The PAP Shared On Facebook An Article That Called Singaporean Reactions Dumb

Well, that escalated quickly.

Last night, I was informed that the PAP had shared, on their Facebook page, the article, “Dumb and Dumber Singaporean Reactions to the Haze“, which had also claimed that this blog “uses half-truths and misquoted information”.


Source: PAP’s Facebook Page

When I saw what the PAP had shared, I was surprised because what made the PAP, the government of the day, think that it’s appropriate to share an article that had called Singaporeans “dumb”? Should the leadership of the country give credence to an article that admonishes the whole population of Singaporeans?

What does this say of a government which does not think twice but to share an article that chastises Singaporeans? If PAP is sincere in engaging Singaporeans, is it the right thing to do to share an article which lashes out at the very people that the PAP should be serving?

I was flabbergasted! This is the highest authority of the country and did they think it fit to share an article which questions the intelligence and capabilities of Singaporeans? What does it mean for the PAP to align themselves with a blog which demeans Singaporeans?

This – coming from the upper echelons of the greatest minds in our country? I am very worried.

How did all these happen?

On Saturday, 22 June 2013, The Heart Truths had posted an article which had rebutted Vivian Balakrishnan’s claim that “other jurisdictions” publish only 24-hourly average readings of their PSI readings.


Source: Vivian & Eng Hen: Other Countries Publish 24-Hourly PSI Readings. Sure Or Not?

On Sunday 23 June 2013, the blog, sgthinker, published the article which had slammed Singaporean reactions as being “dumb”. sgthinker had said that, “There’s a world of difference in the way Singaporeans have reacted to the haze compared to say, Japan” and made suggestions that Singaporeans are “unreasonable”.


Source: Dumb and Dumber Singaporean Reactions to the Haze

In the article, sgthinker made insinuations against The Heart Truths.


Yesterday 24 June 2013, Koh Poh Koon, the PAP candidate who had lost the Punggol-East By Election earlier this year, shared sgthinker’s article on his Facebook page.


Two hours later, the PAP shared the article on their Facebook page.


Source: PAP’s Facebook Page

I had also responded to sgthinker’s blog yesterday.


Source: The Haze Has Strengthened And United Singaporeans

With specific reference to sgthinker’s insinuation, I had said the following:


I had also said the following:


Take a look at the timeline.

Honestly, it is very unbecoming of a political party to share articles which does not give credence or show respect to Singaporeans. A government is expected to hold itself to high esteem and to maintain itself with humility to the people. Has the PAP showed itself to be as such?

I am only an ordinary Singaporean who wants to write and share what I’ve researched, to help raise the awareness of the issues in Singapore among Singaporeans. As a citizen, I believe that it is my duty to learn more about my country and to help my fellow Singaporeans learn more about Singapore as well.

I believe that we need to take a stand for our country because all of us, Singaporeans, have a stake in this country as well.

It is thus very perplexing that the PAP had also shared an article which not only maligns this blog, The Heart Truths, but also labels Singaporeans as being “dumb”. What signal is the PAP sending out?

This is not the first time that The Heart Truths has been defamed. Two weeks ago, the website, Five Stars And A Moon, had also written an article to malign this blog.


Source: Your Letters: Refuting misleading articles

The article made this remark about The Heart Truths:


I had written a strongly worded article and sent it to Five Stars And A Moon.


Source: Rebuttal by The Heart Truths Against Defamatory Article on Five Stars And A Moon

If you read Five Stars And A Moon, you will know their allegiance.

The recent development is very worrying for Singapore.

  1. I am a singular Singaporean who is being targeted – I am not too sure by who – and I am not the only one. What does this say about Singapore’s democracy?
  2. The PAP had shared an article that describes Singaporeans in a crude way and which shows such great disrespect to Singaporeans?

But what does the PAP truly think about democracy?

This was what Tan Chuan-Jin had to say:


Source: Tan Chuan-Jin’s Facebook Page

Zainudin Nordin had shared a quote which related democracy to gang rape.


