The Real Reason Behind Increasing The CPF Minimum Sum

The government has increased the CPF Minimum Sum to “maintain its real value”, they claimed.

The CPF Minimum Sum Has No Inherent Value

Now, think about this – what is the purpose of the CPF Minimum Sum? It is a marker of how much the government wants Singaporeans to retain inside the CPF.

Thus the CPF Minimum Sum by itself has no inherent monetary worth because it is only a marker. So, it doesn’t quite make sense for the government to claim to want to increase the CPF Minimum Sum to “maintain its real value” when there isn’t really a “value”.


The Real Value of Our CPF Monies Is What Needs To Be Increased

However, the thing that has inherent monetary worth is our individual CPF accounts themselves. Thus if the government wants to “maintain any real value”, then the value that the government should maintain is our CPF itself.

And the only way to maintain the real value of our CPF is to increase the CPF interest rates to above inflation.


The Government Is Not Interested In Increasing The Real Value Of Our CPF

However, take note of how the government has constantly raised the CPF Minimum Sum but has depressed the CPF interest rates since 1999 to be at 2.5%.

What this shows is that the government is clearly not interested in “maintaining the real value” of our CPF.

If so, why then does the government want to “maintain the real value” of the CPF Minimum Sum?


The PAP Wants To Increase the CPF Minimum Sum Because…

This is why: the government claimed that it wants to “maintain the real value” of the CPF Minimum Sum. Technically, this doesn’t make logical sense.

The CPF Minimum Sum has no inherently monetary worth. It is only a marker. It is only a line that can be shifted up and down.

Thus what you have to question is why the government shifted the marker upwards?

As explained, the CPF Minimum Sum is a marker of how much the government wants Singaporeans to retain inside the CPF. Thus the only logical reason for the government to want to move the CPF Minimum Sum marker upwards is because the government wants Singaporeans to retain more of our monies inside the CPF.

This has nothing with “maintaining any value”. The only motivation is that the government has a want to increase the marker and has used “maintaining the real value” as an excuse to do so.

The PAP Does Not Want Singaporeans To Retire

However, as the government has been unwilling to increase the real value of the CPF itself (which is what is really of value) but would keep shifting the CPF Minimum Sum marker upwards, what this means is:

(1) The real value of the CPF doesn’t grow because the interest earned has been less than inflation.

(2) As the CPF Minimum Sum marker keeps being shifted upwards, more and more Singaporeans have to keep more of our monies inside the CPF and fewer and fewer Singaporeans would be able to take the monies from our CPF out.

Do you see the dual pressure from both ends which forces more Singaporeans to first, not be able to save, and second, not be able to take our CPF monies out, such that Singaporeans cannot retire?


CPF Minimum Sum Increased, CPF Real Value Drops: More Singaporeans Cannot Retire

If you follow this logic flow so far, let’s summarise:

(1) The increase of the CPF Minimum Sum marker is not to “maintain any real value”. This marker has no inherent monetary worth. The only reason to increase this marker is to trap more of Singaporeans’ CPF monies in.

(2) The CPF interest rates have been depressed at 2.5% since 1999. The real value of the CPF has thus diminished.

(3) For the real value that the government should maintain – the CPF itself – the government has shown that it does not want to maintain it. The government does not want our CPF monies to grow.

(4) For something without any inherent monetary worth – CPF Minimum Sum, the government pretended to want to “maintain” it. In effect, what they did was simply pushed up the CPF Minimum Sum.

(5) The net effect is that because the real value of the CPF itself is dwindling and the CPF Minimum Sum marker has been pushed upwards, this logically means that more Singaporeans are not able to meet the CPF Minimum Sum and are not able to withdraw our CPF monies.


How The PAP Hid Their Real Intent

(A) This article wants to show what Singaporeans already know – the PAP wants to increase the CPF Minimum Sum only because they want to trap our CPF monies inside (for their own use).

(B) This article also wants to show that the PAP’s rationale for increasing the CPF Minimum Sum – to “maintain its value” – is a fallacy and has no logical or technical sense.

