woman will hardly talk about her husband, children, or any other person. Most of the things that come out of her mouth are about herself and her needs.

4. Playing Victim

Does your woman always play the victim card, even when she is in the wrong? If so, then she could be a narcissist. A narcissist will always try to make her life’s pain and hardships seem bigger than everybody else’s.

Although she’s not trying to boast about her struggles in life, she wants to look like a victim so that you can sympathize with her and let her get her way. This usually happens when she has done something wrong and she doesn’t want to apologize or admit she is wrong. When you share your life’s difficulties and pain, she will downplay them and make herself the victim.

This means that she doesn’t care about what you’re going through in your life. All she cares about is her life and the attention she’s getting from you. For instance, you could be facing serious financial problems like home foreclosure or repossession of your car after losing your job and instead of your wife helping you to figure out how to get out of the situation, she accuses you of not taking her to dinner or buying her gifts.

5. She Blames You for Everything

We all try to absolve ourselves from blame when things go wrong. It’s human nature. However, this is different from being a narcissist. Your narcissistic woman will always blame you for everything that goes wrong, even when she is directly responsible for it.

She will always try to turn everything around and blame it on you. A narcissistic woman believes that she is never wrong. So, when things go wrong, it most definitely has to do with you. She will never admit her mistakes no matter how obvious they may be.

6. Cares Less about Your Feelings

As mentioned above, your narcissistic woman will never show you empathy no matter the situation you are going through. This is the hallmark of narcissism. Caring for other people doesn’t come easily to her.

For example, you may be seriously ill, but she will complain about you falling sick on her birthday. A normal person will put everything else aside to take care of you and try to make you feel comfortable and cared for. But your narcissistic woman will take you on a guilt trip, forcing you to get out of your sick bed to please her.

7. Idealizing and Devaluating

When you are starting out, your narcissistic woman will shower you with love and affection so that you can become addicted to her. Once she is certain that you’ve fallen for her, she will instantly pull the plug and start acting cold and indifferent. She enjoys switching back and forth and playing with your emotions by romanticizing and devaluating you.

8. She Doesn’t Take Slights Kindly

A narcissistic woman will never allow you to criticize her or speak negatively about her, even when you are arguing. She will either defend herself fiercely or overact in a way that makes you feel guilty about it.

9. She Doesn’t Care about Interpersonal Boundaries

Your narcissistic woman will never respect your boundaries. She also doesn’t believe in giving you your personal space. In fact, she enjoys putting you in awkward positions by crossing the line. A narcissistic woman believes that she deserves preferential treatment over everybody else.

10. She’s Materialistic

Every woman desires the finer things in life. It’s in her nature. But a narcissistic woman is overly materialistic and she cares about her outer appearance and public image more than anything else.

So, she’s only concerned about material benefits. When the benefits go away, her love and affection go too. She doesn’t have time for anyone who doesn’t offer her tangible benefits.

11. She Uses Sex to Punish You

If you are already intimate with your narcissistic woman, she will always withhold sex from you as a form of punishment whenever you have a misunderstanding. She does this to make sure that you’ll never disappoint her again. But a normal female spouse will try to work things out and resolve problems in the relationship amicably without trying to punish you.

12. She Sees Herself as the Most Enviable Person

A narcissistic woman has difficulty maintaining long-term relationships and friendships because she thinks everyone envies her. She also considers herself to be superior to other people, so she hardly acknowledges others’ achievements. This leads to strained acquaintances and relationships.

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