The Truth About The Parliamentary Debate On The Cleaning of Hawker Centres

This was what really happened at the parliamentary debate between Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol-East Town Council (AHPETC) Chairperson Sylvia Lim and Worker’s Party chief Low Thia Kiang.

Vivian started off trying to shorten the given names of others.

Slide1He said that he didn’t want to impose on the public but this debate would go on for the next 35 minutes, with him giving some of the longest speeches and reading out long emails.

Slide2He said that this is a matter of integrity.

Slide3He said that Sylvia and Pritam were untruthful.

Slide4Sylvia reaffirmed that the AHPETC had not asked the hawkers to pay extra for the cleaning of the high areas of hawker centres.

Slide5She reminded Vivian not to confuse the issue of area cleaning with the cleaning of high areas.


Vivian looked uneasy.

Slide8He looked down nervously.


Sylvia reminded Vivian that the issue started with Vivian’s own ministry.

Slide10Vivian said that this is about integrity (for the second time), and tried to pin the blame on Mr Tai, the property manager of FM Solutions and Services Pte Ltd, the contractor for the cleaning services. Vivian read out some emails which he claimed that Mr Tai had asked the hawkers to pay extra.

Slide11Sylvia said that Vivian had distorted the facts of the emails and that Mr Tai had not asked the hawkers to pay extra.

Slide12Vivian went back to his point again – and asked if Mr Tai had asked for extra money to clean high areas.

Slide13Sylvia said no.

Slide14Vivian brought out a stack of information which he claimed is evidence. Sylvia asked him to point out where in the stack it had said that Mr Tai had asked the hawkers to pay extra.

Slide15This was what Vivian then said. Nothing about the hawkers needing to pay extra.

Slide16And again, he asked if Mr Tai had asked the hawkers to pay extra.

Slide17Sylvia said no again.

Slide18Sylvia then went on and asked why Vivian had evaded answering the questions that she had posed.


Vivian brushed all her questions off.

Slide20Sylvia looked on flabbergasted.

Slide21Yet, Vivian asked again if Mr Tai had asked for more money. This man just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

Slide22And again. He simply cannot handle rejection.

Slide23Now, this is getting really painful.

Slide24Vivian said that Sylvia is untruthful, yet again. And wants her to answer his questions, but doesn’t want to answer her questions.

Slide25Sylvia said no again – Mr Tai did not ask for extra money.


Mr Low brings the question back and said that the issue arose from a difference in understanding between annual cleaning and spring cleaning.

Slide27He has a full audience.

Slide28Mr Low reiterated that AHPETC had never asked for extra money.

Slide29Finally, Mr Low came out with a solution.

Slide30Vivian jumps onto the bandwagon.

Slide31He said something out of the blue.

Slide32Mr Low gives up trying to make sense to him.

Slide33Sylvia wonders why logic doesn’t work on him.

Slide34Vivian asked whether Mr Tai asked for extra money again. This man has major problems understanding, “No”.

Slide35Vivian gives a lesson on clean politics.

Slide36Mr Low is unamused. He doesn’t hide it.



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  4. c.j. Ng

    Look at Indranee’s face on the last second picture, when Vivian was talking about clean politics!

    发件人: The Heart Truths [] 发送时间: 2013年7月10日 18:45 收件人: 主题: [New post] The Truth About The Parliamentary Debate On The Cleaning of Hawker Centres

    My Right to Love posted: “This was what really happened at the parliamentary debate between Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol-East Town Council (AHPETC) Chairperson Sylvia Lim and Worker’s Party chief Low Thia Kiang. Vivian s”

  5. Wilson Wong U S

    basically VB is asking if Mr Tai is corrupt and asking for extra under the table and that the WP party is hiding the fact of this ‘mistake’.
    He make it sound as though NEA doesn’t have any mistakes at all.
    Come clean? admit to own shortcoming first. The email was really sent out, it really did cause confusion and the context of it was spring cleaning and not annual cleaning. There is a difference. And the reason when there was a reaction for saying one of the annual cleaning should be done with one of the spring cleaning and has be doing so for past decade would mean that is not really the case.
    He may have instead understood the whole cleaning issue wrongly.