(C) Finally, this article also wants to show that for the only thing with real inherent monetary worth – our CPF itself – the PAP has instead refused to increase its value.

Read: The PAP does not want to increase our CPF monies but want to incense the CPF Minimum Sum to trap more of our monies in.

Thus by doing this logical deduction, it has been shown that the PAP is hypocritical and two-faced. They never meant to increase the value of our CPF at all but pretended that they wanted to.

The real reason for the PAP to depress the real value of our CPF and to increase the CPF Minimum Sum, as explained, is to force Singaporeans to work longer since we are not able to withdraw our CPF monies.

The PAP Has Failed As A Government

The PAP is cunning, treacherous and manipulative. By distorting the truth, they had wanted to pretend to Singaporeans that they wanted to “help” us when in actual fact, they wanted to trap us further.

This is irresponsible. The PAP has reneged on its role as the government and has taken over and repurposed government for their own intent.

So, what is this intent, if it is not to take care and protect Singaporeans?


In view of the unreasonable increase in the CPF Minimum Sum, we will be organising an event on 7 June at 5pm to call for Singaporeans’ CPF to be returned to us.

The PAP has used government to pursue their own hidden agenda, while forcing Singaporeans to live more difficult lives. The PAP has taken our retirement for themselves to earn high interests on it, while devaluing our CPF and our ability to retire.

This is wrong. We have to stand up and speak up against this scourge. It’s time to stand up and come together to speak up against such wrongdoings.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

Return Our CPF Poster 1


We have also started a petition to the Singapore government to honour our contributions to our CPF and return our CPF to Singaporeans. You can sign the petition here.

Return Our CPF Colour Demands 3


  1. Stephen See

    Thanks Roy for the insightful report (and great graphics!)

    I have written to the PM about it. I don’t think I’ll get any helpful reply but at least I have made known my deep concerns.


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  2. Randy Ho

    I think if you have included the minimum sum for the Medisave portion, the overall increase is even worse!

  3. laymanbrother

    The minimum sum is just a marker if one is under 55yrs of age. It becomes a reality once we reach 55yrs when our already depreciated dollar locked in our OA is transferred to our RA in a ever increasing sum. the minimum sum (now in real dollars and not a marker anymore) is subjected to inflation and erosion of value when government pays us interest at a rate lower than inflation rate. (Depreciation hits all monies whether they are put in the bank, CPF or even under your pillow.) There are also opportunity costs when we cannot withdraw our own money in one lump sum. We cannot set up a small business, send our children for further studies, pay for medical expenses, etc, etc. The real killer is, that for a married couple, the sums are doubled.

  4. laymanbrother

    My take on the ever increasing Minimum Sum is that the government is making us pay for future inflation now and upfront.

  5. adriano

    its all bull shit ..minimum sum / medisave whatsoever , doesnt make a single singaporean happy ..but cpf board still digging hard into our hard earn money ..the point is they ever care ? …even medisave is suppose to be life saver ..for hospitalisation
    even some at death bed …condition ..but they decide how much you can use >>> whose interests is this …think about that ..
    this must change ..for the sake of every common singaporean …

  6. Jacky

    You are right. Pap claimed Singapore is not the most expensive city but is most expensive for expats only. Really contradictory. If that is the case, then inflation is not as high as what they claimed since not many own a car and judging from recent news, prices of condominium and flats are dropping. Yet many who work in SME hardly see their salary increase.

  7. Mike

    By far, the drawings put out a clear message at the sort of red herring arguments that the PAP has been putting out. They actually make you see the trees instead of the forest in all their policy education programmes. Unbelievable.

