No, Lee Hsien Loong, You Be Kinder.

The Singapore Prime Minister (for now), Lee Hsien Loong, wrote on his Facebook that Singaporeans should “be kinder and more gracious to one another“. This was in response to an article in the BBC which had said that there was a “massive compassion deficit” in Singapore.

Lee Hsien Loong went on to say that, “We needn’t accept everything the writer says”. He also said that, “we should try harder to respect and help one another. It will make life more pleasant for all of us.”


Singaporeans should be “kinder and more gracious to one another”? Singaporeans should “try harder to respect and help one another”? Really?

It’s very easy to say all that, but has Lee Hsien Loong and his political party been willing to be “kinder and more gracious” to Singaporeans? Has Lee Hsien Loong and the PAP been willing to “try harder to respect” Singaporeans and “help” us?

Of course it’s very easy for Lee Hsien Loong to jump on the bandwagon and criticise the BBC writer. Why not let’s take a look at ourselves? Why not look at why there is a “massive compassion deficit” in Singapore – and take a look at how the inequality that the PAP has created is causing this.

Singapore is now the most unequal country among the high-income countries (Chart 1).


 Chart 1: An Overview of Growing Income Inequalities in OECD Countries: Main FindingsKey Household Income Trends, 2013

And according to research, as a country becomes more unequal, this forces its people to become more self-centred. Indeed, Singaporeans are said to be the people who would self-enhance ourselves the most among the high-income countries, or as the author puts it, to most likely to “emphasize or exaggerate one’s desirable qualities relative to other people’s” (Chart 2).

Inequality vs Self-Enhancement

Chart 2Deric Bownd’s Mindblog Economic inequality is linked to biased self-perception

Because of our inequality, Singapore also has the highest rates of prisoners among the high-income countries, after the United States (Chart 3).

Inequality vs Prisoners

Chart 3: The Equality Trust

In fact, because we have such a high level of inequality today, we also have one of the lowest social mobility among the high-income countries, which means that if a Singaporean is poor, they are more likely to be stuck in poverty for the rest of their lives than a poor person in another high-income country (Chart 4).

Inequality vs Social Mobility

Chart 4

Not only that, the more unequal a country is, the less trusting its people become. Indeed, the trust levels are the lowest in Singapore (Chart 5).

Income Inequality vs Trust

Chart 5: The Equality Trust

This is also shown in the 2013 World Giving Index where Singaporeans rank at 134th in terms of willingness to help a stranger, or the second least willing to help a stranger (Chart 6).

photo 1 (31)

Chart 6: World Giving Index 2013

And why is low trust important? Because it has been said that “if you are less likely to trust the people around you, you are less willing to have a sense of solidarity and so less likely to stump up the taxes to pay for other people’s benefits“.

Indeed, when you look at what the PAP is willing to do to reduce the inequality in Singapore, they would actually do one of the least for Singaporeans, as compared to the other high-income countries. The taxes and transfers that the PAP is willing to give back to Singaporeans is one of the lowest among the high-income countries (Chart 7).

Has the PAP created this sense of distrust among Singaporeans, so that they do not have to pay more for Singaporeans or have Singaporeans distrusted the PAP so much that we do not trust the PAP to take care of us?


Chart 7An Overview of Growing Income Inequalities in OECD Countries: Main FindingsKey Household Income Trends, 2013

Now, when you look at what these taxes and transfers are, they include things like the rebates on utilities, rental and service and conservancy charges (S&CC). But so what? The PAP might claim to be giving $80 million in S&CC rebates, but they had taken away our money from us by transferring $126 million away from the surplus we had accumulated in our S&CC (Chart 8).


Chart 8: The Heart Truths Increasing S&CC: How The PAP Took $126 Millions Away

So, the government might claim that these taxes and transfers include scholarships and subsidies for Singaporeans for our education – in 2014, the PAP announced that they would increase the scholarships and subsides for Singaporeans for our education by $147 million but so what? When you look at the $354 million that they are willing to give to foreigners, this is more than twice what they would increase for Singaporeans (Chart 9)!