Source: Zainudin Nordin’s Facebook Page

What does the PAP really believe about democracy then?

Recent developments, especially in 2013, is very worrying.

Earlier this year, Alex Au was threatened with defamation.


Source: The DiaS’pura Dialogue

Filmmaker Lynn Lee was arrested, questioned and warned by the Attorney General’s Chambers.


Source: Asian Film Archive Cineodeon 2008 Features

Artist Leslie Chew had also been arrested and investigated.


Source: Comic Book Resources

These are all ordinary Singaporeans who believe that they have a responsibility to do their part for Singapore, to learn more about Singapore and to share with Singaporeans what they can.

These are Singaporeans who believe that as citizens, we have a role to play to help one another and to make our lives better. Just like The Heart Truths, we hope that we are able to continue to help Singaporeans gain deeper insights and understandings of Singapore.

But the environment has become increasingly unfriendly for ordinary Singaporeans like us to do so. How would Singaporeans be able to go around in our daily activities, and also to be involved in what is going on in our country? Can Singaporeans continue to play an active role in our country and provide solutions when we are uncertain as to when the law will be used against us, or when we are uncertain as to when our right to speak up will be restricted?

The current developments in Singapore is unhealthy and is undemocratic. As Singaporeans, we need to speak up and stand up for our rights. We need to protect our independence to continue to function freely.

We Need To Protect Our Independence to Read And Know

On 1 June, the Media Development Authority (MDA) had implemented a licensing rule on “online news websites” which would have to pay $50,000 and take down their articles within 24 hours if the MDA wants them to.

  1. Singaporeans, can you imagine if the MDA was allowed to do so? Will you still be able to access a diverse range of information if websites have to take down their articles or do not have the money to continue to maintain their websites? Will we still be able to read and know, and make informed decisions for ourselves? Will we still have our democratic rights in our own country, in Singapore?
  2. More importantly, do you know that the MDA licensing rules do not cover government websites? Looking at the quality of information that was shared by Koh Poh Koon and the PAP on their Facebook pages, do you believe that the government should have the overall and unilateral right to make licensing and regulatory decisions on our websites? One has to put their house in order first before they believe that they have a right to monitor others. Otherwise, the government shouldn’t have the overriding right to make decisions for the rest of Singapore. Such a decision, if necessary, should lie in the hands of all Singaporeans, and not just the government.

The #FreeMyInternet movement has affirmed that the licensing rule will deny Singaporeans of our right to access information. From what I’ve also illustrated in this article, it is thus also not in the interest of Singaporeans for the Internet to be regulated by the government, because it is clear that the government might not be in best position to do so.

But more importantly, the Internet should not have additional regulations heaped on it. Singaporeans are capable enough to read and to make our own decisions as to the information we read. Importantly, if the government was to regulate the news, this would mean that our choices will be made limited and we would have access to less information. It would be more difficult for us to be able to be discerning in what we are able to know, if we do not have a diversity of information to rely on.

Recent developments in the sociopolitical landscape of Singapore has been very worrying. I am very concerned that our civil liberties will be taken away from us.

  1. The PAP wants Singaporeans to trust them. But is their sharing of an article that is highly suspect worrying? Does it concern us that the article that the PAP had shared considers Singaporeans as “dumb”? Is it respectable that the leaders of this country would see it fit to associate themselves with an article that calls Singaporeans, “dumb”?
  2. Ordinary Singaporeans have come under fire of the law. All of a sudden, laws used against larger organisations in the past are now also being used against ordinary Singaporeans. Ordinary Singaporeans who hope to do their part for Singapore are being criminalised for standing up for other Singaporeans and individuals. For Singaporeans who still remember what had happened of the Singaporeans who had been arrested and locked up for several decades under the Internal Security Act from the 1960s to 1980s, would know that we have to guard against such intrusions into our lives, and we need to protect our independence and our right to live.
  3. Finally, in light of all these, the Internet is the only channel that Singaporeans are able to exercise our rights now. The Internet is the only place where we can continue to speak up and defend ourselves and where we can continue to play an active role in shaping the country that we want. We need to guard against any intrusions of the Internet and any attempt to police our use of the Internet. We need to protect the independence of our Internet, because only when the Internet is independent, will we be truly independent.

