The Straits Times Wants To Whitewash The Truth With “Trust”

The Straits Times had also commented on the expose of how the PAP has used the CPF-HDB to trick Singaporeans and entrap us.

This was (all) what The Straits Times had said:

“For example, a recent conspiracy theory by a blogger went viral on the Internet, accusing the Housing Board and Central Provident Fund (CPF) of colluding to cheat citizens of their hard- earned cash. It was shared by many people, and praised, before some others debunked it.

In the recent case of the HDB-CPF conspiracy, a few bloggers jumped to point out the fallacies in the theory.”

You can read the rest of the article here:

That’s all The Straits Times wrote. For the rest of the article, The Straits Times kept writing about how they want Singaporeans to “trust” the PAP.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Manpower commented on the expose. Today, The Straits Times commented.

Both times, there were no statistics released at all. Singaporeans, we cannot allow ourselves to be continuously cheated by the PAP and we cannot allow them to keep whitewashing us.

We want the truth. We want the statistics. Don’t use fanciful words to sway us, when there are no statistics at all to back what they say.

These questions are still not answered at all:

(1) Why does the PAP force Singaporeans to give the highest proportion out of our wages into CPF in the world, while they pay us the lowest interest rates in the world, such that even after paying so much, Singaporeans have the lowest retirement funds in Asia and even when compared to much of the world?

(2) Why does the PAP force us to pay accrued interest such that with whatever “profits” we earn when we sell the flat, it is still lower than the accrued interest so that we will have no cash left in the hand because the PAP takes back everything?

(3) Why does the PAP take our CPF to invest and earn up to 16% interest but only gives us back 2.5% interest?

(4) Why does the PAP not show the records of how much they’ve earned from making us pay for ever-increasing prices of HDB flats? With their monopoly of public housing and increasing prices unilaterally while making us pay high interest rates, how much is the PAP earning from Singaporeans?

The PAP wants to try to pretend to Singaporeans and they continue to want to cheat us with the truth.

Singaporeans, it’s time to be awakened. The PAP isn’t interested in taking care of us. They just want to protect their own wealth.

It’s time to take control of your own life and do what’s right for yourself.

For all commenters who aim to discredit my character, that’s fine. What I want to know is where the statistics are.

What does the PAP want to hide? Why do they want to pretend to Singaporeans?

The Straits Times is trying very hard to ask Singaporeans to trust them but Singaporeans, we know better now. Can you still trust the PAP?

You can read the expose of the CPF-HDB insidious scheme to cheat Singaporeans here:

You can watch the video of the article here:

Join us to speak up and fight for our rights. We will be holding a protest on 3 May 2014. It’s time to rise, to stand up for ourselves and protect ourselves.

You can join the Facebook event page here.


  1. susie

    I agree wif u. The PAP should stop its “trust” rhetorics, treating us like church goers. Is the PAP a religion? Why should we trust it without an ounce of evidence? Let’s vote out the PAP once and for all. It is no longer a trustworthy brand but one that stands for deception.

  2. Sgcynic

    The Straits Times and the MOM don’t even dare to name and shame you. Dare Yacoob accuse you of DRUMS? Going by LKY’s yardstick, if they do not dare to sue you and demolish you, then it clear you are telling the truth!

    • Winking Doll

      I agree with Sgcynic. Keep up the good work, TheHearthTruths! 🙂 They don’t want to name you and your blog because if they do so in the MSM, more folks who read the MSM will find out the alternative perspective (backed with facts and figures, not based solely on trust) from your blog.

  3. John Koh

    That’s what he wants to happen! Act fearlessly and wait for govt to take action so that more will sympathies with him. Cheap way of getting more fame and popularity? Facts and figures are not for conclusions…they need analytical minds to consume and deduce conclusions wisely.

    • Sgcynic

      If the government sues and brings forth the true facts and figures in court, then Roy would have no credibility and sympathy. Have you so little faith in Singaporeans? Or is it (gasp) the PAP?

  4. eric

    Hi.sexispider, you failed to mentioned many many many people on the Web, blogs, etc pointed. Out your faults regarding cpf/HDB. All these you failed to address. Yet you have the gall to accuse st of ‘whatever’! Even your readers pointed out your mistakes, but what did you do? Nothing! I assume you want to be a politician, is this the way you behave? Very one sided.a

    • Sgcynic

      Many, many. The same who also pointed Roy is correct in the main.

      Childish. Is this the way Eric behaves? Idiot.

    • erica lee

      Can copy and paste what many many people say? You failed to point out anything substantial. Your conduct is deplorable. Please behave like a normal human being.

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