Chart 9: The Heart Truths Budget 2014: The Government Still Doesn’t Spend A Single Cent (Part 1)

Does this mean that almost all foreigners would be able to study in Singapore for free whereas only 6% of Singaporean students are able to receive scholarships (Chart 10)?


Chart 10: The Heart Truths Only 6% Of Singaporean University Undergraduates Receive Scholarships

So, the taxes and transfers also include medical subsidies. But if you look at Budget 2014, in total, the Pioneer Generation Package, Medisave top-ups and healthcare subsidies that the government is willing to give would amount to only $471 million, but what they would be able to collect back from us from the increased Medisave contribution is at least $860 million – or twice as much (Chart 11)! So, they might increase their transfers but who pays for it actually?

Why do they increase what they would give to us, but then make us pay more back to them than what they are willing to give to us? Then, in the end, who earns?


Chart 11: The Heart Truths Budget 2014: The Government Still Doesn’t Spend A Single Cent (Part 1)

The taxes and transfers also include top-ups to the CPF and Medisave accounts, but with all the money stuck the CPF and Medisave, are Singaporeans even able to take these monies out, or will this only enrich their own coffers? Leong Sze Hian had estimated that only 1 in 8 Singaporeans are able to withdraw their CPF. In fact, Singaporeans are made to pay the highest CPF contribution rate of 37% in the world (Chart 12) and we also receive possibly the lowest returns in the world, at only 2.5%.


Chart 12: SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 1)

Not only that, there is now $253 billion in the CPF but Singaporeans only withdrew $15 billion last year, or only 5.9%, and the rest is stuck in the 94.1% which we cannot withdraw (Chart 13)? 


Chart 13

Worse still, there is $66 billion in the Medisave but only $768 million was withdrawn, or only 1.2%! And the rest of what we had paid is stuck in the 98.8% which we cannot withdraw (Chart 14)?


Chart 14

In fact, the PAP had blown their own trumpet by announcing how their health expenditure would go up to $8 billion in 2015 and S$12 billion in 2020 (Chart 15).


Chart 15: The Heart Truths Budget 2014: PAP Still Spends Too Little On Health For Singaporeans

But even with their increase in spending from a paltry 30% today to 40%, the 40% would still be the lowest that any government would spend among the high-income countries. In fact, the average that the government in a high-income country would spending on health is 70% and countries which have a similar GDP per capita in Singapore are spending 85% (Chart 16)! So the expected 40% that the PAP is willing to spend is even less than half that of what their responsibility should be! The PAP is shirking its responsibility!

Slide3 (1)

Chart 16: The Heart Truths It’s Time The Government Spends (A Lot) More For Singaporeans’ Health

But that’s not even all. The PAP makes Singaporeans pay high taxes and CPF, but gives back only a small proportion of what we have to pay. Singaporeans have to pay $78.1 billion in taxes, CPF and out-of-pocket expenditure but the PAP only spends 48.7% of what we would spend. In comparison, the Nordic governments would spend up to 93% of what their citizens would pay (Chart 17).


Chart 17: The Heart Truths Budget 2014: The Government Still Doesn’t Spend A Single Cent (Part 2)

But that’s not yet all – do you know who is footing the burden of the taxes? The poor and middle-income Singaporeans are. Poor and middle-income Singaporeans have to pay more than 37% of our wages into tax and CPF, whereas for the richest in Singapore, they only need to pay 25% (Chart 18).


Chart 18: The Heart Truths How The Government Undercuts Singaporeans’ Wages

But not only do the poor and middle-income pay for tax and CPF, we also receive the lowest wages among the high-income countries (Chart 19).


Chart 19The Heart Truths Singaporeans Earn The LOWEST Wages Among The High-Income Countries

And while the richest in Singapore pay the lowest tax and CPF, they also earn the highest salaries among the high-income countries (Chart 20)!

Rich Earn High Wages

Chart 20ECA Global Perspectives National Salary Comparison 2012

Do you see what is very wrong here? The rich are paid the highest wages and pay the lowest tax and CPF while the poor and middle-income are paid the lowest wages but pay the highest tax and CPF! Does this even make sense to you?

The regressive tax structure in Singapore has also been shown to correlate to the low levels of subjective well-being, or happiness, in Singapore (Chart 21).


