• landragon123

      Do not think that broke people cannot do much, It is the BROKE whose back bone broken by the PAP coming to show their anger against a power corrupted Government, by making us to do (CPF) Compulsory Providence to FUNDZ to the PAP. For the last 50 years, we comply because when CPF started by Saint Lee Kuan Yew was a good Funds for us to buy our HDB Homes.
      Now that the Home most us have and we were thankful to LKY for his services towards Singapore welfare and well being, we all are ‘happy’ until his son took over and we are getting very confused by the tweeting and tweeting to money guild for us. Please be informed that CPF is our money no yours, so please tell us where is the MONEY now?

  1. Chris

    Dun worry Roy,
    In the event u lose, PM usually donates everything to charity.
    Being a “saint”, I’m sure u will be glad this happens.

    • landragon123

      Please note that to donate money from law suits are SIN money and if you think that it will be another glorifies thing to do, go ahead and sue as it will be the 1st time a PM in Singapore lost his case. You are not a lawyer while you father is. and a 3 stars General do not knows law although the laws were set by your parents when LKY runs the show. Now the show is over and please step down and let Healthy and Able man to lead us.

  2. WP

    Noted that Ken raised the issue of 2.1mil of foreign workers here depressing our wages. In today’s technology and age, they will be in competition no matter they are physically here or not. If we reject them, certain industries / companies will just relocate and in the end we still lose jobs and corporate tax.

    • Joe

      What makes you think that it is the truth? Rumor spread consistently, (with the intention to destroy Singapore) may create an impression that the rumor is truth. Roy, you are getting out of hand. There are many anti-Singaporean and anti-Singapore people out there. Please don’t let them make use of you. You so call “statistics” may not be accurately correct. The Government have a vast range of information, for the purpose of running the country, than you. Just imagine, next time, your own children were to scrutinize you the way to do it at PM. There are many ways to deal with social issues. But I am sure yours are not appropriate. Having over a thousand door does not mean that everyone is frustrated. Have you heard of people “giving a knife” to you for you to kill? Be smart!

      • landragon123

        Joe, this is not anti Singapore at work, what we are asking is the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. We are not asking LHL to provide a detail investments of the CPF, but just one simple question, WHERE are our MONIES? Is that too hard an answer or JOE, you like to answer for the PAP government??? It seem you are part of them? M RAVI and me are Bibola a new name created by me for the benefits of BIPOLAR people like Richard Bensons, Steve Jobs, and our locals, Kit Chan, Riz Low who created the famous BOOZ. I believe that JACKY CHAN is also our gang when he produced this movies Who AM I and the GOD is Crazy. It is only Bibola people who created crazy stories or in fact FACTS. Besides my blog at Landragon123 my FB is under my REAL name Patrick Boo as I AM not someone to hide for what I penned.

  3. Joe

    Roy, use your common sense. There are something that cannot be too transparent, ie, investment of CPF. Can you be 100% transparent on your own earnings and expenditure, including your whole family to the public? Because you earn your money in an environment provided by the people. Without the people, you have no jobs. Hence, you are to let everyone know exactly about you and your family”s income and expenditure. Sounds absurd right?
    There are many anti-Singapore who are eagerly “eyeing” our asset and hope to destroy Singapore. One of their mode is to spread unsound rumor. It takes years or even decades to succeed. The coming GE2016 is their target. So, please don’t fall into their trap. They are making use of “frustrated” Singaporeans as their tool. I cannot name who they are because I don’t have the evidence and is not wise to do it. Maybe, Roy, you can look through the history of how a country or a society, falls. It is rumor. Think about it.

  4. tkd kamas

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