  8. Mike

    The smart thing to do is to migrate to another country whose government does not “makan” its citizens livelihood too much, where the basics of healthcare and pension are intact. The second best thing to do is to exercise economic migration by holding on to the pink IC but work overseas and use the better systems of healthcare and pension plans by the other the better governments. Then decide whether to return to Singapore. The more we contribute to Singapore’s economy, the more our $ is locked in the bad government’s CPF system. No country in the world is there one where you work for 30-35 years and you can’t retire in except in cr orrupt Singapore. I don’t the situation will change much for those 30 and above. They should consider to work overseas and exempt themselves from the CPF system and use another country’s better social security system. When you are old, you can receive your retirement funds out from the better CPF system of the country that you’re working in. ‘Cos if you spend 30 years working here, you can’t retire with the PAP’s CPF system, so what’s the point. The only people who can try to change the hypocrisy are those who are 29 and below. How many SIngaporeans are able to up in time by GE 2016? There is a deliberate attempt to socially reengineer the present Singapore society to make its citizens weak and not robust. There are a lot of ignorant female Singaporeans aunties who are oblivious to this reality. A small portion of singaporeans are becoming more aggressive at work for promotions to beat the CPF system and frankly there are many unhappy people in Singapore today because they feel helpless to effect change. One of the biggest problem in this country is that: does the opposition even know the situation? Singaporeans want to see an opposition coalition to deconstruct the PAP but is that happening? What’s preventing Kenneth JB, Chee Soon Juan, GMS and Low Thia KhWiang from collaborating? The Workers Party speak of a first world parliament in the last election. Then, it should take the lead to collaborate with the other parties to send in one or two opposition coalition members to form 2 to 3 teams to break a few more GRCs. Why are they not doing this? Enough of the differences in party ideology. The ideology should not be of party first but Singaporeans first. Wake up, Workers Party!!!

  9. Ding Hua

    A load of rubbish was written in this article.

    This article bears no content and shows that the writter is either too young to understand policies and worldly matters or that he is being paid to write something against another political party.

    If the writer is confident about his article that a political party is profitting from people’s CPF monies, please pull down ur pants n check if balls are still intact… If answer is yes, then please have the balls to make a police report with “whatever sufficient materials that you have to write this article”.

    This is my personal take on CPF. I will state here that I have not voted for PAP in order to clarify that I am unbiased in my comments.

    As lifespan increases, more money need to be kept saved/kept aside for future healthcare spendings. In order to keep personal tax rate low for future generations (yes, our children n grand children), Singapore can not become a welfare state. If people don’t have a certain amount of monies kept aside n when they become in need of hospitalisation n health care professional services then the government of that day (whichever party it is) have to foot the bill for her citizens.

    In order to avoid a sad state of affairs for Singapore’s future nor to burden that future govt, the current govt n policies must be responsible enough to address it. They must have the balls to do it.

    That comes back to my earlier response. What are you made of Mr Writer of This Article? Have you got balls to back up your “evidence” and make a police report to let law enforcement take over from there?

    • Mike Cool

      You are the rubbish. Can’t even see that the CPF minimum sum is a burden to the people. I challenge you to make a police report if you believe the the writer is slandering the government. Do you have the balls to do it?

  10. Ding Hua

    Hey Mike cool,

    Why challenge me? I didn’t write the article.

    My question is addressed to the writer of the article so why are you so bothered unless you are the writer or his relations?…

    Let him answer. If ones writes or publish an article with enough evidence to support his statements, he will have no fear in substantiating it. Bring the evidences to the police n log a case.

    If not true, the person will dealt with by the court of law. If true, then all Singaporeans including me will thank him.

    Talking cock n posting rubbish is a waste of the nation’s collective time/resources.

    • SGDragon

      Totally agree!!!..Now SG needs more people like you to exposed all Roy’s nonsense which if left uncurbed will create civil unrest n tear the country apart! Irony is when country is in ruins, they’ll say “oops..” and the first to run..this is true irresponsibility.

  11. kokwee

    Yes, have no fear. If you think the author is slandering the government, why don’t you call the police? Don’t waste your time commenting here. That’s your logic right?

  12. Ding Hua

    Hey man, I just paid for my flat with my cpf money.

    What a relieved I dun need to fork up any cash for it, thanks to my CPF fund.

    When you fellas wanna debate about something, well, debate about it! Write the pros n cons. DEBATE!!