Chart 21Progressive Taxation and the Subjective Well-Being of Nations

And this thus explains why Singaporeans have been ranked the most unhappy people on the planet (Chart 22).

Singapore One Of the Most Unhappiest Countries In The World

Chart 22: The Heart Truths The PAP’s Policies Give Singaporeans Heart Attacks?

In fact, do you know that since 1995, when Goh Chok Tong was prime minister and then Lee Hsien Loong today, the income share of the rich has kept increasing and increasing, while the income going to the poor has kept declining (Chart 23)?


Chart 23The World Top Incomes Database

And if you compare the increase in income share of the rich with the income inequality in Singapore, you can see the increase in the income share of the rich actually follows the income inequality in Singapore – the wider the income inequality in Singapore, the more of the income goes to the rich (Chart 24). So, is there an interest to see income inequality grow in Singapore?


Chart 24: The Heart Truths The Singapore Government Caught Pretending!

Meanwhile, the poverty rate in Singapore has been increasing from 16% in 2002 to 26% in 2011 (Chart 25).


Chart 25: The Heart Truths Poverty in Singapore Grew from 16% in 2002 to 28% in 2013

This has led to the richest in Singapore becoming richer and richer while the poorest have only grown poorer and poorer (Chart 26).

photo 2 (32)

Chart 26: Singapore Perspectives 2014 Differences

And do you know who belong to the richest in Singapore? Lee Hsien Loong belongs to the top 0.1% and the PAP politicians belong to the top 5% in Singapore.

It’s all too convenient, Hsien Loong, to ask Singaporeans to “be kinder and more gracious to one another”. It’s all too convenient.

Now, don’t you dare tell Singaporeans what or what not to do until you clean up your own backyard. Don’t you dare tell Singaporeans that we should show more kindness when the system that you and your party has created is the system that has precisely caused the fear and insecurity among Singaporeans, which has caused people to be less kind to one another.

Now, don’t you dare tell Singaporeans that we should be more gracious when your party pays itself the highest salaries in the world, while paying Singaporeans the lowest wages among the high-income countries, yet make poor and middle-income Singaporeans take on the burden of the tax and CPF, while the richest – and you among them – pay the lowest tax and CPF. Now, don’t you dare.

Don’t you dare tell us to be more gracious when it is this very unequal system that you have created that has resulted in Singaporeans feeling so repressed and unhappy.

You have no freaking clue why Singaporeans are so unhappy while you are in your ivory tower, while your party refuses to implement minimum wage for Singaporeans and continues to champion how the $1,000 basic minimum wage under the Progressive Wage Model is something to shout about when it has been shown that $1,500 is the minimum anyone should earn to be even able to live just very basically in Singapore.

Or perhaps you do, but do you have the kindness and graciousness to “try harder to respect and help” Singaporeans and “make life more pleasant for all of us”? Do you? Do you even understand that for Singaporeans to be able to be kinder and more gracious, that we would need to undo this unequal system that you so fiercely want to protect? Are you even willing to undo this system that has allowed your incomes to grow?

Why is it that it has been estimated that more than 85% won’t be able to withdraw their CPF Minimum Sum and won’t be able to retire? Why is it that Singaporeans have to die because they cannot afford healthcare? Why is it that the PAP is only willing to spend at most 40% on health when another country as rich as Singapore would spend 85%?

Why is it that the PAP has $36 billion in surplus in 2012 and an estimated $28 billion in 2013 but the PAP is still unwilling to spend another $5 to $6 billion to provide free healthcare and education for all Singaporeans. Even then, there would still be $22 billion to $30 billion in surplus. And why does the PAP not report this surplus and hides this figure from Singaporeans?

Yet, why is the PAP so willing to spend on non-Singaporeans – at $354 million for foreign students but is so unwilling to provide free education for Singaporeans?

No, Hsien Loong, you do not tell Singaporeans what or what not to do. Singaporeans will tell you what we want you to do. We want a kinder and more gracious government. We want a government that will increase our wages and make the rich, like you, fulfil your responsibility, and not for the PAP to push the burden onto us. We want a government which would fulfil its responsibility by increasing subsidies for education, healthcare and transport. We want a government which would return our CPF and allow Singaporeans to retire graciously.

