Watching the Bat Swing Together: Why a Baseball Game Is the Perfect Family Event

Watching the Bat Swing Together

As the dates of this year’s MLB postseason approach, you might wonder whether you should bring your family to a world-class baseball game. So far, you’ve been going to games and minding your ballpark delights solo. And it’s been fun. But now that you want to share the thrill with your closest ones, questions can’t stop popping into your head. Is it safe for kids? Will they all like it?

The more you think things through, the more specific your questions get. You wonder whether to consider the World Series odds and take everyone to see the Atlanta Braves play. The Wild Card Series games also appeal to you, so you’re also looking into tickets for the October 3rd spectacle. Then again, you’re curious whether breaking the ice with a local game would be best. The options are endless.

Is Taking Your Family to a Baseball Game Worth It?

It is. Baseball matches are excellent to watch in the company of your family. Still, you’re absolutely right to pose questions. Hitting the grandstand with your loved ones requires pre-planning, especially if your children are coming. That said, it might indeed be better if the first game you watch together is out of the spotlight just so you can get the gist of the experience.

However, if your motto is, “Go big, or go home.” we recommend you spend October 27, 28, and 30 attending the World Series games. Now, let’s see what’s in it for you all should you green-light your idea.

1. A Chance to Pay Your Respect to Tradition

Baseball is part of the American cultural heritage. Attending such a bat-and-ball event is one of the highest acts of patriotism. If that’s your top motive for introducing your family to this sport, and you’re all stoked for a major happening, you should let them see the Atlanta Braves play.

This major league team is creating baseball history! They’re the only existing team that’s played every season since the beginning of professional baseball, and they’ve won four World Series titles! They’ve also acquired great new players and might even set the single-season team home run record. No wonder they’re this year’s favorites.

2. Plenty of Quality Family Time

Life can get busy, and setting time aside to do stuff with your favorite folks can be challenging. It’s good baseball exists, though, because grandstands are a fantastic place to bond with your family. As you encourage the pitchers from your seats, you can chat and laugh with your dear ones, closing any emotional distance between you.

3. A Couple of Hours to Learn Something New

You can also use this opportunity to teach yourself and your companions more about the game. If you follow our advice and choose a World Series event for your next adventure, there’s a lot of interesting information to entertain yourself with even before the championship officially starts.

For instance, the Ronald Acuña Jr. led Atlanta Braves, who were the first to clinch a playoff spot, aren’t the only betting favorites. Unsurprisingly, the LA Dodgers, too, could snatch a title this season. In fact, their second baseman, Mookie Betts, and AB’s Acuña Jr. are the two players who could win National League MVP, according to the masses!

Of course, you could always spin a yarn about baseball statistics, the rules of the game, or its history while the players roll around in the field. There’s a good chance your family doesn’t know about betting averages, the 2-3-2 format of the World Series, or Schlitzie, the New York Giants’ lucky cat. Baseball games are simply perfect for experiential learning.

4. The Joy of a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

If you worry about your family “surviving” the baseball experience, here’s a fun fact that will put your mind at ease: these games are family-friendly. That said, there are affordable family tickets and discounts for younger attendees. Furthermore, there are on-spot playgrounds for children in case your young ones need extra entertainment.

All in all, the baseball industry is aware of the needs of families who like this sport. However, if you’re bringing your pre-teens or younger kids to a game, the following (safety) tips can help you all have a better time:

• Reserve your parking spot ahead of time.
• If your toddler is coming, get their toys and whatever keeps them entertained. Also, be ready to chase them around the stadium often.
• Get an ID bracelet to find your children if they get lost.
• Bring your essentials: lots of snacks, water, sunscreen, and a stroller, too, if allowed.
• Go to spring or fall games to avoid the summer heat.
• Pack your baseball glove in case a foul ball ends up flying your way.
• If your kids are starting to get fussy, leave the game earlier.

The Fun Never Ends

Whether your choice is a World Series or a minor league match, you’re in for a treat. Baseball games are a perfect pastime for active families who appreciate this sport’s tradition and entertainment value. And that’s why watching the bat swing together is worth it.

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