Singaporeans, if we do not stand up for our rights, we will be run over. If we do not protect the independence of our Internet, we will lose the only opportunity that we have to protect our independence.

Singaporeans, if we do not stand up to protect ourselves and our rights, we are next.

This is why I am standing up. This is why I am speaking. We need to take a stand. We need to protect ourselves. #FreeMyInternet



    Malaysia published 3 readings a day.
    No stop work order until levels reach hazardous at 746.
    Schools to remain open until levels reach 300.
    Mask ran out nationwide or prices jacked up so high you’ll kill to get some.
    Malaysia has its calamity like earthquake shakes, tsunami, flood, draught, water woes.

    What have Singaporeans got to complain for? Favourite pastime, I guess.

    • Sgcynic

      Malaysia does not have a track record of boasting that “everything” is world class and they don’t pay themselves millions.

    • Namco

      Hey there. Malaysia’s API is calculated differently than PSI. For API there is no cap. For PSI, the cap is at 500. API 746 could mean PSI 400. Do some research before you complain. Thanks.

  2. Sgcynic

    Note: the PAP is not “highest authority of the country”. They just happen to be the party that forms the majority in Parliament, for now. The Parliament is supposedly the one that deliberates on issues and provides a check on the executive and not be a rubber stamp.

  3. Civil Servant

    Civil servant here.
    Please keep up the good work. Many civil servants share your views.
    The PAP sycophants are not doing their political masters any service by insulting Singaporeans.

  4. I love Singapore

    Notice lots of fake and clone accounts being created on all online media platforms being used to harass, insult ordinary Singaporeans online.

    Let it be known that such scumbag and despicable tactics will never be tolerated by ordinary Singaporeans and we will fight these corrupted people right to the very end regardless of which website or blog they are on.

    We will make them pay dearly at the next election. United, we will overcome.

    • My Right to Love

      Hi I love Singapore,

      Yes, Singaporeans need to unite. We need to come together and support each other, and come out with solutions to allow ourselves to be able to work with one another, to develop the country that we want for ourselves.

      And we can.

      Thank you for this.


  5. Jasmine Ong

    You are right. The PAP government sees itself as the master of Singaporeans, not servants. They think it is right to label Singaporeans, daft and dumb. We will let them see who is the real master come 2016. Mark my words. All these dumb talk about 24hr PSI has already riled many people. The 9 million masks distributed to NTUC to sell for profit also make me mad. This government is not really doing it job, but playing with politics. Even now still continue to fix the opposition with the hawker centre issue. We will make you sorry for all these.

  6. Yeo

    Hi Roy,
    I think you enjoyed writing very much so much as you get engrossed each time you wrote, 😉
    Can I request that you dig into the distribution of face masks? One of them (a minister) said that these masks will be distributed to retailers as well (presumingly ntuc and its subs) to prevent panic buying of masks. If they do it, then they are using taxpayers’ money to throw money at the problems.
    Please keep it short but keep it very concise for many useful purposes.
    Thank you v much.

  7. JayF

    Dear Roy,

    First of all, who the hell died and made you King of Singapore? Since when did the whingers the article was lambasting rightfully for their bellyaching and general childish, petulant behaviour represent the whole of Singapore’s population? I’m Singaporean and the circles I hang out with none of us are throwing tantrums like most of you oppie ball carriers. Well we have a few, but we find him entertaining so we keep him around so we can laugh at him.