We want a government which would protect its people. Not a government which simply only “talks” about wanting to “respect and help one another” then go back to pay themselves high salaries, let themselves pay low tax and CPF, while the rest of Singaporeans suffer.

No, Hsien Loong, you do your job. Singaporeans put you there to do your job, and you have shown yourself to have failed miserably. You are not able to show the “respect” that you would call for Singaporeans to do, then how do you expect Singaporeans, in all earnesty to do so, when the PAP cannot even lead by example?

Does the PAP even have any moral integrity or moral legitimacy to call on Singaporeans to be “kinder and more gracious” when the PAP has not even shown itself to meet the standards it self-proclaims? No, enough is enough. Enough of the hypocrisy.

Until you learn to behave like a government, you have lost your legitimacy to rule. Until you learn to truly show kindness and graciousness to Singaporeans, until you pay yourself much lower salaries (not $2.2 million but $300,000), pay Singaporeans higher wages and increase the subsidies for essential public services in Singapore, whatever you and the PAP say is hot air, it’s empty and meaningless.

Singaporeans have seen through you, PAP. Now, try as you might to salvage any last bits of dignity that you might (even) have, but Singaporeans have seen through your veil.

I will never trust the PAP anymore. All the years of reputation and hard work that Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong have built have been shred to bits by the mismanagement of their successors. Singaporeans miss the PAP politicians of the past – the politicians who had taken care of Singaporeans and who had put their heart and soul into building Singapore. They had made Singapore grow and prosper and the lives of Singaporeans grew better under them.

Today, we have a Singapore where the heart and soul of Singapore is being robbed from us. We have people in government who tell us that it is not in our interest to know too much because we shouldn’t. You mean we shouldn’t even have something that is our basic right? We have people who fudge our statistics so that we would not know what is truly going on – the Gini coefficient has been pushed down in the reports from 2008 to 2010, and then to 2013 (Chart 27). Why? To make it look like Singapore is becoming more equal when it is not? You want a country to be more equal, you make it more equal. You don’t make the statistics look nicer to pretend to the people.

Gini Coefficient 2008 vs 2010 vs 2013

Chart 27: The Heart Truths The Singapore Government Caught Pretending!

We have people who no longer tell us the truth but want to hide it.

Then, if so, what will happen to Singapore and Singaporeans when we no longer know what is really happening in Singapore? My fellow Singaporeans, I have to let you know – this year, 2014, is the last year that I am able to accurately let you know what is going on in Singapore, based on the statistics that I am able to dig out. From this year onwards, it would be very difficult to share with you any real statistics as they would either be fudged or hidden from us. It has happened several times now, with the surplus statistic as Leong Sze Hian had shown above, with the Gini coefficient statistics and even with the CPF statistics. I would have to stop writing after this because there wouldn’t be any useful information to analyse anymore.

Now, you only have one chance – you either vote the PAP out of government or they would keep doing what they are doing and Singaporeans will be blinded forever and be forced to work in oppression.

Hsien Loong, your government has done a great disservice to Singaporeans. Your government has shown itself shrewd and cunning. Your government has shown itself to be most despicable. I have no kind words for your government and your party, the PAP. It has shown itself to be so embolden that Singaporeans have been made to suffer at your very hands.

Yet, you have the cheek to tell Singaporeans to be “kinder and more gracious”. The cheek! Do you not even feel a sense of remorse or guilt for saying that?

At the next election, my fellow Singaporeans, please do what you have to do. Your lives is in your hands. If you don’t do what’s right, the future and the lives of your children and their children lies in your hands. We either live with the mistakes we keep making or we right the wrongs that have been done, and we fight. And fight to reclaim Singapore from the dirty hands that has soiled our land.


  1. dotseng

    I am quite sure most people don’t take what he has to say too seriously. I definitely don’t. Neither does do those who make up my community. I wonder who really is his target audience?

    • Winking Doll

      Hi dotseng,

      As the previous GE results illustrate, IMHO, you and “those who make up my community” are not the majority. That is indeed sad for Singapore. E.g. I personally know of folks who would defend PAP policies even now; even as they sometimes lament about the overcrowded Singapore; and for a few, even when they secretly consider emigrating. I became tired to FB-sparing with these folks.