    That will bring about a balanced view n substantiate why you oppose to certain portion of it. That way, you will win more support. Else, people like me can’t accept a long winded essay with no punch at all… it all boils downto inexperience I say. The writer better read up on the history of Singapore’s nation building cause since he got the idea that tom/dick/is/hairy can speak at Hong Lim, one gotta be of a certain standard n not be sprouting nonsense. It’s due to such sub-standard postings/articles/talks/showings that i can not bring myself to support any other parties other than the incumbent.

    Okay Mike, send some evidence of the political party taking Singaporeans CPF funds for their own use. I will go log a police report of I deem it an ‘evidence’. (I am on my toilet bowl now and I happen to see my two big balls)

    BIG enough, I must admit.

    • Mike Cool

      1) The CPF Minimum Sum Has No Inherent Value
      Agree or not? If no, why not? State you point. The writer had already stated his. What is your point. Disagree. Why? You can’t even put down a proper argument, how do you expect people to debate you? All I read in your comments are typical of PAP IBs insults. Where’s your argument? Are you sure the balls that you are carrying yours?

      • Ding Hua

        Like I have stated earlier, I have not voted for PAP before… what is a PAP IB anyway? I have seen this term a few days ago but do not know It’s meaning.

        By the way, you might not know that i have read widely, (around a thousand non-fiction books i last count) I sure have the substance to debate all of you here (together if needed) and win convincingly but because I choose to focus n spend more time on my real life, less online hence I will try to keep it short. Do not be surprise if there’s no further reply by the way…

        I find the CPF minimum sum of utmost important value for the state of Singapore. It is the current govt’s projection of the amount of money a Singaporean needs to sustain his/her life to the last days taking into account inflation n a longer life span.

        It is the most important point in this article and the writer choose not to address it because of ineptitude or an inexperienced mind. That is why I said that it is rubbish. A long essay without content – my GP teacher will marked it FAIL without further explanation.

        When we want to engage others or win people towards a clause we are promoting, you have to state the pros n cons of a policy.

        A balanced view point showed maturity, knowledge of topic being discussed and magnanimity in giving credits when it is due. That’s way more acceptable n enduring then cursing n swearing at your enemy. Extremism should be opposed anywhere. I am one of many who do not accept extremist.

        When a person have inadequate savings that they can rely on when they retire, the onus will then fall on the govt-of-the-day to take care of them. Even if they die on the street, agencies have to dispose the body. That will be sad. Not to say those without family to fall back on… Costs will be incurred. Govt budget will have to rise.

        Resulting in…

        Increase in personal tax.
        Increase in GST.
        Increase in corporate taxes.

        Which leads to…

        People leaving for lower tax rate places/abandon ship.
        Companies leaving.
        Higher costs of living.
        Lower GDP. Standard of living/purchasing power.
        (More people scolding/cursing the govt)
        Might as well have a good policy/plan in the first place n let those miopia people scold first lah!

        I believe in everyone being responsible for our retirement (whichever time we wanna stop working) needs. If not other tax payers will have to foot the bills. There’s no free lunch dear.

        In my opinion the current govt is being responsible towards Singapore n her people (that’s all of us by the way), biting the bullet and do what is necessary n good for Singapore instead of pandering to the general wants n kpkb. Every would love a good life I am sure.

        I really can not fault such a govt for its long term thinking/planning and I think the processes in place will do us much more good then damage taking into account the mistakes/misplans.

        I do not think that a person don’t make mistake. Govt too for they are made up of persons we elect to represent us. I make mistakes. I am human.

        If you are for the good of Singapore n Singaporeans, you need to do what is best for the country in the long term – for your children n mine, the future of our grandchildren too.

        Sometimes my oversea friends redicule that the accomplishments of my govt is so admired the world over but why are her people giving more votes to the opposition, I can only nod agreeablely in silence.

        Others wonder aloud… which govt in the world gives money to her citizens even those who didn’t need to pay income tax? even those imprisoned?

        It can do so because of good management of the country’s fund.

        In a country where many can be tertiary educated, where there’s many MNCs to work in, SMEs (I have worked in many MNCs n two SMEs), starting your business too.

        In a country whom standard of living (with it, the cost of living. Rightly too) went from third world to first in record numbers of years.

