How The PAP Squeezes Singaporeans Dry

At the most basic, what monetary concerns would affect you as an individual? For the purpose of this article, I will put it as wages, prices and retirement savings.

At the optimum, wages, prices and retirement savings should rise in tandem with one another (Chart 1).


Chart 1

This way, as prices increase, we can continue to earn enough money to buy necessities and we can continue to save adequately for retirement.

But is this happening in Singapore? Have wages been growing in tandem with increasing prices?

As mentioned many times now, Singapore has the lowest wages among the other developed countries with similar high-incomes (Chart 2).


Chart 2: UBS Prices and Earnings 2011

We also have the lowest wages when comparing manufacturing work (Chart 3).


Chart 3: International Labour Organisation Global Wage Report 2012/13

In fact, over the past decade, wages have not only grown the slowest, but actually fell (Chart 4).

photo 3 (16)

Chart 4: Bureau of Labor Statistics Real Hourly Compensation in Manufacturing

And another report also shows that our wages had dropped (Chart 5)!

photo 1 (13)

Chart 5: Global MetroMonitor 2011

And even though Singapore has the lowest wage among the high-income developed countries, prices in Singapore are actually quite high (Chart 6).


Chart 6: UBS Prices and Earnings 2011

In fact, Singapore has been ranked the 5th most expensive city in the world (among 214 cities) by Mercer (Chart 7).

photo 1 (19)

Chart 7: Mercer 2013 Cost of Living City Rankings

It was also ranked the 6th most expensive in the world by the World Cities Review (Chart 8).

Singapore ranked 6th costliest city

Chart 8: Singapore Business Review

If we look at other prices, Singaporeans actually also pay the highest out-of-pocket for healthcare (Chart 9).


Chart 9: World Health Organisation (WHO)’s World Health Statistics 2013 report

In fact, what Singaporeans are paying out-of-pocket is growing much faster than what the government is spending on healthcare (Chart 10).


Chart 10: World Health Organisation (WHO)’s World Health Statistics 2013 report

We also have one of the highest housing prices in the world (Chart 11).


Chart 11: Global Property Guide

Which means that we thus have the lowest purchasing power among the high-income developed countries (Chart 12).


Chart 12: UBS Prices and Earnings 2011

It’s not just one report which says this – another report also says that we have the lowest purchasing power among the high-income developed countries (Chart 13)!


Chart 13: World Economic Forum The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013

And so, because we have such low wages, while prices are yet so high, our purchasing power has become so low that we have next to little for our savings.

Singaporeans have the least adequate retirement funds among the developed countries (Chart 14).


Chart 14: Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2013

Another report says the same thing – we have the smallest retirement funds (Chart 15).

photo 4 (2)

Chart 15: Pensions at a Glance Asia/Pacific 2011

Yet again another one which shows that we have the smallest retirement funds (Chart 16).


Chart 16: Yours Truly Singapore Blog: Tharman gives assurance on CPF retirement savings

All in, that explains why fewer and fewer Singaporeans are able to set aside enough into their retirement funds to set the minimum sum in their CPF, as mandated by the PAP (Chart 17).

photo 3 (13)

Chart 17: CPF Trends Minimum Sum Scheme

Meanwhile, what’s happening at the workplace? Why are Singaporeans earning such low wages?

It’s because there is no minimum wage in Singapore (Chart 18).

Minimum Wage in Selected Countries

Chart 18: TimeOut Hong Kong

Companies also share that costs have become so high that it has become prohibitive for their businesses (Chart 19).

photo 1 (17)

Chart 19: Singapore Business Federation National Business Survey 2012/2013

In particular, they say rents are the heaviest burden which prevents them from channelling cost savings to the workers (Chart 20).

photo 2 (19)

Chart 20: Singapore Business Federation National Business Survey 2012/2013

And as discussed, the government is the key reason why rents are so high in Singapore – the government wants to earn from high rents (Chart 21).


Chart 21: The Heart Truths Are High Rents Stifling Businesses In Singapore?

Meanwhile, not only that, the higher management in the Singapore companies earn the highest wages in the world (Chart 22).

