[Infographics] AHPETC-NEA Stand-Off: What’s Really Going On? (Part 3)

Alright! So, what really happened between the AHPETC, NEA and now, our dear Vivian? I had tried to be amicable in the first two articles but things have gotten out of hand. So let it rip! Below is the chronological order of what has happened thus far.

Please note that this infographics pertain only to the food centre at Block 538, as the issues for Block 511 are different.

Note the smoke bombs that were thrown too.

Note: The blue boxes represent what the Worker’s Party had said and the white boxes represent the others. The white box with the red border represents NEA, the white boxes with the green borders represent the food centres and/or hawkers and the white boxes with the grey borders represent dearest Bala. 

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (8)You can read Part 1 of the article here and Part 2 here.


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    • My Right to Love

      I think the saga might end here for now. I’m not sure if the WP will want to go on being involved in a tirade which will not have an end.

      In my analysis, the WP had tried to close this case several times so that they could move on and perhaps, do the actual work.

      But they’ve been forced to fend off the attacks more often than they and wished to – which explained the last two press releases.

      I personally think that Vivian wouldn’t want to have a face-to-face meeting with the WP. I am in the opinion that he wouldn’t have been able to come off better from it, so it’s better to suggest something which he hoped that would not occur, so that a face-off wouldn’t be required.

      I think his last response was meant as a save. If he dragged himself in further, the WP would have asked him to bring this case up to CPIB, like they had did for Aim.

      And then what happened?


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  4. unluckid

    very turned off by whats going on, especially now that its been exposed that a PAP member is heavily involved.

    • My Right to Love

      Hi unluckid,

      I personally think that if PAP wants to maintain the higher ground, they need to stop playing politics, if they are.

      Any politics played now can only serve to dent their image. Any wonder why the Internet needs to be censored?

      If PAP can refocus and “fix” the right thing, it would work more in their favour.


  5. Pinky

    I think, at the very minimum, the minister has committed a very grievous self-inflicted political injury by speaking out in such strong terms. This kind of brinkmanship needs to be played with a lot more discretion and taking a ‘my way or the highway’ approach would only serve to polarise the public’s perception, especially when you take such a strong stance. No doubt he feels that he is defending the rights of the hawkers, but he could have so easily turned this situation to his party’s gain by saying that, even though he believes AHPETC is in the wrong, he is still willing, in the spirit of unity and cooperation for the public good, to sit down with all parties involved and resolve their differences. PAP could have then spun it as an example of how the government is maintaining its ‘light touch’ and its detractors would be hard-pressed to mount strong and credible criticisms.

    What has happened now is a textbook example of how NOT to negotiate. He has committed himself too strongly and has left himself without a way to back down gracefully. He must either push on further with the severe risk of worsening the situation (which probably will happen at the rate things are going) or cut his losses immediately and lose a significant amount of face. He has now given WP the upper hand as they can just say that they have spoken their peace, release all related documents for the public to decide and choose not to engage the minister, leaving him red faced. If that were to happen, there would be few options for the ruling party to take to protect their minister. They could take a quiet approach and introduce a few new laws designed in reality to undermine opposition parties but that would just make everyone cry foul and make PAP look worse. But such a quiet approach would not be enough to really show solidarity with their minister which would mean a much more overt course of action, which, given the current public sentiment, would really worsen the situation and public perception of the ruling party.

    And just we can be clear on this: this whole thing was actually a non-issue. The reason it became a two week Mexican standoff was because an ST editor decided to point the finger at WP with the headline “Stallholders in row with WP town council”. It was a misunderstanding between two office workers which could be resolved amicably, behind closed doors and with a compromise over restitution to be made. A political party did not have to be dragged into it but somebody made a colossal journalistic blunder and we now have this fracas.

    • My Right to Love

      Hi Pinky,

      I thought that Vivian had simply argued on the basis that the hawkers should be protected, without attaching any relevance to the facts of the case.

      I find his argument thus very weak and I sufficiently supported and doesn’t hold ground.

      But I do not think that Vivian considers carefully before making a judgment. His actions during the episode involving Vincent at the last general elections is one as knee-jerk as this. And he followed one with another in this episode, so yes, this is exactly what shouldn’t have been done.