      Hi Roy,

      Thank you and Leong Sze Hian for your efforts at exposing the truths — the heart wrenching truths.

      Cheers, WD.

  2. Richard Charles

    I have been following this blog. While I agree with all if not most of the articles you wrote, the truths have not gained much publicity sadly. Why don’t you try to get them published in the real social media like STOMP or straits times? Most of the people I know do not even bother with the truths even though I have repeatedly encouraged them to read your blog. The replies they gave was whatever the situation is we ARE NOT ABLE TO DO ANYTHING but to only accept their ruling. One of them said do you really think the empire will just let us nobodies decide the fate of their wealth & power? They shall do everything in their abuse of authority to stay in power as long as possible. Do you really think the voting & opposition systems are good enough to bring down this greedy government? I think not.

    • Johnathan Li

      ‘Why don’t you try to get them published in the real social media like STOMP or straits times?’
      If you know who “owns” Singapore Press Holdings (the publisher of Straits Times), you’ll understand why such actions will prove to be futile at best.

  3. -

    CPF monies are individual savings; the misconception in this article is that CPF monies go to government revenues.

    • Roy Ngerng

      Hi, CPF is no longer your money.

      Singaporeans might be led to think it is but the government has created an insidious scheme to entrap your CPF so that you cannot take it out.

      Please take some time to understand your CPF.

      • daybit

        CPF isnt our money? What is the money being used for housing and medisave? Or what about people who drew all the money from CPF during their retirement. Not our money? Are you even joking?

        I wonder if you know that 1000 for cleaners are just the starting pay for cleaners which will progress with time annually and with training. Also did you mention all the subsidies and help they are getting from the government? Workfair? Comcare? etc..

      • Roy Ngerng

        (1) Of the CPF that Singaporeans have put in, we are only allowed to withdraw 5%. Of the Medisave that we have put in, we are only allowed to withdraw 1.2%.

        (2) The cleaners will only receive higher pay if they are promoted. If they don’t their pay is stuck, and most of them would not be promoted and their pay will be stuck.

        To apply for financial assistance from the government is not easy. It is very difficult because of the barriers that the government has put in place. If you have tried it, you will know how difficult it is.

        Unless you earn $800 or $1,000, you might perhaps not understand the plight of how bad things are.

        I know someone who has worked as a labourer. People know how hard life is but they have resigned themselves to it – because they know the government won’t take care of them.

        And because of the government has created a system that allows low-wage workers to be looked down on as well, they are hardly heard.

        This is not the kind of Singapore we want, not when the ministers earn millions and Singapore can more than afford to protect one another.


      • CY

        I agree with Daybit. What about people who withdrew Medisave for childbirth expenses? That is going to be way more than the 1.2% cited by Roy. For a caesarean section, surgeon’s fee alone is around $2000+ in a government hospital and is not government subsidized. One night in the delivery suite in KKH is around $700+ (before government subsidy). The Medisave withdrawal alone will be more than 1.2% of a person’s Medisave savings.

  4. Moonie

    Hey Roy, keep it up. More people need to know what is happening to Singapore. The recent OLAM takeover bid by Temasek to privatise the faltering company and hide immense losses while allowing insider trading to happen for cronies within shows us that we cannot trust the PAP government and the Lee family to do things as they want. More people need to voice out and let the truth be known that we have to vote this self-serving party out to protect the future of Singapore. We cannot allow our fear to rule us or our doubts to prevent the opposition from being elected. Everyone must vote against the PAP, even if it is a dog vs an MIW, I will choose the dog. Let’s not be afraid to take risk as it has been amply demonstrated that the PAP is not going to look after us.

  5. Huggybear

    Let me tell you how the People of Singapore have been cheated for the past 50 years.
    Let me tell all of you what is the PAP’s way of thinking.
    You don’t need all these graphics to explain anything.
    The PAP thinks that all the money that that this country generates from taxes and elsewhere is their OWN PERSONAL MONEY.
    It is NOT the People’s money.
    They don’t believe that this money belongs to the People of Singapore and that they have only been elected to manage this money for us.
    They really believe that they are the rightful owners of this money and if they ever lose power to another government they will try to take this money with them.
    They will use this money as they see fit and nobody has any right to say anything about it.
    The simpletons and the cowards who still keep voting to keep this Government in power are inviting all the thieves and robbers into their homes to take anything they want.
    This is how ALL OF YOU have been cheated out of what belongs to YOU.

