My Speech At The May Day 2014 Protest

I gave a speech at the May Day 2014 Protest yesterday. You can watch the video here:

Here is another video which lets you see the response of the crowd:

To read more about what was said in the speech, you can read this article here.

We will be holding another event tomorrow to also advocate for fair wages and rightful employment for workers in Singapore.

Singaporeans, we need to stand up for our rights and fight for our own freedoms.

See you there.



  1. Jesus Warrior Girl

    Dear Roy, Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all your efforts and whilst my schedule may not allow me to attend the rallies, I am sure who I will NOT vote for, and I am spreading your emails to all my friends… God bless you for standing up for the poor

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Mike

    I came to the rally to listen to you and Sze Hian but I left earlier…the historical rendition of the narrative of what has been going was crucial as I listen to you online instead. It provides a frame to make sense of what has been going on…more will speak out….I know lots of polytechnic friends who are waiting to vote!

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