Rich Earn High Wages

Chart 22: ECA Global Perspectives National Salary Comparison 2012

They also pay the lowest taxes in the world (Chart 23).


Chart 23: KPMG’s Individual Income Tax and Social Security Rate Survey 2012

In a previous article, I had also written about how the richest in Singapore pay the lowest contribution to taxes and CPF and thus have the highest purchasing power, whereas the poor in Singapore have a smaller purchasing power, on top of their already stagnant wages.

If you look at Chart 24, Singaporeans who earn up to $5,000 are paying the most to taxes and CPF – they have the smallest purchasing power.


Chart 24: The Heart Truths How Are Taxes Built For The Rich In Singapore?

And do you know that there are 75% of Singaporeans who are earning up to $5,000 (Chart 25)? This means that at least 75% have to live on lower wages, and have a larger chunk of their wages taken out, leaving lesser for them, than the richest in Singapore.


Chart 25: CPF Board Annual Report 2011

Meanwhile, the richest in Singapore who run the Singapore companies earn the highest wages and pay the lowest taxes in the world.

And more importantly, which are the largest companies in Singapore? Many of them are Singapore companies, and owned by the Temasek Holdings, which is owned by the government (Chart 26).

photo 2 (21)

Chart 26: Global Finance

So, the government not only controls rents, it controls wages as well. The government also controls the decision to pay high-income earners the highest wages and low-income earners the lowest wages among the developed countries.

So much so that wage share in Singapore is the lowest among the high-income developed countries (Chart 27), which means that profits would also be the highest.


Chart 27: International Labour Office Global Wage Report 2008/09Ministry of Trade and Industry Economic Survey of Singapore First Quarter 2013

So, the highest income earners have seen their real incomes rise the fastest while the rest of Singaporeans haven’t seen increases in their wages as fast. In fact, the lowest income have seen their real wages decline (Chart 28).

photo 1 (22)

Chart 28: The Straits Times Foreign talent policy had effect on income gap

Which explains why we have the greatest income inequality in the world (Chart 29).


Chart 29: OECD StatExtractsKey Household Income Trends 2012 report

Not only that, the government spends the lowest public spending among high-income developed countries (Chart 30).


Chart 30: 2013 Index of Economic Freedom

Which means that the PAP did the least to reduce the income inequality – Gini coefficient was reduced by a marginal 0.021 (Chart 31).


Chart 31: OECD StatExtractsKey Household Income Trends 2012 report

And because of that, we most probably has the highest proportion of people living in poverty in Singapore, as compared to the other high-income developed countries (Chart 32).


Chart 32: Global Wage Report 2010/11 (*There were 26% of Singaporeans earning less than $1,500 and 37% earning less than $2,000 in 2011.)

Not surprisingly, Singaporeans have thus become the most unhappy people in the world, and we have also learnt to repress our emotions because of how powerless we feel (Chart 33). What is there to laugh about when we have to work the darn hardest to make ends meet and we have to be fearful for our own lives?

Singapore One Of the Most Unhappiest Countries In The World

Chart 33: The Heart Truths The PAP’s Policies Give Singaporeans Heart Attacks?

And because we work the longest hours in the world (Chart 34),


Chart 34: OECD StatExtractsMinistry of Manpower

We thus have such poor work-life balance which together with the low wages and low emotional well-being, work motivation is severely crippled, which explains why we have the lowest productivity among the high-income developed countries (Chart 35).


Chart 35: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Yet, the PAP says that they will only increase our wages if our productivity grow. But this will never happen. If wages remain low, productivity will remain low which will mean the PAP will continue to keep wages low.

But this is not the end of the story. What is really happening here in Singapore is that the PAP has trapped us in a Disempowerment Cycle (Chart 36).


Chart 36: Disempowerment Cycle

We are stuck in a perpetual state of low self-sufficiency because of our low wages and retirement funds, and high prices that we are made to be in a perpetual state of fear and survival mode.

The PAP has effectively turned us into fearful submissive slaves – and I don’t mean this symbolically. Because our minds have thus become hard-wired to think of survival on a daily basis, all we can think of is to fight it out with the next person, to be the first to get to something, so that we can have enough.