    Secondly, you seem to have mistaken Singapore for anarchy when you are bawling over how we shouldn’t let the Gov regulate the internet and your lives. Reality check- those people posting online openly are based physically in Singapore or some other state and unless you’ve moved yourself and the computer you’re posting on into cyberspace you already ARE regulated by the laws that govern your land. The funny thing about governments and laws is that they apply regardless of whether or not you want them to and as long as the government remains in power which they will until the next General Election, they can and DO regulate the internet and your lives, by virtue of governing the computers, your bodies and the internet connections you guys use.

    In case you forgot, you guys lost the election. So you won a few inconsequential by elections. Big whoop. Want a medal? Maybe you find it hard to swallow but a lot of Singaporeans who use the internet aren’t 24/7 opposition ball suckers like yourself nor are they whining about how the Government isn’t cleaning their backsides because they forgot to buy their toilet paper. So when someone who doesn’t need the Government to nanny him while bitching at said Government decides to lay the smackdown, you get all butthurt and decide to drama queen like the world just ended.

    tl:dr Go cry me a river and go jump in it.

    Yours Faithfully,

    • JayF

      Hi Cath,

      There’s this wonderful thing called a smartphone which you can buy with something called ” money”. It’s the colourful paper your parents give you when you want to buy mum mum.

      Also, you seemed to have failed basic comprehension. Why don’t you make a poorly written and spelt post on Facebook bitching about how MOE teachers failed to raise you above special school standards.

      • Lim Kopi

        Dear JayF,
        You wrote:

        as long as the government remains in power which they will

        It should be:

        as long as the government remain in power which they will

        If you are using the plural form “they”, use “remain” not “remains”.

    • JayFU

      Why are you displaying your childish, petulant behaviour here? Run along and play nice with the other boys, dear.

  8. Tan

    Seriously Roy, you are going out of control. Has it not occurred to you that more and more others are attacking you because you have been shooting half-truths rather that heart truths, whatever that means? Personally I read your blog purely for entertainment, not expecting any truth in it. And every time you are proven wrong you start going all motherhood statements about freedom of internet, about being just an ordinary singaporean who is voicing his views, yada yada. Give us a break, ok?

    The problem is you write all these stuff without thinking that people who hates the government likes to read, and once they start liking and sharing your articles, you start believing in your own hype. And you start believing that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is pro-PAP.

    Let’s clear this up once and for all: Do you admit or not admit that at least one, or more, of your allegations in “Vivian & Eng Hen: Other Countries Publish 24-Hourly PSI Readings. Sure Or Not?” is/are wrong as pointed out by MWER?

    Please do not give us this grand tosh about letting Singaporeans decide for themselves. If you are wrong, just admit it like a man. Your credibility is going down the drain despite what your fellow anti-govt supporters say.

    Sidenote, I do not see the post by sgthinker, nor the sharing by Koh Poh Koon, as targeted at ALL Singaporeans. It is pretty obvious to me as a Singaporean that it is targeted purely at divisive figures like you.

    • Lucky Tan

      Nah, I think you are too agitated. Unlike sgthinker who attack Singaporeans, I think the author here is much more gentleman. No name-callings etc. He just laid out the facts. You should read what VB said at the press conference. All I can say from this episode is that the author tries to debunk some half-truths and got flamed for doing so. If you read sgthinker, there are much more comments attacking him than there are comments attacking the author here. Who is trying to divide the people? The one calling Singaporeans “dumb” or the one asking “sure or not”? I leave that to the readers to decide.

      • Tan

        More gentleman? sgthinker may be overly harsh in his wprds, but he is only right in attacking those like Roy who sprouts half-truths.

        Nothing is more dangerous than someone who pretends to be speaking sense but is actually misrepresenting with selective statistics. Your point about more people attacking sgthinker only highlights this danger of misleading the masses.

  9. Neurotic Ramblings

    Wow, you sure are lax with your comments moderation policy.

    Neurotic Ramblings of a Singaporean Couple has also been targeted. Interestingly, many of the profiles are quite empty, BUT started a few years back.

