The Haze And What It Says About Our Government

I had posted the following status update on my Facebook page:

The haze has exposed the workings behind the current government.

In a time of such urgency and scale, the government has reacted at a less than vigourous pace.

Well-crafted statements and updates only belie the lack of urgency that the government has in tackling the matter.

Perhaps it is indeed that the haze does not have the severity of a natural disaster of another sort, and perhaps indeed, the government does not want to rouse fears or panic.

But the government might have lost step with the people and have not moved in tandem, for the people believe the importance of the issue is much higher than the government is perceiving.

Yet, would we want a government which reacts over-anxiously and rouse the feathers of the people? But the people might be believing that the problem is, the government might not even be reacting enough. Why are workers still working in the open, they ask.

Yet, what would we do if we were the government?…

Can the Prime Minister and our ministers not have the leadership to take immediate and necessary steps to resolve the issue? Must it wait for a task force?

If a task force is necessary, what does it say about the leadership of our country, or lack thereof? What does it say about the capability of our Prime Minister or ministers who do not have the independent reasoning to take immediate required steps?

Perhaps our government has bred itself as a group of people too scared to take the drastic steps necessary, perhaps our government has boxed itself up in their too-scared-to-fail-and-lose-face mentality.

Perhaps the want to stay on power and to look good has taken a toil on the effectiveness of our country’s governance.

In our country, because our politicians no longer have the will and independence of mind, and because they have bought into thinking like one another far too often, our government is now like the lady in the shoe – too scared to move, too scared to lose.

Now is not a time to follow what has been laid out in their PR plan. Now is the time to lead.


  1. We need a leader, not leeder.

    You are right. We need a REAL LEADER. Not someone who hides behind facebook and post comments.

  2. Lynne

    The haze has been recurring for more than 10 years, so why hasn’t any of the plans laid out by the government worked???

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