This is why Singaporeans have become so self-centred.

Do you think it is healthy for us to become scurrying people who have no time to pause and think for ourselves and the people around us?

Some people believe that Singaporeans are self-centred by nature. This is not true. Singaporeans have become the way we are because of policies created by the PAP which has made us the way we are.

Singaporeans didn’t start off being self-centred. We used to be a lot happier, kinder and out-going.

At the start of the article, I pointed out that optimally, wages, prices and retirement funds should rise in tandem.

But in Singapore, while prices have skyrocketed, wages and retirement funds have instead diminished (Chart 37).


Chart 37

What do I mean when I say that the PAP has squeezed Singaporeans dry? This is exactly how they do it.

  • Push our wages to as low as they can
  • Increase prices to as high as they can
  • Reduce our retirement funds to as small an amount as they can

And then watch the people squirm as things become too suffocating for them.

This is PAP, my friends.

Meanwhile, the ministers are paid the highest salaries in the world. The Prime Minister is paid the highest among all political heads (Chart 38) and by some estimates, would rank at the 350th richest person in Singapore, just by income alone.


Chart 38

Most aptly, former top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow had said in an article in the Today newspaper today that, “it started going downhill (in Singapore) when we started to raise ministers’ salaries, not even pegging them to the national salary but aligning them with the top 10… When you raise ministers’ salaries to the point that they’re earning millions of dollar, every minister — no matter how much he wants to turn up and tell Hsien Loong off or whatever — will hesitate when he thinks of his million-dollar salary. Even if he wants to do it, his wife will stop him.”

So, do you think Lee Hsien Loong care for Singapore? Do you think the PAP care for Singapore?




    Chart 5: Doesn’t show that wages have fallen, they show that the growth of wages have fallen and both columns show positive increase in wages.

    Chart 7: Shows expatriate cost of living in the last year globally and by region. Singapore is ranked 5th globally due to high demand for expat accommodation and goods, coupled with a strong currency, make Singapore so expensive. So therefore, due to our stronger dollar vs the USD, companies need to make up for wage differentials. Are you against a stronger SGD or something? Japan fell from #1 to #3 as the JPY weakened against the USD, making things relatively cheaper for expats.

    Chart 8: Shows that Singapore is the most value for money city for business owners to set up office. Setting up office in Singapore is the most value for money, in that research study, for setting up a business due to the high GDP per capita we have, hence the accessibility to a high income consumer base. As such Hong Kong and Mumbai rank lower in that aspect, while the cost of setting up a business in Mumbai is cheap, it’s population are also relatively poor and the cost in Hong Kong doesn’t justify setting up an operation. So please know what statistic you’re using.

    Not a good use of statistics in my humblest of opinions. I’d write more… but I got to study for mid term exams. Cheers.

    • Roy Ngerng

      Of course, if the people in the country live on a different price system, we can live with that argument – but no, as it is, Singaporeans pay whatever the expats are paying, but earn lower wages.

      It’s unbalanced to have the people live on the same price system, but with a different wage system.

      Then again, we cannot just assume that Singapore operates transparently on market economics, for the government’s hand in the economy effectively renders it a monopoly or part or an oligopoly. Free market economics don’t exist in such a non-competitive state.

  2. justtesting90

    Some of the nominal figures may be true, if you consider their sources, like the USA Labour department reliable, but they are not placed in context. I don’t think this is adjusted with regards to taxation, because a lot of these countries may be paid high but their take home pay maybe only 60% only. Some nations with higher figures, like Greece, USA, Italy may have some groups in the population with higher pay, but they have MUCH higher unemployment. Eurozone unemployment is currently at 12%; some countries have as high as 25%. Greece, Portugal, France, just to name a few of the Eurozone countries, are suffering immensely, and their healthcare systems, and other public benefits are suffering. Not to mention, many have also suffered from declines in home values and huge debt loads, like in the USA, Ireland and Greece. Japan is going through A LOT of problems as well, mind you; go read up on that, well reported (Google “economic decline of Japan” you will see a lot of articles popout. I would hate to be a youngster in Japan now. Not many opportunities.)

