Punggol East By-Elections 2013: Let the Games Begin

PAP is a funny creature. They’ve always told you to think global, think big. Then, at this Punggol East by-elections, they ask you to think local. Why not, right? If not, if we think national, which issue do you want to dig out? Housing? Transport? SMRT?

And someone needs to tell PAP’s candidate Koh Poh Koon that holding more than 20 appointments doesn’t make you the “son of Punggol”. Maybe the son of Bukit Timah. Then, at least SDP can stake their rightful claim. (Can’t wait to see Vivian shoot his mouth off again.) Koh, try earning less than $1,000 a month – I think people will feel more for you. And then maybe at least we will finally have a minimum wage law. Anyway, there are hundreds of others who have lived in Punggol East for more than 3 years and are also, “I am Me” – maybe PAP should field them? Kee Chiu Punggol Easterners!

The Reform Party … yes, they really do need to start reforming the party. I don’t know what the residents of Punggol East think every time they see the Reform Party. Well, at least their logo is so much prettier than the other parties – maybe they can try running for the ‘Sun of Punggol’.

SDP’s strategy is this – shoot yourself in the foot. And then shoot yourself in the other. By this time, Chee Soon Juan would have lost both his feet. This is a case of throwing it all away when you did have something going on there.

For the Worker’s Party, they’ve always thought that slow and easy wins the race. 🙂

SDA needs to hire a mathematician. Someone needs to tell them that the 4% of the votes that they garner in GE 2011 isn’t going to magically become a majority at this by-elections, not even a double-digit figure. Yes, the residents are coming for the parties – BECAUSE Singaporeans like free food!

I really wonder what’s it like for the residents of Punggol East. It’s like the whole world is descending onto them right now. They are the real gods now -until 26 January 2013. And then they will be back to being slaves after that. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, peeps. But wait ah, Punggol East is actually Sengkang East. I mean, even Koh Poh Koon got it mixed up. Imagine that the residents of the real Punggol East are getting ready to vote now. They will be be so sorely disappointed. Well, at least they have the Punggol Waterway. What do the residents of Sengkang East have? An unfinished shopping mall, which PAP thinks only they can finish. I wonder how many sorely disappointed people there will be after this by-elections.

And people, the elections are called the by-elections! Not the bi-elections. It’s “by the way, we are going to have an election”. I know, I would love to see the day when we are able to hold a bisexual elections in Singapore. But before then, one step at a time, shall we?

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