      I would have quieten down, if I were him, but well, to each his own suffering.

      I agree with you that it is a non-issue. It could have been easily resolved by simply setting up a date for cleaning. But it has been turned political, and so it has now become a game of not losing face, which is unfortunate, since the facts get lost in the game.


  6. mablelee

    Roy, I’ve been following this issue closely and your entire treatment of this issue has been incredibly one-sided. After listening to you at FMI, I would have thought you would be a little more objective.

    This timeline omits only the parts that require an do not fit your govt-is-evil narrative. A lot of items are still being contested in this saga yet you state all WP claims as undisputed fact, which you then use to refute NEA and hawker claims. I think you raise valid questions of PAP’s conduct. But where is your questioning of WP?

    1. Tai Vie Shun, the man who supposedly told 538 and 511 they had to pay more is nowhere to be seen in your articles. This is the man that both block 538 and 511 hawkers have identified as the person who told them they had to pay more. This man could have made clear that he said no such thing to either hawker. But yet, when he came out of the meeting with NEA and the hawkers, he refused to talk to anyone and went to hide in the lift while the hawkers and NEA stayed back and gave their side of the story. Why is Tai so shy? And why did you decide to leave him out of it? Is he not an important player?

    2. Faisal Manap’s appeal letter is omitted from your timeline. Here is an appeal letter from an MP to his own town council. Why did he need to write that? And why was no action taken on this appeal? Did the TC ignore their own MP’s appeal to the extent that they couldn’t even be bothered to reply? And from the letter, it should be clear that there was a misunderstanding in the Feb 7 email. It is basically a letter from hawkers asking the TC not to charge them more for cleaning the ceiling. What is the TC’s response to this? Shouldn’t it be: What? This is a misunderstanding. Cleaning the ceiling is our job and we will do it for no extra charge. Why didn’t AHPETC respond in this manner instead of ignoring their own MP and letting the hawker centre ceiling go uncleaned?

    3. You state with certainty that Ng Kok Khim asked for the quotation. How do you know this? Hawkers said they never did it? ATL is silent. All it has to do is to produce the email from Ng Kok Khim asking him for the quotation and this little part can be cleared up. ATL has instead said nothing. Not that you need them to say anything, you have already decided.

    4. 7 June – all the bits except Sylvia escalating the argument by accusing NEA of being politically motivated. Is that part not relevant since that is the statement that seems to have triggered a political argument?

    Some undisputed facts:
    – The TC is supposed to clean the ceiling
    – This did not happen for Block 538 when it was supposed to in March. (They may not need to do it every spring cleaning, but certainly have to do it this year. And it is clear there was some expectation on the part of hawkers, NEA, AHPETC and ATL for it to be done in March.)
    – It has been 3 months since this error was discovered and 2.5 weeks since it is clear where all the misunderstanding is.
    – To date, 538 has not been cleaned nor has their been any one committing to clean their ceiling. (If you have a PAP member in your hawker association, does that mean your S&C gets you less?)

    • My Right to Love

      Hi mablelee,

      Thank you for your message. Thanks for bringing up some of the points in this article. I apologise if I might have missed out on some of them.

      Here are some clarifications:

      1) I wasn’t aware of Tai Vie Shun. Sorry, I must have missed it in the news article. Please allow me to read more about this. So far, based on what I’ve read – the WP had clarified that they and their agents have not asked the hawkers for additional payment – I do hope that there’s paper trail which can be released on this so that we can justifiably understand what’s going on.

      2) Faisal’s letter is not included in the infographics because his letter pertains to Block 511’s appeal. These infographics pertains only to Block 538. I have prepared another infographics on Block 511. If I have time, I can complete it and upload it tomorrow.

      3) Hi, if you look at ATL’s quotation, it was specifically stated inside that the quotation was requested from the good centre.

      4) Which bits might you be referring to? Do note that I have tried my best to include what information I can here, as far as possible, because of the space constraint.

      Regarding the disputed facts that you had brought up:
      – According to the WP, they were not able to clean in March because the NEA had said that the hawker centre would handle the scaffolding. This wasn’t done and so the WP wasn’t able to clean.