    Why don’t you add in more countries in? If you compare with the riches, oldest countries in the world with abundant natural resources and don’t compare with countries that are behind us, sure, makes Singapore look shitty. Singapore is small as hell, literally and only about 48 years old. If you want to compare with nations with hundreds of years of history and that are literally hundreds of times our size, go ahead. Oh, not to mention, they have land, oil, gas, etc etc of natural resources. If you want to make Singapore look bad, you can do this.

    These are not representative graphs, not even in the long shot; and this is assuming the original info has statistical integrity.

    Sure a few of the countries in the front are really doing very well, like Germany and the Scandinavian countries but even Germany is going through problems relating to stagnant wages. Germany’s taxpayers for example are now pretty much financing the EU bailouts of the troubled EU countries (Imagine Singapore giving money to Malaysia to run their finances) and there is some resentment there. The Scandinavian countries I would say are really doing great, but hey, if there are only a few countries ahead of us while hundreds of countries behind, I can live with that.

    • Roy Ngerng

      Let’s not compare then. Stand alone, do you think Singapore is doing well?

      – Stand alone, what do you think of the nearly 40% of Singaporeans who are earning less than $2,000 every month?

      And if we want to compare with all the countries in the world, sure –

      – What do you think of how Singapore is the richest country in the world, but has one of the highest income inequalities in the world?

      – What do you think of how Singapore is the richest country in the world, but has one of the lowest government spending in the world?

      – What do you think of how Singapore is the richest country in the world, but has one of the lowest health expenditure in the world?

      – What do you think of how because Singapore has the lowest wages among the developed countries and one of the highest prices in the world, we have such a low purchasing power, we are on par with developing countries and cities like Kuala Lumpur, even though we are several times richer and the richest country in the world?

      – What do you think of how because Singapore has the lowest wages and one of the highest prices, which is why Singapore has the smallest retirement funds even compared to the developing countries (as can be seen from the chart above), and even compared to Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China and India?

      Sure, what if we compare to the rest of the world? Why does Singapore look bad as well?

      And go and look at the research on income inequality and the research on health expenditure, and look at where Singapore should stand and how we are faring miserably and what the effects would be – we have one of the highest income inequalities in the world and one of the lowest healthcare expenditure.

      Am I interested to portray such a stark picture because it is fun?

      By now, many Singaporeans would be very concerned at the state of Singapore and how it is going. I don’t even need to show the statistics. Singaporeans know where the country is going and they are worried at its development.

      You don’t need to be an economist or statistician to know how Singapore will go. You just need to look at how our society is developing, and you will know. We don’t even need to compare.

      And many of us are asking now – is the way our society developing now right? As beings, we know deep inside what is right, and what is wrong.

      Clearly, many Singaporeans know.

  3. YL

    Seriously, you are just blatantly abusing “statistics”. There are used so out of context, I don’t even know where to begin criticizing it. Your conclusions are so biased and wrong in some many instances, it’s clear you have no intention for an vaguely intelligent discussion.

    • Roy Ngerng

      I will leave this for other Singaporeans to discern for themselves:

      The 75% of Singaporeans who earn less than $5,000 and who have have a lower purchasing power than the richer in Singapore.

      Or the 95% of Singaporeans who earn less than any of the PAP MPs.

      Or the 99% of Singaporeans who earn less than any of the PAP Ministers.

      Or the nearly 20% of Singaporeans who earn in one year what the PAP MPs make in just one month.

      Or the nearly 40% of Singaporeans who earn in only half a year what the PAP MPs make in just one month.

      • Ong

        Roy, Why are you comparing average wages with Ministers of Singapore (whom are the leaders of the country)? Should their wages be pegged against the average? Are our leaders average people? Can average people govern the country and come out with good policies? Then what about listed companies like DBS, Kep Corp and etc? Does their CEO, COO, CFO or higher management’s salary has to be pegged to the average salary of fresh graduate/pantry auntie? Everyone wants to be managers/senior managers/directors/CEO of a company but that will largely depend on the capability. I think you really need to be comparing apples with apples. Indeed our leaders of the country are drawing a relatively large amount of money per month but if they govern the Singapore Inc. well enough for majority of the people, I think that’s fine. Please think carefully before you posts such comments.