        In a country where her currency appreciate so much against other currencies (closest n best comparison to MYR. Apologies Malaysian). Which enabled her citizen to consume most of the world’s resources/goods. Travel the world n take holidays everywhere – ask our parents and they will tell how fortunate this generation is.

        Maybe this is the reason why some of us don’t understand, can’t understand or just plain refuse to understand the difficulties of nation building n their necessary policies.

        Well, we are fortunate enough. No worries about water supplies, food, clothes, a bed to sleep in, a home that does not leak n walls that don’t just fall on you, bridges/buildings that collapses like on tv. That too good a life n too much time on hand grew a generation that demands things to be perfect else I demand a change in govt! I don’t care whether the next can do better or not, I just demand a change or… I will just cry like a baby.

        Well, Rome is not built in a day. Change for the sake of change is just plain stupid.

        From what i gather n see online, I think it is high time I, who seldom spent time on politics, and my many friends in the silent majority – make ourselves heard n stand our grounds. A good govt, and no change required/needed till there’s even better people then the current incumbents.

        For myself, my children, grandchildren, our future, the miracle that is known the world over – Singapore..

      • Sam Wong

        Do you believe in a guy who says “I have never vote for PAP” but praises the PAP government to the sky? Hahahahaa…
        If you can convince me why you don’t vote for PAP, then I will believe you. Hahahahahaha…

    • kokwee

      LOL. Thanks for the joke. What you wrote is basically rubbish. Mike is right. There is no meat in your essay, just rumbling crap. Where’s your argument? Can point to which paragraph? LOL

    • Jorge

      Ding hua- I agree with your opinion that this article is rubbish. This guy has my friends sharing misinformation on Facebook, meaning more people will be misinformed.

      Mike cool- if you think CPF is useless and is a burden to the people, and withholding your money, do let me know when you can find a savings deposit or an investment that can give you a guaranteed rate of 2.5%(oa) and 4%(sa and am and ra). Just because people can’t meet the minimum sum, does not mean they cannot take back their money. CPF life still pays out their money periodically every month base on what they have. In fact, do you think people who can’t meet minimum sum should be allowed to withdraw everything? They might spend it all and have enough to see out the rest of their life!

      • Ding Hua

        You have been fooled. I am kidding actually 🙂
        My name is 听话. 听话 means obedient. I am an obedient dog for the PAP.
        Woof Woof!

      • Roy Ngerng


        The solutions to managing the CPF is as follows:
        The increase in the CPF Minimum Sum is unreasonable, especially since more and more Singaporeans are today not able to save enough in our CPF and are unable to retire. As such, we demand the following:

        (1) We demand that the CPF interest rates should be increased and pegged to the annual returns of the reserves. The CPF monies are invested in bonds which are borrowed to invest in the GIC, Temasek Holdings and the Monetary of Singapore. GIC earns 6.5% in USD terms and the Temasek Holdings earn 16% in SGD terms. However, our CPF only earns 2.5% to 4%. We demand that the interest earned on our CPF be returned (less 1% for administrative charges as is commonly practiced in the other parts of the world).

        (2) We demand the right to withdraw our CPF and to opt-out from the CPF Minimum Sum and CPF Life schemes. The CPF Minimum Sum has been increased by faster than our wages and the growth of our CPF. As such, we demand the right to withdraw from the schemes if they do not serve our interests.

        (3) We demand the full reports of the GIC, Temasek Holdings and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to be compiled and published. There is currently no transparency and accountability for how our funds are used by these agencies as they do not publish full reports of their funds performance. We demand that the full reports are compiled and published so that Singaporeans will know how our CPF is being used and accounted for.

        (4) We demand for higher CPF payouts. It was reported in 2011 that of the 70,000 older Singaporeans who have signed up for the CPF Life annuity scheme since 2009, and of which about 27,000 are receiving monthly payouts, the median payout is only $260. This is inadequate for anyone living in Singapore to be able to support himself or herself respectably. As such, we demand that together with the demand for the higher CPF interest rates, the CPF payouts should also be increased accordingly.