      I had written in Part 2 of this article that the following has to be released for us to make a better and more informed understanding of the issue:

      1) All the contracts involved, if not, the managers of these contracts – so that we know who should rightfully be taking responsibility, but has shifted the “blame” away
      2) The full schedule of the cleaning of the food centres in the past 2 years – so that we know what the regular schedule has been like and whether the demands made are reasonable
      3) An independent survey and/or report with all the hawkers to find out what their involvement and agreement in this issue is like – so that know if all the hawkers are agreeable to the current matter or only certain hawkers have been given fair airing

      As of now, after having read the news, I’m with the point of view that the WP has a more consistent argument. I do believe that both parties might have performed mistakes, perhaps. But the WP has more consistency in their arguments.


      • CY

        Hi Roy,

        My interpretation of the quotation is different. Mr Ng’s name on the quotation doesn’t mean he is the one that requested for the quotation.

        The “Attn: Mr Ng Kok Khim” is simply to address to the Hawker’s Association representative – in this case it’s Mr Ng for Blk 538.

        I agree with mablelee we need to see the correspondence that ASKED for the quotation before we can make a judgement. So far both sides have not released any correspondence on this.

        As for cleaning schedule I invite you to check AHPETC’s press releases again. It’s attached somewhere in the press release.

        In fact my assessment is more inclined to believe WP is not telling the truth. They have been TOO consistent in their rebuttals without clear evidence. Don’t forget SL and PS are both lawyers.

      • My Right to Love

        Hi CY,

        Thanks for this – you are right to say that we do need to take a look at the quotation specifications and the contracts – and also who had asked for the specifications and would manage the contract.

        As of now, what is curious is that this has not been revealed.

        Personally, I am of the opinion that the Worker’s Party has a more consistent argument, but having said that, we need more evidence before we can pass judgement.

        At the end of the day, I do believe that all parties involved would have made some sort of mistake, which had thus contributed to this fracas.

        I doubt that the truth will be revealed though, as all parties involved would want to hide something, to be on higher ground.


      • mablelee

        Hi Roy,

        Thanks for replying. I did not realize there was a second timeline.
        Granted, I think if Faisal Manap is appealing on behalf of 511 to TC for the hawkers not to be charged more for cleaning anything above 2.5m, it does show that ATL tried to charge 511 for cleaning high areas.And if that is true, it becomes easier to believe that the same was required of 538. I am unclear though is WP’s statement that no TC staff ask hawkers to pay more relates only to 538 or refers to all hawkers in general. WP has insisted consistently throughout that they never asked for more money, but not all the available evidence lines up in their favour.

        On the matter of 538, as I understand it, the ATL quotation addressed to Ng Kay Khim is being disputed. Hawkers insist that they never asked for a quotation. AHPETC insist they did. I don’t know who to believe. I think ATL can clear it up by just issuing the email from Ng that shows him asking for a quotation. I am not assuming Ng is instigating just because he is a PAP member. I think hawkers would not kick up a fuss if the ceiling was cleaned. Yet I can’t rule anything out. Someone needs to provide proof. ATL can and while it is at it, explain why it gave a quote for everything, including the cleaning.

        On the 3 things you asked for in part 2. I actually don’t think they are the most important pieces of evidence.
        1) Everyone has agreed that cleaning the high areas of the hawker centre is the responsibility of the TC. Pritam said so. Sylvia said so. NEA says so. This is one the few areas there is no dispute. WP cleaned the high areas of dunno which block last week at no extra charge for scaffolding. (They used long poles). They committed to cleaning high areas of 511 and 630 (i think) within a month. I don’t need an extra document to show me that they are responsible for cleaning high areas.

        2) This is useful, but again, there is some agreement here. They were cleaned at some point last year and need to be cleaned at some point this year. When that happens is between the TC and hawker to work out. I do not for a minute think that hawkers would close their shops and ask for ceiling cleaning more than once a year if they didn’t have to. There was some expectation that 538 would have their ceiling cleaned when they closed in march. This much was made clear in the Feb 7 email. Having a schedule doesn’t do much for this.