  6. Bullshit

    This article is just bullshit. U left out everything VB said and just left what Sylvia lim said in there

    • James

      Hi there PAP shill #2347 a.k.a ‘Bullshit’ of July 10, 2013 at 11:56 pm.

      Nothing tangible has been omitted.

      Wrong is wrong. Vivian has dug a very deep hole for himself. The WP has given him a long rope, and he actually went ahead and hanged himself with it.

      If this is the PAP’s idea of ‘fixing the opposition’, it is highly amateurish, and I am not impressed.

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  8. Maya

    I like your article. Very much sums up the 30min of time wasted in parliament. Vivian is engaging in gutter politics. My whole family will not vote for him next GE.

  9. Yenny

    Roy, thank you for this piece of article. Mr Low is cool and Sylvia is sensible but this highly-paid minister Vivian? … (sigh), don’t know what to say! Think it is time for him to retire.

    • sotong

      Agreed, remember he screwed-up youth olympics, miscalculations of budget, food poisoning, etc sigh…….$$$million minister ????

  10. Magicerife

    lol i cant believe people that took this piece of rubbish seriously. SPEND 30 MINUTES TO WATCH THE VIDEO and see for yourself who is the liar. my god, if you guys say CNA did cover up, this article is even WORST.

    every single question that was fired was addressed in the video, but clearly, the articles deny.

    come on people, use some sense. see the screenshot yourself. one question filed at 16minutes, but answers only at 21 minutes? in btwn 5mins commercial break ah?

    it’s scary how some pap haters try to scam people too lazy to find out their own “truth”.

    • Wilson Wong U S

      I am not anti government. I think I speak for right minded individuals who sees the video and feel that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I just highlight the one point about the time of 5 min. I saw the whole thing and basically the time frame u mentioned is in the article itself. It may not be the full thing but the main, important gist is mentioned. All in the context in which the statement made by Mr Tai is for spring cleaning and since it is not annual cleaning, anything above 2.5m is considered as extra and should be borned by NEA and/or the the association as a matter of simple logic and principle

      In the end the real crux of the matter is this: what category of cleaning are they discussing about? The hawkers may think it is annual whereas Mr Tai is talking about spring cleaning. So in the end it is really a small miscommunication due to different context.

      As such I question if you really did read the article and watch the whole thing as a neutral party?

  11. Magicerife

    most importantly, who the heck adds his own interpretation of facial expression in?

    i think vivian was looking down in utter contempt at the ridiculous retort slyvia attempted instead of feeling guilty, while ltk was exasperated with having to find further defences.

    the hawker themselves should be the best judge.

    the whole issue is not just about him probing abt annual vs spring cleaning. why the heck were the hawkers made to stop operating for 5days, when the cleaning was only half a day, with high rise areas not cleaned? what kind of town council management is that? they didnt tell the hakwers to resume business as per normal after the cleaning or they were totally oblivious to the fact that hawkers stopped business for 5 days while cleaning only took half a day?

    scary how aljunied is run the way it is now when it previously never had any problem.

  12. Frank

    I am sad to see all these efforts to split the screens and adding these commentaries only serves to dig the hole deeper for the WP with these inaccurate and bias commentaries. There is a full Youtube video on the exchange, just link the Video and let Singaporeans be the judge. SL and WP is already in a deep shit hole with this issue. Singaporeans are forgiving especially if you are the underdog, my advice to WP and SL is to admit that you have screwed up, and frankly from the exchange, WP have cock-up big time, move on people will forgive and forget. Continue with this lie and hold yourself above everyone else, you will lose the next election and your 15K allowance a month.

    • Wilson Wong U S

      I see the whole thing and the main problem with the minister argument is the absence of the context in which the email is conducted. He categorically brushed aside the need for a proper context by saying not to beat around the bush.

      If the context is really about annual cleaning then WP is in the wrong. But it pleads a neutral party to assume the other context that it is spring cleaning should also be considered to be fair to both parties.

      Since the minister has denied the need for context then In that case, the minister is in the wrong because the context frames the whole argument. In the end I think the government is seen as weaker because of its inability to take into account of the context.