        Please sign the petition here to return our CPF:

  13. Ding Hua

    Well, who ever post here using my name… it sucks to be you. My up bringing ensured that I will not do the same to your name which your loving parents gave, when I can’t win an argument on the content of my ideas.(it’s safe for u to post behind your screen using my sign off, other than ur own conscious that will stop u from doing so)

    Enjoy posting behind somebody’s name if you would like. Can’t be bothered too much about immature online characters like ya. That said, I decided not to post here anymore after speaking my mind on this last post.

    Dun like my views, go suck thumb immature mind. call me whatever names your fancy mind likes.(I truly understand that there’re people online who resort to such desperate actions when they know for sure that “I can’t win this argument” so I adopt confucius’ s cousin tactics, ‘confusion’ to make my ineptitude less obvious. )

    To Sam Wong, the reasons why I have not voted for PAP is that during my first eligible election in Boon Lay, there’s a walk over hence I didn’t get to exercise my voting right. Subsequent contest, I am away n didn’t get to vote.

    Anyway, what I have stated are not praises for PAP the political party. Just that it’s god damn obvious all lot of things have been going right for Singapore for her to be in this condition at this point in time. Many opportunities were taken by the incumbent govt and their planning and use of limited resourses have been legendary.

    I feel that to win your enemy, you need to know them well. 知己知彼, 百战百胜。wanna win PAP, well, go read how they come about, their pains n struggles, their relationship with past opposition party. Go read about labour party, David Marshall, Lee Kuan Yew, Chee Soon Juan etc. Read about Singapore’s history, geographical positions, our neighbours n their history, their nation/people’s unique characteristic n way of doing things. About our trading partners, how intergrated SG is with the world, comparative GDPs, GNPs, trading volumes, financial world linkage, container volumes, freight, barges linkage to Indonesia and many many more facts n figures than we can debate constuctively about what the past n current govt (I see them as team of Singaporeans with a heavy historical burden on their shoulders. Unenviable. Do good, good. Make mistake, their ancestors will be cursed at too)
    did well and where they can improve on.

    I believe in right citizenry, a style of actions n behaviours for the common good of Singaporean when dealing with public finance n matters that will affect the collective outcome of the nation. As you can see, I am proud of Singapore n very proud to be a Singaporean n our ICs/passport etc. A type of freedom that I did not do much to inherit in the past years but something/a pride that I will wear for the days to come by speaking up n standing up to other view points/extreme views.

    Ask your oversea friends how there countries are doing as compared to SG.

    People in USA are arguing over guns/killing of innocent lives and here we are… debating over money – minimum sum to retire and support oneself decently, not to give away our dignity easily by asking society/govt for help when we grow old.

    I saw arguments like “I can manage my funds with better returns then CPF’s” but CPF is a collective policy for every Singaporeans. Not everyone is wise/able to manage their monies.

    Responsible tax payers should not have to bear for others mistake in investing/high risk taking. It would encourage more responsible behaviours or I can say abolishing CPF or having insufficient sum of money for retirement encourage high risk taking – well, I take all my savings to MBS and try my luck. Win, good for ME. Lose, I still got my govt and those unwise citizen who is anti CPF minimum sum…

    Sorry for being a bit long-winded, it’s just that when you feel strongly for something, there’s this strong surge of feelings from deep within…

    I will end with this observation that many here can’t wait/wants Lee Kuan Yew to die, I for once, am with you guys.

    BUT my reasons can not be more different. I didn’t get to thank him personally for the Singapore I am so thankful to be born in/live in. No chance whatever so. So I will queue in the hot sun/rain/come what may to express my gratitude to him infront of his dead body when the day comes.

    When you drink water, think of it’s source.
    It’s meaning is akin to “Do not bite the hands that clothes and feeds you”

    Majulah Singapura!

    PS: The writer of the article have not commend on how he would manage public finance. Everyone not enough money even for basic needs “how ah?” (The use of singlish is purely intentional as I am an impure person who makes mistakes in life too. I don’t like people to unforgivingly curse me n not look at my other contributions)

    • Sam Wong

      Your response is even more puzzling..You stated twice earlier that:

      I will state here that I have not voted for PAP in order to clarify that I am unbiased in my comments.

