Teo Ho Pin and Aim Case: The Art of Writing a Letter to Sidestep the Truth

Teo Ho Pin had released a statement yesterday on the case of Aim and Aljunied GRC yesterday. He, or the PAP, has used some tactics in his letter to befuddle Singaporeans. Here’s how:

  1. Who is Teo Really Hoping the Statement to Address? Do you know who the intended audience for the statement is? In fact, at first glance, the question would be – who is the letter addressed to? Who is Teo trying to address his case to? It doesn’t seem to be addressed to the Worker’s Party or Aljunied GRC. It doesn’t seem to be addressed to the Singaporeans who had made many attempts to query PAP on the discrepancies in information – as such, Teo has chosen not to address the statement to Aljunied GRC and the Singaporeans who have asked, even if they are the rightful addressee for the statement. This statement is actually addressed to Singaporeans who are still on the fence as to whether to believe PAP or Aljunied GRC, and Singaporeans who were aligned to PAP but who are starting to have second thoughts from the Aim Case. At this point, PAP knows it is losing when it comes to competing on information. It simply doesn’t have a case. It knows that at this point, some Singaporeans are beginning to realize the truth and are beginning to doubt what they think about PAP – this statement is aimed at retaining this group of Singaporeans – how can they present the information in a way which ‘looks’ logical, so that the unknowing Singaporeans can still be drawn back to the fold? How can they try not to address the sensitive issues, and refocus the issue, so that the Singaporeans who haven’t thought about the issue but whose anxieties have been risen be calmed by their seemingly ‘logical’ statement?

  2. Preventing Worker’s Party from Responding. Do you notice that Teo has chosen not to address the statement to the Worker’s Party, even though the Worker’s Party should be the rightful addressee to the statement? As mentioned, this is because the statement isn’t about answering the queries that have been put up. It’s aimed at salvaging the situation and retaining those who can still be made to believe what they say. At the same time, PAP knows that they cannot respond directly to the Worker’s Party, because sooner or later, they will be forced to respond directly to the questions asked, and it will only expose the truth. So, they have chosen to delink the Worker’s Party from the fray. By doing so, they hope that the Worker’s Party won’t have a chance to come back with a respond, and they can let the matter rest. Then you might ask, what about the Singaporeans who will then query PAP? The mainstream media does not cover news brought out online which is contrary to the government’s stance, so other than the Worker’s Party, they will omit any other differing opinions in the mainstream media for this case, and this will effectively silence the discourse. But the Worker’s Party is an officially registered party, and like it or not, the mainstream media will be forced to report on any statement the party makes, and thus Teo’s response at this point is a concerted effort to delink the association with the Worker’s Party. What this means is that residents in Aljunied GRC should write to the Worker’s Party to continue to demand for an explanation, so that the Worker’s Party will have a chance to continue putting up official statements, which can be reported in the mainstream media.

  3. Teo has Become a Scapegoat. Why did Teo make it so plain direct that he is the coordinating chairman of the town councils – he had said, “I am the co-ordinating Chairman of all the PAP-run Town Councils (“the TCs”)”? PAP is setting the stage now – if eventually, they are forced to answer to the queries and expose the truths, they would need a scapegoat – Teo would be this scapegoat. Also, Teo has taken responsibility because they do not want Singaporeans to eventually pinpoint another source where responsibility needs to be taken. Why do I say that?

  4. The Town Councils are a portfolio under MND. Because under the government directory, the town councils are actually listed under the Ministry of National Development (MND). If Teo doesn’t take the chop, a larger head will have to roll – the minister for MND. Very obviously, the town councils cannot possibly be operating on their own, as much as Teo would like to position so. There is a larger body coordinating the town councils, and it’s MND.

  5. What is MND’s Role? Which then brings us to the next question, if the town councils had deemed that the NCS wouldn’t be able to fulfill the new requirements of the tender in 2010, and the town councils were wanting to have another party manage their software – Teo had said that the “TCs (were given the) option of having a third party own the computer system”, logically, shouldn’t the Ministry of National Development, being the overseer of the town councils, play this role? Why was the buck passed on to Aim, or why did they want to pass the buck to Aim? MND has kept quiet during this whole episode. But it might be time they answer. Is MND that incapable that they were not able to manage the town councils? What role did they play and should have?