      • YL

        Your first statistic, already shows how ill-informed and biased you are, it is no point in having an intelligent discussion with you.

  4. A Young Singaporean

    I find this a horrifying abuse charts and statistics. Please employ charts and statistics to discern the truth and NOT to show a distorted truth. How different are you from the PAP if you manipulate the interpretation of statistics to make people think what you want them to believe?
    I find the political scene in Singapore to be very weak because the PAP has become incompetent after so many years in power, and the opposition is just as weak, if not completely useless. Not once have I heard an opposition candidate step up with a 5-year plan for the future of Singapore. And neither have I seen a conscious effort from the PAP to step up and close the widening income gap in Singapore.
    Stop trying to fan the emotions of the people against the government. If you want to win the hearts of young people, encourage these “politicans” to actually do something. Work together for the future of Singapore, and stop wasting your time with these “statistics”. This is a complete disappointment.

    • Roy Ngerng

      Hi A Young Singaporean

      What do you propose should be done in Singapore?

      You say – “If you want to win the hearts of young people, encourage these “politicans” to actually do something.” But, you say as well – “And neither have I seen a conscious effort from the PAP to step up and close the widening income gap in Singapore.”

      Do you think the PAP is capable of changing Singapore to the Singapore that will be fair for Singaporeans and will treat Singaporeans right?


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  6. vin8tan

    Hi Ong,
    It hurts my eyes and brain to read and learn that you feel so repressed that you have to think you’re incapable of running the country. Are you telling me that they went through some special route of education that you were not entitled too or they come from a some place other than their mum’s womb?

    What ever they do, affects your life, and if you’re not the best person to run your life, then who is? When you give up your rights to control your own life, you’re no more than a robot, a puppet. You’re also wrong to think that CEO, COO and any senior management have the rights to demand a pay several times higher than the people who work just as hard, if not harder to put them in that position. Take away all the tellers of DBS, and you see if the CEO can make the bank work. Every individual have an important role in any institution/organization/company. Hence, not only does our “leaders” need to take a pay cut, or work harder to raise the pay of its people, every leader of every company needs to understand this.

    So yes, Roy is absolutely right to ask for a reform and one of the way is to peg their pay to ours. Don’t make a sector grow, you don’t get the extra pocket money. Simple as that. If a sales person can be held accountable for this, a “leader” held in high esteem should be doubly, triply, quadruply dealt with.

    We vote to put them there, they are answerable to NO ONE BUT YOU.

  7. Joe Tan

    The people who disagree with Roy here, should ask themselves why Dr. Toh Chin Chye said CPF is cheating the people’s money, and Medishield is perverse propaganda. Yes, he said them.

    Bear in mind, Dr. Toh is no ordinary politician, he was a PAP minister, and he was no ordinary PAP minister too, he was one of the founding fathers of Singapore, and one of the founding members of PAP.

    Wake up before PAP drives Singapore into the dumps.

    • YH

      Disagreeing with this article in no way has anything to do with “asking why Dr TCC said so and so.”

      How about putting it this way? Those who agree with this article should ask themselves if they want to see what is happening in the US government happen to Singapore. The result of two political parties having equal power and taking actions that only establish political agenda instead of the benefit of the nation.

      When a government can put aside political struggle, only then can it look to bettering the country that voted them in.

      • Roy Ngerng

        Perhaps you can look at the many functioning democracies in Europe which are run on multi-party representations. There are many examples of successful coalition governments, if we only bother to look.

      • Joe Tan

        Don’t look at U.S. government when the PAP government cannot look beyond the shores of Singapore.
        Using the context of Singapore, perhaps you can explain why our children has been reading doctored history?

        In case you are not aware, British Top Secret Intelligence Files, now available in the Royal Archives, proves that Lee Kuan Yew connived with the British to instigate riots, and framed Lim Chin Siong. Even PAP’s Wikipedia admitted it.