      • sbksim

        I have watched the entire video twice now, making notes as I watched it. I have to agree with Wilson that the context was largely brushed off. The rules and responsibilities of the town council were drawn up by the government. They are certainly very knowledgeable on that aspect but somewhere in that dossier, the minutes mentioned that the hawkers complained that the high areas were dirty. If a particular hawker centre’s high areas were dirty every month, does it mean that the town council is obliged only to clean it once a year? I think if the minister had brought this up and said that town councils should clean high areas whenever they are dirty even if the regulations indicate an annual obligation only, his ending speech would have made perfect sense.

  13. 007jam

    In my personal opinion,I think as an ex police officer, SL wont dare to lie in parliament, there really is some sort of deep misunderstanding in the communication with the hawkers I suppose? anw I would say that please move on n shift the attn to dengue..

  14. Fred Oniel

    Vivian should really offer himself to contest in a single-ward constituency and let’s see he will get re-elected again into the parliament. This will be the best gauge as to whether the public believed in his integrity and agreed with the way he manage this saga. But we know he will not, because he wants to remain in parliament to continue his “clean politics” lah!

  15. sbksim

    Roy, nice work on the summary although to give it more balance, the readings of the dossier would be good to include. (I wonder if the dossier would be made public because the minutes would be key to unravelling the whole issue) It is clear at least on one instance of the dossier reading that the context of the meeting was on spring cleaning (so no inclusion on the need to clean high areas) although there’s a mention of high areas being dirty (we probably need to track back when the last high areas cleaning was done and whether the hawkers had complained that high areas were dirty in any of those 3 meetings). Minutes while being a record of what was said in a meeting by whom on what and when, can be quite “creative” as with financial accounts & statements. At this point, hooking one Mr.Tai to a lie detector could be a simple solution. Property managers are very “anal” on what gets done when because of budget constraints & timing of maintenance to have minimal disruption – that’s their job. Hawkers have to operate as much as possible for their livelihoods. There are only two possibilities to this circus act. One is that the town council is derelict in its duty. The other is that there’s a clever ploy centred on the contextual grounds of quarterly and annual cleaning. The affected minister need not have to be the mastermind of this ploy, it could have been played up from the ground, without his knowledge. The former looks unlikely because the rules for town council management are known to WP. The latter, if true, presents a frightening thought – that a simple issue of cleaning can result in character assassination at the highest level of parliament, sparked off from the ground. That meansrwe could be seeing more circus acts of this nature in the near future. Your thoughts?

    • Jerry Goh

      nice work with the summary? Are you sure? It’s more balanced? I think it is skewed more towards the WP and sylvia and putting VB at a bad light.

      • rap

        Maybe he did nothing at all. So much for your argument, shill.

        Sheesh, so many stupid PAP and WP fanboys these days that I even prefer a complete authoritarian regime stomping on your pathetically uneducated primitive cerebrums to this song and dance in Parliament and in cyberspace.

      • sbksim

        That’s why I asked for the readings of the dossier to be included since part of that has not been included in this summary. That makes this summary complete and balanced, not necessarily the debate. At least, you get all that transpired. Then again, it’s a summary so you can’t have everything. It’s still better to watch the entire video and judge for yourself. Bad light or not is an opinion, which you are entitled to respectfully.

      • Jack

        jerry, you are dead wrong. WP will NEVER make any mistakes, and even if it does, it is a small thing and we SHOULD just move on. The trend now is to support the opposition whatever they do, else you would be called a dog.

  16. Sgcynic

    I watched the video. I am ashamed that a minister would politicize a local issue and waste Parliament’s time. What is the point on such an airing in Paliament? Is it a motion to seek his colleagues’ approval? National issues (dengue epidemic, haze response) not under his direct purview? What the hell is he doing about the record dengue outbreak? It is indeed an integrity and honesty issue, his! Don’t wayang as it won’t win you any votes Vivian, your stake in the people’s emotional bank account is overdrawn and your credibility is non-existent. Utterly shameful!

    • Jerry Goh

      how do you know he didnt do much during dengue outbreak. Maybe he just didnt show his face much in the media, but did alot of background work. You cant just say things like this without basis dude…

      • PH

        agree. just because results show otherwise doesn’t imply that no effort has been made in improving the situation!

