10 Attractive Succulent Plants Decorating Ideas You Need to Try

succulent plants decorating ideas

Succulents are plants that survive harsh weather conditions. They are fleshy as they store water and can withstand weeks of neglect. They come in beautiful shapes and colors and can be grown indoors.

Succulents are a great option for first-time gardeners who forget about their plants after some time. They are also a great way of decorating your home, as you can grow them in many ways in all kinds of containers. Read on to discover 10 succulent plants decorating ideas.

What Are Succulent Plants?


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Succulents are plants that store water, so they are fleshy and thick. As they store water, they can survive in arid climates and do not need watering like other plants. They can survive droughts but not floods. If the root remains in the water for too long, the plant will die.

They are better off in warm climates, and except for a few species, most of them cannot withstand freezing temperatures. This is because the water stored in the plant freezes, resulting in a mushy plant and, eventually, death.

They are low-maintenance plants and can survive days of neglect. They grow year-round, and you can decorate them in several ways. Apart from adding beauty to your space, they also have numerous health benefits. Here are some:

• Purify the air, helping you breathe easier
• Improve mood and concentration
• Healing plants that help to prevent illnesses
• Help in reducing symptoms of flu and cold

How Can You Take Care of Them?


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Even though succulents can survive days and even weeks of neglect, if you want to grow them successfully, you will have to give them an environment resembling their native habitat. As they live in areas with minimal to no rain, lots of sunlight, and a dry and humid climate, you must fulfill all these requirements for the plant to survive.

Tips that will help you grow succulents:

1. Give Them Plenty of Sunlight

Succulents need around 6 hours of sunlight. Direct sunlight, however, may scorch some young plants. So, consider your latitude and elevation and the plant species and provide them with enough sunlight.

2. Water More But Less Frequently

Watering succulents falls in a cycle. Watering-Drying-Watering. So, succulents need enough water to soak up the roots. The roots dry up quickly, and later, the soil dries too. You can water the plant when the soil has dried for a few days. Water succulents less frequently but with more water.

Also, the plants need less water during the dormant period. So, you only need to water them once a month in winter. In summer, water the plants once weekly and twice a month in fall and spring.

3. Soil and Drainage

Succulents need soil that drains easily. So, plant them in cactus soil or make your own soil with pumice, sand, and perlite. Also, the roots rot if they remain in the water for a long time. So, the container that you grow them in should have a drainage hole.

4. Get Rid of Bugs

You may face bugs if the soil remains wet for an extended period or when there is no proper drainage. Separate the infested plants from the healthy ones and spray them with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

10 Succulent Plants Decorating Ideas

Here are 10 succulent plants decorating ideas that will transform your home:

1. Dish Garden


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You can choose containers that complement your home’s decor. Take a container at least 3 inches deep and add river rock or pea gravel for drainage. Follow it with fast-growing cactus soil and plant your succulents. You can arrange several plants depending on the size of your pot. You can further add marble or stones to beautify your garden.

2. Hanging Globe Terrarium


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You can make beautiful hanging globe terrariums with minimal effort. Globes are available in flat bottoms as well as round bottoms. For a hanging terrarium, you need one with a round base and a hook at the end, so you can hang several globes together.

The process is simple — just add organic dirt and follow it up with your succulents. Choose succulents according to the size of your globe. Add sand or stones for decoration.

3. Hanging Garden


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Many succulents defy gravity, so you can grow them on walls. So, instead of framing a picture, you will be framing succulents. You can get pre-assembled frames, or you can make one yourself.

4. Succulent Bookends


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It is a great way of adding greenery to a dull home. It is simple but will breathe life into your space. Just use two similar pots and plant your favorite succulents. Add them to the ends of your bookshelf, and you are done.

5. Birdcage Succulent Planter


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If you have an old birdcage that is no longer in use, you can turn it into a beautiful planter. Get a coconut liner that will fit inside the cage and fill it with succulent potting soil. Add your succulents and hang the cage indoors or outdoors in a semi-shaded spot.

6. Tabletop Terrariums

Tabletop Terrariums

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You can make tabletop terrariums using mason jars or dome-shaped glass jars for your blank counters. Fill the bottom with gravel, and follow it with a layer of charcoal. Now spread potting soil and plant your succulents. Add stones, shells, or marbles to make the arrangement look more beautiful.

7. Seashell Sensation

Seashell Sensation

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You can choose one of several types of seashells for a marine-succulent planter. It is an excellent idea for a bathroom window. Fill the bottom with sand or seashells and follow it with cactus soil. Plant your succulents and decorate them with small shells.

8. Eggshell Planter

Eggshell Planter

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This is the best option if you want to plan something with succulent plants for Easter. Create a small pinhole at the bottom of the shells and add sand, followed by planting soil. Plant small succulents, and you can arrange the eggs in various ways. Later, you can pot the plants.

9. Funky Pots

Funky Pots

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You can plant succulents in many funky pots that are also suitable for other plants. You can even use a broad-based tray to plant many succulents together.

10. Hanging Wall Succulents

Hanging Wall Succulents

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There are many wall planters available online as well as at local stores. They have hooks to help fix them on the walls. You can also make your own hanging planters with cups. It is a unique way to decorate a wall and bring it to life.

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