        This is the result of one party stranglehold with draconian media and press control.
        Your children has been studying doctored facts and history, and not only them, but many generations of Singaporeans.

  8. Alan

    A very good way of how our PAP govt is squeezing the people, just look at the way that taxi drivers are forced to bear the burden of the taxi COEs when taxi drivers are basically providing a service to complement the needs of our public transport. Remember all taxi drivers are required to rent a taxi from taxi companies and the taxi COE is eventually recovered from the income deducted as rental for the taxis. And this rental has to be paid irrespectively whether the taxi driver is sick on mc.

    Say supposedly a taxi driver is earning an average of S$3,000 to S$4,000 per month, is it fair for the taxi driver to be charged a min daily rental of say S$100 amounting S$3,000 per month or S$ 36,000 per year ? And if the COE cost S$80,000, it will mean they will already be pre-taxed at S$8,000 for 1/10 of the COE portion. And this is on top of income of S$3~4K net income.

    Now is it fair for a taxi driver to be taxed at S$8,000 on a net income of S$3~4K income ? And then our Prime Minister & his team members are so happy at robbing Paul to pay for Peter ?

  9. Andy Tan

    Roy you are a sad angry little man, abusing and manipulating statistics into a false view designed to fuel a growing and embarrassing ‘blame others’ culture, our country, all of us have worked hard to build what we have in such a short period. How dare you present this myopic and destructive view of what we have achieved. Every conclusion you have made is either untrue, taken out of context or wrongly interpreted for your own end.

    Anyone with any common sense, education and desire to truly understand this country’s history and place in the world will know you either haven’t got a clue or worse you know exactly what you are doing, making you much worse than the government and corporate leaders you so easily criticize. I trust this nation of ours does not succumb to such manipulated misrepresented rubbish from an angry little boy that only wishes to create controversy rather than having the best interests of Singapore in mind. Shame on you Roy, shame on you for trying to deceive your fellow Singaporeans, shame on you for abusing the trust the lesser educated may place in you and shame on you for taking this negative and divisive path when it would be more productive and positive to look forward and offer true improvements based on facts and the having in mind the best interests of all our people.

    • Roy Ngerng

      Hello Andy,

      On the contrary, I feel rather balanced and connected within myself. I feel at ease.

      Within, I feel a calmness, and it is within the stillness that I recognize the injustice and unfairness heaped among my fellow Singaporeans. It is within the clarity that I’ve gained that I do not agree with the unequal policies that have divided the people and have torn the people from one another.

      There would be some who agree with you, just as there are many who think otherwise. Our forefathers have built Singapore up to be an amazing country, but the same cannot be same of what has been done to Singapore since 2000.

      Perhaps you might not have noticed but there are now many of our elderly who have to work as cleaners in toilets and hawker centres. Perhaps you might not know that our wages have stagnated and for the poorest in Singapore, their real incomes have dropped since 2000. Yes, our country was once kind but what has become of us now, when we allow our poor and elderly to have to face the storm by themselves.

      Is this the country that we want? Is this how we want to respect the people who have helped built our country? The people who form the core of our society?

      All this while, while wages haven’t increased, prices have increased several times over. Houses and cars are now several times more expensive while people’s wages have barely creeped up.

      Am I painting a picture of Singapore because I am angry? 🙂 I believe in fairness, equality, and most of all, I believe in clarity, justice and a connection to the inner truth. Should people be treated in a manner that is so disgraceful and so demeaning to ourselves? Should people be treated as economic digits, without respect to their inner soul?

      The PAP has lost their senses on where their responsibility lies as a government and they have failed to recognise Singaporeans as humans, and as souls who need to be respected.

      And this is why I write and I will keep sharing the deeper truths of our country so that our people can create a government and a society that we want for ourselves, and not just for a few people who benefit from their financial allegiance to the PAP.


      • Andy Tan

        Sorry Roy, your rumblings do not dismiss the fact you have incorrectly presented the figures and you erroneously portray them as the Truth. You claim a belief in fairness and clarity yet you present one sided views. Sorry even if your objective is honorable your misuse of information is inexcusable. As I said, present a future and a sensible way forward people may listen – misrepresent figures ‘in the name of equality’ without taking time to be objective makes you look angry and one sided and amateurish. Followed only by like minded stone throwers. All countries have their challenges and all countries make mistakes or can make improvements for their citizens. Why not focus on helping do that?

