Pre-Budget 2014 Forum: FACTS You Need To Know About Singapore’s Finances

Two Saturdays ago, we had a Pre-Budget 2014 Forum at the TKP Conference Centre.

The forum was held to share with Singaporeans how much money Singaporeans are actually paying to the Government, and to also highlight that Singaporeans aren’t getting much back from the Government.

The supporting organisations, MARUAH and Vincent Wijeysingha from Workfair; and Vivienne Wee from Aware had also shared on their budget proposals to the Government. Mr Tan Kin Lian, Leong Sze Hian, Roy Ngerng of The Heart Truths and Han Hui Hui also spoke at the forum.

The forum was reported by The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. The speakers called on the Government to be more transparent and accountable in its financial statements and fiscal processes, and also called for the public service systems to be made simpler – for example, it is currently cumbersome for Singaporeans to access subsidies for healthcare and the system should be made easier.

One participant at the forum said, “Many thanks to the organizers for holding such an insightful and enlightening forum.”

Tee Seng from Function 8, a supporting organisation of the forum, also said that the forum was “A big step towards reclaiming citizenry space in our participation to build a new national consensus for a more equitable society. I have good education today and the information from all the speakers were truly empowering. Thanks for organising.”

To learn more about the key information shared at the forum, you can watch the videos below:

(1)  Find out what you are paying for, and where the money is actually being channelled to in this video:

(2)  Find out how much you are actually paying to the government, and how it is not coming back in this video:

(3)  Find out how the Government isn’t spending any money, from a cash flow perspective, for public services in Singapore, and how Singaporeans are footing the bill by ourselves:

$1,154.88 Contributions Collected From Singaporeans Thus Far – Thank You!

Finally, we would like to thank all the supporting organisations for their participation in the forum and we would also like to thank the venue, TKP Conference Centre for hosting us as well as for accommodating us for an extra hour overran, free of charge for the event.

We would also like to thank Singaporeans who have contributed to the event. The cost to run the event (rental) is $1,650. Thus far, we have collected $1,154.88. There is still a shortfall of $495.12.

If you find the information shared useful, do feel free to share in the contributions. If 495 Singaporean could give $1, we would be able to cover the costs for the event. We hope to continue to be able to organise more of these forums and share more of such information to allow Singaporeans to understand better, what is going on in Singapore, and what is really at stake for us, and our children.

If you would like to contribute, you can transfer any amount by ATM, Internet banking, or cheque, etc, to POSB Savings Account No. 279-12328-0.

As Singaporeans, we need to reclaim our stake in our country and to speak up and be involved in the matters of our nation. Only then can we be truly engaged and be able to offer solutions to improve the lives of our people and make Singapore a better place to live for everyone in Singapore.

As Roy had also said at the forum, “When you have a system like (the Nordic countries) where everyone feels that they are in this together, we won’t have a system where you feel that you have to ‘protect me first’ because I am losing out but (one) where I am being protected, I am not losing out, and that’s why I want to protect you too.”

We believe that Singapore can move towards a more equal society where all Singaporeans would be protected. Let’s work together to make this happen.

Roy Ngerng


Pre-Budget Forum 2014

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