      • Odette

        Sgcynic, what are you talking about?
        This country is as well-run as it is and they are doing their jobs. Results doesn’t show don’t mean that they are out playing golf everyday. I actually thought they took good care of us during this period, with all the public outreach attempts. They don’t have to do this, you know?

        As for the the failure, I’m thinking that you aren’t actually aware of how hard it is to stop an epidemic.
        Why don’t you try it yourself? The government is doing all that it can and should, but I’m sure that you will do a better job and stop this dengue epidemic in an instant.

      • Sgcynic

        LOL. CEOs who are paid millions are paid to produce results, not effort. They do not justify to shareholders and the board all the crap about effort spent but results do not show. It simply does not wash in a market driven economy that wants to compete in a highly competitive global economy. If you are not competent for the post, out you go. We can easily replace you with a cheaper foreign talent. That’s the hard truth espoused by the ones who cannot lead by example?

        People always give excuses when they cannot deliver results…

      • Sgcynic

        Given their total unpreparedness after 2 decades of haze and years after the first setting up of a inter ministerial task force which went into hibernation, I can understand how hard the government is trying to stop the dengue epidemic. It tried to control car population growth, it tried to lift the wages of the lower income groups among Singaporeans, it tried to provide Singaporeans with affordable homes, it tried to make Singapore into a world class transport hub, medical hub, etc. We can see the “results” of their efforts. Btw, what did Lee Hsien Loong apologise for?

        At the rate we are going, someone better triples his effort on “moving ahead, staying together”. The leader who wishes to move ahead but commands no loyalty, earns no respect, holds no trust and faith and enjoys little goodwill from the main body is simply an outcast.

      • Sgcynic

        If a minister can go to such depths to clean things up, one wonders how much better Singapore would be if the PM himself rolls up his sleeves and really gets down to fix things. Lol

    • Sgcynic

      And let’s be clear (lol), I also am doing my part in the national dengue effort by slapping those pesky mosquitoes. Die you sucker! I hate them. Lol

      • sgcynic? really?

        Frankly there isn’t much we can complain about the government’s efforts to combat dengue considering how well mosquitoes can adapt and that the government can only clear so many breeding grounds in Singapore. Short of clearing all the forested areas in Singapore and remodeling the urban landscape from scratch such that there would be no breeding sites at all, there’s not much anybody can do to even make a dent in the mosquito population. If you have read up on international efforts to combat mosquito-related diseases, you’ll realise that they bounced back from just about every method thrown at them. So don’t just say that they should be paid to produce results and not just for effort, especially when it comes to dengue.

  17. depressing

    if only there was an independent news organization in Singapore that is capable of doing investigative journalism to uncover the truth..
    I am skeptical of words from both the ruling and opposition parties. I am also sad that this is what our taxes are paying for – people sitting in a hall debating about cleaning hawker ceilings. absolutely depressing.

  18. Sgcynic

    If Vivian genuinely believes that the Aljunied team has no integrity and is dishonest, we invite him to lead the team in Aljunied in 2016 to slug it out with Silvia and let the people decide, just like how Goh Chok Tong carved out Macpherson like a feudal land for Mr Chee Soon Juan and Matthias Yao to settle they personal differences. What a farce!

    • sgcynic? really?

      That probably wouldn’t work as Aljunied’s voters are already very partial to WP, considering how they voted out George Yeo who hadn’t screwed up as foreign minister (although he might have had a smaller presence as an MP) just to let WP into the government.

  19. florence Low


  20. Jerry Goh

    This summary is kinda biased. how do you even know what LTK or sylvia was thinking?

    For the rest of you, It is really better for you to judge the video yourself.

  21. FunnyButTrue

    U’re an owner of a restaurant and a competitor opens a similar restaurant next door. Instead of thinking of how to improve the quality of the food and the services provided, you blame their kitchen as being unhygienic and to the extend, how to release the cockroaches and rats to the restaurant next door to make it worse. This is how singapore politics works…. as far as how I see it. Period.