  6. Is NCS Incapable? Then, of course, the next question is – is NCS so incapable that they are not able to manage the needs of the town councils but are able to manage the overall needs of the other government agencies as well as other international projects? This is the company which has an international portfolio, who is yet incapable to manage a simple software system?  Also, Teo had mentioned that NCS had “considered bidding but in the end, decided not to do so as it was of the view that the IP rights to software developed in 2003 on soon to be replaced platforms were not valuable at all.” What a way with words to not mean anything, isn’t it? As of now, NCS has remained silent on this issue.

  7. Releasing a Long Statement to Befuddle. Do you know why Teo had released such a long statement? The purpose of writing out a long statement is an excellent tactic to tire out people who would be reading through the statement – this will tire them out halfway so that by the time they get to the end – where Teo brings out the incoherent information on the finances – the reader would have been confused and lost that they would take whatever was said at face value, accept it, be calmed and then continue to believe in PAP.

  8. Statement Still Doesn’t Answer Questions Raised. After the whole statement, a reader with a clear mind would then ask – so? PAP still hasn’t explained the purpose of Aim, why three ex-PAP MPs are in charge of the company, and what are the behind-the-scenes workings between the town councils, Aim and PAP? We know there are workings behind – we just do not know what and how, which is why Teo’s statement is meant to try to make the procurement look as legit as possible, so that they wouldn’t need to go into the details.

  9. Has PAP Profited from Singaporeans? The question then is, are the processes that Teo had described legit? After reading the whole statement, we are still none the wiser as to whether PAP had profited from the sale of the software and the subsequent repurchase by the town councils – this information was cleverly omitted from the statement – which means we have to continue to demand transparency for the release of this information.

Here is what it is – PAP’s strategy is to end this one and for all by releasing the statement – which is not directed at the Worker’s Party so that they can refrain from having to respond to any more questions, which will inadvertently reveal the truths. Also, the statement is meant to appease Singaporeans sitting on the fence, so that they can continued to be retained by PAP. The question is, will PAP succeed in eliminating any further discourse on this?

This means that for Singaporeans, we have to continue discussing about this case with unabated breath. It means that the citizens of Aljunied GRC will have to demand for respond from the Worker’s Party, to give them a chance to have their voice heard again.

This will be a long drawn out battle, if we can keep at it. We’ve let slip many opportunities for transparency, honesty and truth to prevail. This Aim case is actually a very good opportunity that we have for truth to be finally exposed, and we cannot let up.

For now, PAP will hope that time will erase the memory of the Aim case from the minds of Singaporeans and that this statement will end it. But we will not let it be. We will continue to keep it in the minds of Singaporeans until we get an answer – and the truth.


  1. Helen Chew

    >________________________________ >From: The Heart Truths >To: helen.chew@yahoo.com.sg >Sent: Wednesday, 2 January 2013, 18:11 >Subject: [New post] Teo Ho Pin and Aim Case: The Art of Writing a Letter to Sidestep the Truthy > >My Right to Love posted: “Teo Ho Pin had released a statement yesterday on the case of Aim and Aljunied GRC yesterday. He, or the PAP, has used some tactics in his letter to befuddle Singaporeans. Here’s how: Who is Teo Really Hoping the Statement to Address? Do you know who” >

  2. The Pariah

    It will remain People’s ACTING Party (PAP) unless and until we Singaporeans step up to the plate together to take action, esp at GE2015-6. So …… People Act Please (PAP)!

  3. Jack Chan

    You nailed it, man! When I first heard that statement in the evening news (2 Jan), I thought wow!… that was a pretty good, logical explanation and I have no idea whatsoever on how to rebut that or question this AIM saga further. And yes, if I were on the fence about PAP, I’d very likely stay with them because it now sounded like those lunatic fringe cowboys were simply trying to make a mountain out of a molehill to tarnish our clean, perfect dear LEEders. Great job, HeartTruths!

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  5. Annette

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