#FreeMyInternet Launches Campaign: Submit Your Photos To Show Your Support For A Free Internet

The #FreeMyInternet movement is inviting Singaporeans to submit their photos to show their support for the freedom to use our Internet.

Parliament will be sitting on Monday, 8 July 2013, to discuss the licensing ruling, so hopefully more Singaporeans will come onboard to let the government know that we are concerned as to how the ruling can impact on our freedom to use the Internet.

FreeMyInternet Viral Campaign Collage 3

Join the campaign with other Singaporeans to let the MDA know that we want to protect our freedom to use the Internet.


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Write what you want to say anywhere – a piece of paper, cardboard, your hand or shirt.
  2. Write ‎#FreeMyInternet somewhere.
  3. Take a photo of yourself, with the words.
  4. Upload your photo on the #FreeMyInternet Facebook page and tag your friends on it! Or you can also email it to us! https://www.facebook.com/FreeMyInternet
  5. Change this to your Facebook profile picture!

The #FreeMyInternet is a movement by everyone. The more photos we have, the stronger the voice we have.

Check out all the photos here!


The Heart Truths is also taking part in this campaign and has submitted photos to #FreeMyInternet.

Roy The Heart Truths

Roy Yi Ling SexiespiderHere are some other interesting photos that other Singaporeans have submitted:



Darren SimJentrified Citizen had also submitted a photo!

JentrifiedSo did the Singapore Armchair Critic!

Singapore Armchair Critic

Perhaps the most succinct and beautiful message can be found here:

Deborah Kee

So send your photo to the #FreeMyInternet Facebook page now to protect your freedom to use the Internet now!


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