        3) This independent survey: I don’t think there is a lot of value in asking the hawkers what they want. They have made it clear through the association and it seems like every hawker in 538 and most in 511 signed a petition. The issue at hand is not complicated. They have been used to getting their hawker centres cleaned. It seems like a waste to conduct a full survey to find out if they really want the hawker centre cleaned or by who.

        On point 4) about Jun 7 in your time line, I was not clear. I meant to say that you included everything in that WP statement except the fact that Sylvia said NEA was politically motivated. I believe that is the most salient part of the statement. The rest of it repeats points made before. I think it is the “politically motivated” part that got vivian into the picture. But I acknowledge that it is difficult to be complete is an issue as complex (and pointless) as this.

        But further to that, I will say again that everyone, including WP talks about the obligation of the TC to clean high areas once a year.
        I don’t understand why no one has gone to clean 538’s ceiling yet.

        I feel like that is the starting position. Whoever said what to who, who is politicking are side issues.The ceiling is supposed to be cleaned, it wasn’t. So shouldn’t it be cleaned?

      • My Right to Love

        Hi mablelee,

        This should have originally been the issue – the Worker’s Party had clarified that they had and would clean the ceilings and have never asked the hawkers to pay additional.

        But as said – we need more evidence, in the form of the quotation specifications and contracts, as well as each of the hawker’s statement on this for the matter to be properly resolved.


      • CY

        Hi Roy. Thanks for the reply.

        We have some form of agreement here we need more evidence pertaining to the ATL contract.

        One more thing I must add. AHPETC’s media release on 7th June 2013 mentioned a media release by ATL Maintenance on 6th June 2013. Perhaps that may shed more light on the matter. I am unable to locate the media release though.

        For the NEA e-mail if you actually looked further down the e-mail thread it started with AHPETC asking about the DATES for the erection/dismantling of the scaffold (for setting up the canvas or for cleaning the ceiling? Note that there are indeed two types if you read NEA’s media release on 9th June and the two links to the two different types of scaffold)

        So in the context of the e-mail I can safely say it was about the dates. But the part about NEA said the HA will make the necessary arrangements is vague. What arrangements are we talking about here? In the context of the e-mail it seems to be about the DATES but AHPETC thought it included WHO to handle and the PAYMENT. Hence the confusion.

  7. Keyboard Warrior

    I think VB was just too trigger-happy to try and score points. He could have easily try to resolve the issue by coming in from the position of the minister and propose a talk with all parties to clear up the issue. Just a press statement to openly say, ‘come, let me be the mediator’.
    That will come across as being the ‘saviour’ and can easily be turn to say that.. See, the ‘whites’ save the day again in an opposition ward. And again, I think the ‘whites’ just fail to realise there are tons of Internet users who can do a good CSI job to find out details of all the people involved, thus uncovering the whole conspiracy.

  8. theonion


    The basic problem remains where is AHPTEC release of the emails and documents.
    Further, the NEA had clarified the scaffolding is for what areas meant in the email, yet as Mable stated no clarification given by the town council person in charge.
    Agreed with Mabel. Further, does this mean that any person who supports the present party in power is unable to disagree with the party in power for the town council if it means extra savings for it Further, the clariification given by NEA informing that the town council is responsible unlike those per hawker association adviced by the town council in charge person who than requested for the quote
    Opines that it will follow that your so called non partisan views are very partisan indeed.

    • GrimaH

      theonion, if you want your post to be taken seriously, I suggest you apply your knowledge of English and make your sentences comprehensible and your chain of logic, well, logical.

      I’d grade it a D: Must Try Harder.


    This situation should had been handled at RAdm Ronnie Tay level.
    VERY STRANGE that RAdm Ronnie Tay is very quiet on this.

  10. theonion

    To quote from Qiu Ying

    Of course scaffolding will be needed to clean any area that is 2.5 m above the ground.

    There is the scaffolding to be erected to clean high areas and there is the scaffolding to be erected for canvas to cover the stalls.

    The former is the duty of the town council to provide while the latter is the responsibility of the individual stallholders to pay for and to arrange with their own contractors to provide. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    The fact of the matter remains that since AHPETC stance is correct in law and regulations, why should they not stand their ground and not clean the high areas for all their areas of purview.