  6. -KEVINC-

    I love my country, Singapore – just have some issues with the people running it now. Indeed – I miss the old guard or in the government’s lingo: the “pioneer” guard. Many of them have truly served our founding years selflessly and sacrificed their own careers and businesses to build this nation.

    While I congratulate Roy for your article, I am also thankful of how the same PAP government (albeit the old guard) and the people of Singapore have done to bring us to where we are today. It is this education – the opportunity and circumstances to be educated that has led us to articulate these arguments so eloquently. Therefore let us be mindful and thankful of what we already have, criticise constructively and responsibly, and direct our energies towards how we can improve and better the living circumstances of our home.

    It is so much easier to criticise without the responsibility to change and deliver, isn’t it?

    • Roy Ngerng

      Hello Kelvin,

      Like you, I am grateful for what the first generation of PAP politicians have done. So are many Singaporeans. And we continue to respect and honour their contributions.

      It would, however, be a mistake to align the current PAP politicians with those of the previous generation. The previous generation brought us prosperity, growth and togetherness. The current has brought inequality and division. This is not the Singapore that I believe in, or that many Singaporeans believe in. This is not the government we want – one that pursues greed and one that sees power only in itself.

      Indeed, many Singaporeans have provided solutions and even advocated for them. However, it has also been acknowledged by us that the current generation of PAP politicians have neither the will of integrity to work with the will of Singaporeans. They haven’t listened. As such, the only recourse Singaporeans have is to invite the current PAP to leave, so that we can put in place a government which would listen to the solutions that we already have.

      It is so much easier to sit on top of a throne, served to you a platter than make real changes that would benefit the people, wouldn’t it?


      • -KEVINC-

        I don’t think it is just the PAP politicians who should vacate their thrones. Rather it is the system of “mandarins” or the elite Administrative Service we should revamp. The “pioneer guard” came together because of the dire situation we were in – post WW2, fragmented colonial government, then the Separation. We needed to put roofs over our people’s heads, food on the table, an economy to create jobs… we had a common vision of a better Singapore.

        What is the “vision” of our current generation of leaders and top civil servants? I can agree with your views on the lack of a common vision and that we all suspect a stronger sense of being more “self-serving”. Sometimes I wonder if it is the people in power or the people close to the people in power who should be in question…

        If you look at the Cabinet and ask: how many were government scholars, how many actually worked in the real and true private sector prior to politics? Then you ask: how different are they from the elite “Administrative Service” who fill the top civil service ranks, head GLCs and TLCs?

        I asked my scholar friend, “Have you ever applied for a job and got rejected? Or been out of a job before? Do you know what’s like to put your life-savings in a business and fail?”

        Roy, I hear you but I want to state that it is not just the politicians we should change. The problem is more deep rooted and much more systemic. And I truly suspect that a complete systemic change might sound like the answer, but the consequences could be worse.

        However my take is: I will try to make whatever little changes for the better in my own circle of influence and in doing so, I hope to improve my little surroundings, the situation and people around me… this makes my own life much more liveable!

        We are all addressing the same problem and challenges in our own way. We just need more to take proactive action.

    • Sgcynic


      It is NOT the same PAP government. Do NOT confuse the old guard with the present team.
      Policies take time to implement and for results to show. Time-lag is 5-10 years. The massive cock-ups and negative impact on Singapore that are showing up over the part years and now ARE the fruits of THIS team of PAP politicians.


  7. Ace

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I keep seeing loopholes/contradictions in your arguments. I agree that the PAP is lacking in many areas, but please try to make logical arguments against them instead of twist figures to your advantage.

    One example offhand:
    Chart 9 – in the text above, you state that the PAP is INCREASING the scholarships and subsidies for singaporeans by $147m. Then in Chart 9 you rephrase it (thus changing the meaning entirely) to make it appear as if only $147m is being used to subsidise Singaporeans, compared to $354m for foreigners.