        You talk of sharing deeper truths, then be balanced on sharing all deeper truths. It is not policies that divide people. It is people that divide people. Our society is becoming self centered, materialistic and more interested in our own status. Where are those who waste their money on big cars and expensive clothes and handbags pretending to be wealthy – those who happily ignore the elderly that clean around their expensive shoes or go to expensive restaurants. Where are they when it comes to assisting the elderly?

        I am offended daily by the inequality you talk of yet you absolve us of any wrong doing and choose to simply blame some minister or CEO. If we are to know the deeper truth, equality starts with ourselves and how we treat those around us. How equal do you treat those that serve you and your family on a daily basis? The deeper truth is we are a society founded on inequality and our culturally inherent desire to be better than the person next to us, our personal want is to not be equal. It is not wrong to wish to succeed and earn to provide for your family, our system allows and encourages this. Can we do better as a country? Of course, yet we should take a little closer look at ourselves in the process.

      • Roy Ngerng

        As I’ve said, the people will decide for themselves. 🙂

        You and I are only two lone voices with our point of views, influenced by our vantage points in our lives and what we want to protect for ourselves.

        But the people know, the people know within themselves what is right and what is just for them.

        So, the people know, and they will decide for themselves.

    • anonymous

      “sad angry little man, abusing and manipulating statistics into a false view”

      Andy where is your supporting facts that Roy is “angry little man”, “abusing” and most importantly “manipulating statistics into a false view”?

      Prove it. If you can’t prove Roy is manipulating the statistics, then your refute is as empty as a vessel whom makes the most noise.

      Full of claims but where is the supporting facts? You think it’s easy to make claims and thinking refuting is easy as asserting his opinions. Where is the thesis? Where is the statistics, facts, studies??

      Roy presented facts and statistics to support his claim, so should any refuters. Not empty refutations.

      • Andy Tan

        You are just stupid, did you not read all of the thread, I have no need to prove anything to an idiot that reads this rubbish and asks to prove otherwise. Roy misrepresented facts and his presentation is nothing more than seditious rumblings, you wish to believe this presentation is the deep truth then you are as bad as he. Go check it yourself and do your own homework or are you too lazy?

  10. Haha (as a poke at 'LOL')

    Haha at ‘LOL’ nice response given you are hiding in the shadows like the weasel you must be. Your parents must be proud of how much they suffered for your wasted education and the ‘non-person’ you have grown up to be.
    Andy Tan

    • anonymous

      Andy Tan – Don’t ask us to do homework, where is your homework? You are the one who are having a strife argument with the rest. You didn’t back up any of your accusations or do you have any?

      Stop trying to poison the well and it does not inflict any damage to author’s reputation but inevitably ruining your own because you can’t support your statement. Whilst failure to do that only shows your own petulant.

      • YL

        No, if you will read the comments here, the arguments are from everyone else who have done MORE homework than you or Roy did.

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  14. landragon123

    Let discuss about the PM often said we are caring nation, may I know what he cares about. With 5.3 millions we are sardines in buses and trains. But since he never rides a public bus or train before (maybe he did for shows) he wanted 6.9 millions. Image what will it be like to have 6.9? He is a clever, went to U and Army Training, but can he tell us what will be like to care 6.9 Million when he cannot care for the 5.3 millions now.
    Can he tell us how much he have spend to kill mosquitos when 7 peoples die of Dengue in 7 years. Are these lives kill by mosquitos the most perious?
    In fact I sent in photos of grass growing in the drain, and I believe these are the sources of mosquitos bleeding, but he employed an army of officers to comb the HBD dry drains to spray insecticles.
    After the photos was sent to NParks, the Lallangs in Woodlands are cut but the grass are not removed. If a smoker is to throw and cigarette butt on these grass, we will have a BURNING City and it will becomes a State soon.
    These are just a tip of the iceberg on the problems in Singapore after he took office and sacked his father.

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