    This is just being partisan and explaining away.

    if AHPETC is right in regulations and law, just quote and give out all evidences and documents and full emails.

    Not just give media statements without evidences.

    • GrimaH

      “The former is the duty of the town council to provide while the latter is the responsibility of the individual stallholders to pay for and to arrange with their own contractors to provide. Why is this so difficult to understand?”

      It is not. Indeed, one wonders why NEA obfuscated the issue with their initial email with the blanket statement, saying that the Hawker’s Association would make arrangements to have the scaffolding up, without clarifying on which scaffolding they meant.

      Click to access Annex-A-Email-Correspondence-between-NEA-and-AHPETC.pdf

      “The fact of the matter remains that since AHPETC stance is correct in law and regulations, why should they not stand their ground and not clean the high areas for all their areas of purview.
      This is just being partisan and explaining away.”

      Because the scheduled annual cleaning where they should be cleaning the whole area with the Town Council money is in October 2013. It’s not for this spring cleaning exercise.

      Click to access Annex-A.pdf

      Do note that for Blk 511 all sides eventually agreed to bring the annual cleaning exercise to this month.

      But yeah, keep calling it “partisan”.

      “if AHPETC is right in regulations and law, just quote and give out all evidences and documents and full emails.

      Not just give media statements without evidences.”

      They did though. See above.
      You don’t actually know anything about this issue do you? Can you go and educate yourself first?

  11. Yeoh Lian Chuan

    Below is information (quoted verbatim) from an email I received today (12/06/2013) from Mr Richard Tan, Director, Hawker Centres Division, of NEA.

    “The last major spring cleaning exercise for block 538 was in Mar 2012 and hence was due in March 2013. For blocks 511 and 630 it was in June 2012 and hence due in Jun this year. Spring cleanings for hawker centres are done on a quarterly basis with 1 or 2 major exercises depending on the cleanliness level of the centre. All spring cleaning expenses except for those relating to individual stalls are paid out of the S&CC collected by the Town Councils. Hope this answers your questions.

    Richard Tan
    Director (Hawker Centres Division)”

    • My Right to Love

      Hi Yeoh Lian Chuan,

      The WP had clarified that for the cleaning of Block 538 in March 2013 couldn’t be done because the NEA had said that they the food centre would set up the scaffolding but this wasn’t done. The WP had said that did not understand why this was the case – so the ball is rightfully back in NEA’s court – why did the NEA not follow up? The WP had also stated that they have found a way to clean the ceilings now, without having to close the food centre – so the WP had managed to devise new ways to resolve the issue as well.

      As for the cleaning for Block 511, the WP had already clarified that they were in discussions with the food centre to clean the centre at the end of June – they had also said they were thus perplexed as to why the issue was brought up when the matter hasn’t occurred yet and they were already discussing about cleaning anyway.

      Your email does not refute any of the existing current arguments.


      • Yeoh Lian Chuan

        The information I shared is part of the factual matrix goes to whose account is more believable/consistent. What the information establishes (beyond doubt) is that the March 2013 cleaning was a due annual cleaning and not some extra cleaning that the hawkers wanted on their own. It also confirms when the hawker centres were last cleaned. In light of that, if you then go back to Pritam’s original press release, you’d find that he made rather a song and dance about TCs having to clean hawker centres annually and not quarterly (quite irrelevant) and also releasing “annual” cleaning schedules for 2013 with “annual” cleaning dates of Oct & Nov 2013 (quite strange).

        Also, AHPETC’s claim that NEA and the hawkers would “voluntarily” agree to pay for scaffolding for a regular cleaning without prompting from AHPETC, and that AHPETC really believed this to be the case, seems to me open to question on the facts.

        I find this all a bit misleading.

        Given that

      • My Right to Love

        Hi Yeoh Lian Chuan,

        As mentioned – some more information did not be released for us to make a complete judgment, and in this instance – the cleaning schedule of the last two years and the town council’s exact role in cleaning.

        I think when we have that, we can make a clearcut case. What I don’t understand is why don’t either the WP or the NEA release this information?