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  23. hi

    If I am not wrong, VB mentioned that there were 3 instances that Mr Tai “asked for money” and that there were witnesses which includes NEA officers. How interesting that the NEA officers did not object to Mr Tai’s requests during those meetings if such requests are for money to be collected for an annual cleaning which includes the high area, knowing that such requests are not in line with actual practice. I can only conclude that Mr Tai’s “requests” are not for the cleaning of the high area in an annual cleaning.

  24. beowulf222

    Thanks for this informative post. It’s very interesting to learn how things are handled. And it is interesting to see this “defensiveness” in the whole matter.

  25. Truesingaporean

    Funny how the facts are lost in a relatively uncomplicated case: Feb 7, they get Annex A.
    Everything else comes after:

    From what I understand from reading, on Feb 7, NEA told WP that hawkers are putting up the scaffolding. In March, cleaners get there, can’t clean high areas since there WAS NO SCAFFOLDING. This issue led to everything else, and the so-called damages (protective canvas on their stalls) faced by hawkers would be the same regardless of who does cleaning. $140 is a big deal now? How about millions overbudget on YOG, no need to ask too much… Move on.

    Curious though, how the appellant to MP Faisal is this guy:
    Stop this confusion of volunteerism and state. Absolutely no reason why grassroots “advisers” to the People’s Association needs to be PAP only.

    Glad to know that WP is decisive and fast to act, given that the cleaning is done and issue is resolved. Given the incumbent’s track record, (haze since 1994, SMRT breakdowns since 2011), had they followed Vivian’s suggestion, they would waste more time and tax monies to form Committee of Inquiry to no avail. Think about it – AIM was happily drawing profit until this year when that issue came up. Nice fact-finding and honest example by Vivian and his peers then.

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  27. AL

    Ya, it is all about WP’s integrity re the hawker centre cleaning.
    What about AIM-gate, office chairs-gate, brompton bikes-gate and all the other
    thousand-and-one gates! Integrity not required there, matters closed!

  28. AL

    Put another way, $15,000 lesser mortals MUST SHOW INTEGRITY.
    $million super-dupers NEED NOT!!!

  29. kcchiew

    The previous 5-day spring cleaning exercise at Blk 511 was from 11 to 15 June 2012. The town
    council (AHTC) complied fully with the cleaning regime with their previous appointed conservancy
    contractor including putting up scaffoldings and cleaning the ceilings with power jets.

  30. Odette

    This summary is utter rubbish. If you want to illicit further hate for the pap, I suggest you do it discreetly and not in some outrightly skewed comic (?). The only people thanking you and agreeing with you for this rubbish are anti-pap at heart. They didn’t take into account the content, just blindly agreeing with your negative portrayal of VB.

    I can’t take people like you. If you support the opposition, make your stand, argue for their merits and let us judge. Do not go so low as to take advantage of ANY media coverage on the political scene in Singapore to attempt to put PAP in the bad light. I mean, what kind of support is this? I’m so sorry for the opposition to be filled with supporters like you.

    And I’m utterly disappointed with the rest of the Singaporeans who are so easily taken in by people like The Writer. Sorry. I’m just too flabbergasted.

    • Maya

      Why are you so agitated? SPH also engages in this type of reporting. Hearttruth is just the mirror to provide the opposite view. Readers can read both and judge themselves. You are behaving childishly by throwing tantrums around like a kid.

      SPH is widely read, unlike hearttruths. We need to spread this article around so that readers can get a balanced view. Too much one sided reporting is bad.

    • Crescit

      I’m sorry, if you can muster so much indignance over the blogger who does this pro bono, then perhaps you should direct your disappointment at the astronomically paid government of the day who I feel has tried to milk a local issue arising from miscommunication for political means, all the while wasting our taxpayers money dragging this out in parliament where national issues should take prominence.

  31. Odette

    I mean, what kind of summary is “Vivan looks uneasy” or “he looks down nervously”? So what, “Sylvia looks confident” and “Sylvia totally looks like she’s telling the truth”? Geez.

  32. SDrone

    WOW! This is indeed the heart truth. All heart and no brain. No conscience too. Who do you think you are trying to convince? Yourself maybe. This is the modern age of social media and the internet. Anyone can simply see the original video and make up their own minds, especially whether a 5-day cleaning can seen as anything other than a major spring cleaning when all other quarterly cleanings only take 1 day.
    Your attempt to embellish the video captures is simply pathetic. Are you serious?