    I’m sure there’s a department in Ministry of Home Affairs specialising in such cyber-warfare. Aka what we know as the PAP Internet Brigade

  10. Gerald Lim

    I think with this article, it’s very clear you have allowed personal beliefs and biases to guide what is being posted as “heart truths”. It may be your own thoughts and feelings (heart) which you are certainly free to express, but let’s not pretend for a moment here that they are anything approaching the “truth”.

  11. Jason

    I am also flabbergasted by your post.

    I am for freedom of speech, anywhere, in any medium. That’s why I feel personally responsible to call out on deliberately misleading information or allusions designed to subvert unsuspecting readers.

    1) “Dumb and dumber singaporean reactions to the haze” is deliberately misinterpreted as an insult to all Singaporeans as a whole. WTF? Consider this sentence : “Good and better Singaporean reactions to the haze”. Do you think for even a moment that I’m labelling all Singaporeans as good? WTF is this miscomprehension? How can someone who writes so well misunderstand such a simple sentence?

    2) You are taking Tan Chuan Jin’s comments out of context. He is saying : Freedom of speech / Democracy is NOT about desecrating war memorials. These soldiers died to protect the country – it is a matter of respect for the sacrifices made, for the country, not about rights. Equivalently, I can’t say that I am practicing democracy if I flame your blog. There are limits.

    3) You are just taking two phrases from Zainudin’s comments and putting them together. This is so obviously taking them out of context and insinuating that democracy is like gang rape. In case you don’t know who is Terry Goodkind, he is the author of the series The Sword of Truth, and if you’ve read it, as I have, you’ll know that he talks a lot about oppression and discrimination by the majority. And if you actually read it in context, and try to understand the actual words, you’ll see that there is nothing wrong with comparing democracy to gang rape. Because the point of the quote is that the majority is not always right. Again, don’t take my comments out of context.

    There is no one personally attacking you. I have read so many ridiculous articles on TOC or TRS or some other blogs, but none of them have made me want to call out on their misinterpretations as you have made me do. It is deeply offensive to me as a graduate student in research that you ABUSE the tools used to establish trust and expertise in the scientific world (statistics, referencing) (as a disclaimer, not all of your posts, nor have I read all of your posts) to advance your own agenda of chucking out the incumbent government. There is nothing wrong with wanting a change of government, but to do so as you have done in this post is just….

    Listen, I liked your post on the wage earnings. It opens up a lot of questions for discussion. I don’t know whether you actually had any education in economics or not, but if you stick to logic and science I’m sure you’ll attract more positive attention.

    • CY

      Well said Jason!

      Roy, I have to disagree with you article and misinterpretation.

      The title of sgthinker’s article is ““Dumb and dumber singaporean REACTIONS to the haze”

      It is talking about the REACTIONS of Singaporeans to the haze, not Singaporeans. You, Roy, twisted the words in the title to an interpretation that suits you. Pathetic.

  12. My Right to Love

    Hi guys,

    Just a note for those who specifically intend to flame this blog, my policy is that in the freedom of expression, I will not regulate your comments. I am not like the government and I am not insecure. 🙂

    I do appreciate the opportunity to engage in a sincere and open discussion, where relevant and possible.

    Meanwhile, for the commenters who are intentionally flaming the blog, thank you for your attention. I am happy that more people are now able to read the information laid out within this blog and are able to find out more about what is really going on in Singapore.

    As I have always maintained, I would leave it up to Singaporeans to make up their own minds from what they read. This is an opportunity for us to be discerning.