      You want people to think that you voted for the opposition. When I questioned you further, you revealed yourself that you have not voted because you missed the opportunity to do so. To put up a claim that you are “unbaised” is certainly a falsehood. As a discerning reader, I would question all your hypothesis and assumptions because you appear to sneak behind the curtain of truth to project what is revealed to be a propaganda.

      Let me put it to you that your character is far worse than the one who post under your name in mischief. To state categorically, you sound like a compulsive liar who would go to extra lengths here to hide your true agenda. If you can’t put up a counter-argument in a succinct and concise manner, it means you are a confused person not worthy of a debate.

      • Tong

        Sounds dangerously close to an ad hominem here.

        What significance does political affiliation have to the debate at hand? Cannot a PAP advocate put up a reasoned, rational argument? Does it matter if the writer is Ding Hua, Vladimir Putin or Darth Vader if his arguments are cogent?

        I have not been following the argument thoroughly, but Sam’s post has been markedly devoid of any argument involving CPF. Furthermore, Sam has committed several fallacies in his attempt to conclude that Ding Hua’s character is questionable. Of course, this is overshadowed by the fact that his entire post is intrinsically an ad hominem. Therefore, considering this post alone, I do feel that Sam Wong seems to be constructing double standards when accusing others of not being able to form “counter-argument(s) in a succinct and concise manner”.

      • Simi Lan Jiao

        Sam u gong simi lan jiao?

        You want people to think Ding Hua want people to think.

        Fark la. You thinking with your lan jiao is it? Use cb wrong brain.

    • Roy Ngerng

      For the management of our CPF:

      (1) Competitive hiring for fund managers should be performed. Fund managers should have clear credentials and not be selected based on guan xi (or ties) as is clearly the case now.

      (2) The investment performance of our CPF has to be clearly and transparently reported, with accountability. The GIC and Temasek Holdings manage the CPF but they do not provide transparent and full reports.

      (3) The CPF interest rate should be pegged to how the investments our CPF is used to earn is doing. GIC and Temasek Holdings earn 6.5% and 16%, respectively. Thus if you deduct a 1% administrative charge as is usually the case, then Singaporeans should be earning 5.5% to 15% on our CPF. In the 1980s, Singaporeans were earning 6.5% on our CPF.

      When there is a clear aim to deceive, you have to question why.

      Will a responsible government deceive Singaporeans to the extent there is now?

  14. Kenneth

    Roy, stop your whining and your “I demand this, I demand that”. And do not for one minute think you are talking on behalf of all Singaporeans.

  15. leveebreaks

    What were you smoking when you wrote this? I would like to have some of that stuff!

    Please take some time to understand what minimum sum is and how it is disbursed.
    Minimum sum goes up singaporeans cannot retire??? c’mon, either you are too lazy to read or cannot understand how the system works.

  16. Fluorine uranium

    Permanent link to:
    Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial

    Spread it. Copy it. Duplicate it elsewhere.

    Fluorine uranium carbon potassium – Yttrium oxygen uranium – Phosphorus iodine nitrogen potassium yttrium – Lithium

  17. leon lee

    how you ensure people draw cpf at 55 will use their money wisely until end of life? last time there were many finished their cpf witnin years, give your solution if workable,i will support u.

  18. Martin

    Roy, you can’t just request the gov to pegged CPF return to the underlying sovereaign wealth funds return. The risk is not the same. CPF guarantee your principal with the full faith of SG gov. Temasek or GIC return is historical returns.

    For example, let’s say temasek offer an index fund that mimic their investment portfolio and shows to prospective investors that their historical returns are 16.5%, but they also disclose that it is risky as you might lose your principal due to systematic risk. Will you invest all your money into the temasek index just because of the higher return? so in terms of investment return, risk is a key factor when your are doing comparison.

  19. Pingback: The Truth about the CPF Advisory Panel’s Recommendations: PAP Never Wanted to Increase Our CPF at All | The Heart Truths

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