  33. alibaba

    How foolish ! Now even PM lee jumps in the mud ,politicing about whether truthful or untruthful !
    So seem like everything they have is really based on Mr Tai’s words with hawkers.

    I like to ask , so if a NEA staff checking house for mosquitoes and tell some residents not to worry too much , Does that means that NEA’s stand on dengue crisis is not a big issue to them ? . No need to go NEA website check just talk to some of related staff.can assume base on chatting ?

    Vivian can debate well with all techniques but PAP would need more then this. Everything is based on dossier,email,hawkers word, NEA staff’s, words ….. How can made such accusation AHPETC .?

    Did AHPETC gotten 10k or 1k or 100 dollars of the for high area cleaning money ? Else how much ? Is it zero ? Or is it just based on Mr Tai’s words to hawkers and if everything didnt blow up then AHPETC comfirm pocket all the cleaning money ? So confirm already.
    抓贼要 抓脏 ! so simple also dont know !

    This thing should have resolve during NEA and ,AHPETC ‘s few meetup. But unfortunately NEA is also politically based that why didnt work together. Let’s have a AHPE EA, Marine parade EA, Jurong EA , AMK EA. like i last suggested last time.

    Since PAP started to dismantle Nation Town council, PA,RC, etc this is the way to go to break up rest NEA, LTA ,HDB …..
    else even small things like this will also never end.

  34. Amie

    When dealing with so many policies and day-to-day work, there is bound to be miscommunication and mistakes made. VB trying to pin and force a confession from SL, and SL very alert and highly defensive. From the video it is rather obvious both parties are on different wavelengths from the very start, and make no attempt to see the situation from their opponent’s angle; this results in a self-centred, childish debate which did not move the situation beyond where they started from. If only any of them could put aside ego issues and settle it properly, it wouldn’t be that much of a waste of time.

    • Sgcynic

      A $7.2k municipal cleaning project that took the attention of the entire cabinet (what’s their combined salary?) must deliver results no? Now that the cabinet’s agenda has been made public, it’s make or break. No wonder the PM does not have time for national issues.

    • Aliexpress

      WP is playing with the word (quarterly) spring cleaning and annual cleaning are not the same. Aiyo. They meant annual cleaning is not spring cleaning. They added quarterly cleaning is called spring cleaning. Waulau. Wikipedia says,” Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter.
      The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name.

      • Alibaba

        Aiyo, use wikipedia to support your argument? Use my dossier lah!

        Spring cleaning of house, not hawker centre leh! Didn’t know Singapore got cold winter also! Don’t talk cock like Vivian can?

  35. alibaba

    Page 2 is the shocking revelation that the kovan double murder is actually done by a debt laden policemen . Reminds me of numerous small police corrupt case recently and two chief civil servants oral sex case Hopeless..

    Page 3 is on highest number of suicides in two years. . Young suicide rise most. Remind me of the broken mother throwing her disable son down her 5 storey flat. Hopeless.

    Page 1 , PM lee politicking how citizens must see his opponent party have no integrity and trust based , on hawker cleaning issue,

    We have past the time to criticize the PAP government . It is time to look forward for alternative leaders to play a big role deciding and planning the direction of this country we call home.



      FYI…..for the kovan double murderer and the numerous small police corrupt case recently and two chief civil servants oral sex case Hopeless…..they might be Opposition supporter

      WP Sylvia Lim was EX-POLICE OFFICER also

      • CCLooklook

        The alleged murder was the pride and joy of the police station when Wong Kan Seng was the Home Affairs minister, when Mas Selamat escaped under Wong Kan Seng’s watch.

    • CCLooklook

      Why Vivian got no guts to account for the huge overblown YOG budget and the food poisoning of the volunteers?

    • alibaba

      First of all that it is unproductive to dig into this small misunderstanding lke LTK stated.
      Secodly it is ot wise to to trust judiciary to rule of on political issues After all all these judges they are appoionted by PM himself. who would pick people loyal to him.

      This is not hard to understand is it ?

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