    Thank you for journeying with me to protect the freedom of our Internet #FreeMyInternet


    • Tan

      And the motherhood statements go on while you still refuse to admit that you had misrepresented facts…

    • JayF

      Hi Roy,

      Glad to hear it. The government has a country to run and their ministers have reputations to protect. Since you have neither of those, you can’t really be insecure when you’ve got nothing to secure in the first place.
      Well firsr you’d have to stop misquoting people and taking people’s posts out of context for a sincere discussion. Unless of course you have a severe case of tunnel vision and like to jam the facts around a foregone conclusion. You’re probably completely sincere however, just not open because you don’t notice your mind is closed.
      Dont flatter yourself. We’re not flaming your blog, we’re flaming you. The only people who’re here are those who are either underemployed, unemployed or simply have a chip on their shoulder who’d blame the PAP if they caught Aids from screwing a monkey and those like us who’re here because we’re bored and your posts provide unintentional entertainment.

      Your graphs are confusing, your points in your arguments are buried under needless rhetoric and you take forever to reach your conclusion. The people who’d agree with you don’t actually read the whole post. They just read screw the PAP and they yell in support while those who actually know what’s going on in the country recognise your ramblings for what they are.

      But you’ve improved from your earlier works. You’ve finally grasped how to post misleading and inflammatory headlines that would make people read past the lead paragraph. Now if only you can cut down on the fluff, you can be an internet celebrity like the best of them like Alex Au.

      Lastly, what sort of vapid mission statement did you close your post with? Journey to free your internet? Journey to Jakarta? Havana?

      • Ron Goh

        This JayF sounds so personal. Could he be the minister himself or his balls got squeezed because of this article? Who would care a dime about protecting the reputation of any minister? Does he even understand that reputation is EARNED, not protected? A minister who always screw up, like Vivian Balakrishnan, would naturally have a BAD reputation. This is common sense. No matter how the media tries to cover up, everyone will know. Example he blew the budget by 300%, the dengue cases shot up to record breaking numbers, etc.. So, protect his reputation for F? Further, he is the one who misled us into thinking that our country has the best air quality monitoring system in place. It turns out that other countries does much better with raw data given on hourly basis, whereas ours is just doing averaging for past three hours, which I am not so interested of. Facts speak for themselves. Minister post comes with great responsiblities. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      • Yit

        Why do you all bother? Clearly he’s fixed in his mindset, you’re fixed in yours. This is why the internet is so annoying, people who post their opinions rarely are interested in listening to the opinions of others. This form of engagement leads to nowhere.

      • My Right to Love


        Thanks everyone – though I do believe that if we are willing, we can start a conversation going and hear each other’s opinions to develop solutions which are mutually agreeable. 🙂



  13. alibaba

    Hey what is new ! MIW been trashing citizens for like donkey years.
    Except this is the first time there is a loser there doing the shooting too !
    More to come ! Lets gets ready 50K !

  14. Vivpin

    G:”The statement in Heart Truths is FALSE. The US, UK and Hong Kong also update their PSI hourly, using rolling 24-hour averages. We are the only country that also publishes the 3-hour PSI every hour.

    Details of the Hong Kong Air Pollution Index can be found at the following links. The hourly updates for PM10 (RSP) are based on 24-hour averages:”

    This part about HK is telling half the truth. HK API (not PSI) uses PM10 24-hr average data. Ok. BUT HK also publish hourly concentration numbers. This is even better than NEA’s 3-hr average data.
    These are hourly concentrations. An hourly index can be calculated from these hourly concentrations.

    And a 3-hr average index can be easily calculated from these HK hourly concentrations.

    The full picture supports the Heart Truths.

  15. sgcynic

    Heart truths are felt with the heart. Deep down, everyone knows what the truth is, loud denials not withstanding, all the grandstanding and loud proclamations from those who purport to lead and serve the people and those who serve in the IB not withstanding. If it ain’t congruent, something’s not right. That’s why they say 公道自在人心.
    Roy, stay the course. Enjoy the ride. Show’s only startin 😉 70, 60, …

  16. sgthinker


    I am unhappy with your blog is because it is a prime example of disingenuous online behavior.

    On one hand, you claim that govt should react faster to the haze. “In a time of such urgency and scale, the government has reacted at a less than vigourous pace. Well-crafted statements and updates only belie the lack of urgency that the government has in tackling the matter.”