        Also, if the NEA and Vivian wants to accuse the WP, the very easy thing to do is to release the town council guidelines. Do that and all will be revealed instead of the ding dong now.

        So, the question isn’t just about the facts but what are people really trying to play here. And if they want to resolve the issue, and the easy thing is to release more information and they are not doing it, what do they hope to achieve out of this.

        Simply put, they aren’t interested to resolve the matter. They are interested in putting to shame the other.


  12. alibaba

    >>>My interpretation of the quotation is different. Mr Ng’s name on the quotation doesn’t mean he is the one that >>>requested for the quotation.

    Win already loh !
    No need to discuss further ….. CY is the debate winner .

  13. williamtellsg

    I’m sure the affected hawker centres have their fair share of patrons.. Any of these patrons asked the hawkers on their take on the matter?
    If so, please share.. 🙂


  14. alibaba

    Ask hawkers ? Do hawkers have email ?

    Based on Mr Ng’s reply he dont know why ATL sent him and his association the quotation too ?? And his association never ask for such quote ?? ATL previously mentioned this is asked by them . Now ATL’s Mr Tai has since when into hiding . Mr Tai wasn’t there to do the scaffoling job that let to the clean up end in a mass. Mr Ng claim it is Mr Tai saboing AHPETC.

    Reminds me of incident where Taiwan president Ah Bian’s was shot the day before reelection campaign . Police investigator mention a man and the man was later found dead beside a pond . The truth sunk into the sea. forever !
    But we can get some logical deduction from above.

    First of all i am sure Mr Tai will never say anything anymore unless the matter went to court and asked by a judge. . He is a small businessman and his project come people like Mr Ng, and AHPETC.

    Is Mr Tai a mad businessman who sent quotation around without asking? There is never sure scaffolding work to do.and MR Ng claim ? Mr Tai will never explain again, but from Mr Tai action previously we can see he was desperately getting the hawkers to pay money for the job. Hawkers all say Mr Tai ask them for money. Because MrTai ATL was contractor hawkers think AHPETC must be the want asking money from them through Mr Tai.

    Mr Tai never get the money for the job so he was not there to do the job finally. Leading NEA and AHPETC to quarrel. First hawker’s complain AHPETC want money from them than the cleaning was a mess up and need delay.

    This lead us to the 7 Feb email from NEA to AHPETC . From NEA we know there is such a job and AHPETC was told not their business. If these thing when to court the natural questions from a judge will be to NEA. Since your have these job who did your ask to do ? Who is suppose to pay? If NEA email and ask AHPETC to pay ? And did NEA know nobody is doing it and inform AHPETC to do further action without the job like covering hawker’s roof.

    Actually the picture is quite clear for me already..

    • CY

      Mr Tai is an employe of AHPETC, not ATL. Please get your facts right. As I have said earlier in my reply to Roy above, we need the media release by ATL on 6th June 2013 cited by Ms Sylvia Lim in her media release on 9th June 2013. This media release by ATL is nowhere to be found.

  15. alibaba

    More facts…. ” Mr Ng said he and other hawkers did approach their own contacts informally for quotes on the cost of erecting canvas covers for the stalls ahead of the March cleaning. About five contractors came down to view the market stalls before one agreed to take on the job. ATL was not among them, said Mr Ng. Each hawker eventually paid $140 for the canvas covers. ”

    There is some reviewing truth from here. It is not just AHPETC and it contractors solely involve in cleaning hawker jobs as simple as like residents knows it. NEA and Market associations are also involve in other supporting aspect of hawker cleaning. But we see that when problem arise blames are push around with simple words like “Town council pays for cleaning, Town council responsible for cleansing. Period”

    This issue demonstrates that if scaffolding are not done or properly done the cleaning will end in a mess no matter how good the other workers did their respective job. Having different political parties and party members expected to coordinate and cooperate to do a task is a recipe for trouble.

    Maybe Singapore , citizens and government should recognition it is time to also restructure NEA base on their GRC. To avoid foreseeable same problem in future lets have a tanjong-pagar-environment-agency , pasir-ris–environment-agency ,Aljuni-hougang–environment-agency , jurong–environment-agency etc…..

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