    Note: an INCREASE in subsidies of $147m is not the same as TOTAL subsidies of $147m. IMO, increasing subsidies of more than 1/3 of the total foreign subsidies is a generous increase and definitely acceptable. (and here I’m using your figures)

    Loads more regarding correlation doesn’t imply causation:
    (e.g. “Not only that, the more unequal a country is, the less trusting its people become. Indeed, the trust levels are the lowest in Singapore (Chart 5)”
    Please understand that this just highlights the correlation between the two (if we assume that the study is indeed reliable) and doesn’t allow us to draw conclusions. X could cause Y, Y could cause X, or a third factor Z could cause both X and Y.

    Still, I’d like to commend you on your effort to search for the relevant data/studies to include them, but please try to keep your conclusions to a minimum, especially since it’s not always possible to draw logical conclusions from every single bit of data.

  8. Joo Song Chiam

    In almost every situation it is just NOT RIGHT to have the “same” people check and investigate their own peers for any “wrongdoings”.

    This is what happened in Singapore – on most occasions – with our government.

    It is time we have an OMBUDSMAN !o investigate “wrongdoings” by our government.

  9. SGDragon

    You are just one of the thousands of growing frustrated young Singaporeans, and Yes, the government should listen and empathize which they certainly do, else you will not continue to be have so much space despite many of your unsubstantiated allegations against the government.

    But the problem is much larger than PAP itself, Its us versus the world in a globalised economy and manipulative local, special interests and especially foreign forces whom will exploit hot-blooded youths like you and divisive elements for their benefits. Tread carefully and learn from the mistakes of past oppositions and countries whom have failed badly despite overthrowing the government.

    The PAP sure have many serious flaws in their policies. But you should voiced out your concerns rationally and constructively through proper channels. You should make sure your research are based on data which are both valid and reliable with arguments which are robust to criticisms.

    Otherwise, you will risk producing a rhetoric which reeks more of descriptive assertions than substance and drawing unwarranted conclusions which can be easily challenged and discredited.

    What you and people like you are advocating if left uncurbed is certainly treading on the path towards civil unrest which will tear the country apart like Thailand and many other countries alike. By then, our reserves, resources will be plundered and capabilities destroyed by forces much much worse by then the PAP and it will be too late.

    If you are really sincere in creating a sustainable change for Singapore, you have to review what you are doing and take a completely different approach no matter how embarrassing and drastic is the change, amidst all the mutinous voices supporting you. You keeping calling for PAP to change, government to change, but you must first do the right think yourself and change for the better.

    However, if you remain defiant and refuses to see the real situation Singapore is in right now from a wider perspective, do not be surprised that while there might be growing number of frustrated youths joining your cause, there’s an equally growing number of enlightened Singaporeans whom will realize such actions are ultimately destructive and will eventually ruin Singapore. End of day, people like you will never achieve your objectives.

  10. landragon123

    Next year is around the corner, so wait till than and who will be our next PM. Lee KUAN YIN the god of mercy and not his son is Bull & Horse FACES to sent gambler to hell and ends their live at Bedok Reservior .
    Saint Lee Kuan Yew when he did, He will be worshipped as Lee Kuan-Yin. Our god who help Singapore to became a Clean & Green city.
    Now under his son It is call “Lallang City Brown with Dirt in a Lallang City” Brown because, now the grass cutter leave their loose grass on site to make it BROWN, the color LHL like for it is natural fertilizer for the existing grass. It save money for the NP to buy expensive bicycles for it officers.
    Some pictures was sent to Mewr to show that the former Malaysian Railway is Lallang City and today when I went cycling, grass cutting in the Woodlands area are been carryout. Looking forward that money spent to buy the land is make into parks for Citizens , PR, Foreign Manpower and Maids can enjoy the money Green again, Green of Flowers and shrub, NOT Lallang not passable to members of the public, a jungle city in the making.

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  17. Juan Pablo Gutierrez

    Living in a third world country I can understand the need to eradicate crime, which Singapore has been able to do, being the second safest country in the world. What good do riches bring if you are not alive to enjoy them? I would rather be poor and safe with my family than dead. Think outside your bubble before you write to a worldwide audience.

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