    On the other hand, you poke holes at VB’s claims that “other countries also use 24-hour averages for their air quality indices”.
    Thereby forcing the ministry to have to spend time rebutting you, which distracts them from the key task of tackling the haze. I may be wrong, but I don’t think you have actually apologized for your mistake yet.

    All Singapore needs is a couple more blogs like yours, and the govt will be spending more time defending themselves instead of improving our lives. Is it any wonder I would urge readers to boycott you?

    • My Right to Love

      Hi sgthinker,

      I will not debate with you on what “disingenuous online behavior” is. I think readers are better able to make up their own minds on this. One of our article titles have been more disingenuous than the other.

      In this response, I would like to point out the facts. Other countries have been able to produce hourly readings for some of their air pollution indices.

      At the height of the haze, it is important for the government to provide timely and up-to-date readings on the haze, so that people are able to take immediate steps to protect their health, as have been pointed out by many Singaporeans. Yet, the government had announced that 24-hourly averages would be more favourable. This is irresponsible as the people would not be able to have timely updates to monitor the haze.

      By reporting on this, we are helping to protect the health of Singaporeans.

      The Malaysian government had also announced on Tuesday that they would be releasing hourly updates. It is disconcerting that our government would go the other way instead.

      Thank you.


      P.S. I did not realise that one of your comments was awaiting moderation. You had posted the same comment across several articles and WordPress would put the replicated comment on moderation, in the event of spam. Your other comment has been approved.

    • Norman Wong

      Facts speak for themselves. Who is telling lies who is telling the truth, we can tell. I don’t see why the ministry needs to even spend any time rebutting if they have laid out all the facts. The question is, did they? No. The more you try to hide, the more people tries to guess your intention. Take for example Vivian’s statement on Singapore being the only country to publish 3hr PSI update. What message does he intend to bring across with this kind of well crafted statements? Isn’t it equivalent to telling us that Singapore is doing better than other countries? When netizens dig further and found out that, no, other countries are proving hourly updates of raw data, how does we feel? Cheated? Definitely. And now MEWR is trying to do damage control by disingeniously putting out strawman arguments, flaming others who got misled by the minister’s statement. This will only erode the trust further between the government and its people. Sgthinker, you should reflect on your behaviour. If you are a member of PAP, I would really worried about this country’s future.

  17. TaskMaster

    Appreciate the work that you do! More will and are speaking up already. Even my friends working in the civil service such as teachers and IRAS are extremely unhappy about the government’s policies.

  18. Xu Si Han

    I’d just like to point out that there are lots of people who disagree with Roy (and you and various other persons) but aren’t PAP IB. Are people so narrow-minded to think that anyone who disagrees with you MUST be a PAP IB?

    I think the worst thing about such discourse is that it strait-jackets people into either pro or anti PAP, regardless of the merits of the specific issues at hand. The moment you agree with something you must be pro/anti somebody and the moment you disagree with something you must be pro/anti someone else.

    That way of thinking is completely detrimental to the development of a functioning democracy because it is NO LESS a form of censorship (or pressure to self-censor) as any crap licensing from the MDA.

  19. alibaba

    Well, who can be more narrow mind , tunnel vision, misquoting people ,mind is closed,etc ….? Than our ManPower Minister Tan C J himself who thinks anyone writing/spraying/asking “Democracy” is wanting/loving/desperate for “Anarchy” !

    Maybe Roy lives around tanjong pager and pick up his very crooked cue.

  20. hsq

    wow ROy, u certainly have gotten attention from the dark side !

    No worries, just soldier on, we know better who is really spewing the half truths.

    Anyway, those who have commented with differing views have pretty condescending and hash tone . But i know we are all pro-singaporeans not so much as pro-party.

    Thanks ROy for speaking out and WRITING OUT for us – Singaporeans.

  21. Immigracion

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